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While I'm at job corps, one of my goals is to finish (or at least make a fair amount of headway on) one of my projects, Gochan. For those of you I haven't mentioned it to, Gochan is an effort to completely replace Kusaba X with my own imageboard software. It would be written in the language Go, and unlike Kusaba, would not only be run as an executable binary (meaning it wouldn't depend on PHP, and thus, interpretation to run, giving it a speed bonus), it also would not depend on any server software like Nginx (which Lunachan and Ponychan use), Apache, etc, and would act as its own server.

Anyway, my reasoning for making this thread: so that I don't forget them, what are some things that you, the users would like to see in it, that neither Kusaba X by itself, nor any of the userscripts (Ponychan-X, Lunachan-X, and Ponyup Z) provide? Because of my bandwidth limitations (I'm connecting from my phone after all), I won't be able to do much work on Kusaba for a while, so almost all of my web development focus will shift to this, so that I can get it up and running as soon as possible. Obviously, it won't replace Kusaba until we have verified that it is stable, and can do everything that Kusaba can, and more.
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No. 964
Well, you're probably going to want to round robin a few workers behind something, and have that something serve the images. Why bother redoing serving images when Nginx/lighttpd/etc. is already good at that?
No. 965
Gochan eh, interesting.

What you could perhaps do is take into account from the beginning the unique way the pony community uses chans. Long social threads with names on were never really a thing on other chans where you get yelled at for using an identity.

I was always a forum person but I do like the imageboard concept with optional anonymity, a new picture with every post etc, it's a lot more interesting. And all of the pony related chans kind of need work with the "IRC with images" kind of way some of the threads go.

Of the top of my head one example would be when you reference a post
it'd be cool for it to automatically say who it's referencing e.g.
>>961 (Luna)

And long threads to be paginated server-side. Ponychan has pagination but it's javascript based so it loads all 4000 posts and then switches the display to only one "page" worth, rendering it kinda pointless on mobiles.\

Good luck!
No. 969
File 136405061631.gif - (29.06KB , 248x249 , twilight salute-511398442.gif )
I'll definitely include server side pagination (I always thought Ponychan's way of doing that was silly), but for the name adding, I think that will be done with JavaScript, so the user can turn it off and on at their choosing
No. 972
File 136504773550.png - (73.33KB , 1366x768 , Screenshot - 04032013 - 01:10:08 PM1000626830.png )
Mockup of the front page (the recent posts list isn't real, since you technically can't post yet
No. 984
File 136945830067.png - (216.23KB , 1366x768 , Screenshot - 05242013 - 09:50:09 PM.png )
and the thread page screenshot
No. 997
thread creation is very nearly working, as soon as it's fixed up and mods can be created and delete posts, we'll put it up
No. 1003
File 137438442055.png - (56.46KB , 226x240 , bigsmile.png )
thread and staff creation/deletion works, now I just need to make bumping/thread sticking, and post deletion work correctly, and it'll go up
No. 1004
File 137570792731.png - (225.75KB , 1280x1005 , yay.png )
Gochan will most likely be going up this Friday
No. 1005
Should certainly be interesting... quite an undertaking!

This going up as a test somewhere first?
No. 1006
One major benefit I found with *chan-X over PonyUp is that when it sees posts have been made in the thread it puts a counter like (1) (2) etc in the page title, all the more important to have here with it being kinda slow at times ^^
No. 1007
File 137578799265.png - (78.67KB , 204x270 , running of the leaves.png )
it actually already is up in a soopee seekrit (not really, check the mod chat) location, it's just kinda broken at the moment because I had to make my test board manually on my lappy

definitely, I'm going to implement that
No. 1008
Cool, will check it out when I get homeski

Awesome :D
No. 1009
File 137608913710.jpg - (75.35KB , 626x750 , 131185582746.jpg )
sorry about the constantly pushed back deadlines, this is a fairly large project and is done entirely by me and sometimes Darren. I'll try to get it up by Saturday or something but no promises
No. 1016
File 138221756733.jpg - (86.05KB , 837x852 , WHAT I LEARNED ABOUT FRIENDSHIP IS!.jpg )
Still working on Gochan. I'm not sure if it'll be ready for production use by the time I graduate, but it's made immense amounts of progress since the OP.
No. 1018
File 138361606420.png - (415.94KB , 715x722 , 1380094533281.png )
Take your time.
I'm sure everyone will be pleased with the end product.
No. 1019
File 138462153782.jpg - (81.75KB , 700x714 , well_fuck_your_shit.jpg )
I will be not.
No. 1020
Well then fuck you.
No. 1022
File 138709543581.png - (115.71KB , 1366x768 , 31 PST 2013.png )
look kids! a new screenshot! here's the ban page, as viewed from the staff lightbox
No. 1073
File 139119540025.jpg - (603.45KB , 1197x726 , tmp_all aboard the bronychan motorboat593790465.jpg )
I haven't been able to work on gochan a whole lot lately, because I've been busy with stuff, but here's some important news.
As gochan becomes more and more stable and more features are added to make it more usable, I'm going to start encouraging posters to start moving to http://gochan.lunachan.net for their posting. you could technically do that now, but there are things missing, like backlinks and other stuff, and the posts and board might be purged if there are major changes to important things. so you might not want to bring the Fluttershenanigans thread there yet
When gochan is ready, I'll have Spike move what was Lunachan to lunachan.net/80, and make it read-only, and then the gochan site will be moved to the main site.
No. 1075
sounds interesting! hope it works out well.
No. 1133
Hide images/image filtering by name/trip

muh horsefuckers
No. 1135
File 139687878319.jpg - (38.07KB , 351x352 , 1387316132414.jpg )
Add webm files support.
No. 1136
Apparently 4chan has support for it. How do they deal with IE? Does it require you to install a plugin yourself, or does it spoonfeed you?
No. 1137
From what I've witnessed, IE users aren't having the time of their life with it. But Firefox, Chrome and Opera are doing well with the new files types.
And it varies really, here's a script which supports .webms and all other file formats. http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/109262
It works on any site from what I've tested. Anyways, it's good shit.
No. 1138
File 139702703558.png - (189.88KB , 473x333 , glob.png )
Ah well. If you are required to use IE at your work/school...what are you doing on an imageboard? And if you willingly use IE of your own choice, I have better things to do than cater to the one browser who is (always) behind the pack.
No. 1139
File 139703001614.jpg - (161.22KB , 548x539 , 1396636784982.jpg )
Tough luck for them, eh? Well, it would be awesome to see more .webm support across the Internet. Of course, I'd advise you to also use 4chan's "No Sounds" rule about the .webm format But being Lunachan, I really doubt anyone would use screamer webms here. I'm hoping that in a few years webms can almost completely replace gifs.

Also, I got set up a playdate for you and King. We really need to set up the the guinea pig GETgochan.
No. 1140
To quote my post on Ponychan's /meta/ (though in that case I was referring to Ponychan itself)
It wouldn't exactly be a stretch to add a flash thingy that can play other formats, like how we have the audio player. It could replace the audio player itself that comes stock with Kusaba, and I'll see if I can find a good one that can play both flash and video.
No. 1141
Well I got JW Player working. So far, I know it plays mp3 audio files and mp4 video, and it doesn't work with webm. Yes/no? I could hack together something that looks like JW player, but controls <video>. I'd like to have a consistent style, so if I did do that, I'd probably make some sort of JWP-like theme so they don't look weird.

Should I do the former, the latter, or both?
No. 1142
That sounds good, but how would the mp4 files work? Does that mean whole videos would have to be posted? Because I just converted an entire 60 MB mp4 file of 2 minutes shrunk it down to about 20. ~Same size/Bitrate

I think webm just seems like a great idea. With it being able to be made into looping images as well. But hey, it's your ball, Zeke.
No. 1144
never mind, I didn't know that the <video> tag supports other formats too, hurr dur.
And I didn't mean that I wouldn't have any support for webm at all, I was going to try to rig up something to spawn a native video player for webm, and jw player for anything else, but the former isn't needed now.
No. 1145
Oh cool. Yeah, that sounds great.
No. 1152
File 139820926276.gif - (482.56KB , 500x269 , tumblr_m5l6ynvSuu1qexgxy.gif )
>just reazed I have to rewrite a significant portion of gochan's layout because things are broken
No. 1154
File 139829280685.jpg - (55.38KB , 716x724 , 1398216154177.jpg )
No. 1156
File 139929887030.jpg - (7.74KB , 259x194 , uh oh shinji you fucked up good.jpg )
>trying to get FastCGI (so it can run on DreamHost) working
I can't tell if it just isn't fully implemented in Go yet, or almost every tutorial out there is horribly outdated
No. 1157
File 139932265780.jpg - (41.02KB , 500x490 , Only the dead can know peace from this evil.jpg )
Ah, it's fully implemented, but I'm going to have to gut gochan's server code and rewrite 80% of it
No. 1158
File 139935227160.gif - (2.71MB , 768x432 , 1398908001082.gif )
Jesus Christ.
No. 1159
It seems to be working, but I'm waiting for KoG to give me the getchan logs so I can figure out what's going wrong on his end
No. 1160
File 140092913598.jpg - (303.37KB , 615x720 , 1373140448183.jpg )
Just take your time, Zeke. We do appreciate everything you've done.
No. 1165
I could have sworn I posted this already, but FastCGI is working, and some other stuff is fixed, now I'm working on the recent posts section on the front page
No. 1168
File 140313295522.png - (98.00KB , 237x218 , Rara 36.png )
No. 1182
Day XX.
No sign of life anywhere.
No. 1184
File 141157928441.png - (31.99KB , 540x371 , 72415__UNOPT__safe_rarity_artist-stevetwisp_pose.png )
It's still active, don't worry. And now that I'm Ponychan's dev as well, I've got some new fun ideas to make gochan the ultimate (not that it wouldn't have been already) imageboard
No. 1199
File 14153146389.png - (239.00KB , 728x789 , 140950322544.png )
Hypest shit, m8.