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Lunachan has moved to http://getchan.net/luna/

/site/ - Lunachan X
File 135741318655.png - (396.51KB , 1024x970 , ab-thinking.png )
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Because choice is good.

Nothing against Zashy's excellent PonyUp, just after posting on mlpchan I've rather warmed to certain "Ponychan X" type features like (most importantly) the unread post counter that appears in the tab (page title).

Based on milky's Ponychan X with full credit of course to milky, all I've done is the same as with PonyUp, patched it to take into account that Lunachan's version of Kusaba doesn't add class="thread" to the thread div.

Also removed auto-update, time zone functions that aren't present here, various image links that would've leeched from milky's server, the "hover over post link to see the post that was quoted" code seems to work differently here, and a couple of Ponychan-specific functions that I'm not sure what actually did (apart from mod functions) but that didn't seem to kill it by removing :P (yeah, I'm not great at this stuff. It's what you might call "hacked onto Lunachan.... badly!")

Install by downloading this and drag onto Chrome extensions window (or add to your Firefox Greasemonkey):
(NOW COMPATIBLE WITH: Chrome (built-in); Firefox+Scriptish extension; or Firefox+Greasemonkey extension; Opera+Tampermonkey extension). KINDA BETA-ISH, POST UP IF BROKEN

Diff for the curious / for those who might know what they're doing later on.
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No. 954
File 135741466596.gif - (1.25MB , 640x360 , twilight YESYESYESYESYESYES.gif )
>mfw it has my mod tools
No. 955
Do the mod tools actually work? I had to strip out a bunch of "if mod then" stuff :p
No. 956
File 135741724162.png - (166.82KB , 442x531 , happy2.png )
Yeah heh, they seem to work perfectly.
No. 957
Awesome. Actually I think those lines went back in. My head is still spinning from all the removing and readding when I was figuring out how things worked (or didn't) hehe
No. 958
File 135747073084.png - (312.60KB , 662x587 , 1354303994901.png )
Again, great work Cloud!

Works fine so far, although, the "links to responses next to post number" thing seems to be missing..
No. 959
File 135748007255.png - (130.06KB , 310x372 , ab-happy-grab-pot.png )
Ah, so that's what the backlinks are.... :P
Yeah I'd turned those off when I was trying to figure out why hovering over post links was bringing up two windows stacked on top of each other. It would seem that I've solved that and can turn them back on again.

If you redownload and reinstall you'll have them back.

Hadn't noticed as I use Rare's script which puts an expandable "x replies" link there (and a user/trip filter at the top for stalking)
No. 960
File 135748697776.jpg - (92.05KB , 816x645 , 1337190214630.jpg )
Perfect! Thank you~
No. 963
File 135816616916.png - (88.59KB , 1964x2500 , Princess_Luna's_Cutie_Mark.png )
Modified to use Luna's cutie mark instead of Fluttershy's. So that you can tell the difference between Ponychan and Lunachan tabs :P

Still no auto update since I don't envisage many changes once it's settled so.... remove and re-add!
No. 989
File 137294935715.png - (71.22KB , 268x291 , 38.png )
A while ago I stared work on a universal kusaba X extension.
I haven't done much work with it, it's had about 3 commits with actual updates, no autoupdater yet or anything, but if you cut out the animaGifs() function and paste the rest in Lunachan X above Main.init(); somewhere, it should do image hovers and backlinks perfectly.
It will also run fine inluded in the site, as it was designed to, and another note would be that lunachan x is all in jquery, so you could run that from the site if you wanted to aswell. 34Pchan has a stripped down verion of ponychan x running included, so the idea is kinda half tested.
Anyway, laters~
No. 991
File 137297012841.png - (86.55KB , 293x342 , 2.png )
oh shit sorry, it has backlinks, but they work weird, I misread.

var src = $j('a[name="' + ainfo[3] + '"]');
var src = $j('a[name="' + ainfo[4] + '"]');

and they don't work weird.
No. 998
File 137433876455.png - (733.60KB , 1049x808 , 131304902918.png )
lunachan is actually going to switch to a different system as soon as it's safe to run reliably, but I'll definitely give that code a look when I start working on that
No. 1052
In case anyone was using Rare's "Number One" script (shows a drop-down selection of posters in a thread so you can easily find a specific person's posts) I've just discovered that it was broken on newer Firefox versions.

The newer Firefox/greasemonkey didn't like the author's rather verbose way of accessing array elements (array.item(x)) so they all needed replacing with the standard array[x].

Regex used:
Search <code>\.item\(([a-zA-Z0-9]+)\)</code>
Replace with <code>[$1]</code>

Latest version is still: http://www.cloudane.com/numberone-lunachan.user.js
No. 1053
Today's lesson on Amateur Hour: code tags are neither compatible nor necessary with chans...
No. 1054
What the f, lunachanx is fairly broken in FF as well??? (there's no lX menu)

Firefox javascript (or possibly Greasemonkey), y u so broken??
No. 1057
It's Greasemonkey, it works in Scriptish. You might want to make it compatible with both, though I'll put a thing on the OP that says you need Scriptish. When you get compatibility with Greasemonkey working, let me know.
No. 1058
also, if you were having issues with it in Chrome, try installing Tampermonkey, and then installing Lunachan-X under that, that's what I did and I thinkit worked.
No. 1059
Hai from LunachanX 1.5.... working on it! The latest version worked (kinda) so I'm working on that. But there was still (and still is) a fair amount of broken stuff.

Once done there'll be a port for Firefox/Greasemonkey (and presumably Scriptish) and Chrome with Tampermonkey, and one for vanilla Chrome, incorporating the copy of jQuery (tampermonkey and greasemonkey support the @requires tag)
No. 1060
Your trickery to create the settings menu (add elements to adminbar and then hide them with another JS based on "-" as a separator) is driving me up the wall XD
At this rate, the LchanX settings menu is gonna be in the navbar or the footer or something
No. 1061
Okay! Think I've cracked it.

But not for plain Chrome userscript support - I can't get it to work with that. You need Tampermonkey.

Same link in OP is the updated version, tested briefly with Firefox+Greasemonkey and Chrome+Tampermonkey, let's see how it goes.

It hasn't added much that we can use, tbh, most of the new stuff had to be stripped out. The ponychan version relies on kusaba mods for a lot of it, e.g. the new feature of adding " (You)" after references to your posts doesn't work here as it needs kusaba to create cookies.

The quick reply box is a bit more polished looking. And I threw in a refresh after you add a reply, just cos.
No. 1062
except if you hover over post references you get 2 hover boxes
*le sigh*
I give up
No. 1064
Fixed! At least on mine. If there's one thing I've learned about Javascript this week though, it's that everything interprets it differently :/ IT DRIVES ME TO DRINK

Somehow the command that hides the original hover preview was hitting a race condition and not happening, but only on Firefox+Lunachan, even though the code is near identical in Firefox+Ponychan. Your guess is as good as mine. Today, Princess Luna, I learned how to wrap things in setTimeout functions with a value of 0 to queue them for when things decide to be STUPID and execute in the wrong order. Sheesh.

>inb4 something else breaks next
No. 1065
File 138996621296.gif - (221.54KB , 400x400 , 7723_41445%20-%20animated%20artist-SpeccySY%20comp.gif )
>yay it works

>.... but not with Scriptish
No. 1066

(I hope)

Tested and "so far so good" in:
Chrome on its own

Latest author of pchanx did some odd things like trying to run pop() on a nodelist, which isn't allowed. Greasemonkey was letting it happen but things like Chrome were crapping out. So I removed even more of the new stuff (making this exercise even more pointless XD) and went back to the old way of doing some things.

I think *touch wood* we may be good to go at last. I'll re-update the OP to reflect the latest compatibility status
This is why I'd never make it as a programmer. My technique:
1. Hammer in some googled+guesswork code
2. Cross fingers
3. See what error comes up in the JS console
4. Google how to fix it
5. Goto 1
No. 1068
File 139068702779.png - (162.27KB , 600x445 , what's that.png )
Isn't That what programmers do, replacing Google with documentation?
>does something relatively similar
No. 1069
Glad I'm not the only one XD
No. 1070
The History of Gochan
No. 1071
Updated so the quick-reply fits in better when using the other themes (except Leetchan. Leetchan needs to die in a fire.)

It's necessary to refresh the page after applying a new theme for lchanx to properly adapt, as I'm not a clever enough pony to get it to change on click like everything else.
No. 1077
No. 1183

clickable link for safari