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/site/ - A recommendation
File 134543906068.jpg - (15.58KB , 250x373 , 548928_457576650926754_928572846_n.jpg )
914 No. 914 watch
It is my humble opinion that /media/ should either have less pages or be merged with /chat/.
The latter can encompass the former, and it's not like threads here are in any danger of falling off any faster.
No. 920
In the odd event someone actually checks the site, I'll bump this.
No. 938
Seeing as we already nuked a bunch of boards, I imagine we'll just reduce the page number.
No. 940
What would be the purpose of either though? Why not just leave it as is?
No. 943
On second though, I'd go with Artic's recommendation here
and the reasoning is that it's pretty much dead. I was able to necro a thread on the last page that was about a year old. 2 replies were on it.
Point is, the amount of activity and thread page number do not match up as well as it should.
No. 966
I like this idea, the traffic here compared to Ponychan is pretty slow.