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/site/ - Hello, Drama here, to provide you frivilous amount...
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Hello, Drama here, to provide you frivilous amounts of Drama!
No. 881
>That pic
Except A) there's not a rule against drama on Lunachan, in fact not even against immaturity, only against hate, and B) Criticism and insults are not the same thing; if I went and made a post that said "Fleurmod's behavior betrays partiality; here is the case in point; I would like an explanation, and if one cannot be provided a resignation would be in order" that wouldn't be drama in any sense of the word, but if I went and made an OP saying "FLEURMOD IS A pretty pony" that's another story altogether.
No. 882
Oh lunachan, even your wordfilters are better than ponychan's.
You can infer from context that it was meant to be an insult for purpose of illustration, OP.