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Lunachan has moved to http://getchan.net/luna/

/site/ - >Stealing 4chans banner and replacing "4c...
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>Stealing 4chans banner and replacing "4chan," with "Lunachan."

And I thought ponychan was lame.
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No. 862
>Absolutely no trademark, copyright or other claim of ownership
>Therefore public domain
lol k
No. 864
Dude, either way it was someone else's idea. Shit like this just makes your shitty channel look like shit.

No. 865
File 134049179995.png - (25.84KB , 945x945 , 131671849926.png )
>implying it wasn't done for comedy.
No. 866
File 13404918459.png - (89.08KB , 414x356 , 1315807990447.png )
You know, there are these funny little things called "homages". I'm going to guess that you don't know what that is so I'll put it in layman's terms for you. An homage (pronounced oh mah-j) is like a reference to something else, usually used with some sort of respect, or admiration.