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Lunachan has moved to http://getchan.net/luna/

/site/ - Hi folks, as you may know, spike has posted about ...
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Hi folks, as you may know, spike has posted about our switching our webserver from apache to nginx, so, please use this thread to post all comments, complaints, and concerns.
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No. 785
No complaints, I just hope the site still works with Wii. I tried it earlier this week, and it worked fine, unlike before.

Works fine on 3DS. I like to use either or when I'm not on my PC, or in event something happens to this laptop.
No. 786
yay! Wii support works. Although I had to update my bookmarks on Wii and 3DS. Typing www.lunachan.net takes you to Zeke's site, why lunachan.net (without www) takes you to Lunachan.

Just thought I point that out. Dunno if it's Nintendo browsers only. yay to Wii support!
No. 787

No. 788
No, it's the way the server is configured, I can fix that.
No. 789
Cool then, since some people do have the habit of putting in www. Don't mind me, I'm trying the site on all three of my web devices. ^__^

I'm glad Wii is supported so I can visit there.
No. 790
Okay, I've fixed it now.
No. 791
Thanks Spike. ^__^
No. 792
You're very welcome.

No. 795
As I post with an image, I keep getting a 413 error on Chrome. Just thought I'd report this.
No. 796
>413 Request Entity Too Large

Exact error I keep getting.
No. 797
To add, it's not browser specific, it happened on Firefox as well.
No. 798
File 13348066555.png - (38.81KB , 170x189 , 130546848615.png )
Testing a png pic
No. 799
File 133480667625.jpg - (32.76KB , 604x588 , 130754691784.jpg )
Testing a JPG
No. 800
File 133480669728.gif - (406.37KB , 405x423 , 130483394147.gif )
Testing a GIF
No. 801
Odd for some reason I'm only having the issue in >>/chat/44425 posting a GIF. Specifically I'm trying to respond to Mac's post with a GIF of Twilight laughing.

NOTE: Pic was suppose to post with this post, but gave me 413 as well here.

I posted in another /chat/ thread with a png, and it went through

Hope all these posts aren't spammy, I just wanted to make sure I'm reporting a bug with other things I noticed and tried.
No. 803
How big is the GIF? PHP and nginx might need further configuration changes to accept larger files.
No. 804
This issue should no longer occur. Nginx needed configuration changes.
No. 805
File 133484309757.gif - (1.21MB , 330x345 , 133227322463.gif )
330x345, 1.2 MB

Thanks, trying it now. I remember saving this from Zeke since I liked it so much, if this works, I bet he'll be happy too. ^__^