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/site/ - I understand that no mod positions are opening up ...
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I understand that no mod positions are opening up anytime soon, but I would like to offer my servics. I wanna bring trafic to this site. I wann use4 my "advertisement techneacs" to make this site just that much more signifigent. But with your permission of course
Why would I do that? I see the potential this site has and I wanna be apart of it. I think that it can grow, and I wanna say that I helped. So if ther is anything you want me to do; ADDbots, DNS hijackers, find you some new HTML, run of the mill regular advertisment on facebook or whatever! anything at all, I am in your services, my lord. Your wish is my comand. and if you accept, Ill post my contact info.
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No. 775
File 133401462039.gif - (95.40KB , 520x445 , 3414_48095%20-%20animated%20scootaloo.gif )
I also read your list of things to do and I can gather the encoading for all of that as well. Just saying
No. 781
seems legit
No. 783
This seems to neither be legal nor well-written.

Luna has ultimate authority, but given that this seems to offer nothing we need at the moment, it's probably easy to say that this is a "no"
No. 784
I already said no in another thread.