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/site/ - Greetings chaps! I see chat has a nice fat stic...
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Greetings chaps!

I see chat has a nice fat sticky which describes the boards' purposes. I'd recommend that you should make some sort informative sticky for each board instead chat have a heavy one. Which makes scroll more, and scrolling cost a lot these days. Oh yeah I can hide the thread.

But anyway this way each board would have some information thread and would make that chat thread smaller.

Have a nice day.
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No. 645
I did have that originally, but people like to post things on /chat/ that don't actually belong on /chat/. I think I might instead create a boardlist page on the front page, and create a small little sticky on each board linking to that.
No. 646
File 133089485388.jpg - (155.98KB , 324x370 , snob3.jpg )
Oh that is a good idea as well.