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Lunachan has moved to http://getchan.net/luna/

/site/ - ITT: I'm going to be listing the things I pla...
File 131561850218.jpg - (230.12KB , 1400x884 , 131079499739.jpg )
62 No. 62 watch
ITT: I'm going to be listing the things I plan to add/fix to the site. Feel free to add more.

Fix cutie mark sizing
Fix front page
Add automated staff ban colors
Add ponychan-like theme chooser
Add settings menu
Make the mod menu attached to the top menu (this one probably won't happen for a while if it happens at all, because it could get really messy if I'm not careful)
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No. 63
Yay the front page is almost done! working with Kusaba CSS really is an adventure. And sorry if the front page doesn't have the same theme as your default theme, I'm working on fixing that too.
No. 64
File 131563903596.png - (135.58KB , 358x337 , twilight gimme a break.png )
And it turns out my modifications now messed up the manage board. I'll fix it tomorrow
No. 65
If you need assistance, just ask me.. I know enough bronies that I have no problem with this board.
No. 66
File 131568879615.png - (44.99KB , 447x543 , VideroGames.png )
I wouldn't mind one bit if you brought the sidebar back. Just for the nostalgiulz.
No. 76
Sidebar? You mean the board sidebar? I'd like to have as few frames as possible to make it look nicer, especially for mobile viewers.
No. 77
And next time, I'll definitely ask for help.
No. 78
Ponychan and EquestriaChan Dǝrpy theme Author here

I'll just say my theme is really absolutely copyleft! And I too need some help to get it working with the default kusaba x correctly. Could we ge CSS customization thread going! We would have a great Dǝrpy theme that would work correctly with dafault kuasaba x.

>working with Kusaba CSS really is an adventure
Yeah, tell me about it!

Whole kusaba x made me want to seppuku when I tried to make a local install to test shit! Damn it! I'll for somethin python based next time.
No. 79
File 131585652027.png - (11.14KB , 89x86 , finland-puukko-vihainen_PERKELE.png )
sorry about misspelled words and stuff. I'm quite too drunk to type  but just enough drunk to post atm. Fuck my finnish genes.
No. 81
Magically, images should load faster now!
No. 82
Since /promo/ isn't hidden anymore, you should add it to the front page
No. 83
It already is.
No. 90
File 131595860541.png - (8.79KB , 217x390 , Capture1.png )
o rly?
No. 91
Just refresh. Ctrl-Shift-R.
No. 175
File 131873177544.png - (184.83KB , 304x321 , wtf am I reading.png )
Hello Luna. I'm rather bored, so I took the time to browse your FAQs and I found a few things that might require tweaking.

>There are blue ? buttons near some of the fields of the post form. Remember you can click on them to get some basic help.
No there aren't. You might want to change this part of the FAQs, so that it's not misleading.

I also notice that, while it's a copy/paste from Ponychan, you don't have the sections, "What's the bare minimum I need to know to post?" and "An imageboard primer — [5] Passwords and the report system". These may have been left out intentionally, I don't know.

Finally, last thing, I notice that the FAQ page cuts off right at the bottom without leaving a margin. Not necessarily the end of the world, but kind of sloppy and hard to look at.

Anyways, that's all I have to report. Don't know what was intentional and what wasn't, but there you have it.
No. 180
Fixed, fixed, and fixed.
No. 203
File 131881265875.png - (117.61KB , 388x466 , CuteShowgirl.png )
The ban page is just a bunch of gibberish.

No. 204
What's the URL?
No. 237
Hey Admin, how does one go about contacting you? I cannot tell if that part of the FAQ leads to a confusion website or an obsolete email.
No. 238

No. 240
It just goes to board.php.
No. 307
Fixed. Kusaba likes to be super silly

that email is correct
No. 309
It likes to tell me that it doesn't work, but I'll try again.
No. 369
if you still can't contact me through that email, try [email protected]
No. 413
[heart] now wordfilters to ♥
No. 415
File 132285511954.png - (219.70KB , 712x1123 , rainbowdash_by_ryanthebrony-d4buqsj.png )
Excuse me for asking, but what's the practical value of that? How often does [ heart ] come up in conversation?
You ought to filter common words. Get everyone all PO'd at the wordfilter.
No. 417
haven't you seen anyone put ♥ in their text? Also, I may do something like that if I'm in a playful mood.
No. 428
You can now use [email protected]#noko or [email protected]#sage to put in your email and noko/sage the thread at the same time
No. 441
Added Akismet (spam detection software) false positive reporting. Now working on reporting for mods. If you see spam, just report it normally with the reason as "Spam" or something like that, and a mod (or myself) will take a look at it and spamban it.
No. 442
File 13237099462.png - (221.98KB , 591x500 , spike65.png )
How about a Board Header?
No. 443
what do you mean?
No. 444
I've noticed a few bugs today, just want to report them...

>when I click a number, it doesn't appear in the message box. If I want to use a number I have to type it. For example, clicking 63 doesn't work, so I have to type >>63 instead.
>Name and Email field empty after each post. When I came here, they usually stayed in, as soon as I post this, it will disappear.

That is all really, they're probably minor. It's odd since the said features were working the other day.
No. 445
Try clearing your cache.
No. 446
Just did and clicking the number still didn't work.

I'll post again if the fields stay filled or not.
No. 447
Nope the fields didn't stay filled in.
No. 448
File 132373547478.png - (240.00KB , 572x480 , shot0297.png )
Sounds like javascript isn't working for you.
Mine is broken too actually. All the same symptoms. This is what I get for delurking...
No. 452
File 13237413808.png - (22.56KB , 500x409 , luna and batman we are the night.png )
I think I know what the javascript issues are. I'll try and take care of that tonight, I feel like shit now, so...yeah.
No. 453
File 132377140613.jpg - (676.38KB , 1200x900 , SGBWOP.jpg )
Watched threads won't open, can't hide threads.
No. 455
> > 453
should be fixed when site gets rebuilt (by Luna or new posts)
No. 456
should be fixed. I noticed I left something I was working on unfinished but I forgot to comment it out.
No. 459
Better, but Watched threads could use across board compability. so we see all our watched threads all over the site, instead of just the board.
No. 460
I'll look into that now.
No. 461
Well I got it to display all the threads, it just has the names and subjects messed up. I'll look into that tomorrow if I can.
No. 463
Alright, it works now
No. 464
Impressive, nice.

Second idea, Take ponychan's unused skins for our use!especially the darker, jore intimate ones.
No. 466
What do you mean unused skins?
No. 469
There were CSS skins "for testing" in meta and from the contest that you could temporarily apply, We could take those for our use.
No. 472
Aren't those copyrighted/not allowed for use on other sites though?

Also, removing threads from your watchlist works again (it wasn't working at first because it used part of the old code, which depended on the watch list only having threads from one board.
No. 474
I thought they were open source.
No. 512
File 132588063827.jpg - (207.08KB , 600x640 , 1319270894270.jpg )

Here's a theme.

Few things:
>does not include design for the front page nor the side menu.
>all necessary images included in a folder called "img", they set as url("img/image_name.png") in the CSS.
>guess I can't stop you to ponify so whatever...
No. 513
If you don't want me to, I won't.
No. 514
Well the post boxes and the body itself already use a background. Guess you can set some transparent pony inside the message field.
No. 515
Alright, the theme has been added, thanks again.
No. 516
File 132588223384.jpg - (14.07KB , 283x424 , 302.jpg )
You're welcome. One thing, postboxes should have a background image patter as well.
No. 517
Oh they have until you enter a thread. Interesting.
No. 518
Oh yeah, this admin, mod cute mark thingy overrides it, kinda, sorta.
No. 524
File 132598920724.png - (256.46KB , 600x600 , fs 2-1 (26).png )
Fixing the spam filter so that it doesn't have those random false positives where it thinks you're posting a c1alis link (always happens at the worst time for it!) would be lovely, some time ^_^
You're all doing a wonderful job though!
No. 528
File 132601658262.jpg - (114.22KB , 600x603 , omg lol.jpg )
I'm going to see if I can make it check, and if that word is in the ban message, then it lets the post through

>mfw I posted the word, and it blocked it
No. 548
I like the pipes theme!
No. 550
Problem apparently solved

Good job, as always <3
No. 551
Don't thank me, thank Mbyte. He made it and gave it to me, I just put it in.
No. 555
I fixed PonyUp so that it works properly with autoupdate etc, if you'd like to update your version on Userscripts.org (no point in me uploading another separate version!).

Needed to edit the original script though so the version won't be in sync with Ponychan's if it gets updated - but if Arcs ends up here I'd just give him the patch so he can unify them.
Patch file: http://www.cloudane.com/ponyup-diff.txt
Modded script: http://www.cloudane.com/ponyup-lchan.js
Loader (needed some alterations to the includes anyway): http://www.cloudane.com/ponyuploader-lchan.user.js

Also got Rare's "Number One" script working
Patched version:
Feel free to use your account for that as well

Full credit to Arcs and WayMoreThanRare respectively, I just hacked them to work with this board's very slightly different thread DIV.
No. 575
File 132739428280.gif - (488.17KB , 1099x571 , Stargazers.gif )
I'm not a fan of the 4chan banner... pony stuff goes there, like this, with a subtle "Lunachan, the true haven of harmony." subtitle added or something.
No. 576
I think the banner is only celebrating the return of Lunachan (after I brought it to power and tubes, twice).
No. 580
No. 581
I like the Negima clips. Negima is awesome.
No. 765
File 133353933610.png - (3.88MB , 1920x1080 , for_the_new_lunar_republic_by_delta105-d4ut8yw.png )
Possible logo for us? (NLR bronies can boost traffic too I guess.)
No. 857
Watched threads window can be moved around, but not resized for me, help?
No. 888
File 134365101518.gif - (129.99KB , 1000x500 , Run Sparks, Run.gif )
No. 891
That should be fixed.

What do you mean?
No. 892
He means when you go to post, it posts the image but not the text.
No. 893
File 134366484161.png - (39.11KB , 569x576 , 4044.png )
No. 894
File 134366485221.png - (270.18KB , 536x493 , 1.png )
Testing text with image.
No. 895
Must be fixed now. It was something that happened earlier. Look at my post in Fluttershenanigans with the picture of Fluttershy hugging a plush, that had text in it, but when I submitted it disappeared except for pic.
No. 896
well, as the blotter says, there were errors when I posted (with just text), so maybe the same thing that caused this caused it to remove text with pics.
No. 897
still happening.
No. 905
File 134448181627.png - (16.39KB , 150x203 , marzipan bob ross.png )
I'm working on the navigation bar, it's working on Burichan, and other themes will be compatible with it very soon.
No. 906
I ;like braeburn, but maybe you could have a SFW sexy pic or two of him hidden somewhere/instead of discombobulated?
No. 910
File 134473744330.png - (71.94KB , 1280x800 , doubleerror.png )
Now uploading images returns a "Duplicate File" error.

Just for the record, it checks by filename I think. Clicking the link brings me to a post I made with the said pic. This is in /chat/ not sure about elsewhere.
No. 911
Just an update, it appears to be all boards. I tried posting this picture again, and it returned the same error.
No. 918
are there plans for correcting timestamps for different time zones?
No. 922
Yes there are plans to change that, but they're not high priority at the moment.

We have a Settings menu as you can see now, and that's where those options will hang out at.
No. 923
When trying to delete a thread I got this message. Just a heads up....

A file is required for a new thread. If embedding is allowed, either a file or embed ID is required.
No. 924
What thread number and board? I'll go ahead and delete it, and then look at the issue.
No. 925
NVM, found it... ;-)
No. 926
Thanks Spike.
No. 928
File 134701877337.png - (84.23KB , 700x900 , spike_has_a_clipboard____by_axemgr-d41c8dt.png )
For those interested in very technical things, during the move to CentOS, some things were changed for various reasons, mostly performance.

1. We now talk to the PHP FastCGI workers over Unix sockets. This should provide better performance, as no TCP connections are being created (which if you think about it, can be very slow comparitively), so loopback won't be always busy. In theory, Unix sockets are much cheaper than TCP because nothing is being checksummed, and there's no acknowledgement packets.
2. We heavily increased the number of Nginx and PHP FastCGI workers. This means more requests can be answered simultaneously, and multiple people can be posting at the exact same time (well, more PHP can be doing work that happens before and after database work, such as reading in uploads, or building pages, etc. because the tables will be locked when writing because it's MyISAM)
3. We moved Lunachan into a directory that won't be changed by any updates. Lunachan also no longer resides in Zeke's site's directory (eggbertx.theoks.net/chan/ will no longer work). If you have a HUGE need for that to function again, I can whip up some redirection magic that will redirect your request properly. Remember though that we became Lunachan many moons (months) ago, and the preferred method for accessing Lunachan has been lunachan.net for just as long.
No. 933
Delete does not work. I was trying to post about a game in /media/ last night. Had issues posting, so I guess Luna fixed it. So the posts that gave me trouble went through....


Can a mod please delete these. I reposted the post in /media/ properly without issues, but I can't delete these extra posts. When I go to delete... I get this

>A file is required for a new thread. If embedding is allowed, either a file or embed ID is required.

Please delete the three except for the thread created on September 11th. Those other three posts gave me issues when posting. Thank you.
No. 1108
File 139442750740.gif - (129.99KB , 1000x500 , 134365101518.gif )
can you gif fluttershy running away scared like the twilight sparkle one you have?

No. 1110
Wrong board dude, see /chat/, /media/, or /pony/. Of course, the fact that not only is this your first post on this imageboard, it's also a response in the wrong board to a completely unrelated thread shortly after a bunch of spammy posts suggests that you are a spambot. If you don't reply to this post/post in this thread again in less than 24 hours, I will ban your IP.
Yes it's harsh, but I don't play nicely with spam.
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