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Lunachan has moved to http://getchan.net/luna/

/site/ - PonyUp
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Now that the original PonyUp is being updated again (Zashy has taken over) I wonder if it's worth seeing if he'll integrate the Lunachan fixes into the original and we could ditch our fork of it?

Here's what I was going to say over there at http://www.ponychan.net/chan/meta/res/83774.html:
Recently along with some help with getting the loader working I made a fork of the unaltered version (when it was between owners) that works on Lunachan too. In a nutshell, the original chan software doesn't have a "thread" class in the HTML so it was altered to work on IDs instead.

There's a diff patch for it here:

And then the loader just needs a few lines added

// @include http://*.lunachan.net/* // @include http://*.lunachan.net/*/res/* // @include http://*.lunachan.net/*/res/*.html // @include http://lunachan.net/* // @include http://lunachan.net/*/res/* // @include http://lunachan.net/*/res/*.html

I'm wondering if it's worth integrating these changes into the original, if you'd like to, so we just have the one?

The only complication would be if Ponychan make crazy alterations to their core site code and the script has to be altered to compensate and breaks on Lunachan. But I can't see that as being TOO likely and we could cross that bridge if and when it comes.

The only other thing I've done since with the lchan copy is comment out the alert for "Couldn't retrieve page update" as with the combined derpiness of both the pchan and lchan servers it was driving us NUTS :P

But I didn't want to jump the gun and post it just yet. Thoughts?
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No. 603
What's PonyUp?
No. 604
It's a thing that:
- provides a floating reply box so you don't have to scroll to the reply box at the top all the time
- auto-loads new comments so you don't have to keep refreshing the thread
- provides a nice floating lightbox when clicking on an image
And several other neat things.
No. 609
File 132855555122.png - (216.43KB , 600x540 , cute-03.png )
Oh, so this is where I should bug you eh? Assuming you are the author of this, idk really. I somewhat understand what changes were made now. I just looked them over shortly the other day XD

Though I do still wonder about this one if statement, I'll be back to look later. I just closed all the code I was looking at from yesterday, and I gotta go soon XD

As for combining them, that shouldn't be a problem, but I do want to mess with some things and understanding before doing so. For now I'm getting to know the code more than adding new features. I'll probably make the changes so it works with both sites, but if it does become too cumbersome for some reason or another I might have to drop support at some point. I do hope that wouldn't happen, but developing something to run on two separate sites has the chance of that occurring since I can't control the base code :x

I'll save this thread and check back, and post updates when there are any here too. I'm gonna release the first version later today, but that one won't include lunachan support. Just two very small changes I added :x
No. 610
Ah hi there Zashy!

The numerous contributors thing is why I posted this here first - the guy on Userscripts.org is, I believe our admin. He put that altered loader on. But I don't even know how to get hold of him myself xD

That would be awesome. We're in a situation at the moment where we have two versions and people have to uninstall the original to get this one working (or it goes nuts and does everything twice) so the best way I see out of it is if/when you integrate these changes, I empty the Ponyup JS file that I altered+hosted, and we tell people to uninstall it and grab the "real" version again.

I'm pretty clueless with JS and programming as a whole. I have no doubt that you could achieve it in a much tidier and more sensible way. Basically:
- The floating reply box wasn't working properly (click on a reply, the page would refresh and other weird things)
- Auto-update wasn't working for when replies are added

I traced it back to the fact that Ponychan's thread DIV has a thread class, and Lunachan's doesn't (so instead of CSS .thread the script has to look for #thread{threadidnumber} instead). However BOTH sites use the same thread ID structure, so just using that instead, works on both sites.

Thanks for considering it!
No. 611
File 132856829726.png - (210.72KB , 640x668 , bounce.png )
Oh, here's the piece I was curious why it's there, the rest makes sense now.

if (url.indexOf("ponychan.net") != -1) // Only for Ponychan. Lunachan sends it nuts
alert('Could not retrieve page update');

Alright then, I'll work on adding this in over the next week ^^
No. 612
That bit is because of Lunachan's host
Basically the updates fail quite a lot - I think it's a combination of:
* dǝrpy server (which is being upgraded as we type)
* The host's caching system
So people were getting the "Could not retrieve page update" popup window over and over.

Admin also advised taking out the part in the autoupdate function where it adds a timestamp to the URL request, to fix it. I did that and it didn't make much/any difference though.

In the end I just commented out the "Could not retrieve page update" alert in the latest version because Ponychan is quite dǝrpy these days too and it was getting a bit annoying ^_^

Awesome, thanks!
No. 615
File 132863355553.png - (126.06KB , 610x462 , wingsdown.png )
Yeah, I noticed how annoying it was the other day as well. I already had a feature request to make the 404 alert not pull people out of full screen games, so making both of them some sort of message on the page makes a lot of sense. Alerts and confirms are kinda icky. That's prolly the next piece I'll work on, and then I'll add lunachan support with it. It just might take a while to figure everything out :x

If people really want a release right now for my two minor changes I could make something temporary :x

The only changes so far:
* Added links to the search page to take you to the last 50 posts of a thread.
* Reduced the size of the PonyUp menu to maximize the board links displayed in the header for low resolution users.
No. 616
Looking forward to it (the search page tweak sounds nice) but no rush as far as I'm concerned!

Keep up the awesome work =)
No. 621
I eventually get around to reading this board, but if you need more immediate responses, email me at [email protected]
No. 653
File 133167298010.png - (229.13KB , 584x850 , landing.png )
Alright, well some testing is left to do, but I've finally gotten around to updating things. I'll be testing for a while, but everything is in place to merge to lunachan now ^^

Sidenote... why does the plus sign in my trip keep converting to the html character code >.>
No. 654
File 133168490352.png - (155.39KB , 359x305 , 44106 - Dragon burp derp screen_capture screenshot.png )
It's an issue with cookies. I'm gonna see if I can fix it right now.
No. 655
File 133174704670.png - (292.56KB , 1112x964 , ()_().png )
Oh cookies, you so silly. I've been messing with cookies too @[email protected]
No. 656
File 133177322534.png - (368.88KB , 788x834 , fly_her_to_the_moon_by_kl0ndike-d3c4vgg.png )
ummm... posting here because zashy told me to
No. 657
File 13319325163.png - (472.39KB , 1920x1080 , Always Watching.png )
Always Watching Edition

If you want the Lunachan support you will need to remove the old extension and download a new one from http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/124373

fixed a bug where it would send you to the bottom of a page when you had multiple tabs open
fixed a bug that displayed replies to the OP in the post below them
fixed a bug where replies would not show up on pages without images
fixed a bug where if the first image in a thread was a gif an exception was thrown
fixed a bug where the Vinyl Trance theme did not hide the tripcode
fixed a bug where the Name field in the Reply Box was not hiding the tripcode
fixed a bug where moved thread replies were not being added correctly
Added the keyboard shortcut Alt+Z to post a reply.
Removed the confirm popup when a thread 404's. There is now a small section of the screen that asks the same question without focusing operating system attention on that browser tab
Removed alerts about being unable to retrieve page updates. These are now displayed only in the JavaScript console
New version of the extension adds support for Lunachan.

I told you to test for me not post ~.~
No. 673
This version needs important fixes.

I helped engineer Lunachan to *completely* do away with the need for ?unixtimestamp requests.

Please remove them, they only increase bandwidth usage for everypony, and don't do any good, whatsoever on Lunachan.
No. 676
File 133218082618.png - (76.25KB , 572x476 , cloud-01.png )
I actually specifically enabled this in order to try and resolve some problems a very small group of users were having on Ponychan. I have yet to hear back from them yet, so I suppose I'll make an if statement to check for Lunachan during the ajax request. I'll push that change a few minutes from now.
No. 749
Hey hey, I forgot about this xD

Nice to see it merged. If the mainstream one is the better one to go for these days, you could probably edit my OP to point it out.
No. 762
Autoupdating doesn't seem to be working in Firefox, is this just a April Fool's thing?
No. 837
File 13377008603.jpg - (67.04KB , 748x748 , fluttershy_squish_face.jpg )
Eh, just want to file a PonyUp bug report....

>Name field is visible, not black
>the pop-up box doesn't pop up
>basically like Pony and Lunachan without it installed
>odd part, PonyUp menu still works


Kidding, just hope it starts working again.
No. 839
File 133775900717.jpg - (44.56KB , 600x439 , big mac with cupcake.jpg )
Spike was trying a CSS and JS optimizer that disrupted ponyUPz code.
It should be all fixed.
No. 840
Not quite yet, but if you pop Protoaculous back into the head section of the site (it's missing right now) it should work nicely!

I've confirmed it with my own hacked copy of Zashy's loader that loads Protoaculous first, it works, so that's all it needs.
No. 841
Yeah, I'm working to make PonyUp's code use only jQuery, because there's no sense in having multiple libraries that like using $() loaded..

Hopefully I can get it done sometime today.
No. 842
Ah right - awesome ^^
No. 843
File 133891875322.png - (382.54KB , 615x719 , screenshot_69.png )
I... kinda forgot about lunachan. And real life got busy. Well wonder if anyone still uses it anyways =/

But well I'll try and get it working again soon :x

Really? I've been uhh trying to do that for a while. It is hard to do while adding features too >.> then again there's a new userscript now anyways. Feel free to just make a new version.

Sorry =/
No. 844
File 133910909888.png - (130.06KB , 310x372 , ab-happy-grab-pot.png )
Temporary version (based on the new loader that got forced upon us today xD) which injects Protoaculous, until our friendly neighbourhood dragon manages to rework it not to need it.


I haven't bothered publishing it to userscripts.org as I don't want to complicate matters with yet another version (and a temporary one at that). Wasn't going to mention it at all, but seeing as the rewrite is taking a little longer this would tide us over.
No. 845
File 133910962095.png - (415.84KB , 702x720 , screenshot_154.png )
But the new one I just released already includes everything for Lunachan. Is it not working?

No. 847
File 133911841577.png - (288.28KB , 580x435 , screenshot_138.png )
Heyy it's doing that funky thing with my tripcode again!
No. 848
File 133911853518.png - (415.84KB , 702x720 , screenshot_154.png )
Never mind, guess it did it and now it's fixed xD
No. 851
I can get to the rewrite soon, my school is almost out.

I've been using Ponychan X recently, because it works, and only uses jQuery. I even contributed some patches.

I was upset with the two libraries.. I mean if you include both libraries, that's cool I suppose. I just don't like having multiple libraries.
No. 852
Neither do I, it's just a chore to rewrite it properly with work while people want a bunch of bugs fixed XD

Most of the bugs are fixed now, and I've got an idea how to rewrite it. Guess I'll race you xD
No. 853
File 133953600179.png - (374.59KB , 623x718 , screenshot_192 (1).png )
Soo like does my new release not work here, or did everyone just give up and switch to Ponychan X?

Well it works on my computers at least.
No. 856
If it's working here for you, it'll work for everyone else..
No. 878
Yay! It does seem to work!
(I'd kinda forgotten, as I was just using my hacked loader hehe)

Good stuff ^^
Seeing no reason to leap over to an alternative, myself.
No. 886
File 134326159477.png - (167.64KB , 319x436 , screenshot_24.png )
Well I've made a lot of progress on converting things to jQuery only, although lightbox is still a lot of work off. I will try and make it so it will not load lightbox unless the setting is enabled though. Since most people do not use that it will be jQuery only.

Smaller and more efficient too ^^

Still a week or more off from testing things thoroughly and fixing lightbox to work the way I want.
No. 887
File 13436296068.jpg - (47.51KB , 704x396 , snapshot20070717202149.jpg )
No. 898
File 134374991516.png - (212.91KB , 405x451 , screenshot_15.png )
No. 899
I'm still using a tweaked loader that injects those other libraries. Someone was just saying in another thread yesterday that the main PonyUp isn't working here at the moment so I'm guessing it's not working jQuery-only just yet.

And text works now ^^
No. 900
File 134384854632.png - (715.78KB , 1283x718 , screenshot_4.png )
but is working fine here, I included all the extra junky prototype for lunachan ages ago... Unless it's some specific setting, I must say it is impossible for me to test all of them >.>

Anyways releasing shortly anyways!
No. 901
There we go, alas I couldn't add the theme thing to lunachan :x too much testing D:

No. 902
I think I'm confusing myself. Indeed it works fine! Good stuff!
No. 929
File 13470538445.png - (250.30KB , 460x443 , screenshot_20.png )
Does anyone like the silly PonyUpz expand image on hover thing I did?
Do you actually use it?

Ponychan implemented it's own now, and thinking about dropping the support, prolly rewrite it better in the future for here too.
No. 930
I'll prolly rewrite it either way XD
No. 934
File 134738357148.png - (397.62KB , 827x966 , sitting.png )
Thanks zashy for the chrome app store thingy! Late thanks is late but.. Still! ^^

Umm.. Though do you take any suggestions on which you might add something to it?
No. 935
File 134740776888.png - (325.04KB , 774x816 , yay-04.png )
Yes of course I do, the tumblr has an ask thingy enabled ^^