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/site/ - Watched thread issues
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571 No. 571 watch
Does anyone else have any issues loading watched threads from other boards? For example, if I'm in /chat/ and I try to switch to a thread in /pony/, I end up with a 404 image. I go to the board it's on, and then it works. Any info on this?
No. 572
I'll talk to zeke about it.
I don't use the watch thread feature, so I can't help you there.
No. 573
Thanks, bro.

Wait, how does Zeke have pull? Zeke Roa?
No. 574
he's the admin.
No. 577
I'm not seeing any issues with this. Can you tell me the full URLs of the links you're getting in your watched thread list? You may need to readd them after the whole domain switch stuff.
No. 578

okay, let me try one now... also, love the 404 page!
...odd, now it's working. if it acts up again, I'll post again. but for now, all is well!
No. 582
Yes, it's because I came to check it out. ;-)