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Lunachan has moved to http://getchan.net/luna/

/site/ - Lunachan on Wii browser.
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Lunachan works on my laptop obviously, and works on my 3DS, but it won't work anymore on my Wii.

When it was on Zeke's site it worked fine, now when I access it I can't visit due to an out of memory error.

This usaually happens when temp to load big sites loaded with flash and pics on my Wii browser, but the homepage to Lunachan has nothing.

Any reason why I'm getting an out of memory error? I can use it, I just use my Wii browser if I'm on my couch, or if I can't use a computer.
No. 567
Yeah, it shouldn't be too big for the Wii...
No. 569
Some updates...

A few days ago I was able to access the page and bookmark it on my Wii (before it was down). I just tried it now and I'm getting the same error.

Thanks Spike for looking into this.
No. 570
I'm not sure why it's doing this. I can look into things on my Wii at some point, and I'll also check on my DS when/if I find my DS Browser game card.
No. 579
Thank you Spike, it is quite odd, it's nice to see an admin has a Wii to look into this too. ^__^
No. 583
Eeeeyup. The Wii is a reasonable console, because it has a free browser with it, and it usually works well.
No. 589
I got this problem too. So I'm not sure what I can do about this.
No. 591
You did your best Spike, it's odd since it was working fine when it was on Zeke's site. Before it was down for a day, it actually worked too.

I'm just saying what happened, that's all.
No. 622
Just an update, I decided to try accessing a section directly (typing in www.lunachan.net/chat/) and I still get the same message.

Just thought I'd add this.
No. 623
Yeah I tried that too.. Unfortunately Opera on the Wii doesn't have the same debugging capability of Opera Mobile.