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/site/ - Official Site Issues Thread.
No. 402 watch
I need a good place to keep track of things, so I'm making this, then forcibly sticky-ing it, by editing the database.

Anyways. Any issues should be posted in this thread, not any other thread, so I can keep watch on one thread, and organize anything.

Your Sysadmin who really does care. <3
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No. 412
File 132260914338.png - (178.67KB , 945x945 , 131491187664.png )
Well now it randomly started working again but only if I'm already in the thread, so you don't really need to worry about it for my sake. I can deal with having to enter a thread to see a post with this chans traffic.
No. 423
Things seem strange

On my normal browser I've had "Website Offline, No Cached Version Available" all day.
Out of curiosity I tried another browser and it worked
Then I clicked on a thread and it said "This site is not accepting connections"
Then I refreshed and it worked

Seems quite random.
They're all Cloudfare messages, as opposed to browser messages.
No. 424
File 132304949714.gif - (225.74KB , 400x400 , derpy computer.gif )
I looked it up on google, and noticed a forum that at one point used to have it as well. I'm going to create an account and then pm the admin (or if he/she has an email, use that)
No. 429
What I didn't notice was that there's a "retry the live version" link on the error page - now it's working in Chrome again, huzzah!
No. 430
Yeah, CloudFlare loves to keep displaying that page unless you click the link to retry the live version.
No. 439
The admin never got back to me. I've noticed if you keep shift+clicking on the reload button, it loads fine.
No. 449
File 132374009187.jpg - (42.32KB , 400x358 , bundy1.jpg )
When I click on a post number, it no longer links in the post box. It's strange, thought you should know.
No. 450
this goes
here, server/cloudflare issues go in this thread.
No. 454
These issues are caused when I enabled a feature in CloudFlare, called "Rocket Loader," which is supposed to cause scripts to load asynchronized, but it just rapes onload events. This should be fixed soon, I turned the feature off yesterday.
No. 465
File 13242261324.jpg - (77.96KB , 1920x1080 , what is this I dont even.jpg )
Btw I'm not actually banned
No. 467
Yeah, I just stopped the indefinite bans policy. I see why it wouldn't work.
No. 468
I get that when anon.

It's recently been saying "spam detected, post deleted" though
No. 470
It should be doing that, and only that now, if it detects spam.
No. 475
But what if I'm simply anon posting?

I still got it, right here in this post, just by removing my name and posting.
No. 476
Well, I guess Akismet doesn't like anonymous posts, which might have a blank username field. So I'll look into seeing how I can fix those.

On an unrelated note, Amazon Silk will not load the site through CloudFlare. I'm unsure why, and in a few minutes I'm probably gonna go into my "datalab" and investigate.
No. 477
Use of the datalab was not needed, I just needed to turn off IPv6 at CloudFlare.
No. 509


Spam detected, post discarded. Have a nice day!

No. 521
Site might be slow. I'm optimizing all PNG thumbnails in /chat/, then I'm going to move on to other boards.
No. 529
So the site just went down there for a little bit, it was apparently "not configured to service web traffic" or something, the error message was from Cloud Flare.
No. 530
Yeah, those messages come up every so often, and they don't seem to make sense.

So, we just let them go, and appreciate that CloudFlare makes us able to handle the huge amount of traffic that we see now.
No. 552
Okay, so here are issues that will be fixed tomorrow:

* Old links don't work, they have /chan/ in them.
* eggbertx.theoks.tk/chan/ doesn't redirect to lunachan.net
* In general, links are wrong.

I promise you all, I will fix them all tomorrow.
No. 553
File 132637086085.png - (345.07KB , 2000x2170 , 131707253599.png )
Don't forget about the title of /site/.
No. 562
Delete does not work, I posted a response in the wrong thread and tried to delete it, but it failed to delete. Had two tabs open when I did, so please fix this bug, I use delete to delete accidental double posts or if I post in wrong thread.
No. 563
What is up?
No. 564
File 132691239061.png - (412.79KB , 706x1080 , 1296478108064.png )
I can't see my 2 posts I wrote on /mus/ on Firefox. I mean, I see them in reply mode but on page 0 they didn't bump the threads and are nowhere to be seen.

Works good on Chrome though...
No. 565
File 132691268261.jpg - (6.49KB , 179x214 , 131379676584.jpg )
Okay, I see the problem. The posts do appear but after refreshing the page. Switching between boards allows me to see a board in its state before writing a post until I refresh it.

No. 585
Stop crashing all the time D=
No. 586
It's not crashing...
No. 593
File 132807852322.png - (157.44KB , 1178x756 , lunachan#.png )
so yeah, this happened
No. 594
Just hit Ctrl-Shift-R and things should be all better.
No. 596
No saved prefs, no skins, name, trip, or access to watched threads.
No. 598
Posting has been all kinds of fucked up the past few days, I know you guys are updating though.
No. 600
Fixed now.
No. 617
File 132865834223.png - (28.84KB , 956x338 , website offline.png )
Um, ponies? I'm getting these occasionally. I could understand it if the server was being restarted for maintenance but I shouldn't be able to load pages in between errors if that was the case.
No. 618
I'm surprised that went through actually. I got it again after posting.
No. 619
Cloudflare acts as a cache service. You get that error (I think) when the server doesn't connect to Cloudflare fast enough
No. 620
Mostly it's about my server responding to a request through CloudFlare fast enough.
No. 624
File 132945513520.jpg - (72.46KB , 511x768 , TARIDS1.jpg )
hey Darren, can you make it so we can upload css files either on test or here? I really want to be able to test what my work file looks like atm, and Zeke can always remove it, but I doubt he would, it's a useful tool.

And if you could make it so we can test the file on the page, that would be epic. (here's the html that ponychan uses, sorry I couldn't be more help X_X)

No. 625
Yeah, I could pull this off, I suppose.. I'll work on it tomorrow, I have school tomorrow, and it's 01:52 (as evidenced by my post time)..
No. 626
File 132952011341.png - (27.12KB , 660x340 , lynx2.png )
I tried posting in >>/chat/26586 with Lynx and got an error. (Isn't that function supposed to be used quite a bit when Kusaba gives up?)
No. 627
Well, that would only ever be a server-side issue.. Not Lynx's issue.
No. 684
File 133236838081.png - (38.99KB , 160x166 , 132882753036.png )
Embedding isn't working for me in /mus/ but it seems to solely be me.
And I quadruple checked to make sure I wasn't entering it wrong, I keep getting an "Invalid ID" message.
No. 685
You have to use EMBED_ID in http://youtube.com/watch?v=EMBED_ID
No. 686
File 13324710621.png - (4.27KB , 153x153 , 131491112050.png )
I know that, but it still wasn't working.
No. 755
File 13330398781.png - (50.75KB , 794x184 , Screenshot-2.png )
Dunno if it's the site or PonyUp, when I spoiler an .gif image, it shows the .gif image instead of a spoiler. Happened when I was playing a joke before.

In this screencap, note the .gif is the same size as a "Spoiler pic". Clicking it brings up the spoiler, then clicking it again shows the full pic.

Not sure if this is the site or PonyUp, just thought I'd point it out.
No. 758
File 133322038820.png - (225.31KB , 1179x405 , Banned from lunachan what.png )
Wait what, when did I do this?
No. 759
It's ponyup, you probably have "Animate GIFs checked.

Were you the one who posted the sergl derail in Moondust's thread?
No. 760
File 133324365399.png - (20.29KB , 210x210 , so dirty.png )
No I wasn't.
No. 794
What thread was that?
No. 838
This Subject field shit is pissing me off bro.
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