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Well the last Gochan thread was just for gauging interest in the project. Since it's well underway now, I feel like I should instead have a thread specifically for discussing progress and giving suggestions and such.

At the moment, I'm working on thread pagination. Ponychan's pagination is a joke; it loads the entire thread, and then uses javascript to hide everything but the selected "page". As you guys may have seen, though the pages aren't generated yet, on the Gochan preview site, there is a dropdown that redirects to /boardname/res/<thread#>p<page#>.html
Gochan will not have a +50, since having pages is much better. With that in mind, it might normally be more difficult to search for a post in thread, so I'll probably have some sort of search thing that allows you to search for text or a name or something in the thread, and it'll give you a link to the thread and page number.
I might even have some sort of API to make that easier.
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ooh, awesome! i've always hated only having the option of the "last 50" posts or viewing an entire thread that could crash my browser. proper paged threads sounds incredible. and searching is nice too! go zeke~ <3