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Lunachan has moved to http://getchan.net/luna/

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So, the watched thread box has stopped working. I cannot move it at all any more. Or resize it.
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No. 650
I'm not having this problem in firefox, I'll try it in Chrome though
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File 133086616664.gif - (166.26KB , 485x662 , snob.gif )
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Greetings chaps!

I see chat has a nice fat sticky which describes the boards' purposes. I'd recommend that you should make some sort informative sticky for each board instead chat have a heavy one. Which makes scroll more, and scrolling cost a lot these days. Oh yeah I can hide the thread.

But anyway this way each board would have some information thread and would make that chat thread smaller.

Have a nice day.
No. 645
I did have that originally, but people like to post things on /chat/ that don't actually belong on /chat/. I think I might instead create a boardlist page on the front page, and create a small little sticky on each board linking to that.
No. 646
File 133089485388.jpg - (155.98KB , 324x370 , snob3.jpg )
Oh that is a good idea as well.

File 133081827223.png - (139.54KB , 286x348 , 132637970279.png )
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I keep getting errors when I try to delete a thread.
It sends me to /board/ and I get the same error as if I tried posting a thread with no file, and the thread remains undeleted.
No. 639
File 133081844526.png - (208.41KB , 525x524 , 132638148552.png )
And also for reporting threads.
No. 640
sorry about that, I just got home, I think I know what the problem is, and I'll get to it right away
No. 641

File 132657801230.jpg - (40.12KB , 640x480 , 0114121439.jpg )
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Lunachan works on my laptop obviously, and works on my 3DS, but it won't work anymore on my Wii.

When it was on Zeke's site it worked fine, now when I access it I can't visit due to an out of memory error.

This usaually happens when temp to load big sites loaded with flash and pics on my Wii browser, but the homepage to Lunachan has nothing.

Any reason why I'm getting an out of memory error? I can use it, I just use my Wii browser if I'm on my couch, or if I can't use a computer.
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No. 591
You did your best Spike, it's odd since it was working fine when it was on Zeke's site. Before it was down for a day, it actually worked too.

I'm just saying what happened, that's all.
No. 622
Just an update, I decided to try accessing a section directly (typing in www.lunachan.net/chat/) and I still get the same message.

Just thought I'd add this.
No. 623
Yeah I tried that too.. Unfortunately Opera on the Wii doesn't have the same debugging capability of Opera Mobile.

File 13285176435.gif - (120.50KB , 853x480 , twilight.gif )
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Ban me.

inb4 medic: later

No. 606
I'm trying, but for some reason my mod tools aren't working!
No. 607
No. 613
File 132861073897.png - (131.59KB , 400x300 , 101286 - animated grin pinkie_pie smile squee.png )

File 132774537365.jpg - (23.39KB , 512x421 , 1319326329367.jpg )
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what happened to echan/equestriachan?
No. 587
They claim they're going to die, according to
No. 590
File 132792227099.png - (170.45KB , 538x394 , 132499530944.png )
ouchies, we're not dying, just nopony post... I guess there are already quite a few pony image boards around.

Echan will never be a "successful" website, I think of it as more of a "lets learn about how image boards are run" site, but that doesn't mean it's dead. This time of year is stressful for a lot of ponies.

Give Echan a month. New domain coming, less posting errors and then We'll be best of friends.

File 132735401619.png - (95.49KB , 615x615 , 5e0fcd5364c7dcd02cf43a02c24b86e4.png )
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Does anyone else have any issues loading watched threads from other boards? For example, if I'm in /chat/ and I try to switch to a thread in /pony/, I end up with a 404 image. I go to the board it's on, and then it works. Any info on this?
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No. 577
I'm not seeing any issues with this. Can you tell me the full URLs of the links you're getting in your watched thread list? You may need to readd them after the whole domain switch stuff.
No. 578

okay, let me try one now... also, love the 404 page!
...odd, now it's working. if it acts up again, I'll post again. but for now, all is well!
No. 582
Yes, it's because I came to check it out. ;-)

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