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Lunachan has moved to http://getchan.net/luna/

File 134474643071.png - (92.04KB , 1913x671 , homepage.png )
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So I keep getting this every time I come to the main page.
Is anyone else getting this too?
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No. 917
File 134606486644.jpg - (34.88KB , 302x469 , thinking4.jpg )
That does look like the theme I made. I could update and fix it. But I'm grumpy, lazy unmotivated and such. Also because reply boxes missing the background pattern, it was necessary to put useless icons to override the background image.
No. 919
If you made a site and a menu tylesheet for it, I'd love you forever.
No. 921
Seeing the frontpage and menu css I could make a complete css for all this stuffs. But

File 134465300388.jpg - (10.29KB , 297x275 , Sulu.jpg )
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Make a thread dedicated to the Moon!
No. 908
File 134465322666.png - (147.48KB , 636x346 , twilight wat6.png )
No. 909
File 13446566309.jpg - (231.06KB , 926x511 , Doctor_Who_Tennant1207.jpg )
Get off my chan brother.

File 133975259045.jpg - (18.38KB , 288x201 , attempted murder.jpg )
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Hypothetically, if I pissed someone off and got a permaban from Ponychan, since most of what I do is roleplay, where would I actually go to roleplay here given the lack of a roleplay board?

Picture related, because traffic and I know Luna can handle a little poking fun.
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No. 870
Thank you sir, borne in mind!
No. 903
File 134418967477.png - (92.31KB , 300x300 , petunia3ed9.png )
No. 904
File 134419996587.jpg - (17.27KB , 349x232 , no u.jpg )

File 134209763082.png - (499.52KB , 735x720 , dash cucumber.png )
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Yo Zeke, I've owed you this for a while now. Better late then never, I guess.
No. 885
oh hey, thanks

File 13340730984.png - (89.00KB , 177x220 , sweetiederelle.png )
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No. 876
File 13406129809.jpg - (5.73KB , 298x169 , I'm actually slightly concerned right now.jpg )
You can't prove that.
No. 879
another doctor who poster?
take over all you like.
No. 883
File 134197247285.jpg - (263.01KB , 500x500 , Yes.jpg )
Well you see now, I require at least three mod sacrifices for my take over ritual.

Email their names here
[email protected]

And I'll get right on that.

File 134182639393.png - (29.37KB , 787x579 , Drama.png )
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Hello, Drama here, to provide you frivilous amounts of Drama!
No. 881
>That pic
Except A) there's not a rule against drama on Lunachan, in fact not even against immaturity, only against hate, and B) Criticism and insults are not the same thing; if I went and made a post that said "Fleurmod's behavior betrays partiality; here is the case in point; I would like an explanation, and if one cannot be provided a resignation would be in order" that wouldn't be drama in any sense of the word, but if I went and made an OP saying "FLEURMOD IS A pretty pony" that's another story altogether.
No. 882
Oh lunachan, even your wordfilters are better than ponychan's.
You can infer from context that it was meant to be an insult for purpose of illustration, OP.

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Hey, so, I have no clue how much of a project it would be to actually DO it, so feel free to tell me to shut the fuck up and go back to bitching about there not being a roleplay board.
But it seems like it would improve traffic for all boards if you had an /all/ similar to Ponychan's.
Also, while it SEEMS like it to me, I don't know how many people would actually USE it. So, there's that. If the effort is more than I realized and the return would be less, I do not mind being told to shut up and go do something else.
No. 872
I don't know if it would actually improve anything, but I'll do some research.
No. 877
>Make a suggestion
>Actually get response from admin
>In <24hrs to boot
I knew there was a reason I liked this place.
Sage because resolved.

File 134044291175.png - (364.36KB , 680x451 , 2348.png )
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>Stealing 4chans banner and replacing "4chan," with "Lunachan."

And I thought ponychan was lame.
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No. 864
Dude, either way it was someone else's idea. Shit like this just makes your shitty channel look like shit.

No. 865
File 134049179995.png - (25.84KB , 945x945 , 131671849926.png )
>implying it wasn't done for comedy.
No. 866
File 13404918459.png - (89.08KB , 414x356 , 1315807990447.png )
You know, there are these funny little things called "homages". I'm going to guess that you don't know what that is so I'll put it in layman's terms for you. An homage (pronounced oh mah-j) is like a reference to something else, usually used with some sort of respect, or admiration.

File 133252865720.png - (187.12KB , 1713x1970 , Ember Storm - Errr.png )
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Soo.... I know most of you think I'm freaky, being from the Everfree Forest and all... But where's /rp/? Where else am I supposed to woo Twilight?

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No. 831
oh my god that picture.
Can not contain the laughs.
No. 854
.... Actually, yes, occasionally, though only with Ember.
Though that is entirely unrelated to this thread as I have never done so on any *chan.
No. 863
File 134045080911.png - (35.52KB , 538x406 , juice.png )
Make that three

File 133720142917.png - (119.77KB , 700x844 , hmmmmmmmm.png )
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Well not that far away I guess... Ponychan specifically.

I was thinking around today about MLP and a thought sprang into my head: "who is the original brony?".

When I went on to PC and asked around, one poster told me that there is a brony on here, Big Macintosh, that may be able to help me out on the subject.

So if you are here Big Mac, do you have an answer to my question?
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No. 829
File 133720394821.png - (28.49KB , 945x945 , Bigmac-shrug-1301110073143.png )
>So you're number 5, eh? So I assume that you're from /co/...
That's correct
I was dared to go to /co/ for a month, in a /b/ thread late September, so I found ponies, online, on the tenth, first thread. I'm number five because I posted fifth.
>Then, what were you thinking before you watched it?! I mean, I was hesitant at first but there was already a solid fanbase when I got into it...
I personally found ponies in september, because I saw a commercial, that had twilight and applejack in it. I work in the film industry, (as an actor) so I realized that they wouldn't do animation like that unless something was happening. so I was interested.
>Did you five watch it together for the first time or was Flutter!shy the mastermind?
We all found it personally. I was just roped in cause I already was wondering about it. My dad has american tv, (myself living in Canada) so I watched the first ep on tv =)
Oh and I heard that you were a mod over at Ponychan but you got perma banned. Can you tell me why or is it private?
That is true, saddly. I didn't want to deal with all the drama that I was being roped into, so I did something I thought would get me permabanned, which succeeded. However, there are a few mods who disagree with my ban, so there is a very tiny tiny chance I'll be unbanned, but honestly, probably not.
You can always find me here though ^_^
As for the mod thing, that was a very very long time ago.
I was part of the original mod team, being staffed in feb 2011, and modded along with the other janitors on March first, after orange realized jans were useless as fuck. I was demodded on March 24th 2011, and I was permabanned on January 3rd at 2 am 2012.
I was !!Pinkie Pie V1
No. 830
File 133720400781.png - (118.09KB , 303x320 , 133669032071.png )
See you later, Twilightsbrony =)
No. 832
File 133725747694.jpg - (96.06KB , 1280x720 , 512368-friendship_is_magic_s2__14__57_.jpg )
Oh dude, i remember you from that post on Fimchan about the mod identities lol

Awesome :D

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