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Lunachan has moved to http://getchan.net/luna/

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function sagemod(form){var index=form.select.selectedIndex

Hello. Could you share the code of these buttons? Please.
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Give me code in OP-post from manage.class.php.
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I sent you a message on Email.

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I didn't recall asking for it being locked, or even being notified on why it was locked.
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Sorry about that, I don't know how it got locked. Fixed
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all's well that ends well.

File 132995177122.png - (85.66KB , 554x426 , 132971327562.png )
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Alright, I'm working on transferring everything to my own server. If there are issues, that is likely why.
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I have just noticed when I went into /pony/, that it is still broken, where it still links me to the directory rather than opening the board.html automatically.
No. 636
fixed, my bad

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I am Lunachan now
No. 1063
You will surrender your Lunas to me
No. 1067
I'm not even Dutch though!

Also I love you !!Luna!

File 138926448480.png - (33.86KB , 969x978 , le gtfo.png )
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snow lag cpu

pls no

pls make snow go

snow no no

snow go go go
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I'll let Spike know
No. 1049
its raping my pentium iii
No. 1050
i mean it was

File 138795343699.png - (236.31KB , 597x595 , 31.png )
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do not fear change, change is a good thing and with that i am taking over

do not fear the Dan, the Dan is a peaceful thing unless he believes that harm is to come from anyone then the Dan will have no worries nailing you to a cross

become Dan, become one of us
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No. 1028
who is you, nigga?
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File 138908434138.png - (96.67KB , 795x1005 , wut.png )
a spammer poster over on Ponychan

File 136824698273.png - (771.14KB , 1280x1280 , Salad.png )
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Do what do I need to do to get an interesting tripcode for this site then?
I can generate ponychan trips fine, but you guys use weird things.
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File 136831707366.png - (97.03KB , 365x365 , 21 Drunk.png )
Between 1/2 and 2/3 of the way through season 1.
No. 990
that's a kusaba thing.
check your trips there, it will usually forewarn you if a kusaba board's gonna butcher one.
respectful sage cause necropost
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File 131518526632.png - (98.42KB , 598x220 , 131395950566.png )
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I don't know how I'm supposed to contact you, but I figured this would be the best way. If you want, we could merge sites.

If you and all of your users came over to EquestriaChan, I could make you a mod over there and you could help me with the site.

I think it would be better for both of us :D

We have custom banners... lol
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I'm sorry I said bad things about the mods. I'm sorry for being passive aggressive. I don't know what to do, or why I bother having friends if all that will come of it is feeling like crying, because If I make a mistake, it's some horrible character flaw I have. I can't even apologize, without being told I'm passive aggressive. I just don't know what to do. I try so hard to make friends, I thought it would be different. I left Ponychan because people kept calling me passive aggressive, and now here too? I made a mistake, I'm sorry. I don't know what more you want from me. I'm starting to think the magic of friendship will never belong to me, I don't deserve it.
No. 1010
File 137816211855.png - (405.63KB , 1276x718 , twihug2.png )

Everyone deserves to have friends, but perhaps this is all the product of some misunderstandings?
No. 1017
It's some parasprite posting as someone else. They're copying what they said on another site.

File 138072974721.jpg - (24.06KB , 300x450 , fletcher.jpg )
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Where are the banners?
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File 13808038237.jpg - (47.96KB , 500x524 , 135482762562.jpg )
Yeah, the banners.
No. 1014
File 138082525063.png - (162.27KB , 600x445 , what's that.png )
what banners?
No. 1015
File 138089211262.gif - (760.23KB , 259x214 , 000112.gif )

File 136954562017.png - (301.11KB , 720x720 , 131518980488.png )
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I think we should have a theme where everything is in comic sans.
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File 137004063433.jpg - (166.99KB , 1100x1000 , twilight no.jpg )

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