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Lunachan has moved to http://getchan.net/luna/

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Well the last Gochan thread was just for gauging interest in the project. Since it's well underway now, I feel like I should instead have a thread specifically for discussing progress and giving suggestions and such.

At the moment, I'm working on thread pagination. Ponychan's pagination is a joke; it loads the entire thread, and then uses javascript to hide everything but the selected "page". As you guys may have seen, though the pages aren't generated yet, on the Gochan preview site, there is a dropdown that redirects to /boardname/res/<thread#>p<page#>.html
Gochan will not have a +50, since having pages is much better. With that in mind, it might normally be more difficult to search for a post in thread, so I'll probably have some sort of search thing that allows you to search for text or a name or something in the thread, and it'll give you a link to the thread and page number.
I might even have some sort of API to make that easier.
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File 142535491595.png - (519.12KB , 2000x3386 , 0525.png )
ooh, awesome! i've always hated only having the option of the "last 50" posts or viewing an entire thread that could crash my browser. proper paged threads sounds incredible. and searching is nice too! go zeke~ <3

File 135741318655.png - (396.51KB , 1024x970 , ab-thinking.png )
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Because choice is good.

Nothing against Zashy's excellent PonyUp, just after posting on mlpchan I've rather warmed to certain "Ponychan X" type features like (most importantly) the unread post counter that appears in the tab (page title).

Based on milky's Ponychan X with full credit of course to milky, all I've done is the same as with PonyUp, patched it to take into account that Lunachan's version of Kusaba doesn't add class="thread" to the thread div.

Also removed auto-update, time zone functions that aren't present here, various image links that would've leeched from milky's server, the "hover over post link to see the post that was quoted" code seems to work differently here, and a couple of Ponychan-specific functions that I'm not sure what actually did (apart from mod functions) but that didn't seem to kill it by removing :P (yeah, I'm not great at this stuff. It's what you might call "hacked onto Lunachan.... badly!")

Install by downloading this and drag onto Chrome extensions window (or add to your Firefox Greasemonkey):
(NOW COMPATIBLE WITH: Chrome (built-in); Firefox+Scriptish extension; or Firefox+Greasemonkey extension; Opera+Tampermonkey extension). KINDA BETA-ISH, POST UP IF BROKEN

Diff for the curious / for those who might know what they're doing later on.
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No. 1183

clickable link for safari

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What's with the constant advertisement on Lunachan?
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File 140367941756.png - (736.69KB , 800x600 , Screenshot - 05252014 - 10:02:02 AM.png )
heeey, I've been pretty good about it lately >:/
and it's spam, not ads

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Is this chan dead?
No. 1203
File 142262604692.png - (162.42KB , 550x900 , spilled milk.png )
Lunachan will never die.

File 131561850218.jpg - (230.12KB , 1400x884 , 131079499739.jpg )
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ITT: I'm going to be listing the things I plan to add/fix to the site. Feel free to add more.

Fix cutie mark sizing
Fix front page
Add automated staff ban colors
Add ponychan-like theme chooser
Add settings menu
Make the mod menu attached to the top menu (this one probably won't happen for a while if it happens at all, because it could get really messy if I'm not careful)
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No. 933
Delete does not work. I was trying to post about a game in /media/ last night. Had issues posting, so I guess Luna fixed it. So the posts that gave me trouble went through....


Can a mod please delete these. I reposted the post in /media/ properly without issues, but I can't delete these extra posts. When I go to delete... I get this

>A file is required for a new thread. If embedding is allowed, either a file or embed ID is required.

Please delete the three except for the thread created on September 11th. Those other three posts gave me issues when posting. Thank you.
No. 1108
File 139442750740.gif - (129.99KB , 1000x500 , 134365101518.gif )
can you gif fluttershy running away scared like the twilight sparkle one you have?

No. 1110
Wrong board dude, see /chat/, /media/, or /pony/. Of course, the fact that not only is this your first post on this imageboard, it's also a response in the wrong board to a completely unrelated thread shortly after a bunch of spammy posts suggests that you are a spambot. If you don't reply to this post/post in this thread again in less than 24 hours, I will ban your IP.
Yes it's harsh, but I don't play nicely with spam.

File 135778645930.jpg - (564.40KB , 1396x1000 , twilight_reading_three_books_by_kp_shadowsquirrel-.jpg )
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While I'm at job corps, one of my goals is to finish (or at least make a fair amount of headway on) one of my projects, Gochan. For those of you I haven't mentioned it to, Gochan is an effort to completely replace Kusaba X with my own imageboard software. It would be written in the language Go, and unlike Kusaba, would not only be run as an executable binary (meaning it wouldn't depend on PHP, and thus, interpretation to run, giving it a speed bonus), it also would not depend on any server software like Nginx (which Lunachan and Ponychan use), Apache, etc, and would act as its own server.

Anyway, my reasoning for making this thread: so that I don't forget them, what are some things that you, the users would like to see in it, that neither Kusaba X by itself, nor any of the userscripts (Ponychan-X, Lunachan-X, and Ponyup Z) provide? Because of my bandwidth limitations (I'm connecting from my phone after all), I won't be able to do much work on Kusaba for a while, so almost all of my web development focus will shift to this, so that I can get it up and running as soon as possible. Obviously, it won't replace Kusaba until we have verified that it is stable, and can do everything that Kusaba can, and more.
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No. 1182
Day XX.
No sign of life anywhere.
No. 1184
File 141157928441.png - (31.99KB , 540x371 , 72415__UNOPT__safe_rarity_artist-stevetwisp_pose.png )
It's still active, don't worry. And now that I'm Ponychan's dev as well, I've got some new fun ideas to make gochan the ultimate (not that it wouldn't have been already) imageboard
No. 1199
File 14153146389.png - (239.00KB , 728x789 , 140950322544.png )
Hypest shit, m8.

File 132962089143.png - (40.52KB , 249x288 , inspect.png )
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If I may ask, what is the purpose of this site?
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No. 1179
Is it still about ponies?
No. 1180
Of course
No. 1181
Will you answer all my post to two year old posts? This is important.

File 13325356164.png - (427.97KB , 1000x562 , everyone is mad.png )
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We are going to be changing up the boards a bit to increase traffic to all of them, and just to make sure we aren't stepping on any toes, here is what we plan on changing:

/tv/, /g/, and /mus/ into /media/
/art/ and /fic/ into /fan/
/pony/ and /toy/ into /pony/

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No. 1174
File 140520103315.gif - (505.88KB , 500x375 , painting 4.gif )
In most forums and online communities, that tends to be looked down upon. In most situations, there's no reason to revive a dead thread
No. 1175
File 140608954342.png - (46.55KB , 465x835 , 1387425223036.png )
No. 1177
File 140627315919.gif - (909.01KB , 500x281 , GOD IS DEEEEAAAAAD.gif )

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I understand that no mod positions are opening up anytime soon, but I would like to offer my servics. I wanna bring trafic to this site. I wann use4 my "advertisement techneacs" to make this site just that much more signifigent. But with your permission of course
Why would I do that? I see the potential this site has and I wanna be apart of it. I think that it can grow, and I wanna say that I helped. So if ther is anything you want me to do; ADDbots, DNS hijackers, find you some new HTML, run of the mill regular advertisment on facebook or whatever! anything at all, I am in your services, my lord. Your wish is my comand. and if you accept, Ill post my contact info.
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No. 781
seems legit
No. 783
This seems to neither be legal nor well-written.

Luna has ultimate authority, but given that this seems to offer nothing we need at the moment, it's probably easy to say that this is a "no"
No. 784
I already said no in another thread.

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I need a good place to keep track of things, so I'm making this, then forcibly sticky-ing it, by editing the database.

Anyways. Any issues should be posted in this thread, not any other thread, so I can keep watch on one thread, and organize anything.

Your Sysadmin who really does care. <3
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No. 760
File 133324365399.png - (20.29KB , 210x210 , so dirty.png )
No I wasn't.
No. 794
What thread was that?
No. 838
This Subject field shit is pissing me off bro.

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