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Lunachan has moved to http://getchan.net/luna/

/chat/ - Lunachan Farewell/Merge Thread: The Final Party
File 144548400641.jpg - (603.45KB , 1197x726 , all aboard the bronychan motorboat.jpg )
99504 No. 99504 watch
So here we are, the end of the road. As some of you know, and if you don't already know about this, the Lunachan community has been slowly (and often not so slowly) disappearing and stagnating.
We've considered several options, but as far as we can tell, this is probably for the best.

Lunachan is going to be merging with GETchan, at http://getchan.net/luna/ and lunachan.net as it is now will be locked, and posting will be disabled, to act as an archive/relic. Lunachan.net will still exist as it is now, but board.php will be deleted, and the post box, report box, and delete boxes will be removed and replaced with a prominent link to the new location at the top. The rules at /luna/ will be pretty similar to what they are now, but our new location will encourage interboard participation, benefiting Lunachan and GETchan at large.

As I'm making this thread, GETchan/USSC's admin, King of Gets is making /luna/, and you can post to it if you like, but ni the meantime, let's have a final party! I'm stickying this thread, and when this thread has been inactive for more than 48 hours, we'll lock the site.
Please do not post in any other threads, just leave it to this one, and have some fun. Please keep your posting to this thread, since it will ideally be Lunachan's last.

Also, for you turbonerds who are familiar with IRC, since /irc/ is a static file that allows you to connect to Lunachan's IRC channel at SorceryNet/#lunachat, that'll be left alone, so you can connect to it there, unless you have your own client. neeerd!

Turn off NoScript, dork.
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No. 99505
File 144548447921.png - (157.54KB , 435x360 , you are a wonderful pony.png )
No. 99506
File 144548655662.gif - (593.73KB , 888x799 , dance~.gif )
i have very,very fond memories with this place. it means a lot to me. i met and got to know some of the most important friends in my life here, ones who are dear to me now and have enriched my life so much. i was here at a crossroads in my life of figuring myself out,discovering who i was and though it is continuing, it started while i was here, and this place and the people i spent my time with have influenced me greatly. it seems far-fetched maybe.. but i can honestly say i would not be where i am, and headed on the right path without lunachan in my life. i would be in a much darker,lonelier place. i am so,so very grateful for the friends and memories i've been left with from this wonderful little site.
so yes, i am sad to see it changing in such a major way,and i will miss it,but most of all i am so very happy and grateful for it's existence. thank you everyone for making this place a home, i love you all <3

now, um.. let's celebrate it c:
No. 99507
Was a nice ride.
No. 99508
ahhaha omg.
It was indeed time.
I'm glad to have been a part of this small place.
it really did make me feel better to be modded here back then, for reasons.
Thanks zeke.
Anyway, this is nice ^^
No. 99509
>when this thread has been inactive for more than 48 hours, we'll lock the site.

Guess we'll have to party extra hard.
No. 99510
File 144549066136.png - (180.22KB , 331x428 , Yui339.png )
Zeke, you helped me chill the fuck out during a really rough week or two or however long that shit went on. Lunachan's chill shit, sucks to see it go. But y'know... You gotta get all my depression threads out of the archive.
No. 99511
File 144549163350.jpg - (109.22KB , 1920x1080 , Hi3Osox.jpg )
Glad to see you joining the family, Lunachan!
No. 99512

No. 99513
File 144549360480.png - (282.97KB , 526x353 , Shy Fluttersmile.png )
this place has long been a bastion for the gentle... it is an achievement to be proud of. may neither its memory, nor its message, ever fade.
No. 99515
File 144549958563.png - (164.48KB , 826x966 , don__t_cry_spikey_by_frankrt-d4e4ikq.png )
Well, it was fun while it lasted. I guess I'll share a short story of my involvement.

I hosted Lunachan (for a while unknowingly even) on my mac mini in my room back when it was called Bronychan and it was acting as a "drama bunker" from Ponychan, and I first started watching the horse show. Back then, I posted as "Secret SysAdmin" because I was sort of working on making sure things worked as well as possible from the shadows. I eventually moved to posting as Spike, and started being more active in threads.
Lunachan moved for a while to being hosted at Zeke's home, but it landed back in my house, on one of the servers in my basement. And now, here on my VPS it'll rest probably for quite a while.

I mean, the live site is just going to be stuck how it is when we lock up, and just all the ways people can modify it will be gone. If there's a thread you want deleted, you can report it and it can be deleted for you.

I'm probably not going to be around the new /luna/ because it's honestly just not that interesting to me. Sorry.

However, one of the many previous times closing Lunachan was discussed, I got some forum software set up on my VPS because I thought it might be something some of the posters here would like to migrate to. I don't know if anybody would be interested in hanging out there, but if you are, feel free to ask about it.

I'm really embracing the spirit of textwallchan here :P
No. 99517
File 14455068642.jpg - (237.61KB , 700x526 , 004 - 8alLr4P.jpg )
No. 99518
Zeke, please help King of GETs upgrade GETchan from Kusaba X to Tinyboard. GETchan is so fucking slow to post on.
No. 99519
Now, I dislike Kusaba just as much as anyone, but I have it running fairly quick here.

Their SQL server for GETchan could be slow as balls, and migrating to Tinyboard couldn't help that.
That and Zeke has no experience with Tinyboard, and neither do I.

I may not be close with GETchan but I can say with fairly good certainty that the only migration it will do will be to Gochan.
No. 99520
goodnight sleepyhoerschan <3

speaking of things that bother me that tiny video bothers me
No. 99521
File 144554576928.png - (124.35KB , 900x900 , baby_spike_by_my_little_throwaway-d4qwtbn.png )
It's honestly better than the times we've had invisible videos, because as small as it is, you can at least click on it to pause it.
No. 99522
Honestly, I think it was kinda inevitable. Though I need to make a new chanball comic for it
Oh, and assuming you're KoG, "Living in the Sunlight, Loving in the Moonlight" is Lunachan and now /luna/'s anthem.



We're going to switch to gochan, nto TinyBoard. That has been planned for a while.
No. 99523
>We're going to switch to gochan, nto TinyBoard. That has been planned for a while.
Please sooner rather than later. GETchan is so slow!

>Their SQL server for GETchan could be slow as balls, and migrating to Tinyboard couldn't help that.
Doesn't Kusaba X have horribly unoptimized SQL queries? Perhaps just zapping the database can make GETchan faster if it still has remnants of old threads still cluttering up the database.
No. 99524
File 144556059174.png - (169.77KB , 900x893 , rarity_by_thatsgrotesque-d50jf4v.png )
This place served as my one way to stay connected to someone that meant a whole lot to me. And a refuge when I had ostracized myself. It was nice and quiet and everyone was kind. it shall be missed.
No. 99525
Lunachan will still exist, but at http://getchan.net/luna/
No. 99526
Zeeekkkeee, get on Skype, I can't into webkit-order but maybe you can. ;-;
No. 99527
File 144568134847.jpg - (11.28KB , 261x192 , tumblr_inline_nv213bdyj91ryyjv7_540.jpg )
I will always love you, Lunachan.
Thank you for everything.
No. 99528
File 144569782063.png - (330.55KB , 385x659 , 594.png )
was fun, lunachan!
No. 99529
We aren't completely disappearing, we're moving to getchan
No. 99530
File 144573878344.png - (181.21KB , 463x572 , 14296812646.png )
but it feeeeeeels like we're disappearing
No. 99531
...so it basically the same just in a different place? same mod team, etc, etc
No. 99532
except apparently super slow to post on according to an anon in this thread
No. 99533
File 144581787716.png - (80.60KB , 162x390 , 569.png )
No. 99534
File 144581922899.png - (196.42KB , 872x915 , fluttershy-incoming-hug-2.png )
So long...
No. 99535
File 144581941281.png - (1.03MB , 1280x720 , ab-hug-1.png )
... and thanks for all the fish!

Modding never was mah cutie mark in the end, happy with the one I got though!

No tears now, only hugs

Small Apple Pony Mod over and out
No. 99536
File 144581953851.gif - (37.51KB , 360x360 , 130756341515.gif )
I applaud you Lunachan. Thanks Zeke and Spike for a good time and most importantly this place!
No. 99537
File 144581968261.png - (53.80KB , 630x563 , ab-cute-12.png )
No. 99538
File 144581975433.gif - (45.54KB , 500x500 , brohoof_me__fluttershy_edition_by_sundownglisten-d.gif )
Shenanigans for the road?
No. 99539
File 144581994197.png - (682.71KB , 1280x720 , Discord_alongside_Fluttershy_S4E01.png )
For you see, mon woonachan, all good things must come to an end
No. 99540
File 14458199953.png - (80.22KB , 567x567 , indifferent.png )
How about no!

Apple Bloom is never gonna get her banhammer cutie mark if she never banned anyone.

No. 99541
File 144582069674.png - (281.02KB , 1366x768 , Touche Apple Bloom.png )
Starlight Glimmer is Princess Celestia confirmed!

After that, Apple Bloom's cutie mark was a shield... with Luna in it. For keeping Lunachan safe from the shenanigans of Snowy
No. 99542
File 144582142578.jpg - (134.60KB , 856x684 , Apple_Bloom_showing_off_her_cutie_mark_S5E18a.jpg )
Aw yeah
No. 99543
File 144582212471.png - (114.22KB , 600x603 , omglolrd.png )

Thus ending Lunachan's canon with their youngest mod finally getting her cutie mark!
No. 99544
GETchan's Kusaba is just slow. gochan will fix that
No. 99545
No. 99546
One can hope
No. 99547
File 144587234363.jpg - (84.22KB , 945x910 , ManlyTears.jpg )
Thanks for everything.
No. 99548
File 144598539062.png - (228.00KB , 3419x1587 , filly_fluttershy_by_silentmatten-d4sc3x6.png )
Lunachan has been a lovely site that I have fond memories with. I got to have lots of great chats with great people here, and I know I'll always look back on this site fondly. It's nice and quiet, the people are amazing and super friendly, and it's run very well. Thanks for all the good times everyone, maybe we'll meet again some day, here's hoping..... ♥
No. 99549
File 144600088546.png - (253.47KB , 424x736 , 595.png )
i shoulda partied harder when i had the chance!

now the the party is over...
No. 99550
No. 99551
File 144613631354.png - (6.43KB , 94x108 , misc7.png )
bump? For a thread that's first thing to pop out?

sorry Mikie, i'm generally kinda quiet type in parties


I've got all thing I had to say about Lunachan for now. I'll be sure to drop by Getchan sometimes.
No. 99552
I said I'd lock it in 48 hours, and there were only 13 left.
This hasn't really been much of a party.
No. 99554
File 144623254112.gif - (366.21KB , 400x414 , fluttershy-party-soft.gif )
No. 99555
Yeah, not dying.
No. 99558
File 144647812454.png - (734.22KB , 800x600 , 140367941756.png )
>feel like shit again, this time it's nausea
This body a shit
No. 99559
File 144648414147.png - (323.58KB , 1900x1916 , flutterhugs.png )

i've been feeling pretty ill myself. hopefully we are both better soon.

No. 99560
File 144652377942.png - (117.51KB , 400x350 , full.png )
pls don't die
No. 99561
File 14465265823.jpg - (54.55KB , 282x527 , 6.jpg )
Don't worry, I feel better now
No. 99567
File 144675084912.gif - (299.52KB , 420x360 , bored.gif )
welp. Lunachan has been dead for more than 48 hours. I'm locking the chan. We're moving to http://getchan.net/luna/