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/chat/ - Computers
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So I'm taking a course on the history of computers, and since you are all here due to a computer, I thought I'd ask some general questions about computers (if anyone is still around to reply).

What do you think of computers? What role have they had in your life? What do you wish they could do that they can't? What do you wish they wouldn't do that they do?
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File 144383587145.png - (159.70KB , 238x669 , 558.png )
i think nowadays they serve a big purpose. i think we'd be in a huge mess if computers were all to just fade away
No. 99381
File 144393631336.png - (56.73KB , 200x229 , fluttershy_artist_by_sokolas-d5pj0ij.png )
>i think nowadays they serve a big purpose.

Yeah. It depends a bit on how you define computer, but some sort of processing takes place in the majority of devices that use electricity.

>i think we'd be in a huge mess if computers were all to just fade away

Yes, I think so. Fundamentally, anything a computer can do a human could do by hand, but given practical limits there would be much less computing power available.
No. 99430
File 144439572998.png - (23.21KB , 123x86 , Dreaming.png )
They have very big role in my life. Maybe a little too big. But honestly without them, it would take quite chunk of my connection of people I talk online.

Nowadays I live in rural village and while it is beautiful around here, there isn't understandably too much people around. Most of my close friends live in the city nearby, and while I visit there usually at weekends, I like to share some thoughts with people in online too.
No. 99439
Love them, been nerding out on them since I was 4 years old and more interested in learning how to type on the keyboard than playing games on it. Wish they could keep all software up-to-date without any intervention or interruption, wish they wouldn't try to spy on me (thanks for Facebook, Google and the governments) from every angle
No. 99442
File 144452689771.png - (307.40KB , 468x652 , Screenshot from 2015-10-04 11:39:55.png )
I spend most of my day using some sort of computer, be it my laptop or smartphone. I'm going into software engineering, so most of what I study and most of what I'm going to be working on is on computers.
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