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New gochan update/interest blog: here!

/chat/ - Do you guys feel like this site still has a purpos...
File 144320727491.jpg - (33.10KB , 458x400 , I can't hold these limes.jpg )
99286 No. 99286 watch
Do you guys feel like this site still has a purpose? To prevent the usual case of people who post once in a blue moon suddenly coming out of the woodwork to post in this thread, I'd ask that you not post in this thread if you haven't made a single post in the last 40 days but looking back, that just leaves Pipes, Lunacy, Spike, Mein, Omm (who made two posts), Mikie, Me, and KoG (or maybe it's another anon
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No. 99289
File 144322969621.jpg - (359.43KB , 910x910 , A (806).jpg )
All I know is that this was meant as a bunker for Ponychan "drama". You're the founder of the site and should see its use however you see fit.
No. 99290
File 144323979318.gif - (465.27KB , 500x247 , Yui-plays.gif )
But what if GETchan dies again?
No. 99292
>People have moved on to Ponyville and other places
Considering Moony's popularity, I kind of figured that would happen.
And he didn't talk to me about it.

The drama that started this site is long gone, but I'm not going to just delete it without any input.

You and KoG were the only ones who came here
Also add me back on Skype. What's going on?
No. 99293
Everyone went to Moony's site because they are sheep that follow a lying pathetic piece of shit that selectively reads only posts that dont call him out on his bullshit , but he posts fluffy ponies and tells people he loves them so they feel like they are worth something, they just go thier for reasurance that thier pitiful lives are actually worth living , when they arent.

Also i think you missed out Adwrii , he posted here a coupel times in the last 40 days, but not as Adwrii, he made that Hepburn thread and pestered me for my Shitpost trip (Which ive lost cos tablet died, need to get onto Mikey about that , kek)

As for this site having a purpose? Hard to say. Youve been around a fair while now, and its never been massively popular right? I mean i think back in the older days you had a good few regulars but i dunno, im not sure why it never took off really. That being said i didnt used to post here in the old days either aside from the odd random post now and again, i dont really integrate myself into the circlejerks to post in ongoing threads , i lose interest very quickly unless something isnt replied to in 5 mins or so.

But im digressing, i'd look at it this way, at the end of the day the running of the site is coming out of your pocket, theres no sense keep paying for the upkeep of the place if you really think it isnt going anywhere or going to kick itself back into life, i personally would have saved myself the cash a long time ago and abandoned it , tho i spose if it was my chan it would have also allowed pron and abuse at people so it would have had more customers , because trollin, memes and rule 34 are much more fun than talking about how nice flowers and special magical ponies are , but im not runnin it , so that point is moot.

Do i want it to die ? I honestly dont care , i mean as long as its up ill post now and again , it only takes 10 seconds of my life , but i wont lose sleep if it vanishes. But i dont think it has a purpose anymore , if ever, you'd be better off saving your cash and time really.
No. 99295
He just dropped by for an hour to say his goodbyes tho.
No. 99296
File 144328514197.png - (126.88KB , 711x979 , 937032__safe_solo_fluttershy_cute_transparent+back.png )
i did post in the last 40 days. only once.. but i did,so..

..i don't know,honestly. i mean..i still stop by more or less daily, and i have good memories tied up in this site, but, for me personally at least, i've almost nothing to say or do here ever?

granted, i don't much of anywhere so not a solid measurement really..
but, i don't know, conversations don't happen as much anymore, or when they do they die so fast that giving input just seems like a hand raise saying "i'm here to have an input too" but nothing beyond that.. i can only speak for myself,but it just isn't engaging?

i'd be sad to see lunachan dissapear :c
but maybe keeping it going without anything going on is just as sad?

i don't know.. i'd say i will miss the place, but.. i kind of, already miss it?
No. 99297
I see, shoulda seen that coming. But that might be also because I said "i'm not sure what to think about that" after suggesting to talk to you. I donno, he's pretty scatterbrained at times.

(I started playing Katawa Shoujo. Rin is pretty cool character BTW)
No. 99300
Merge with Ponychan Efchan Mlpchan
No. 99301
File 144329473787.png - (88.45KB , 550x375 , computer on fire.png )
>Everyone went to Moony's site because they are sheep that follow a lying pathetic piece of shit that selectively reads only posts that dont call him out on his bullshit
How is he a pathetic lying piece of shit? And knee jerk reactions aside, why are they calling him out? Because his site is populated by a lot of people who either haven't posted on Ponychan in a long time or still post on Ponychan?
Yeah I know I missed a few people. I didn't mean for it to sound like "Only these people are allowed to post"
Also, Audrey is a she.
>Youve been around a fair while now, and its never been massively popular right?
The crowds came in waves.
>at the end of the day the running of the site is coming out of your pocket
Paying for the domain name (most domain names through namecheap.com usually cost between $10 and $15) aside, I don't pay for it. Spike pays for the server costs, and he has his own stuff unrelated to Lunachan on the server as well.
Even if I did allow that stuff, and whether or not I should have in the first place is debatable, I doubt Lunachan is or would have gone anywhere fast.
If I do kill it off, it's not going to suddenly disappear, I'll make it read-only, so people can still view the pages, but not post.

See the above about the list.
>but, for me personally at least, i've almost nothing to say or do here ever?
I think that's how it is for most people. Lunachan unfortunately stagnated because the userbase shrank so much.
Also above, it won't suddenly *poof* and disappear, if I did close it, I'd set it to read only for a while.
>but.. i kind of, already miss it

I did at one point say that Lunachan was available and had a similar purpose, but he preferred starting a new one.
I guess in addition to setting it to read only, I could also provide a link to Ponyville
Rin is awesome.

See above.
No. 99303
File 144331588421.gif - (470.73KB , 273x400 , Yuihihi.gif )
What do you mean? That was Deleted who came here. KoG only visited that one time. And no, lol.
No. 99305
File 144332642752.png - (29.22KB , 200x162 , Fluttershy_green_dress.png )
>Do you guys feel like this site still has a purpose?

I would guess you feel the site no longer has a purpose.

I check the site sometimes, but I don't write much because wiring socially is hard for me. But there are lots of other sites where I can get my pony fix.

What is your purpose for the site? Even if the financial cost is low, you still probably want to monitor it for spam, and what-not. Are you beginning to feel your time could be spent better elsewhere?
No. 99306
File 144333088778.png - (174.33KB , 343x514 , 217.png )
honestly at this point... i just don't know anymore. i feel like it's just here and it kinda lingers. i think its the sake of preservation is why this site is still around, i guess?

tho, i will admit, it's amazing seeing a community like this still around. slow! but surely

id like to see lunachan grow, but i dont think that will ever be likely

people still post and enjoy posting here, so theres that

>(Which ive lost cos tablet died, need to get onto Mikey about that , kek)

lol this is like the 20th time i gave you this tripcode

send me an e-mail to remind me because i will forget
No. 99308
The Moony thing is unrelated to this, its something else, im just venting, even though he is an asshole , you lot just dont see that side of him because you havnt experienced it. But i spose it has nothing to do with Lunachan im just venting.

As for the site cost.. didnt know that, allways assumed it was you paying for it, well i guess if Spike is using the server/cost for other things too that makes that a moot point so fair enough.
I will do so after i eat my Keklog cornflakes and land my Roflcopter ayylmao :^D
No. 99311
File 144337820841.png - (218.42KB , 685x479 , 15wf3.png )
Oh, my bad

Yes. No hard feelings, but I think Ponyville seems to be the last nail in the coffin.
>What is your purpose for the site?
Well its original tagline was "The official Ponychan drama bunker", but since its creation, efchan, MLPchan, and Ponyville cropped up.
And because of its lack of traffic, there isn't much to moderate.

>i think its the sake of preservation is why this site is still around, i guess?
If it does close, I'll keep it up but make it read-only for 6 months to a year.
>id like to see lunachan grow, but i dont think that will ever be likely
Neither do I, but that's how it is.
>people still post and enjoy posting here, so theres that
There are plenty of other places to do that

ah, gotcha
No. 99312
File 144339669327.jpg - (226.02KB , 834x906 , yui so fucking cute.jpg )
Because I'm a piece of shit and I'm not caring about anything right now.
No. 99313
File 144340365064.png - (281.81KB , 530x624 , 580.png )
well, whatever choice you make, i wont be too upset!

gotta pull the plug someday i guess
No. 99314
File 144340419517.png - (546.86KB , 935x717 , Screenshot from 2015-09-23 20:33:53.png )
I'm not really sure what to say. I feel like Ponyville more or less fulfills the purpose Lunachan used to fulfill for me, and most of the people here I can talk to in other places. But I still feel an attachment to this place.
No. 99315
File 144340714415.png - (598.54KB , 2000x2233 , USSC emblem 5 stars.png )
I don't know how I apply for this considering I made a couple of posts, but I'll put my two cents in. Considering that /GET/ and /ref/ just merged to create the reborn GETchan. That means that this is a perfect opportunity to merge Lunachan in. I've already converted everything back to GETchan rather than USSC stuff and moved all communist stuff over to /pol/. Even the banners. If you guys want, I can even make a further change to something more Neutral to cover all three of us. C'mon, Lunachan. Come be our /luna/ or /chat/. We've all been struggling with post numbers, but we're stronger together.

Not going to happen again as long as someone wants it around.
No. 99316
File 144341551342.png - (13.69KB , 168x292 , yu89y80.png )
Chillax dude, if it's about what I said, I apologize

I think a more appropriate name for Lunachan might be Snubchan, because that's pretty much how it's been almost from the beginning. Other imageboards have broken off of Ponychan, every one receiving more attention than Lunachan.
>But I still feel an attachment to this place.
Why is that? Not to sound like a genwunner, but largely because of the above, Lunachan has stagnated and lost its touch a long time ago. I mean hell, when was the last time we had a noteworthy thread after that one in /arch/ you made?

Eh, given the new Ponyville, I'm not sure merging with GETchan would be a great idea. Most of the users here either already post there or post other places (or both). I mean, as a last ditch effort I guess I wouldn't be absolutely opposed to that, but I don't think it would do much
And people will come out of the woodwork again to give reasons not to.
No. 99317
File 144341582442.png - (879.87KB , 1100x1100 , 249 - nNw3AO6.png )
I can't say that this site really holds a purpose anymore. This place just sort of.. exists with a few people still holding on.

Though the only reason I'm here is for one person who always disappears
No. 99318
File 144341776273.png - (361.34KB , 557x670 , Yui373.png )
I don't care about that. I deserved it. I'm just being a piece of shit right now.
No. 99319
Despite what others have claimed, nowadays, it just seems like Lunachan has little purpose other than nostalgia.

Mein pls. You sound like you need a hug.
No. 99320
File 14434203111.png - (280.98KB , 442x684 , Yui247.png )
What I need is to start dating and I'm going to try to use my current state of IDGAF to get me there. At work today, I climbed up on the shelf of a U-boat and just jumped on it to make noise. This lack of inhibition is what I need. Nothing matters. I wanna see how far it can take me.
No. 99321
File 144342033031.jpg - (108.80KB , 500x500 , 1398773917454.jpg )
It's worth a shot, though. How can we know if we don't try?
No. 99322
File 144342104837.png - (175.61KB , 253x523 , 140422603447.png )
No. 99323
File 144342110724.jpg - (92.35KB , 680x660 , 1441688500038.jpg )
Experience from what exactly?
No. 99324
File 14434211585.png - (178.88KB , 253x550 , 2342.png )
a u-boat? Where the heck are you working?
Maybe it'll lead to some place fun. Go out in the early morning and just go for a walk. I did around 4:30 and I didn't get home until 6 hours later
No. 99325
Like I said above it, most of the posters here have other places to post.
Admittedly, one of the reasons I'm hesitant to close it, in addition to the others, is because of gochan. Though if you guys are still open to it, GETchan could use gochan when it's finished.
No. 99326
File 144342138144.jpg - (7.04KB , 166x225 , mNc3Jzf8wDHyB5fnsVD5YCw.jpg )
A grocery store.
No. 99327
That's been the idea all along. GETchan will switch over to Gochan the day it's released. You could very well do work on Gochan over on GETchan. I'll give you full access to the files.
No. 99328
File 144342185824.jpg - (29.05KB , 501x342 , u-boat.jpg )
You have a u-boat at a grocery store?

Just wanted to make sure that's still a thing.
No. 99329
No. 99330
No. 99331
File 144343064036.png - (246.11KB , 403x567 , Screenshot from 2015-09-25 04:28:47.png )
It's hard to explain. I dunno, I guess on some level I'm just too used to having Lunachan around. I have fond memories of it and it'll be sad to see it go.

Don't let a nostalgia controlled fool like me make you feel obligated to keep beating a dead horse, though.
No. 99332
File 144343428781.jpg - (83.08KB , 1920x1080 , maxresdefault.jpg )
At this point, it just feels like we're beating a long dead horse
No. 99333
Which would be Necrobeastiality, should shut it down before the cops get here.
No. 99334
File 144347396666.png - (282.94KB , 556x724 , 553.png )
maybe we just need a PARTY!
No. 99335
File 14434862129.png - (720.42KB , 467x742 , 1441222797936.png )
No. 99336
File 144349915141.jpg - (78.85KB , 620x475 , communist_party.jpg )
No. 99422
File 144407313311.png - (218.42KB , 685x479 , 15wf3.png )
I'm going to work on a script on my home server to automate archiving Lunachan every few hours until the final decision to close Lunachan.
No. 99423
File 144408628462.jpg - (7.21KB , 236x214 , tmp_12806-images-1695088637.jpg )
No. 99424
File 144415543983.png - (519.24KB , 800x635 , 88584 - artist grayma1k filly luna.png )
There's no denying it. It's inevitably going to happen.
But gochan will still exist at http://gochan.org
and eventually on http://getchan.moe as well
No. 99429
File 144439512065.jpg - (45.07KB , 270x180 , Chiko.jpg )
Back then when I did settle down in Lunachan, I thought this imageboard will be my last one before I move on to forums. After reflecting that thought, I still feel that way.

I have been talked about this before but I still feel to emphasise I like this place because of small community here. Ponyville looks cool and all, but for now I don’t think it’s just same. Still, I respect Zeke’s decision to close down this site, and I believe nothing should be involuntarily keep on.

So, cheers to all you guys :)
No. 99435
File 144442368012.png - (153.69KB , 789x1013 , discontented_apron_spike_by_baumkuchenpony-d4uzsn6.png )
I personally like Lunachan for the same reason, it's fairly small and a single post doesn't get lost in a wave of posts.

I personally would be willing to host a forum, as my biggest issue with this current imageboard format is that it's quite easy for the people who mean Lunachan harm to post illegal content.

A forum that required accounts would easily deter those kinds of people. But then again, many of our posters would not like requiring an account, and that's why such a thing hasn't happened.

I don't really like Kusaba's interface either, it's very unorganized in my opinion, and I always stumble through it when cleaning up the aforementioned illegal content. I'm also not too confident in its security because it's written for such a small market and receives fairly minimal development attention.
No. 99436
File 144444239068.png - (177.72KB , 484x510 , ab-write-pause.png )
In the spirit of the OP, I'll reply without reading any of the comments either (apart from that there are loads!)

I do think it serves the same purpose it always has done: drama bunker, quiet corner, somewhere to retreat to when shit is going down on other chans (or other chans are just down)

Sure, I detect that you want more from it and are disappointed when it becomes quiet. To me though, it's that friend you always know you can go back to - you might not communicate at all for months or sometimes even years, but you're always there, the same old you, ready to pick up a comfortable old friendship at any time as if it was only yesterday.

It's not ambitious, if that's what you're looking for, but it's definitely a purpose <3
No. 99437
Also I didn't read the OP properly but TBH I think only asking people who've posted in the last 40 days is completely ignoring views like mine that you perhaps don't want to hear.
No. 99438
You know what Zeke... what's more important than here, is you. I know we don't really talk much, but I still value you over some site, even though I still have an emotional attachment to it, it's not the same as that to another person.

Reading through the thread, I get the strong impression that its wellbeing and sense of purpose (or apparent lack thereof) is really really getting you down. I don't mean this offensively, but you seem very depressed over it. What I said a couple of posts up stands: to me it's that comfortable little quiet room, the old friend that I return to and know is still a friend. I really value it for that. But if it's just getting you down all the time: maybe it's time to call it a day? Not even drag it out, just make a backup available for viewing. Your wellbeing is more important, and I know of a few who've left the fandom completely because they've personally found it better for their mental health.
No. 99440
.ekeZ, llew gniod er'uoy epoh I taht yas ot tnaw did I tub, ereh eb t'ndluohs I wonk I

.egnahc reven, nosrep taerg a er'uoY
No. 99447
No. 99448

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