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Lunachan has moved to http://getchan.net/luna/

/chat/ - Announcement about Lunachan.
File 143617090392.png - (145.67KB , 900x900 , angry_spike_by_sirspikensons-d4zpdqa.png )
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The fact of the matter is I just need to axe off dead boards here. We really only are on /chat/. I've killed /fan/, going to kill /pony/, /media/.

Sorry guys, but after twice boards we don't pay attention to getting spammed with stuff, I'm tired of it.
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No. 98681
File 143617236612.png - (141.65KB , 645x555 , 1433557688453.png )
No. 98682
File 143617258211.png - (373.31KB , 725x444 , crying close up.png )
R.I.P. ;_;
No. 98685
I know it sucks, I'm not happy to do it, but I was just kind of fed up with crap happening.

Looks like web.archive.org has a fairly recent copy of things.
No. 98690
File 143624261463.jpg - (174.30KB , 1080x1050 , 132971578271.jpg )
Alright, so this has gotten really old. The staff at GETchan (Now USSC) offered to merge us with them as /luna/ a while ago, but after a poll, we declined. At least With the lack of realistic traffic here and that we've been getting more spambot posts than regular posts, Spike and I have seriously considered taking up that offer.

Given all this, what do you think? Do you think we should accept the offer and become ussc.su/lunachan/?

Here's the lowdown of how Spike and I see it.

Stay as we are:
+ Keep our sovereignty and identity
- Community remains stagnant, both slow and unpopulated
- The ratio of spam posts to legitimate posts is much higher than most other imageboards

Merging with USSC:
+ Lunachan users accepted by the already existing community
+ As a few other imageboards have already merged, we would keep some of our identity
+ Easier to manage by the staff, leaving spam to be dealt with by the site-wide admins.
+ Since with the exception of /leftypol/, it's all on one central imageboard, the likelyhood of posters from other boards posting here is higher
- Lose our sovereignty

Turning Lunachan into a forum:
+ Easier to block spam posts
+ Most forums tend to be relatively slow
- Most forums still have more speed than us
- Users must create accounts in order to post, requiring more barriers for people just passing by
No. 98691
File 143624981070.png - (127.27KB , 1024x768 , sad_fluttershy_vector_by_bird_spirit-d81m8c4.png )
you know.. i would be really sad to see us lose the site as is.. but right now i also, unfortunately, cannot commit to personally posting enough to make any dent in the amount of activity we'd need.. :c

so, i would say...i'd really,really like to stay a is if there is any way we could encourage more frequent use... but, as that's not happened yet, if merging is a better alternative then i guess it must be so? i'm not sure how that would impact my desire to use the board at all.. but i'm also such a small contibutor that that doesn't hold any weight..

so um.. would love for it to be able to stay.. but if it must go to survive,perhaps that's what should be done? :x
No. 98693
File 143625622656.png - (137.45KB , 900x708 , worried_octavia_by_nickscottofficial-d4vvot5.png )
Pretty much this. While I would like Lunachan to remain as it is, if we have to merge then may as well do it.

Fuck becoming a forum though
No. 98694
File 143625748479.png - (214.96KB , 273x445 , 490.png )
i support whatever choice you make

even more with the removal of the boards

id like this place to remain as it is. but hey, whatever seems best

i try to do all i can to make sure this place is free of garbage
No. 98695
File 143629942717.png - (289.79KB , 430x473 , cc-neutral-1.png )

Well, sorry to have let the place down in moderation from this side.

The issue of trollsclashes of personality is what originally put me off coming as much. I couldn't do much about it - there was a lot of shitposting IMO but it's a very subjective thing and without very clearly defined behavioural rules to refer to all I could do was act like some nazi mod imposing my own "flavour" of it (in any case overstepping what I was asked to do, which was keep an eye out for spam and clean it up) which just gets the users sassing you all the time.

That problem has long passed now and they've cleared off to /mlp/ and whatnot but unfortunately I think it's just been difficult to get back into it again and get the ball rolling, we've ended up with the chicken and egg situation of "no one posting so no one thinks to come and post"

I personally find that I have a similar clash of personality with there, I take a quick look when this comes up and it's just... random... shit. I didn't get into it for anime or communism (of which I share a similar opinion with MLP's writers) or strings of reaction images, I got into it for ponies bronies, and the conversation of and with respectively.

I won't be following, but understandably if this is what you want to do you won't want to be held back by poorly kept promises / intentions to try and liven it up as-is (it does require multiple people to do this anyway!) so although I'm not keen on the idea I'll abstain from trying to prevent it.
No. 98696
File 143630145925.png - (254.78KB , 454x480 , cc-misc-1.png )
Additional notes

- Not trying to blame anyone, nor myself... running a community is no easy task and keeping a quiet one alive is notoriously difficult

- No offense intended to USSC, I was just being very blunt on my perspective of "chan culture" as a whole, of which I used to see ponychan and lunachan as a panacea in the early days. It was nice having an imageboard format with this different personaliyt.

- I guess personally I prefer "quiet but oldschool ponychan/lunachan personality" to "more traffic but wading through classic chan culture" but have to concede that the chans have moved on and I'm something of a dinosaur in Brony terms still clinging on to 2012.

Just my 2p on it having been quite an active poster for a while (and useless mod for a couple of years, heh)
No. 98697
File 143633068512.png - (218.77KB , 1046x789 , Surprise.png )
As a former useless mod and current useless lurker, I would like to personally apologize for the death of Lunachan, since it is probably my fault in some way or another.

I miss the days when this site had actual activity. There was a time when it was my favorite pony community. I would love to be proven wrong on this, but unfortunately, I don't think it's going to rise again.
No. 98698
File 143635781433.png - (90.83KB , 900x697 , rarity_in_bed_by_fabulouspony-d45lbrq.png )
I for one, would be really sad to see this place go
No. 98700
I'm happy to hear how many people still want to be here, and still want Lunachan to hang around.

My biggest reason for returning to the idea of merging is the amount of inappropriate/illegal content that is being posted. I dislike being at work, and worrying about whether people have done such things. Maybe if mods other than myself and Zeke were active, able to quickly react to such things at all hours of the day, then Lunachan could survive as is.

Even at this speed of conversation, I enjoy this place otherwise. I enjoy talking to all of you.
No. 98703
File 143640449484.png - (375.41KB , 1280x720 , unsure.png )
i would most definitely be willing to offer to try being a mod to help out with that.

but...for the next 3 and a half months or so i'm going to be very busy with some training i'm doing.. so there'd be around ten hours mon.-thurs. i'd be of no use.. so, not even sure it's worth offering at that point? :x
No. 98709
File 143642884647.png - (63.53KB , 756x503 , __dude____by_orbitalvelocity-d4b25a6.png )
Sometimes it seems like we just need to say we're going to merge/disappear, because that gets people to post..
No. 98710
File 143643082387.png - (139.22KB , 303x283 , 7WDO3MC.png )
We'll just rename the chan to NoMoreLunachan
No. 98711
File 143643666982.png - (126.90KB , 900x688 , 365_day_204_sick_spike_by_korikian-d41ldh6.png )
No. 98712
Yeah definitely, it's nice having it here. It's that quiet little retreat. The question is whether it has ambitions to be more.

One problem I have is that when I was particularly active here and ponychan etc (i.e. 2011-2013ish) I was pretty much just underworked and getting away with a bit of cheeky posting-from-work from time to time. Nowadays I'm watched so hawk-like I can't complete a sentence without having to minimise the window 3 or 4 times (but have enough to do that slacking is rarely on the agenda anyway, and my boss has enough things on the network that I don't trust that I only feel "safe" doing it via SSH tunnelled VNC to my home machine which is not an enjoyable experience). Case in point I'm at work now and this paragraph has taken me 30 minutes so far. Not so much because VNC is sluggish but because I've had to minimise like 10 times. It's harder to keep up with all the sites I'd like to when it can only be done in those rare and precious moments of free time.

Sounds on ussc like it's pretty much a done deal, but hypothetically is there anything more we could do to prevent that kind of content to begin with? Maybe the admins of the other chans would advise on some good filtering? Or how hard would it be to have CAPTCHA (trust IP or set some kind of cookie once it's completed it once to avoid inconveniencing users too much). I'd rather see prevention as I'd rather not see illegal stuff in the first place, modding or not, it's horrible and it makes me uneasy knowing the government's watching and hoping they understand it's just spam if it flags up their hash detection.

We only see reports when logging into the mod panel. Which makes me wonder if email alerts would be possible as well... or better still, alerts when anyone posts at all.

The answer to my questions may well be "gochan will have that". I'm patient enough waiting for it as it sounds like it'll fix many problems but the question is would a few 'patches' help in the mean time.

Word gets around when something big is going on, and it's the only big thing that actually happens at the moment :p
No. 98713
Also is the /pony/ stuff safe somewhere? We may want to look back on some of those early reactions to EQG and such one day :P
No. 98714
/pony/ should also be on the Internet Archive (Web.archive.org).
No. 98738
so red alert is over eh? (For fact this thread isn't sticky anymore)

I have no opinion currently for is emerging good or no. Currently Lunachan is only imageboard I frequent nowadays because of chill atmosphere. I post here solely because I like people here. Pony is neat little thing that got me here once upon time : ) (they're still cool)

I'd say as long as you guys have guts, keep'em spams away and let this company stick here. I think we should be fine!
No. 98757
File 143717438026.png - (83.13KB , 248x262 , ab-nao.png )
Ain't nothin' to clean up and no one to tell off! Ah'll never get mah cutie mark!
No. 98758
File 143724708071.png - (218.42KB , 685x479 , 15wf3.png )
I have an idea. How about we make this site read-only (locked) and merge for a month. If everyone likes it, we keep it merged.
No. 98760
But that's absolutely fabulous idea! I'm totally all for it!
No. 98762
File 143733203952.png - (156.34KB , 334x374 , 1403442130490.png )
I am as well
No. 98764
File 143741492340.gif - (347.01KB , 488x737 , wiggle woggle.gif )
Disregard that, I meant to have them put a link on their top bar, like with /leftypol/. We'll still keep lunachan.net, this server, and everything on it, we'll just be considered /lunachan/ as well
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