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/chat/ - Sunset Shenanigans
File 142810510241.png - (109.67KB , 680x750 , SS_345.png )
97475 No. 97475 watch
What this place needs is a chat thread again!

Shall we?

And remember: your past is not today!
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No. 97476
File 14281051603.gif - (0.99MB , 500x500 , 54H2F.gif )
Quite so!

What's up?
No. 97477
File 142810529724.png - (178.93KB , 1024x1024 , 141392501562.png )
No. 97478
File 142810565074.jpg - (79.12KB , 668x784 , SS_16.jpg )
Best Sunset vid <3

Boozing a little
Expanded my pony figure collection even further :p
Bought a dumbbell set so I can pretend to be Bulk Biceps
What's up there?

The people live too! What's going on!

I bring donuts.
No. 97479
File 142810598054.png - (2.00MB , 1920x1080 , Sumo_Ritsu.png )
Boozing? What'ya drinking?
I'm currently in my department lab running an experiment. I am beerless.
Oh really? New workout plan?
No. 97480
File 142810641331.jpg - (1.32MB , 3264x2448 , IMG_0544.jpg )
Banana beer! It's very banana-y
Other than than a 5L can of Adnams Southwold which was half price. Less than £1/pint equivalent, happy days.
Oh what a shame. What's your experiment though?
Yeah I'm following a basic Nerd Fitness thing http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2009/12/09/beginner-body-weight-workout-burn-fat-build-muscle/ but didn't have a heavy enough milk jug :p Don't want to look "ripped", but some basic recomp will do me good!
No. 97481
File 142810677936.gif - (956.24KB , 400x225 , Ritsu_Gif05.gif )
Nice nice!
£1/pint is pretty good for sure. Nothing here is that cheap.
It's the experiment for my MA thesis. I basically sit here and fuck around whilst participants come in and do the experiment.
Nice nice! Do you think you need to do that?
No. 97482
File 14281070249.jpg - (95.77KB , 600x1113 , prettyshy.jpg )
Best Sunset video.

I wonder if Mikie Pie saw these new shorts. I know he loves EG like I do. :)

Noooo! We don't! Shenanigans live! Not too much!

No. 97483
File 142810743569.gif - (257.67KB , 480x291 , 8TfX4kh.gif )

Back in a bit.
No. 97484
File 142810754960.png - (928.57KB , 878x803 , SSC_324.png )
It's rare anything here is that cheap either!
Haha, sitting there fucking around sounds like a nice easy time to me!
Oh yeah. I ended up massively weak and "skinnyfat" losing tons of weight but not keeping the strength up, paying for it now!

Absolutely :3
Oh I guess he will soon if not!

Yayyy! *pistol whips*

Woohoo! Seeya soon
No. 97485
File 142811034824.gif - (285.13KB , 400x400 , 1251886539298.gif )
I return!
No. 97487
File 142813464672.png - (530.06KB , 1107x696 , retro glasses.png )
loved 80's pinkie too much :3
No. 97488
File 142815278895.gif - (269.13KB , 393x450 , tumblr_lea5crc9zj1qes42mo1_400.gif )
おはよう LChan! What's up?
No. 97489
File 142815501968.gif - (398.37KB , 160x200 , tumblr_mms4rrGFK51r04u2ao8_250.gif )
It seems I have a love-hate relationship with R. Sometimes it is so easy and straightforward. Sometimes it openly ignores everything you do.
No. 97490
File 142815723563.jpg - (2.14MB , 3264x2448 , IMG_0551.jpg )
Ello again!
I had a dig in the loft space and found some things!

The GG is faulty :c Other things still work! Flutters can look after her new pet :3

What's up there?

No. 97491
File 142815857849.gif - (210.07KB , 500x500 , QwFfp.gif )
Oh nice find! I used to have a Tamagotchi! That takes me back.
How's you?

R is a statistical programming language. Right now I'm using it to format some CSV files for my experiment.
No. 97492
File 142816777715.png - (665.63KB , 583x714 , SSC_198.png )
The things we did for entertainment in 1997 :P I've turned it on, not hatched yet!
All the better with a nice dirty pizza in my belly :3 Yaself?

Oh right, not a pirate language then. :P
So much programming in this
No. 97493
File 142816906230.jpg - (52.24KB , 600x450 , Ritsu_Tainaka.jpg )
I remember playing mine back in the 90's - it was good fun!
I can remember very little about it though.
Haha, nice!

I've had to spend all day in my lab, so I had to bring lunch with me.

Haha, not quite!
No. 97495
File 142820340731.png - (233.60KB , 450x450 , tfw.png )
>I make a thread
>little to no response
>make a thread asking for opinions on merging
>people who never post and haven't posted in ages come out of the woodwork
>others make post
>people come out of the woodwork to participate
just like real life ;~;
No. 97496
File 142820640695.png - (181.21KB , 463x572 , 365 - WTk0xU1.png )
life just isn't fair ;_;
No. 97498
File 142820948647.png - (124.35KB , 900x900 , baby_spike_by_my_little_throwaway-d4qwtbn.png )
oh hello Lunachan!
No. 97499
File 142824855111.jpg - (1.44MB , 3833x2293 , moe-187969-akiyama_mio-headphones-hirasawa_yui-hor.jpg )
Hmm? I'm not sure I follow.
I was talking with Cloud before about how I didn't really use LunaChan, but I wanted to. I, perhaps somewhat naively, suggested a chat thread for fun. I assure you that there was no malice behind it.

How are you, anyway?

No. 97500
File 142828329348.gif - (19.71KB , 316x427 , d84.gif )
Disregard that, I was being dumb and emo.
No. 97501
File 142828636215.png - (567.74KB , 500x668 , tumblr_makyvu7dpp1qc5wono1_500.png )
Ha, okay then! ^^;
How are you now?
No. 97502
File 142840613030.png - (19.38KB , 146x127 , lurk.png )
No. 97503
File 142842095710.jpg - (56.08KB , 600x450 , Casual-Ritsu-with-Mio-tainaka-ritsu-25480424-600-4.jpg )
I see you there.
No. 97504
File 142843872610.jpg - (104.41KB , 600x800 , blushing.jpg )
Pretty alright here. Going back to school now, which is nice.
No. 97505
File 142844010160.gif - (486.15KB , 500x281 , tumblr_mzmtljC2qJ1rercezo1_500.gif )
Cool stuff. Where are you at school?
No. 97541
File 14285339526.png - (188.53KB , 799x617 , sorry_rainbow_dash____by_ab101_graphics-d4q1ilo.png )
It's still alive! It evolved into one of the uglier duckfaced creatures because the Japanese apparently think the path to physical cuteness is being yelled at :p (You have to discipline it a lot)

Bad as me. I scoff my lunch at the desk.

Dashing and I decided "let's go liven up Lunachan" behind the scenes
I think it's often a case of word getting around rather than everyone just lurking until specific people post, as much as it may look like that!

I see a nose. *boops it*
No. 97543
File 14287503307.jpg - (14.88KB , 264x219 , gentlemen.jpg )
Guess who's back.. Back again. Tell a friend.

We apologize for the interruption of posting. I will defer the explanation to Luna admin.

Anyways, I've been doing well. Last night I had way too much fun watching a stream of Toy Story 2 for the N64. Today after work I played lots of games with friends and then just finished watching The Silence of the Lambs with them. It was a good movie no doubt, even if some might find it disturbing.
No. 97546
File 142886113323.jpg - (31.76KB , 400x225 , Mugi-chan-tsumugi-kotobuki-E7-90-B4-E5-90-B9-E7-B4.jpg )
How's it doing now?
Oh likewise - I usually have to with the kind of schedule I have here.
Nearly done though! Back in the UK in a couple of weeks now.

Oh cool - I vaguely remember playing that, I think.
No. 97548
File 142891080026.png - (910.67KB , 936x1192 , Coffee.png )
No. 97549
File 142891100499.jpg - (195.27KB , 660x576 , SpitTake.jpg )
No. 97550
File 142892229699.png - (108.72KB , 992x805 , twilight____u_still_mad__by_dentist73548-d490bkc.png )
No. 97551
File 142895838522.png - (2.23MB , 1920x1080 , Ritsu_and_Ui.png )
This is probably the most agonising grading I've ever had to do.

Is this activity I see before me?
No. 97561
File 142916526962.png - (144.83KB , 1024x774 , twilight_sparkle_by_omniferious-d466je5.png )
>*three days of cricket chirping later*
No. 97564
File 142919474897.jpg - (238.44KB , 1120x1080 , Little_Ritsu.jpg )
My thoughts exactly.
How are you?
No. 97567
File 142922334040.png - (135.66KB , 900x771 , twilight_is_sick_of_your_ignorance__by_acer_rubrum.png )
You can thank my elderly computer for that. I've had to wipe the hard drive twice in three days recently, and it's still throwing a tantrum. So I guess that's how I am.
No. 97569
File 142922764639.png - (407.93KB , 1280x720 , Smile3.png )
It just might be.
No. 97570
File 142922808293.png - (191.94KB , 991x807 , curious_twilight_by_tamalesyatole-d5yxu9a.png )
That name looks familiar...
No. 97572
File 142922823474.png - (190.56KB , 468x468 , FunThingsAreFun.png )
It's a fairly new name, but there's an old face behind it.

How are you?
No. 97573
File 142922839330.jpg - (2.07MB , 3264x2448 , IMG_0528.jpg )
>pic of Easter haul cos why not

Well, I guess it's good that there's enough posting going on now for it to be worth mentioning!

I left it at work at the weekend. The inevitable happened :p
Such healthy.. {insert Daily Mail alarmist link on the desk having more bacteria than the toilet seat}
Woohoo! Looking forward to proper tea?

Suddenly, Lunas

Suddenly, Questingpones
Welcome to the reality of modern day ponying :p Sup? (Get a Mac)
No. 97576
File 142922853583.jpg - (146.04KB , 894x894 , Shower.jpg )
Only one Luna, the previous was a failed tripcode attempt.
No. 97577
File 14292285504.png - (142.00KB , 932x857 , ___the_hell___by_jlryan-d52jql1.png )
Huh. I could've sworn I knew a Lunacy... once. But my memory isn't quite what it used to be.

I'm good, though! Apologies for prying, curiosity got the best of me. Um... how're you?

Hullo hullo!

... I can't get a Mac, I'm poor. It's this thing or nothing.
No. 97583
File 14292291287.png - (120.30KB , 300x300 , Kimono.png )
Well, I don't know about a Lunacy, but you knew me once under a different name.

>I'm good, though!
Good to hear. I'm doing all right myself. Kind of dead inside but carrying on as usual.
No. 97586
File 14292313493.png - (166.87KB , 899x888 , 133916223691.png )
I knew a lot of people, once. I thiiink I know who you are, but I'm not about to force a game of 'guess that user' on you, don't worry.

Oof, that sounds familiar. Any particular reason for the deadness, or is it just life being life?
No. 97590
File 142923286558.png - (542.85KB , 1280x720 , LurkSmile.png )
Just life being life. Being a student is suffering sometimes.
No. 97592
File 142923292630.gif - (357.93KB , 245x300 , tumblr_na82l7v5Ww1tc5uj8o1_250.gif )
Oh really? That's certainly a problem. I assume you haven't been able to work out the cause yet?
That's unfortunate. Did you lose much important data?
I cannot complain. More or less finished my MA now - just getting the last bits done before I move back to England at the end of the month.

If we wish upon the brightest star in the sky.

My condolences.
Quite so! Tea is fairly good here. There is nothing like English tea though.
No. 97593
File 14292330971.png - (162.14KB , 1114x718 , twilight_wonders____by_trildar-d4azooy.png )
True that. Do ya have finals coming up?

Well... there were various causes. I'm not sure what the current one is, though. Some complication caused by wiping the hard drive, I reckon. But I know nothing about computers.
Well, I was only able to save ~58GB of files, so... I'd say probably.
Oh my, that was... fast. Was it everything you had hoped it would be? What's the next step in your grand adventure, any ideas?
No. 97594
File 142923360243.jpg - (144.75KB , 1280x720 , k-on-movie-06979.jpg )
Hmm, that sounds pretty weird. I cannot confess to know what could be happening. It's weird to think that wiping it would cause the problem. Huh.
Oh, that's not much at all. I'm sure you managed to save the most important stuff, right?
Tell me about it. It's weird to think how quickly the last 20 months or so have gone - it's been difficult, but I'm very glad I did it. In some ways it was very different, and a lot of it I'm sure I couldn't have predicted from my prior position. I really feel like a very different person having done it.
So that's been partially planned. I have a job offer to teach sociolinguistics and do research at my undergrad university for a year, which I'll be starting almost as soon as I get back to England. It'll be teaching (obviously), as well as editing a book and running the statistical analyses on a number of experiments. After that I'm not entirely sure, but I'm looking into going somewhere else for a while - currently looking into doing EFL teaching in Japan or Korea for a year or so. That part is fairly up in the air, and no concrete plans have been made.

What about you? How are things since we last spoke?
No. 97596
File 142923508774.jpg - (799.72KB , 1100x1540 , Vidya.jpg )
Not for a month or so, but I'm in a project-heavy major and there's always deadlines to scramble for.
No. 97597
File 142923527761.png - (79.19KB , 600x600 , wat__by_mamandil-d5n1woa.png )
Ehh... it turns on, I can download most programs that I need... I mean, the lack of Word kind of bothers me, but eh, I'll get that sorted out later. It's no concern, really.
Mhm. The only thing I'm really sorry to see go are my 300GB of movies and my video game save files. So... nothing all that important.

I can imagine! You definitely seem like a different person... though that may just be because I've seen you about three times in the last, what, year or so? Sounds like you've had an incredible adventure, though.
Damn though, congratulations on the job! That's incredible. You've earned it, mate. Japan would be an excellent change of pace, I imagine. If you've made it through all of this, I'm sure teaching English over there would be a breeze.

Hmm... well I moved out with Johnny on January 1st, so that happened. Been an adventure in its own right. We're taking classes together, which makes motivating myself to actually attend class a whole lot easier. School's fine, though I'm still at a complete loss as to what I actually want from my schooling. I'm sure I'll figure it out one day, but I'm in no rush.
I guess the main change in my life has been my health, which has been failing for about a year now. I've visited several hospitals and about a dozen different doctors over the past six months, had more tests done than I can count, been pumped so full of radiation that I'm no longer allowed to have x-rays done, and even had an operation about three weeks ago, and still no one knows what's wrong with me. Now I'm stuck on a diet that limits me to basically the bare essentials to survive, and it has done nothing for me. So that's been fun.
Alas, dying doesn't do much for one's ability to function as a person, so I've basically spent a year depressed and anxious and doing fuck-all. Starting to recover, though. Hence the posting, y'know.

Ouch. Meanwhile I just had the most relaxed semester of my life... what's your major, if I may ask?
No. 97599
File 142923548061.jpg - (267.56KB , 850x805 , CookieJar.jpg )
Software engineering.
No. 97601
File 142923630480.jpg - (394.06KB , 1280x720 , k-on-tainaka-ritsu-school-uniforms-926702-1280x720.jpg )
That certainly meets the definition of being 'functional', but unfortunately not a whole lot else. I'm sorry to hear that though - I've made a point to keep all of my stuff like what (~300GB of shows, movies, and so on) backed up and separate from my main hard drive. I'm sorry to hear that though.

Ha, well that can bring about change! Seriously, though - I feel very different. I remember being back in the UK over summer and christmas, and I remember being surprised about how differently I felt about things. It's been a growing experience like no other - personally and professionally. I finally feel like I've acquired skills that people actually care about. It's been a fantastic adventure, and I can say for sure that I'm not quite sure I'm ready to leave it.

Ha, thank you very much! Even I was surprised about the offer! Nothing has been completely confirmed yet, since there is a bunch of paperwork that goes into it. So long as all of that gets done, it should be fine. It'll be great to go back to Kent - especially going back 'on the other side', as it were. I'm excited.

My thoughts exactly! I'm leaning more towards Japan than Korea (largely because the actual framework for doing that kind of thing is a lot more formal and official there, so I feel like I would be in safer hands with the system). I also know a fair few people who have done similar things, so I can get as much advice and background as necessary. I've still got a while to think about it - sorting it out happens around October - but I'm feeling pretty good about it.

Well that sounds great! Did you move closer to school? How are you finding school so far? I'm sure you'll figure something out.
I'm really sorry man. I had got the impression something was up from Tumblr, but I didn't want to impose by asking. That sounds like a really difficult situation. I couldn't possibly try and recommend anything, but I hope I can be of help or assistance.
No. 97602
File 142929241632.png - (163.37KB , 900x568 , twilight_sparkle_by_kurosakisoarin-d4mol8q.png )
(sorry for the late repliesss... is that all right? On a site as slow as this, I assumed it would be... I hope it is, 'cause I'm gone for the next two days... >.>)

Ouch. Are you a full-time student? That sounds so painful... but if you enjoy it, I guess that's what counts. Or... something like that.

Aye, and that's what I would have liked to do, but I'm afraid I don't have much in the way of an external hard drive. ~58GB of flashdrives is all that I've got. It's fine, though. It's somewhat liberating to lose everything, really, in a weird sort of way.

I can only imagine. To think, I was intimidated by your professionalism long before all of this... if you weren't posting anime girls, I'd be downright terrified, heh. I am really happy for you, though. Truly. You've come a very long way, mate.

So, since I seem to have missed all of the gritty little details... how'd your MA go, anyway? What was it like, having an army of little Dashing underlings? What did your academic focus wind up as, at the end of things? If I may ask, of course.

So I've heard. That would be an incredible opportunity, surely. Even I've known a few people who spent some time doing exactly that, and I've heard nothing but good things about it. I'm sure it'll be fantastic. Plus, you'll be right at ground zero when China and the US/Japan launch WWIII over a couple of moist rocks. Front row seats, man.

Aye, I did! School is within walking distance, actually. You'd love it, I now live in Surrey, a block away from the oh-so-regal King George Blvd. Except it's also the immigrant center of the city. So it's like some weird, twisted version of ye olde Englande, where all of the streets and places bear names of English kings, assorted rulers, and cities, but all of the stores and people are Punjabi. Its been... interesting.
As for school, eh, it's pretty decent. All of my health issues made me miss far too much of last semester, but I'm sure I'll make up for that with the next one. And my grades are all in the B+ to A range, so I'm not overly worried.

Oh? ... well that makes you about the tenth person to reference seeing my Tumblr without my knowledge. Y'all are goddamn magicians. Yeah, it's been fun. My doctor wants me to see a psychiatrist, but if anything I feel that I'm too stress-free. Could be worse, though. My mother wants me to visit her therapeutic shaman-healer. Probably'll wind up covered in leaches or something. Since the operation proved that I'm not dying outright, I think I'll adopt a policy of deal with it.
No. 97603
File 142932969455.jpg - (153.66KB , 800x565 , ritsu_02.jpg )
Have we already replaced the beginning of these messages with disclaimers? That certainly takes me back.

Also, yes that's no problem. I more-relaxed posting rate suits me quite well actually - I can't really afford to sit on here all day, so replying flexible is pretty convenient.

~58GB is still a fair bit. I can see that - I can imagine it would be more liberating if it actually fixed it though.

Ha! I mean, I could start posting as various scholarly Englishmen of history, or perhaps exclusively as Chomsky. I think I'll stick with anime girls though. Thank you, though - that means a lot.

My MA was quite the adventure, that's for sure. I think the second year of it has been more enjoyable than the first. That is probably due to a number of factors though - having nice roommates, knowing more people, understanding the city more, and so on. It was a challenge the whole way through. Having Dashing underlings has been a bit of a mixed bag. I'm sure that I managed to ignite some degree of interest in the field from some of my students, but the reality is that most people don't care in Intro classes. Good students definitely make teaching worthwhile, though. I particularly enjoyed teaching last semester, when I was teaching topics closer to my heart - the psychology of language, the philosophical problem of language acquisition, sociolinguistics, and so on. I've been teaching theoretical linguistics this semester, which is not nearly as fun.

My research topics have changed a little. My MA thesis stayed fairly close to the topic with which I applied - looking at how speakers interpret and process inflectional morphology. Most of my more fruitful research loosely falls under the terms 'language modelling' or 'quantitative linguistics'. Simply, I've been using various kinds of statistical tools or modelling techniques to capture certain kinds of linguistic behaviour. This normally involves collecting large datasets of naturally-produced speech. For example, I am the lead author on a recently-accepted paper where we examined the deletion/removal of word-final t or d sounds in British English. I'll be sure to send it your way soon. Beyond that, I've also been doing some things in computational linguistics/natural language processing. For example, some other students and I have been building a Lord of the Rings text generator. It's built from a hybrid of the co-occurence frequencies of word combinations and a formal context-free grammar. That project is nearly complete, so I can also show that to you when it's done.

Quite! I'm still looking into it, but right now I'm feeling like that would be want I want to do most. It would be nice to step outside of academia again and have a fun adventure like that - somewhere between traveling and settling. I'm not trying to think too far ahead, but I think it feels pretty natural for me to go to next. All of the stuff for that would begin in the autumn of this year, so it conveniently allows me to get settled back in England before planning the next adventure.
Oh that. That'll be just fantastic. You can't forget Korea's role in this too.

Well that just sounds marvellous. If you think that is weird, you evidently haven't been to England before - or, at the very least, English urban centres. That sounds good though, so long as you accept that that Surrey is the inferior Surrey. I hope the names appeal to your Anglofetish and that you are enjoying it there. That's good to hear about school! Have you enjoyed what parts of it you've been able to attend? Did you decide on a major of any kind?

Well it's not like you don't get notified when someone follows you. I admit I do enjoy seeing your posts every now and then. Ha! I think you should fully embrace your trip to the clinic. You might just walk out with a prescription for some holy water.
No. 97605
File 142957057199.png - (176.08KB , 797x1003 , twilight_sparkle_noted_by_decompressor-d4suxj0.png )
Well you know me, ever prone to disappearance without much in the way of warning. I can't imagine I'd be able to easily forgive myself if three days of unexpected social outings nipped our first successful re-contact in over a year in the bud.

Excellent! Casualness it is, then. I'd preemptively apologize for any future instances of prolonged disappearance, but then you would likely use that apologetic preface as evidence to accuse me of having never changed one bit in all that time. We can't be having that much nostalgia, now.

True enough. It seems to be working fine now, though. Except that last night I had to uninstall Norton antivirus, 'cause it was blocking the internet, believing it to be a dangerous program regardless of how I changed its settings. The fun never stops.

Chomsky would suite you remarkably well, I would say! Though I'm not familiar with this particular anime girl. I see her all over the place, but I don't know what she's from. Since you seem to like her, I'll have to assume that she's your personally forcefully grafted onto a fifteen year old girl. Would that be accurate?

Well I'm glad to hear that first years are boring no matter how prestigious the institution... that does sound fantastic, though. I'd love to have heard some of those lectures. I'll admit, in your absence my interest in linguistics - namely sociolinguistics and whatever fancy word you linguists have for what might be described as "how language changes over time," or... whatever - has grown a fair bit. Maybe one day when your fame takes you to a university near me, I'll have to stop by for a class or two.

You had me at Lord of the Rings, heh. I would love to see that, and to read anything that you've written or worked on. It'll be just like old times, sans ponies and tea.

I can see that... that's an incredible opportunity you have before you, mate. You never did seem very content trapped in the British isles... so yeah, I really hope for the best for you. You deserve it.

True, I still haven't left my little neck of the woods. You've had your global, inter-continental adventures, and the biggest adventure in my life has involved moving across a river. Nothing but excitement in my life, lemme tell ya.
It doesn't take much for me to admit that, honestly. This Surrey isn't the best place, but it's cheap to live in, and conveniently located. I do miss the mountains, though. City life doesn't suite me at all. School's fine though, yeah, I've enjoyed it. Took two additional Canadian History classes this past semester with Johnny, to help integrate him into the society - which, in hindsight, might not have been the best idea. Now he knows that Canada is no less racist, corrupt, and generally dickish than the place from whence he came. I'm not complaining, though. It was just great to have classes with a friend again, I haven't had that since high school.

As for a major, er... I'm technically a History major, but I may change it, if possible. I love learning history, but I've found that I'm not exactly keen on the process of doing history. It's a great hobby, but it'd make a terrible job. So I'm back to square one, just taking a wide variety of classes to see what sticks, if anything. Considering something in the sciences, though I'm not sure where I'd begin with that. It's a mess, really.

That's true, but when 95% of your followers never interact with you in any way, and at least 10% of them are porn blogs, it becomes a little bothersome to check such notifications. I had no idea you were on the site, though! Errr... has it been a long time? My sincerest apologies, I'm not very good at this whole "friendship" business. >.>
No. 97613
File 142961223036.png - (173.51KB , 486x345 , Error has occured.png )
>Totally not late answering
Hullo hullo guys. Sorry I kinda haven't been here.
No. 97619
File 142978099252.png - (142.96KB , 400x500 , TryingToHaveFun.png )
>something like that
I'll take what I can get, we'll put it that way.

And yep, full time.
No. 97620
File 142991069744.jpg - (512.00KB , 1920x1200 , BFF-k-on-club-25775482-1920-1200.jpg )
And I'm back.

Yep - I certainly remember. I cannot complain however, as I left you in the dark for a good four days now. My friend came to visit for a few days, and I'm only now catching up on things.

Ha, indeed. As much as I imagine you have changed since then, I assume that will remain your life constant.
So, rather than doing it, you'll just disappear without apologising. This is going to be a barrel of laughs, I'm sure.

You are using Norton? I'm not sure I'd recommend that, honestly. Still, I think Norton may have uncovered some deep insight about the internet right there, and is perhaps trying to do you a favour.

I should go about collecting some Chomsky then! He was quite the looker in the 50's, actually, so that would be something.

She is from a show called K-On!, a high school slice of life that ran 2009-2011. I'm not necessarily sure that I would consider some kind of reflection of personality, so 'forceful grafting' might be more appropriate (disregarding how questionable that sounds). I would probably say that I like her in the show in a way not dissimilar from how I liked Rainbow Dash when MLP first came out. If you ever are interested in watching it, I would give it my strongest recommendation - I was completely blown away by the show's quality, and now it's easily my favourite anime (and one of my favourite shows generally).

Oh certainly! Many of them were completely indifferent, and I'll naturally they'll blame me in my evaluations for not making it enthusing enough. Ha, I think you would have liked them! In reality, they ended up being more structured versions of my language-related textwalls from years before. I would have picked on you for answers though.

Oh right? So that's either called 'historical linguistics' or 'diachronic linguistics'. What got you interested in those topics?

Ha, good! It didn't quite come out as polished as we would have liked by the deadline arrived so we just submitted what we had. I'll have to work out a way of showing it to you. Once I've submitted the manuscript for publication I'll send it your way and you can see what kind of work I've been up to. Fortunately the paper is very short, which means you can't even complain about boredom.

Only sans tea for you, I think you'll find.

I'm glad you think so! Right now I'm just trying to sort out my immediate situation (moving back to the UK on Wednesday, finishing my thesis for next Monday, and so on). Once that has all been sorted, I can start to think more concretely about those things. Mmm - I think I agree. The UK is a fantastic place and I'm acutely aware of my luck in having a close tie to it, but I'm definitely at the point where I want to reach out and explore a lot more.

Though not the most different, it sounds pretty enjoyable. How far is Surrey from your university, again? Ha! I'm sure he liked that - pretty much the only historical simplification I know is that pretty much every society has been dickish to some other population. It's a human constant. That sounds like good fun though - how big are these classes normally?

So you are considering changing your major? What to, may I ask?
> linguistics
I can understand that. That is also much of the point of Arts degrees like that - in some sense, they are not supposed to be jobs that one does (outside of academia at least). Sciences, huh? I'd sure like to see you as a scientist.

Ha, understandable. I'm not sure - I found you after Johnny reblogged something you had posted. It must have about January or something.

Hello again!
How are things?
No. 97621
File 142991391054.jpg - (26.76KB , 576x960 , sky.jpg )
That's a lot of words...
No. 97622
File 142991683125.png - (139.90KB , 500x281 , Ritsu_y_Yui.png )
Words are what we do best!
No. 97623
File 142993654699.png - (28.67KB , 200x113 , Filly_Fluttershy_calming_critters_s01e23.png )
Hello Lunachan Chat Ponies/People!
No. 97642
File 143006286312.jpg - (14.65KB , 65x77 , doodle2.jpg )
Things have been really busy. This week I had to do 7 pages report and 5 pages assignment for homework, so I have had barely time to do much else than school work. Hopefully things will ease up soon though!

Hi Flower! Long time no see!
No. 97645
File 143008185437.png - (97.36KB , 1000x539 , twilight_sparkle_demands_snuggles_by_kalleflaxx-d4.png )
And then I proceeded to leave you in the dark for another couple of days, for almost the same reasons. It really is just like old times.

Pretty much! I mean, unless you would prefer an apology every time we speak. How very Canadian of you. :p
(though truly, I feel I should apologize for the abysmally sub-par wording of this post, I am incredibly exhausted from a weekend of adventures and drinking, forgive me)

Well I had just wiped my hard drive and reset it to factory settings, so yes, I was using the default program, which was Norton. But it's gone now, and I doubt I'll have any troubles. I had no firewall for three years and nothing went wrong until the very end. Ignorance is the best protection, right?

I can only imagine. I don't believe I've seen any images of him before he was in his forties or fifties. Which I feel suites you rather well. :p

Ahh, I've heard that name! Can't say that I know anything about it, though. Slice of life shows aren't particularly appealing to me, alas... but I could make an exception. Maybe. We'll see how bored I get during my three week break from classes, effective immediately.

That sounds like it would've been remarkable to witness. Well we have long futures ahead of us, who knows where we'll end up. Maybe I'll find a chance to hear a lecture properly one day. I imagine you would make a great teacher.

Hmm... the evolution of my interest in general history, I guess. I've kept up with my reading for all the time that we haven't spoken, and I've gotten to the point where singular political entities - specific kingdoms, dynasties, regimes, etc - no longer pique my curiosity as much as the people living under said regimes. It started with me trying to map the evolution of the English language, its various influences, its effects on the native insular Celtic languages, etc. You may remember that I've always had a natural curiosity for cultural anthropology, and from what I've read, it sounds like the evolution of language forms the cornerstone of cultural change. New language reflects new ideas within a community, and such. I later spent some time mapping the spread of the Semetic languages of Arabia, the Mandé languages in sub-Saharan west Africa, as well as the conglomeration of the various post-Roman Germanic languages into modern French and German. And I must say that I've loved it so far. More recently, the almost universal adoption of English Internet slang and the effects of English dominance over all other languages globally have really sparked my interest in the subject. I would love the opportunity to study it properly, but alas, I'm not really in a position to do so. You know how it is.

I look forward to reading it! I'm sure it's fantastic - far more than you would give it credit for, anyway.

Unfortunately so. The doctors have me on a terrible diet that forbids tea. Besides, I don't have a kettle. Life is so hard sometimes.

I can imagine. Well I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors, my friend. You're definitely going places, and I for one can't wait to see where you end up.

My university is in Surrey, actually. So the commute is only half an hour, or twenty minutes at best. It's pretty nice. Erm... well the school I attend has class sizes of only 20-35 students. It's pretty nice, actually.

I haven't the slightest idea. Maybe a science. Maybe linguistics. I might just abandon academia altogether and pursue a practical trade for a while. I'm not looking far beyond this upcoming semester, to be honest. Unfortunately I was born with an intense interest in pretty well everything, so no matter what I pick I'll feel like I'm giving up on a part of myself. I'm sure I'll find something to my liking one day.

Oh goodness, that was quite some time ago... er... wow. I'm very sorry for not noticing! I can be a bit, er... blind. I get that a lot. >.>

Words words words!


Hello Flower! How are you? ♥
No. 97649
File 143009677163.png - (355.81KB , 900x1834 , rarity_hugs_vector_by_kitsuneymg-d41nyd8.png )
All the words...

Never change Dashie.
No. 97658
File 143020857952.png - (63.53KB , 756x503 , __dude____by_orbitalvelocity-d4b25a6.png )
Oh hello again Lunachan. I'm really bad at this keeping up with the times thing.

I got a new mouse today, the Logitech G700s. It's pretty awesome.
Otherwise I've just been working. Oh I've also been playing this new Grand Theft Auto V game. It's pretty fun, more so with friends of course. That's about what I've been doing.
No. 97659
File 143026116437.gif - (717.92KB , 500x281 , oXyH5.gif )
That's quite alright! It's now apparent that I did the same to you! It seems like we are developing quite the routine.

So I'm moving back to the UK tomorrow (Wednesday). Now that I've packed the majority of my things, the extent of the situation's peculiarity is started to become apparent to me. It's certainly been quite the two years.

You should definitely give it a go! I found it to be one of these stories where you cannot appreciate the significance of the narrative until you've reached the end of it. It's by far the most narratively-developed show in that genre. The power of the show's theming and narrative is all in the subtlety of its delivery. It's definitely on the 'moe' side of shows, and it can seem that it's just 'cute girls doing cute things' - that's certainly true, but there is underlying character development which is only apparent at the show's climax. I couldn't recommend it enough.

Well that's an interesting way to approach it, and I see where you are coming from. Unfortunately I don't know a lot about the early development of English, so there is little I can contribute. It's a great topic though, with plenty of good resources. You sound like you could be quite the language historian or philologist! That's some pretty good work. Internet slang and the sociolinguistics of the internet is something I've been following a lot, and I have former colleagues in my department that are working on those exact topics. I think you'd like a linguistics class if you took one - it would probably help a lot when it comes to doing that kind of diachronic analysis too. I think that's all great.

So what on Earth do you drink? Why exactly has tea been forbidden, may I ask?

I think that makes some sense. At least, I can understand the frustration. I'm not sure exactly what kind of advice would be useful here, and I'm not sure you necessarily need any. It's hard to know what one wants to do, so I don't think there is any need to fret about it.

Indeed it was! That's quite okay. I just lurk from the shadows anyway, so it's hardly a problem.

That sounds nice! What's the new GTA game?
No. 97660
File 14302613926.gif - (207.72KB , 743x1500 , words words words words words words .gif )
So I've noticed, heh

No. 97661
File 143034371496.png - (124.35KB , 900x900 , baby_spike_by_my_little_throwaway-d4qwtbn.png )
Oh I was just making a commentary on Grand Theft Auto V just now coming to the PC. It's the same GTA V, just better graphics mostly.
No. 97662
File 143046062523.png - (411.90KB , 1280x720 , Boo.png )
My sleep schedule is completely fucked and I regret nothing.
No. 97663
File 143047926348.png - (166.87KB , 899x888 , 133916223691.png )
Actually, these posts couldn't be a less accurate demonstration of who I am these days. Notice the days-long breaks between posts. I used to type a thousand words several times a day tirelessly. Now I get exhausted just thinking about typing ten words. But I can find energy, sometimes.

Apparently! But now I'm replying both several days late and at 4am, so don't expect much in the way of quality herein, my friend.

So that would mean you're back in the UK now, right? How's that going? Who are you staying with, if I may ask? Glad to be back?

Hmm... we'll see. Truth be told, I have a veritable mountain of shows, movies, and documentaries lined up for me to watch, so... I'll add it to the list, but I promise nothing in the way of expediency. Does look kind of cute though, I'll give it that.

Oh, probably. But then, I've enjoyed nearly every class I've ever attended. So... yeah. I could look into taking a linguistics class, though. Couldn't hurt. Maybe sometime in the fall, if I haven't found some trades program or other that might suite me better by then.

Because I'm on the worst diet known to man. No tea, no bread, little dairy, no fructose, no processed meat... I have a six page arbitrary list of foods that I can and cannot eat, which gets specific enough to tell me that I can have raspberries but not blackberries, I can have eggs but not egg noodles, and I can have approximately 5cm of celery per day. Yeah. Tea's off the list, so I just drink water. Fuckin' exciting, lemme tell ya.

Well that's fair. I've been doing a lot of shadow-y lurking myself too... >.>
No. 97664
File 14304820678.png - (345.84KB , 1024x883 , rarity_vector_7_by_regolithx-d4i5ikx.png )
Actually, these days I drink nothing but water myself.

Yeah, and I appreciate the times you can find the energy. You're still so much like yourself, it makes me all nostalgic and what not.

It's a good feeling.

I worried when you disappeared you know. Not a huge amount cause I always expected you would. But you were gone for a long time! And I searched, a lot. I looked everywhere, searched everything I could think of. And to hear what you went through in the times I could not find you? That feels a lot better. And a lot worse, cause shit, that sounds like a fucking drag, putting it mildly. I wish I could have been there with a reassuring ear and what not.

But excuse that horribly formatted mess of an outburst.

I'm not dead either Dashie. I have a job now! I don't think I quite had one last time we talked, but now it's pretty much for real and they even pay me officially and stuff!

I sell cards and board games and what not in a hobby store. It's pretty much what I've always wanted to do. I don't play as many games as I used to, cause I spend so much time teaching others how to, but it still feels good. I'm happy when I'm there.

I have a nice flat now, with cool people and no shit people. Money is troubling at times, but I'm like two weeks from sorting that out.

Wow. Seems I have words for the both of us these days.
No. 97665
File 143048355112.png - (141.68KB , 885x902 , twilight_sparkle_by_xn_dragon-d4k3u5d.png )
I've been drinking nothing but water and vodka since I moved out four months ago, and I still haven't developed a proper taste for it. I don't understand water drinkers at all.

I... yeah... yeah, I was. I never meant to disappear like that, you know. It just sort of... happened. Every day I felt less energetic, less enthusiastic, and then I felt like i was letting everyone down with my absence, and the pressure drove me away. I loved the online life that I built for myself, and I daresay I tore the whole thing down quite nicely. That on top of the whole "dying" thing I had going on for half a year, and... I'm not sure that a reassuring ear would've helped much. But I really appreciate it.

Hearing about you does make me feel surprisingly good, though... I remember being a bit concerned about your situation the last time we spoke. That's really awesome, mate. I'm kind of envious of the job, heh. Sounds like my dream job too. Glad one of us gets a happy story, thus far at least.

It's like 5:30 though, I shouuuld go crash... leave you to your thread on the other site. Maybe. Kind of don't feel like sleeping though.
No. 97666
File 143048400870.png - (174.24KB , 900x636 , rarity_soaking_wet_by_supermatt314-d4f7dra.png )
They're not the same without you you know. Not even a lil bit. You know half my heart went with you when you left. I just stopped posting.

It's okay Dashie, really. I understand that sometimes life happens and you can't do shit about it. And my wanting to be there was probably more selfish than selfless tbh, I can admit that.

It's a good job. It's hard tho. Frustrating with all the people I gotta interact with, some of them are real... different, to say the least.

Do your thing Dashie. I'll wait. And if you don't feel like sleeping, whatever it is you have left to relax with could be nice?

Also, I don't know how I get away with just drinking water either tbh. I drank sugary soda for so many years and one day just decided to stop? It was odd.
No. 97678
File 143074937654.jpg - (12.13KB , 236x358 , 3083c99e0f6b9639e3178aa50185b724.jpg )
Apologies for the lateness! I took a break from here so I could finish my thesis. Now that that's done, I'm back!

Indeed I am - left Wednesday; got to London Thursday morning. I'm staying with my parents now until my job things get sorted and I can move to Kent. Little bit of a transition period right now, it seems. I think so - just enough has changed for it to feel different but not entirely now.

Admittedly, I think I see London with a slightly more favourable lens than before. That's not to say I think it's perfect or anything, but I recognise that I was certainly unfair in my impressions of it beforehand. I am now a lot more aware and happy for the fact I get to live someone pretty great.

That's understandable, and I do hope you find the time for it. It is very cute, and the subtle development of characterisation and narrative puts it far above its contemporaries.

You should! I mean, I am very able to help you, should you run into problems with it (though I am sure you would find some way to muddle though it). Do you think you might take up a trades program?

Well that sounds positively horrible. So what exactly can you eat that is at least somewhat enjoyable? Do you have any timeframe for how long you may be required to keep that diet?
No. 97679
File 143108733464.png - (186.88KB , 867x921 , twilight_sparkle___bathrobe_hop_by_extreme_sonic-d.png )
That's fine! My only excuse for lateness is that I'm on break, and I've been either drunk or hungover every day all week. Now it's 5am, I can finally reply.

I could see it. I have no real idea what it's like on that side of the pond, but nothing beats the feeling of coming home, wherever that might be. So how long do ya reckon until you move next? I can't imagine that Kent is all that far away, though I do hear that you Europeans have a rather short sense of scale... :p

Lo, this anime you've been recommending me came up in a conversation with Johnny, and he offered his own recommendations for it too, so... I guess I pretty much have to see it now. Sounds stellar, can't wait.

I haven't the slightest idea! Right now my only plan is to get through this upcoming semester. I'll take whatever opportunities I can find along the way, and uh... settle for that, I guess.

Actually, the diet just ended yesterday! I had to endure it for six weeks, but it's finally over. I was living on almost nothing but eggs and rice and potatoes... oh, and sushi of course. My first real diet. Can't say I'd recommend it, food is too fantastic. Eating perogies coated in hot sauce last night was the highlight of my week.
No. 97681
File 143108955435.png - (188.13KB , 900x713 , rarity_on_sofa_by_sergille-d4gjuf0.png )
What's a perogy?
No. 97682
File 143112355248.png - (194.55KB , 806x990 , duuude____by_mehoep-d4v635w.png )
Something I can't spell.
No. 97683
No. 97685
File 143114895152.png - (376.90KB , 415x480 , 352 - nmiMLrf.png )
What did you call me? Fight me 1v1
No. 97686
File 143116025021.png - (178.48KB , 900x804 , my_pizzaz_is_my_swag_by_likonan-d4rzwxe.png )
Well I suppose, but more literally, what is it? Some kinda food stuffs by context, but I've never heard the term before.
No. 97689
File 14312876567.png - (378.39KB , 490x850 , ritsu_and_mugi_render_by_fuwathenerd-d5qjrxb.png )
Well that worked out somewhat conveniently! I must say that this rate of conversation works pretty well. I can work with this for sure.

London is just a nice place (parts of it, at least). I know that I didn't really appreciate it when I lived here before. I suppose that my time away from here has allowed me to see some of the brighter sides about it. I certainly implore to visit it, should you ever get the chance.

Well I'm hoping to move around the beginning of June, though it remains to be soon. Kent really isn't far at all from London - I'd likely be moving all of about 60 miles away from my current place. Aye, that's true - I don't think I really had a notion of vastness until I lived in North America. It was a little overwhelming to say the least.

Excellent! That's 2 for you now. I would say to give the first episode or two a chance, but the power of the show doesn't come apparent to far later. Just watch it, I guess.

That's fair. What's the upcoming semester? September, or do you have one over the summer as well?

Oh that's pretty great! Now you can have all the tea you want, right? That sounds pretty dire if I'm honest. So things must be going at least somewhat better, health-wise, right?
No. 97700
File 143185121788.png - (186.24KB , 900x1022 , twilight_sparkle_by_sakatagintoki117-d5hmhjh.png )
Food, uhh... some kind of wheat thing with cheese in it or something. I don't know, to be honest. Ukrainian food, I believe.

Sorry for disappearing for ten days only to return to bore you with perogies. How's uh... how's life?

And then I vanished for another week, only to return exhausted in the dead of night once more~

Ah, I can imagine. You know I'd love to visit London... as well as most of Europe, truth be told. I'd be an unbearable guest, but I would love every moment of it. Maybe one day I'll get you to show me around, if you haven't fled to another continent by then... again.

Aye, I know. Sounds like you're barely moving farther than I did! It'll be good to have family and friends living relatively close by, I imagine. None of that ocean-sized-disparity nonsense. Good luck on the move!

Will do! I almost watched it this week actually, but then a friend of mine roped me into watching a different anime instead. Soon, though.

I have summer courses, actually. Which means my first week of class was last week. Only three classes, though: Psychology (with Johnny and a high school friend of mine, one of my best friends), Academic Writing (same friend, no Johnny), and then a class on Foreign Relations by myself. My poli-sci professor hails from India, so that should be... new. Looks like it'll be a pretty interesting semester.

Yep! ... Though I have no kettle, or anything of the sort. Er... uh... actually, the diet only really made things worse. Now I'm back to square one - but if nothing else, I gained an immense appreciation for the freedom to eat whatever I choose. I had pizza and Subway and soda today, and lemme tell ya, it was a fantastic occasion.
No. 97744
File 143193259347.png - (191.86KB , 946x845 , rarity_vector_2___gala_dress_by_vetali-d4k0nma.png )
Ten days is nothing with you Dashie :3

Hmmm. I like cheese, but not wheat, can I just get some that are cheese inside of cheese?

Life is acceptable. I've almost sorted out my money troubles and aside from having a large amount of upcoming MTG events (which I am fully qualified to judge now btw) and being kinda disenchanted with the whole idea of judging said events, that was the only thing I had left to bother me.

These days I'm mostly just... work and time spent recuperating from work I suppose.

But what about you? Sounds like your life is going interesting places! Do you live with Johnny now? Are you still where you were before? Have you managed to figure out exactly why you're the perfect combination of wordy and interesting or are scientists still baffled?
No. 97819
File 143197419723.jpg - (48.88KB , 1024x576 , ritsu_without_headband_by_steelangelmusic-d6dtfp0.jpg )
Again, quite alright! I quite enjoy the Questing lottery if I'm honest. Every so on I poke my head in these parts to find a new post. Again, the relaxed posting schedule is convenient for me, so one doesn't need to rush or something (like you even would).

Yes, that would be good! Europe is a lovely place, and it really must be seen to be experienced. I've seen far too little of it for my own liking, and I really should take advantage of my relative closeness to it whilst I still can. Money permitting I might take a weekend trip to Florence or Berlin just for the sake of it, I think. You'd absolutely love London I think - just as stuffy, old, and awkward as you can expect with more than you could ever conceive to do. I know I shouldn't expect you here any time soon, but it would certainly be a treat were you to journey here some time. I mean, I came to you before. :P

So it's looking more like I'll be living in London and commuting to the university only a day or two a week once teaching starts. I'll be able to work on the book from home, and only travel down to teach my classes and do other administrative things. It'll certainly save me money, and the travel time (~2 hours each way) should make for good time to prep. It's also easier and cheaper, since I won't need to go through the hassle of finding an apartment there or anything.

Oh snap! What a close call. You need to fix this immediately, I feel. What did you end up watching?

Well they sound nice! What is in the psychology class? The foreign relations class? I'm sure you'll enjoy those! I must admit that I miss the class-oriented learning. In terms of doing anything like that, I'm planning on taking Japanese classes at a local college to prep for moving, as well as potentially volunteering in a ESL teaching class as practice. I'll be able to keep myself busy.

Well get one! Christ man, how do you live without one?! I suppose that's a fairly useful position to be in. Do you have a plan on how to structure your eating now, or will it be more of a free-for-all? That does sound pretty fantastic, I'll admit.
No. 97936
File 143217797585.png - (124.02KB , 600x817 , twilight_s_by_mihaaaa-d3jp0d0.png )
Shush! Just for that, here's a post... er... only two days late! Ahh... I'm so bad at this.

Wheat is such a bad descriptor word. Just... try it, if you ever have the chance! Or don't. Your call.

Oh wow, that's actually pretty cool. So then, if I may ask, why the disillusionment? I'd have thought that being an MTG judge would be, like, a dream come true for you. Or am I misunderstanding?

There's that cool charm I know so well. You haven't changed a bit, my friend. Aye, I'm living with Johnny now. It's been quite an adventure, to say the least. We're living just across the river from where I grew up, in my home city's immigrant district. That has been another adventure, in its own way. So... not much has changed, but then, everything has changed... y'know?

Mine isn't the only lottery around these parts! Sometimes I post quickly, and then end up waiting four or five days for a reply. I'm in no rush either, but it's worth recognizing that I'm not the only inconsistent one here. Hmph. :p

A day trip to Florence or Berlin... gee, how I envy you. The breadth and depth of my historical knowledge has only grown in your absence, and now I know I'd be even more insufferable a traveling companion than ever. Visiting Europe is a dream of mine. Likely won't happen in the near future, but if the tenacity of our correspondence perseveres for another few years, we may just be able to get drinks in London one day.

Well that sounds reasonable. Hopefully the commute doesn't bore you too much. Guess you won't know until you're living it, though. I wish you luck, friend.

RWBY! If you've heard of it. If not, it's a really low-budget anime made by the fellows comprising Rooster Teeth. The animation was a bit off, but the characterization was fantastic, and the fight choreography - something I never pay heed to - was the best I've ever seen. I don't know if I'd recommend it, but I loved it.
Though with that in mind, I'm not sure I'd recommend you any anime. Indeed, I can't recall ever discussing anime with you. I don't think I ever knew you liked it at all. Huh.

The psych class is just a first year intro class, which I'm only taking because a) I dropped out of it the last time I took it, and b) my friend's in it. So it'll be fun credits. The foreign relations class... I just got back from my first real class of it, and I gotta say, it's by far the most promising class of my semester. Today we went over the philosophy of global politics, from Sun Tzu to Machiavelli to Marx and so forth. Next week'll be the history of war and peace, then economics, international treaties, and so forth. It's perfect.</ramble>
Good idea! I wish you luck. I'm sure you'll be a phenomenal teacher, mate.

My friends promised me their old kettle actually, but then they never delivered, and I haven't brought it up with them yet. I'll get around to it. These days my diet is a complete free for all, but I'm on medication. It... appears to be helping? I almost feel healthy, for the first time in a year. So that's a thing.
No. 97937
File 143217808020.png - (186.24KB , 900x1022 , twilight_sparkle_by_sakatagintoki117-d5hmhjh.png )
Wow, I'm like, actually in a good, talkative mood for once. Now that is something... I wonder how long it'll last?
No. 98024
File 143221240380.png - (185.71KB , 900x909 , all_week_d__by_mcawesomebrony-d4fchi0.png )
Better than before I suppose :3

Yes, hence the inherent comedy in the statement. But you know I will try it if I ever get a chance I think.

Being a judge is just so... against a lot of things that are pretty central to my being. I don't do well being criticized by strangers, I don't do well having to act better than anyone else and I just... don't fit well into the system.

It's still a dream come true, but the dream could turn nightmare given the right provocation. We'll see after the upcoming events.

Directness is more to the point I find :3 So are you guys together or just bbfsies? Living across from where you grew up sounds kinda cool. I oft wish I had a chance to traverse my old stomping grounds. But like, also having people recognize that it's me while doing so I suppose? I guess I just miss the people I had to leave behind when I did leave.

Yeah, I can understand the contrast between somewhere that is old and simultaneously new to you. That's kinda cool :3
No. 98084
File 143229299979.png - (208.62KB , 1117x716 , this_is_my_book__by_mastermcnugget-d4ntekt.png )
I never claimed to be the best at this friendship business, Tich~

I see. Here I always had this perception of you as a rather, I don't know... confident individual, I suppose. But I can see where you might get that from. So what do you think you'll do, if I may ask? Have you judged before, or is this a fairly new endeavour of yours?

Oh we're just bbfsies, I suppose. By which I mean I sit in my room and he sits in the living room and we don't often talk but somehow it works. But oh? Did you move far recently, or?

Yeahhh, pretty much. It's rather eerie, really. Sometimes I'll see street corners that look vividly similar to ones that I lived on for twenty years - as they all have the same benches, lamps, signs, etc that my home town has - and I'll be pulled back a dozen years in a sudden burst of nostalgic thought. Happens all the time. I think I'm beginning to see why people leave their home towns...
No. 98115
File 143230204179.png - (230.13KB , 831x961 , rarity_in_a_bathrobe_vector_by_kooner01-d46b147.png )
Oh, you know just how to melt me.

While I may be a supremely amazing and awesome individual, I don't like being criticized by strangers on singular activities without any context. What the fuck do they know about me? I resent it is all.

And I don't do well at being above others, because I don't want to be above the average player. I want to be alongside the average player and helping them out.

I'm gonna judge the upcoming competitive events with the L2 judge we're bringing up (another reason I don't like being a judge, at least a low level judge is because I answer to people I don't have any knowledge of and therefore no trust in) And yeah, I've judged before, quite a lot actually. A lot of it wasn't official tho. The official event I did judge was a rather interesting experiment. I had to tie my hair back. Nightmare.

Haha, sounds like my BFFsy, We sit in different rooms and communicate mostly in jokes and gay humour.

Na, I moved when I was like, 12. I did actually move recently, lost my best friend in it too, but in the end the place I am in now is a lot nicer than it was 2 months ago.

I've visited my hometown exactly once since I left it and it was just so... I don't have a very good memory for most things, but I could remember all the streets, all the shops. How I used to walk home from school every day.
Where my friends used to live.

God, it was shattering.
No. 98297
File 143258305793.gif - (199.61KB , 500x281 , tumblr_njoc8apJ441ratacwo1_500.gif )
Guilty as charged, I suppose. In fact, I guess this counts as a specific example. Again, my apologies. I obviously live such a busy life nowadays that I can't get anything done promptly. :P
I truly hope I've not upset the pony posting lord of the Pacific Northwest.

Quite! It's pretty contingent on what my money situation ends up being, but it's something I'd really love to do. Just wander the streets, pop into a cafe, obligatorily make an arse out of myself as a hopeless British tourist - that kind of thing. I can imagine! Would you be the type that would incessantly inform me of various historical and cultural facts, an impromptu tour guide, so to speak? Well I assure you that, should you find yourself in the position to make it over to this relatively small continent, I'm certain I could be your traveling companion/associate straight-man. Europe is so very travelable, so we'd make a grand old time out of it.

I hope not either. As working at the university is only a part-time thing, I'm applying for full-time work in London in my field. Computational linguistics, data analysis, search-engine trend analysis - jobs like that. We'll see what comes out! Really, I'm looking for something that will last until at least January or so, ending in time for me to get myself together for Japan.

I've seen a reasonable amount of it! I watched the first season and about half of the second season. I remember thinking that it could have been okay but the animation was jarring. I felt like I was perhaps a little too old to enjoy much of the humour, but I thought some of the character design - Ruby in particular - was pretty nice.
I've been a fan for a long time, though my interest has waxed and waned. In fact I only found my interest increasing fairly recently, where I'd maybe watch an episode or two a day - upon reflection, however, I noticed it had been something I've been doing for the last couple of years. I've watched a fair few shows, and many quite recently. Have you ever used MyAnimeList? It's quite a fun way to track what you are watching and have watched. I have a (appropriately-titled) list here: http://myanimelist.net/animelist/AnimeBrit
I've found myself enjoying many of the moe-blob slice-of-life shows (i.e., K-On!!), but only really the ones with good animation, solid theming, and great characterisation. There is a lot of garbage in anime, so I'm fairly exacting in what I point my face at.

That's fair - are you enjoying it though? Psychology is great, so long as you have a good teacher. What kind of stuff is it covering? That FR class just sounds like your academic biography - you must be absolutely loving it. I admit, that sounds like the kind of class I would have loved in undergrad. Nowadays I can only try and pick up much of that through my own reading.

You should! I feel that our friendship is effectively on hiatus until you are once again a tea drinker. In all seriousness, though, I'm really happy that you are starting to feel better now. Let's hope it continues!
No. 98375
File 143270380462.png - (165.71KB , 758x1054 , twilight_sitting_by_sulyo-d5741gb.png )
And then I disappeared for another long amount of time... aren't I just the greatest?

That's fair. I suppose being a judge means you have to be impartial and stuff, so you can't really get back at them... hmm. Well hopefully you find a way to enjoy it, somehow. If you're a judge, are you not allowed to participate in tournaments at all, or?

Hmm. I imagine you'd be much better suited simply running a game shop... you'd be really good at it, I bet. Either way, I hope these upcoming events aren't too hard on ya. Unless they've already passed, in which case uh... woo, they're over?

Yep, that sounds like us, to some extent. If we communicate at all. Apparently even living with me doesn't ensure regular communication. So that's fun.

Oh, I see. Well... it sounds like more was gained than lost, but eh, what do I know. Weirdly, I too lost a lot of people by moving, even though I barely moved at all. Half of my friends have made no effort at all to spend time with me in the half year I've been gone, which is... fun. But eh, such is life.

Oh my. Yeah... I think I know the feeling. It's... rough, to say the least. I'm sorry.

Ohh, of course, of course. Naturally I expect nothing in the way of haste from your end, assuming as always that you're just absolutely swamped with work and general busyness.
I, on the other hand, have no excuse. Nor do I try to make one. I hope that doesn't upset the anime girl posting lord of the Atlantic Northeast, tch.

Of course! A part of me feels concerned that it may happen that I know more English history than you do, but then I'm often surprised by how little the locals here know about Canada, so... I suppose that's just how the world is. Suffice it to say, if I have something to say, I'll probably ramble until asked to kindly stop. It would be a fantastic adventure. Perhaps something to carry me through my current troubles... always comforting to have a light on the horizon and such, distant though it may be.

I see. Well I wish you luck! I look forward to hearing about what you may find. Always curious to know what options are available for people who would follow in your footsteps, y'know. Cough cough.

Well then! I wasn't expecting that. Too old, though? You? Come now. You've been trapped in academia so long, you've almost forgotten how young you really are. That's totally fair, though. It's not a show I would recommend to anyone - if only for the sub-par animation quality - but I quite enjoyed it. Ruby's awkwardness reminds me a lot of myself, truth be told. Plus she's cute. What's not to like? :p
I'm impressed, to be honest - I had never thought of you as the sort to indulge in anime, yet here you are, more avid a fan than even I. At least, you've seen far more shows than I have... though I am very picky about the shows I watch, same as you. Personally I find that I tend to enjoy shows that are short and sweet, preferably with strong characterization and an exciting narrative. Story is everything to me.
It looks like the only shows we've both seen are... Madoka, and Sword Art Online. Well then. I see you plan on watching Durarara, though! I watched that ages ago, and it was fantastic... if... interesting. Unique, really. All in all a very impressive list, my friend.

Yeah... unfortunately our teacher is kind of shit, but my friends make it enjoyable, and I'm careful not to let it affect my interest in the subject overall. It's just an intro class, so right now we're just covering the functions of the brain and such, and later we'll discuss memory, intelligence, language, and so forth. It's all very rudimentary. Though speaaaking of psychology... you know, I actually hopped onto Skype today during class in the hopes of finding you online (only to realize, much to my dismay, that it was 1:30am your time). You see, we have to write research papers eventually, and in a move that I'm sure will inspire pride from you, I've decided to write mine on language acquisition. I was wondering if you could help me narrow the topic down to something that might fit on a high quality first year paper. I don't care much for this class, but I'd like to write a paper that i'll actually be interested in, y'know? Only if you cared to assist, of course.

Here's hoping! Maybe I'll ask a friend about giving me a kettle sometime this weekend. We'll see what happens.
No. 98431
File 143272580219.png - (274.06KB , 926x863 , rarity_in_her_nightgown_vector_by_scrimpeh-d4oqc40.png )
It wasn't even that long, don't go self-depreciating on me, I invented that.

It's not so much being impartial as it is just being... there. I have to be there and care all the time and I don't have that in me.

I can participate in events I am not judging. And low REL events I am judging in.

I am alright at it. My boss is much better at it than I am, but he's like 5 years older than me. Plus he's allowed to make mistakes and stuff whereas I don't really get a chance, so I don't get to learn.

Regular communication is overrated. I prefer spontaneous interaction coupled with the occasional giggle and flirt and what not :3

Well, I lost my best friend to a difference over money. It was not a happy ending to a good long friendship. He got a girlfriend and it really changed him.

Sounds like those people let go of a good thing. That's their loss ^_^

It's just so strange to think how little everything has changed and yet how different it all feels.
No. 98514
File 143302629319.jpg - (71.97KB , 500x359 , anime_ritsumio.jpg )
Ha, well that's very kind. I'm not really sure I can claim such a thing - I'm in a somewhat strange intermediate period of business, where I am in fact waiting for more business to start. Still, I do try to keep busy.
Aye, you needn't worry. You have yet to do perform an upsetting act, so consider yourself safe for the time being.

Oh you certainly do - my knowledge of English history is actually pretty bad. Definitely to the point that you would find most shocking and shameful. History has never been one of strong subjects, but that is definitely more my fault than any of my teachers. Indeed! I assure you that I would be quite happy to deal with your historical factoids. Where would you wish to visit most in England? Whilst I should expect that such a thing shouldn't happen any time soon, I deeply hope to be surprised one day.

Thank you! Nothing yet right now! I'm actually back in Montreal for the next couple of days, attending my McGill graduation convocation. It's in a couple of days, so I am currently an impromptu tour guide for my family. It's actually been quite fun, if a little melancholic, to return. This is likely the last time I'll be in Montreal for a long time, so I've yet to work out how I feel. I'm enjoying it plenty though.

Well that's certainly flattering of you.
I just had a strange feeling whilst I was watching it - so much of the comedy fell flat for me, and I just couldn't quite connect with the story. It was a fun enough way to waste time for me, but, like you said, I wouldn't have recommended it to anybody. As I said, I really liked Ruby's character design, and I think her character was the most interesting (i.e., she actually had the most substance). I felt like most of the show was kind of half-baked, and they just wanted to release something with the strong anime influence.
Ha, well thanks! Yeah, it's something that I've gotten into more recently, but it used to be the case that I'd watch a show every other month or so. Nowadays I watch more regularly for sure. I think I'm fairly similar in that respect - I love watching character-driven shows with really strong theming. With respect to narrative, I don't necessarily need 'exciting' ones, but rather I like well-constructed ones. In fact, my favourite thing about K-On is how powerful the narrative is in its subtlety - it completely catches you off-guard, because the development and interactions are so completely natural and believable.
I mean, I completely love Madoka. I don't believe it's a 'subversion' of the genre (as is commonly stated online), but it's fantastically-constructed interpretation of the genre. I actually hated SAO. To quote Digibro, I found it 'offensively stupid'. Nothing in that show makes sense, and it basically feels like the writer's OC self-insert power-trip. Kirito is basically the character that every 14-year-old wants to be, and he has basically no character to speak of. I do plan on watching that! I saw one episode a little while ago, and it looked very good. A close friend of mine also recommended to me, so soon I'll sit down with it.

Well that's unfortunately - psychology can be a fascinating subject if you have a good and thoughtful teacher. Oh certainly! I'd be more than happy to help. What topic, broadly, where you thinking about? First language acquisition? Second language? Bilingualism? I'd love to help out. What exactly has got you interested in writing about the topic?

Yes, I think you should do that. For the sake of you and our future interactions.
No. 98634
File 143453181172.png - (191.04KB , 952x840 , twilight_loves_books_by_anitech-d4ivbr1.png )
When one disappears for two and a half weeks, is it proper etiquette to act as though no time has passed, or should one start fresh? I never could figure out the finer points of absenteeism.

By the way, happy birthday mate. Hope you're having a wonderful time.
No. 98635
File 143454251638.jpg - (92.48KB , 540x718 , Tom.jpg )
>start looking for you yesterday
>you appear today
Hn. Fate?

I've a personal favor to ask you, on a mutual friend's behalf
No. 98636
File 143455133726.png - (187.91KB , 900x1007 , twilight_sparkle_vector_by_piranhaplant1-d4euua3.png )
Excellent timing, then! What'dya need?
No. 98637
File 143455420623.png - (222.79KB , 800x493 , I've decided.png )
Would you be willing to ask Drayenn to live?

If anyone could do it, it'd be you.
No. 98638
File 143455516159.png - (176.34KB , 900x836 , a_little_birdy_told_me____by_fureox-d58i4gd.png )
Oh geez, that's heavy. I'll definitely see what I can do.
No. 98639
File 143455630257.jpg - (8.91KB , 176x186 , This pleases the Tom.jpg )
Thank you.
No. 98640
File 143455637325.png - (70.49KB , 473x535 , 1433523457601.png )
uhhhh it may be better to start off fresh? i dunno mayne
No. 98641
File 143456475913.png - (969.13KB , 900x1304 , azusa_nakano__render__by_hanaraita-d4yuihd.png )
I don't actually think it matters that much to be honest. Nice to have you back regardless! I hope you are well.
Why thank you! Indeed, it's been a nice day so far.
No. 98645
File 143478825016.png - (176.24KB , 900x820 , rarity_unsure_by_drdraze-d4rrg0a.png )
Time passed? I barely noticed.
No. 98647
File 143488333268.png - (202.17KB , 407x471 , Screenshot from 2015-06-21 02:55:06.png )
>believing in time
No. 98648
File 143494046681.jpg - (65.11KB , 469x463 , 1409473012482.jpg )
No. 98649
File 143494484690.png - (203.00KB , 805x993 , __pouty___by_volmise-d497s4h.png )
>time for believing
No. 98650
File 143495622342.png - (95.04KB , 867x830 , 1433528788181.png )
I really, really, really, like this image.
No. 98651
File 143498817557.png - (349.72KB , 1200x800 , large.png )
Hi, Lunachanland. Just thought I'd say "hi." I'm catching up on pony episodes, then sleep. Hope you're all doing well. :)
No. 98652
File 143510020834.png - (814.93KB , 800x600 , 35.png )
Long time no see!
No. 98653
File 14352189525.png - (124.35KB , 900x900 , baby_spike_by_my_little_throwaway-d4qwtbn.png )
Uh, hello? Are there people around here?
No. 98654
File 143527041020.png - (88.82KB , 397x600 , tainaka_ritsu_render_by_maviswendy-d5znn3s.png )
No. 98655
File 143534872866.png - (156.34KB , 334x374 , 1403442130490.png )
Nope, just us chickens.
No. 98673
File 143575489787.png - (215.86KB , 894x894 , rarity_smiles_by_ohhim-d4jerix.png )
Waiting for Dashie to post like

No. 98678
File 143604485149.png - (96.52KB , 600x656 , 485582__safe_solo_crossover_clothes_ponified_scarf.png )
Soo.... Dashie does not have the patent on disappearing for months on end, I can do it too :p

What's new?

Not much here, trying to catch up with some games, played the original Witcher (which was great and despite everyone yelling at me that you don't have to play 1 and 2 before 3 I'm already really glad I played 1) and now on FF Type 0. OMG, it has an overworld :D
No. 98701
File 143639020269.jpg - (809.69KB , 2304x1536 , image.jpg )
yo guys! Saludos desde España!

Hopefully you guys have been well!
No. 98717
File 143647927522.jpg - (55.04KB , 480x640 , IMG_0604 (1).jpg )

Same as ever here, nothing bad! How have things been there?
No. 98719
File 143648156214.png - (37.66KB , 200x217 , Fluttershy_Canterlot_Dress.png )
Hi, Lunachan ponies! How are you all?

Sorry, I haven't been here much. I've mostly been living in Facebook, venting my thoughts to the Facebookland abyss.
No. 98720
File 143654724379.jpg - (1.97MB , 3264x2448 , IMG_0413.jpg )
Good! It's Friday and I'm surrounded by ponies and booze. How are you?

Sorry I don't respond much there... venting your thoughts is right, it's like this constant rapid-fire consciousness stream of the very... unique... Flower brand of philosophy and how the world works (or doesn't :p) and I wouldn't have a clue how to answer half of it :p
No. 98721
>tilts head

go home Fluttershy, you're drunk
No. 98724
File 14365482248.png - (200.92KB , 1280x937 , didja_know_it__s_my_birthday_todaaaay_____by_qtmar.png )
Hello Shenanigans thread!

It's Friday! On Fridays, I get to work from home now. It's quite exciting. I don't get shot at here at home. I also get to use my mechanical keyboard, better mouse, and good headset, maybe I can even my speakers if I want.

However when I look at the full-size image in my browser, it rotates the right-way 'round. Your phone must have deployed a special bit of information that the thumbnailing process did not pick up.
No. 98725
File 143656155078.png - (535.14KB , 3463x4400 , sunset-pony-cute-hat.png )
Don't you just love Fridays? IIIIII'm gonna put my hooves up high...
Work from home, my boss would never trust me to do that hahahaha he doesn't trust me to work from work. (Which is fair given the past, but if there's nothing to do..!). I would hope you don't get shot at much anyway :S
I like Apple keyboards so bought one for work's PC out of my own pocket.

Yeah they seem to have gone for the method of putting in some metadata to say that it should be rotated, instead of actually rotating it. Lazy.
No. 98726
File 143657633194.jpg - (30.84KB , 501x477 , gemstone_you_crazy.jpg )
Yes, I quite love Fridays.
Oh I get shot at a lot. Piles of Nerf darts happen behind my desk very quickly..
Apple's keyboard is pretty good. I've really been enjoying my Razer BlackWidow keyboard with their "Razer Green" mechanical switches. It's really nice feeling exactly when the key was activated, and the clicking sound is also pretty satisfying.

I guess a potential reason why they'd do on purpose, not just because they're lazy, would be if JPEG compresses it better if it's horizontal.
No. 98727
I meant to post this a lot earlier, but I forgot to hit reply way back at like 2PM..
No. 98729
File 143668790525.png - (111.88KB , 448x377 , meh.png )
so uhh I guess the post-impending death threat post surge disappeared?
No. 98730
File 143675537661.png - (304.21KB , 505x767 , IsThatYourDick.png )
There was a surge? I missed it.

I need to stop smoking so much weed, I thought that sticky was like 2 days ago...
No. 98731
File 143676407117.png - (366.91KB , 949x600 , 8da.png )
It's raining outside -- a nice summer storm is moving through my apartment complex.

>Good! It's Friday and I'm surrounded by ponies and booze. How are you?

Glad to hear. :) I'm good. Trying to get back into computers a bit, learning Python slowly.

>this constant rapid-fire consciousness stream

It seems like a lot, huh. It's kinda therapeutic for me, once I write what's on my mind I can move on, otherwise I can get stuck on something. I know most people don't come to Facebook to really engage in the same way I do, but I figure it probably isn't hurting anyone.

>I wouldn't have a clue how to answer half of it
Sometimes that's probably best. There probably aren't answers.
No. 98732
File 143676423770.png - (119.20KB , 900x658 , huh_what____by_axemgr-d4cenrs.png )
It was relatively small, but people did post.

Speaking of weed, you wouldn't believe the number of houses we went to up in Bellingham that definitely, for sure, were used to grow weed.

Oh that's where I was today and yesterday, up in Bellingham looking at houses near Western Washington University.
No. 98734
File 143676776792.png - (20.54KB , 200x105 , fluttershy_and_angel_by_the_proverbial_jon-d3hpquc.png )
Hi, Spike! (I know I'm interrupting another conversation, but I doubt I'm bothering too much).
No. 98735
File 143676931528.png - (85.55KB , 612x674 , 365_day_195_spike_by_korikian-d3rtkjc.png )
Hello Flower!

It seems like it's been a while.. How have you been?
No. 98736
hi Cloud! I have been busy busy busy. I have been in France too for holiday! Tomorrow I will move again to Spain for few days before returning to Finland!
No. 98739
File 143684765891.png - (182.03KB , 900x850 , ArtOfTheDress.png )
Damn. You should post another sticky threatening to delete /chat/, I wanna post in a surge too. I promise I won't miss it this time.

That's not all that surprising; it is legal there, after all.

There is literally no reason to fear interrupting my slow-ass conversations, lol.
No. 98740
File 143686702965.png - (63.53KB , 756x503 , __dude____by_orbitalvelocity-d4b25a6.png )
I think we don't need that, we're still riding the tail end of the surge. And you might miss the eye candy of another storm. It moves quick.

Yes, it is legal here. I know many people who smoke the weeds.
No. 98743
File 143687525073.png - (195.61KB , 435x410 , pluto.png )
I've been good. :)

Probably true. And Hi, Lunacy! :)

Also, New Horizon Pluto closest approach!

(In my world, it's pretty exciting, anyway.)
No. 98744
File 143687856843.png - (307.81KB , 483x575 , Screenshot from 2015-07-14 03:33:34.png )
How quick? More-than-one-person-is-online-and-actively-posting-at-a-time quick?

It's exciting for me too. I've been waiting for this day for years.
No. 98745
File 143689660950.jpg - (243.39KB , 1042x1042 , tn-p_lorri_fullframe_color.jpg )
Oh, well I was talking about how long the post-death threat post surge was.. It was like 3 days long.

But sometimes this does mean more than one person online, posting, at a time.

New Horizons' Pluto approach is pretty exciting. Pluto is somewhere we haven't been able to see very detailed so far, so this new information is quite exciting.
No. 98747
File 143695053320.png - (96.81KB , 255x276 , Screenshot from 2015-07-14 04:44:35.png )
Ooh. I wonder if, maybe, we can accomplish...three online, active posters at a time?
No. 98748
File 143699543634.jpg - (30.84KB , 501x477 , gemstone_you_crazy.jpg )
That would be crazy!
No. 98749
File 143701583753.jpg - (64.40KB , 950x790 , 150713-pluto-before-flyby.jpg )
yay for the new horizons photos! so exciting! ;u;
i've always had an odd affinity for pluto.. and now we're getting to see it clearly for the first time! it's the best ;u;

also, the heart is adorable <3
No. 98750
File 143705693188.jpg - (1.95MB , 1800x1200 , Macroglossum_stellatarum01(js).jpg )
pluto is a cool planet, more people need to know how cool it is

it also looks a bit like pluto

pluto the dog
No. 98751
File 143706951550.gif - (1.15MB , 768x406 , pluto_gif.gif )
"E-earth senpai noticed me today!"
No. 98752
No. 98753
File 143714562252.gif - (42.31KB , 540x540 , tumblr_nrl3uj3SOl1tc2wy5o1_540.gif )
yes! it is very cool c:

-233C cool :p


that is the cutest! <3
but thes saddest ;-; poor pluto.. we need to send another probe friend immediately for company ;n;
No. 98754
File 143716617528.jpg - (35.73KB , 680x679 , c03.jpg )
That's so cool

I remember when I was younger, I had a giant book on world science and remember seeing Pluto in there. The planet can never not exist, it's just... lost in the farther realms of outer space ;-;
No. 98755
File 143717156554.png - (152.14KB , 900x900 , my_little_pluto___blank_flank_by_alexlayer-d4cz7ty.png )
Wow! This place has been busy!

It's Friday again already O_____O week has flown.
Oh I see, haha that would be so tempting but knowing our place someone would put a complaint in.
Neat, I know a good few fans of old IBM mechanical keyboards. I like a nice quiet one.

Never thought of that..

Apparently not! But for all the electrical interference it seems there's a Spike and a Serge.

Feels like it :p
(in response to "I thought that sticky was like 2 days ago" not "IsThatYourDick.png")

Peed it down last night but been a sunny day here otherwise, I've been out battling the back "garden"

Oh cool, I never really got into Python but it sure is popular.

Understandable, I'm the same if something is on my mind.. it helps to just type it out, even if no one responds (sometimes I ask that they don't if I want to get something typed out of the system without delving further into it). It's all fine!

Oh nice! I've been to France a few times. Once properly (I recall going to a public toilet where you squat and thinking, just what century are we in again? :p While ago though)
The other times were across the tunnel just to pick up booze and be dragged around some kind of shopping centre that is not far from the tunnel, which to be honest, sucked. I hate going to another country and only getting to look around clothes shops ><
Woo! Moving around nicely!

Liven it anywhere!

Doesn't look so small after all! And it's not even a dog!
In a quiz I went to last night it's tradition to make up a topical team name. I went with "We have high res pictures of Uranus" (to be pronounced the oldschool way)

>pluto the dog
Oh well I was beaten. Herdmind!

D'aww XD


>pony is apparently called Pluto. There is a pony of everything...
No. 98759
Don't mind me
No. 98761
File 143732938729.png - (108.54KB , 900x900 , a_determined_looking_spike_with_out_a_background__.png )
Minds you a lot.

And now it's Sunday and I haven't replied until now!
Yeah, I'm kind of surprised our other departments on our consulting side haven't complained.
I'm not sure if I've used IBM's traditional buckling spring design. Quiet keyboards can also be nice. Apple's keyboards do a pretty good job of being nice and firm and giving you pretty good tactile feedback, but stay quiet.

After I posted, I guess it got more people to return. Maybe we can survive? We just need to keep stirring the pot every so often.

Yes, there is a pony of everything. No idea why, but that's how it goes.
No. 98765
File 143761908613.png - (137.30KB , 829x963 , on_the_ground_by_boneswolbach-d4tjkwf.png )
Lunachan is ded again?
No. 98766
File 143766753018.png - (81.15KB , 234x270 , Screenshot from 2015-07-14 04:50:14.png )
Looks like it.
No. 98767
File 143767595758.png - (88.12KB , 900x426 , future_spikes_problem_by_lazypixel-d54fg4k.png )
rip in pepperino
No. 98768
File 143769919612.png - (139.22KB , 303x283 , 7WDO3MC.png )
Do I need to break out the paddles again?
No. 98770
File 143770081337.png - (158.22KB , 1280x654 , manly_spike_by_helgih-d47zmv4.png )
Well then, let me see your war face!
No. 98771
File 143770849315.jpg - (72.42KB , 790x590 , goofy.jpg )
No. 98772
File 143771311790.png - (25.39KB , 343x356 , Spike_gonna_slap_a_bitch.png )
bullshit, you didn't convince me!
No. 98773
File 143772491751.jpg - (43.17KB , 720x720 , toast.jpg )
No. 98774
File 143773467222.png - (279.28KB , 610x720 , 162 - BzgTiVc.png )
The bringer of death has arrived..
No. 98780
I admit, I wouldn't really like it either if I can't go anywhere by myself.

In France, I even attended local wine festival. For five euros, you got three tickets and you got to fill your glass for wine with each ticket. There was several kind of wines to taste. It was really fun!

I also was in Barcelona (in Spain) for a few days!
No. 98781
File 143783136893.jpg - (20.94KB , 250x172 , 127974__safe_fluttershy_screencap_caption_apple_an.jpg )
>Oh cool, I never really got into Python but it sure is popular.

In brief, it's named after Monty Python. It was created by a mathematician to make doing math things easier -- sets, matrices, imaginary numbers, and so on -- without the programmer having to worry about what's under the hood so much. It tends to run code a bit slower than C/C++ due to more abstraction, but the idea is computers are so fast now that it's probably worth it if it takes less time to write the code. And, that's the basic idea based on what I know so far...
No. 98792
I've heard good things about Python.
No. 98793
I would say that's accurate. It's not my all time favorite language, but it's pretty nice.
No. 98849
File 143833134564.png - (218.71KB , 442x548 , Screenshot from 2015-07-29 02:53:59.png )
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