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/chat/ - Sunset Shenanigans
File 142810510241.png - (109.67KB , 680x750 , SS_345.png )
97475 No. 97475 watch
What this place needs is a chat thread again!

Shall we?

And remember: your past is not today!
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No. 98654
File 143527041020.png - (88.82KB , 397x600 , tainaka_ritsu_render_by_maviswendy-d5znn3s.png )
No. 98655
File 143534872866.png - (156.34KB , 334x374 , 1403442130490.png )
Nope, just us chickens.
No. 98673
File 143575489787.png - (215.86KB , 894x894 , rarity_smiles_by_ohhim-d4jerix.png )
Waiting for Dashie to post like

No. 98678
File 143604485149.png - (96.52KB , 600x656 , 485582__safe_solo_crossover_clothes_ponified_scarf.png )
Soo.... Dashie does not have the patent on disappearing for months on end, I can do it too :p

What's new?

Not much here, trying to catch up with some games, played the original Witcher (which was great and despite everyone yelling at me that you don't have to play 1 and 2 before 3 I'm already really glad I played 1) and now on FF Type 0. OMG, it has an overworld :D
No. 98701
File 143639020269.jpg - (809.69KB , 2304x1536 , image.jpg )
yo guys! Saludos desde EspaƱa!

Hopefully you guys have been well!
No. 98717
File 143647927522.jpg - (55.04KB , 480x640 , IMG_0604 (1).jpg )

Same as ever here, nothing bad! How have things been there?
No. 98719
File 143648156214.png - (37.66KB , 200x217 , Fluttershy_Canterlot_Dress.png )
Hi, Lunachan ponies! How are you all?

Sorry, I haven't been here much. I've mostly been living in Facebook, venting my thoughts to the Facebookland abyss.
No. 98720
File 143654724379.jpg - (1.97MB , 3264x2448 , IMG_0413.jpg )
Good! It's Friday and I'm surrounded by ponies and booze. How are you?

Sorry I don't respond much there... venting your thoughts is right, it's like this constant rapid-fire consciousness stream of the very... unique... Flower brand of philosophy and how the world works (or doesn't :p) and I wouldn't have a clue how to answer half of it :p
No. 98721
>tilts head

go home Fluttershy, you're drunk
No. 98724
File 14365482248.png - (200.92KB , 1280x937 , didja_know_it__s_my_birthday_todaaaay_____by_qtmar.png )
Hello Shenanigans thread!

It's Friday! On Fridays, I get to work from home now. It's quite exciting. I don't get shot at here at home. I also get to use my mechanical keyboard, better mouse, and good headset, maybe I can even my speakers if I want.

However when I look at the full-size image in my browser, it rotates the right-way 'round. Your phone must have deployed a special bit of information that the thumbnailing process did not pick up.
No. 98725
File 143656155078.png - (535.14KB , 3463x4400 , sunset-pony-cute-hat.png )
Don't you just love Fridays? IIIIII'm gonna put my hooves up high...
Work from home, my boss would never trust me to do that hahahaha he doesn't trust me to work from work. (Which is fair given the past, but if there's nothing to do..!). I would hope you don't get shot at much anyway :S
I like Apple keyboards so bought one for work's PC out of my own pocket.

Yeah they seem to have gone for the method of putting in some metadata to say that it should be rotated, instead of actually rotating it. Lazy.
No. 98726
File 143657633194.jpg - (30.84KB , 501x477 , gemstone_you_crazy.jpg )
Yes, I quite love Fridays.
Oh I get shot at a lot. Piles of Nerf darts happen behind my desk very quickly..
Apple's keyboard is pretty good. I've really been enjoying my Razer BlackWidow keyboard with their "Razer Green" mechanical switches. It's really nice feeling exactly when the key was activated, and the clicking sound is also pretty satisfying.

I guess a potential reason why they'd do on purpose, not just because they're lazy, would be if JPEG compresses it better if it's horizontal.
No. 98727
I meant to post this a lot earlier, but I forgot to hit reply way back at like 2PM..
No. 98729
File 143668790525.png - (111.88KB , 448x377 , meh.png )
so uhh I guess the post-impending death threat post surge disappeared?
No. 98730
File 143675537661.png - (304.21KB , 505x767 , IsThatYourDick.png )
There was a surge? I missed it.

I need to stop smoking so much weed, I thought that sticky was like 2 days ago...
No. 98731
File 143676407117.png - (366.91KB , 949x600 , 8da.png )
It's raining outside -- a nice summer storm is moving through my apartment complex.

>Good! It's Friday and I'm surrounded by ponies and booze. How are you?

Glad to hear. :) I'm good. Trying to get back into computers a bit, learning Python slowly.

>this constant rapid-fire consciousness stream

It seems like a lot, huh. It's kinda therapeutic for me, once I write what's on my mind I can move on, otherwise I can get stuck on something. I know most people don't come to Facebook to really engage in the same way I do, but I figure it probably isn't hurting anyone.

>I wouldn't have a clue how to answer half of it
Sometimes that's probably best. There probably aren't answers.
No. 98732
File 143676423770.png - (119.20KB , 900x658 , huh_what____by_axemgr-d4cenrs.png )
It was relatively small, but people did post.

Speaking of weed, you wouldn't believe the number of houses we went to up in Bellingham that definitely, for sure, were used to grow weed.

Oh that's where I was today and yesterday, up in Bellingham looking at houses near Western Washington University.
No. 98734
File 143676776792.png - (20.54KB , 200x105 , fluttershy_and_angel_by_the_proverbial_jon-d3hpquc.png )
Hi, Spike! (I know I'm interrupting another conversation, but I doubt I'm bothering too much).
No. 98735
File 143676931528.png - (85.55KB , 612x674 , 365_day_195_spike_by_korikian-d3rtkjc.png )
Hello Flower!

It seems like it's been a while.. How have you been?
No. 98736
hi Cloud! I have been busy busy busy. I have been in France too for holiday! Tomorrow I will move again to Spain for few days before returning to Finland!
No. 98739
File 143684765891.png - (182.03KB , 900x850 , ArtOfTheDress.png )
Damn. You should post another sticky threatening to delete /chat/, I wanna post in a surge too. I promise I won't miss it this time.

That's not all that surprising; it is legal there, after all.

There is literally no reason to fear interrupting my slow-ass conversations, lol.
No. 98740
File 143686702965.png - (63.53KB , 756x503 , __dude____by_orbitalvelocity-d4b25a6.png )
I think we don't need that, we're still riding the tail end of the surge. And you might miss the eye candy of another storm. It moves quick.

Yes, it is legal here. I know many people who smoke the weeds.
No. 98743
File 143687525073.png - (195.61KB , 435x410 , pluto.png )
I've been good. :)

Probably true. And Hi, Lunacy! :)

Also, New Horizon Pluto closest approach!

(In my world, it's pretty exciting, anyway.)
No. 98744
File 143687856843.png - (307.81KB , 483x575 , Screenshot from 2015-07-14 03:33:34.png )
How quick? More-than-one-person-is-online-and-actively-posting-at-a-time quick?

It's exciting for me too. I've been waiting for this day for years.
No. 98745
File 143689660950.jpg - (243.39KB , 1042x1042 , tn-p_lorri_fullframe_color.jpg )
Oh, well I was talking about how long the post-death threat post surge was.. It was like 3 days long.

But sometimes this does mean more than one person online, posting, at a time.

New Horizons' Pluto approach is pretty exciting. Pluto is somewhere we haven't been able to see very detailed so far, so this new information is quite exciting.
No. 98747
File 143695053320.png - (96.81KB , 255x276 , Screenshot from 2015-07-14 04:44:35.png )
Ooh. I wonder if, maybe, we can accomplish...three online, active posters at a time?
No. 98748
File 143699543634.jpg - (30.84KB , 501x477 , gemstone_you_crazy.jpg )
That would be crazy!
No. 98749
File 143701583753.jpg - (64.40KB , 950x790 , 150713-pluto-before-flyby.jpg )
yay for the new horizons photos! so exciting! ;u;
i've always had an odd affinity for pluto.. and now we're getting to see it clearly for the first time! it's the best ;u;

also, the heart is adorable <3
No. 98750
File 143705693188.jpg - (1.95MB , 1800x1200 , Macroglossum_stellatarum01(js).jpg )
pluto is a cool planet, more people need to know how cool it is

it also looks a bit like pluto

pluto the dog
No. 98751
File 143706951550.gif - (1.15MB , 768x406 , pluto_gif.gif )
"E-earth senpai noticed me today!"
No. 98752
No. 98753
File 143714562252.gif - (42.31KB , 540x540 , tumblr_nrl3uj3SOl1tc2wy5o1_540.gif )
yes! it is very cool c:

-233C cool :p


that is the cutest! <3
but thes saddest ;-; poor pluto.. we need to send another probe friend immediately for company ;n;
No. 98754
File 143716617528.jpg - (35.73KB , 680x679 , c03.jpg )
That's so cool

I remember when I was younger, I had a giant book on world science and remember seeing Pluto in there. The planet can never not exist, it's just... lost in the farther realms of outer space ;-;
No. 98755
File 143717156554.png - (152.14KB , 900x900 , my_little_pluto___blank_flank_by_alexlayer-d4cz7ty.png )
Wow! This place has been busy!

It's Friday again already O_____O week has flown.
Oh I see, haha that would be so tempting but knowing our place someone would put a complaint in.
Neat, I know a good few fans of old IBM mechanical keyboards. I like a nice quiet one.

Never thought of that..

Apparently not! But for all the electrical interference it seems there's a Spike and a Serge.

Feels like it :p
(in response to "I thought that sticky was like 2 days ago" not "IsThatYourDick.png")

Peed it down last night but been a sunny day here otherwise, I've been out battling the back "garden"

Oh cool, I never really got into Python but it sure is popular.

Understandable, I'm the same if something is on my mind.. it helps to just type it out, even if no one responds (sometimes I ask that they don't if I want to get something typed out of the system without delving further into it). It's all fine!

Oh nice! I've been to France a few times. Once properly (I recall going to a public toilet where you squat and thinking, just what century are we in again? :p While ago though)
The other times were across the tunnel just to pick up booze and be dragged around some kind of shopping centre that is not far from the tunnel, which to be honest, sucked. I hate going to another country and only getting to look around clothes shops ><
Woo! Moving around nicely!

Liven it anywhere!

Doesn't look so small after all! And it's not even a dog!
In a quiz I went to last night it's tradition to make up a topical team name. I went with "We have high res pictures of Uranus" (to be pronounced the oldschool way)

>pluto the dog
Oh well I was beaten. Herdmind!

D'aww XD


>pony is apparently called Pluto. There is a pony of everything...
No. 98759
Don't mind me
No. 98761
File 143732938729.png - (108.54KB , 900x900 , a_determined_looking_spike_with_out_a_background__.png )
Minds you a lot.

And now it's Sunday and I haven't replied until now!
Yeah, I'm kind of surprised our other departments on our consulting side haven't complained.
I'm not sure if I've used IBM's traditional buckling spring design. Quiet keyboards can also be nice. Apple's keyboards do a pretty good job of being nice and firm and giving you pretty good tactile feedback, but stay quiet.

After I posted, I guess it got more people to return. Maybe we can survive? We just need to keep stirring the pot every so often.

Yes, there is a pony of everything. No idea why, but that's how it goes.
No. 98765
File 143761908613.png - (137.30KB , 829x963 , on_the_ground_by_boneswolbach-d4tjkwf.png )
Lunachan is ded again?
No. 98766
File 143766753018.png - (81.15KB , 234x270 , Screenshot from 2015-07-14 04:50:14.png )
Looks like it.
No. 98767
File 143767595758.png - (88.12KB , 900x426 , future_spikes_problem_by_lazypixel-d54fg4k.png )
rip in pepperino
No. 98768
File 143769919612.png - (139.22KB , 303x283 , 7WDO3MC.png )
Do I need to break out the paddles again?
No. 98770
File 143770081337.png - (158.22KB , 1280x654 , manly_spike_by_helgih-d47zmv4.png )
Well then, let me see your war face!
No. 98771
File 143770849315.jpg - (72.42KB , 790x590 , goofy.jpg )
No. 98772
File 143771311790.png - (25.39KB , 343x356 , Spike_gonna_slap_a_bitch.png )
bullshit, you didn't convince me!
No. 98773
File 143772491751.jpg - (43.17KB , 720x720 , toast.jpg )
No. 98774
File 143773467222.png - (279.28KB , 610x720 , 162 - BzgTiVc.png )
The bringer of death has arrived..
No. 98780
I admit, I wouldn't really like it either if I can't go anywhere by myself.

In France, I even attended local wine festival. For five euros, you got three tickets and you got to fill your glass for wine with each ticket. There was several kind of wines to taste. It was really fun!

I also was in Barcelona (in Spain) for a few days!
No. 98781
File 143783136893.jpg - (20.94KB , 250x172 , 127974__safe_fluttershy_screencap_caption_apple_an.jpg )
>Oh cool, I never really got into Python but it sure is popular.

In brief, it's named after Monty Python. It was created by a mathematician to make doing math things easier -- sets, matrices, imaginary numbers, and so on -- without the programmer having to worry about what's under the hood so much. It tends to run code a bit slower than C/C++ due to more abstraction, but the idea is computers are so fast now that it's probably worth it if it takes less time to write the code. And, that's the basic idea based on what I know so far...
No. 98792
I've heard good things about Python.
No. 98793
I would say that's accurate. It's not my all time favorite language, but it's pretty nice.
No. 98849
File 143833134564.png - (218.71KB , 442x548 , Screenshot from 2015-07-29 02:53:59.png )
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