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Lunachan has moved to http://getchan.net/luna/

/chat/ - hi lunachan. letting you know you are based af. ...
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hi lunachan. letting you know you are based af.
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No. 97299
File 142635075669.png - (156.34KB , 334x374 , 1403442130490.png )
No. 97301
File 14264946864.png - (530.48KB , 850x837 , cupcake.png )
welp it appears manleychan is down. guess i will be using this for my ponychan drama bunker. how is your night zeke?
No. 97302
File 142649580262.png - (124.35KB , 900x900 , baby_spike_by_my_little_throwaway-d4qwtbn.png )
Not sure he's here. But I am.

I just watched The Shawshank Redemption with a few friends (well, we were talking over TeamSpeak, that's good enough for me to say I was watching it "with" them).

I quite enjoyed it.

Enough about me though, how are you tonight/morning/afternoon/evening/whatever time it is where you are?
No. 97303
File 142649610753.png - (474.06KB , 2216x2259 , drinking.png )
great movie. me i am watching ster trak tng and doing homework. i fucking love this show. i can focus on my homework while watching it if i was 80 years old this would be the perfect show to fall asleep to. im having a fabulous evening.
No. 97304
File 142649912448.png - (49.87KB , 232x290 , salute.png )
Sounds like a pretty good evening.
TNG is a quite good show. Unfortunately I have work in the morning, so I should be heading to sleep. I think I might as well fall asleep to TNG.

Good luck with your homework. Sorry to leave so soon.
No. 97305
File 142649939558.jpg - (100.16KB , 752x1063 , yawn.jpg )
no its ok. sleep well admin. luna will be here in the morning. i should fall asleep to it as well i have work in the afternoon. just about done with my homework anyways.
No. 97308
File 142655311597.png - (100.25KB , 1341x570 , Your superbox needs words_ Like these right here!.png )
I was hungry as hell since I had a follow-up endoscopy today, but that went well, since the ulcers are gone. Now I'm just gorging myself on pizza
No. 97309
File 142655742444.png - (25.45KB , 117x112 , Healer.png )
im glad it was good news. and i hope you are following docs orders. still that pizza must be fucking amazing.
No. 97310
File 142657898456.png - (210.87KB , 900x1030 , spike__you__re_such_a_piggy_by_catnipfairy-d4ljzg4.png )

pizza is always good

I had a fairly decent day at work. Got some stuff done, but I was blocked on making progress on some other things.

Been playing games with friends tonight, which is also always good.
No. 97311
It is, but I think it's going to be a while before I eat some again. I kind of burned myself out.
No. 97312
File 142665237521.png - (511.56KB , 1280x720 , Smile.png )
Sup Neo. Check out this track, I think you'll like it:
No. 97313
No. 97314
File 142669160042.png - (181.26KB , 452x510 , 373597.png )
[in rarities voice] aw poor spikie wikie.

you can always go for more good pizza. just gotta believe man.

>rapes the replay button
No. 97319
File 142674587139.png - (119.19KB , 820x593 , apply liberally.png )
Nah, it'll definitely be a while.
No. 97322
File 142675547980.png - (211.13KB , 900x1286 , helloooo_rarity____by_knight725-d418yed.png )
So tomorrow I get to go to the Living Computer Museum on a field trip (at work, how fancy!): http://livingcomputermuseum.com/
And then afterwards we're going to a good barbecue place that's just across the street!
I'm also looking into some security stuff for a different product from what I normally work on.

Also, I watched Schindler's List last night. That was pretty good, if a bit depressing.
No. 97327
File 142696072374.png - (63.34KB , 536x522 , on the phone.png )
I have telnet accounts on the mainframes they have public access to. Eventually I do want to go visit the museum at some point though.
And yeah, Schindler's List is a great movie, but not one to watch if you're depressed.
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