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/chat/ - Dream Homes
File 142531443730.png - (2.13MB , 1200x953 , cabin.png )
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what is your dream home lunachan? i've made this thread before,but it was long enough ago it's worth revisiting c:

our homes are in some way the central hub of our lives,and personally i feel our decision of where and how to live can impact out lives just as strongly as things we go to school for or what career we chooser any of those major decisions.homes are important places, and they're different for everyone. maybe your home isn't even one specific place! it's incredible what we can consider our true homes, i feel c:

so, tell me about your dream home in as much detail as you can! make a story or visualization of it even if you prefer! where is it? what's it look like? how's the weather? imagine a single moment there and write about it,make it seem real. c:

or just say it if you'd not prefer to dive that deep, but i do think it's an encouraging exercise to try on your own sometime <3
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No. 97257
File 142531452516.jpg - (1.53MB , 2123x1200 , 0546.jpg )
i have two i am split between myself, but i have to run to class now, so i'll share them when i get back <3 oops ^^'

can't wait to hear all of yours though~
No. 97258
File 142535591615.png - (138.95KB , 801x997 , joy - 1.png )
I've had a lot of thoughts about this.

I'd cheat by saying I'd live in the type of home and locale in OP's picture, but not really!

For one, the best thought I have of my ideal home would be.... a house, on a secluded street near the edge of some body of water, which overlooks said body of water, a maze residential streets and establishments, maybe has a clear view of the distant city, and some bushland. It's close to public transport, close enough to the city, and may be comfortable for a slow drive around the streets if it's so desired.

Realistically it would be that way. My other thought would be in a isolated area, maybe the same locale, or in a mountain setting.

If I were to be more ambitious with thoughts, I've always wondered what it would be like to travel in one of those mobile homes, like the ones that are towed like a trailer behind your own car. They seem really cool for living by yourself, or sharing with a friend.

Another ambitious thought that I've had... I'd modify a bus, maybe a coach, to be a living quarters, myself or shared. Although it sounds more of a purely roadtrip thing, but... heh, it may work.

What are yours? c:
No. 97259
File 142535613675.png - (129.75KB , 1000x1098 , happy - 4.png )
Also this song is very relevant to the matter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoRkntoHkIE
No. 97262
A place.
No. 97264
File 142548748634.png - (227.79KB , 351x474 , 140422591627.png )
I was expecting this
No. 97265
File 142549928799.png - (98.31KB , 800x781 , shrug - 1.png )
I didn't know that song.

I dunno. Just thought mine was more fitting. Relaxing and kinda captured the feeling of a true home. To each their own though...
No. 97266
File 142567341085.jpg - (235.67KB , 800x600 , rin-rain.jpg )
As for my dream home, I'd rather not have something very big, but big enough. Definitely not in the middle of nowhere. Preferably relatively close to the city.
No. 97269
One that is much bigger than this one :P

Big, modern... fibre throughout, wifi-friendly walls!

Dis post
Nice to see you showing such energy mate :3
Water bodies have to be the ultimate wish, housing wise.
I still live with the folks :P If I wanted to, anything would do!
No. 97270
File 142570595033.png - (55.61KB , 180x300 , char_rin.png )
And Ethernet cable ports as well
No. 97271
File 142572787330.png - (98.28KB , 900x880 , wonders.png )
I have quite the imagination, huh?

Of course... I don't know, the ocean is a pleasant view at times.

That's cool, no shame in that.
No. 97273
File 142584397480.jpg - (426.83KB , 1064x566 , house_in_the_woods_by_joakimolofsson-d4orvw9.jpg )
>what is your dream home lunachan?

It would be as small as practical and the geometry would be simple.
It would be near where squirrels live.
(Unlike the picture) it would not be isolated -- I would like to live near other people.
I would design the landscaping so the lawn could grow wild, but not look neglected.
I would have a small garden.
The house would be well insulated because I don't like the idea of wasting energy.
It would have internet, of course.

But to be honest, I don't think about a dream home that much -- it's hard for me to imagine a future point in my life where I have enough stability and money to build a house of my own.
No. 97395
File 142759127250.png - (473.88KB , 2543x3404 , picture - Fluttershy - 0228.png )
...."i'll share when back from class" i said almost a month ago... heh,uh... what a long class.. ^^;

ooh, these all sounds great ^^ i love the modified bus idea, it's something i've pondered about myself as well! very neat :3

that's very reasonable sounding c: about what size would be large enough but not too big for you then you think? c:

that would be super nice ^^

that sounds quite lovely and very practical as well c:
but, ah..i suppose that's fair. that point is far off for me as well.. but i more or less live in my dreams sometimes i suppose ^^;

as for me, i am sort of split between a number of dream homes really.. i've got kind of conflicting desires you could say. on one hand, i really want to be largely independent. that small cabin or cottage in the middle of nowhere sort of independence and isolation, i'd love that. however..on the other hand.. convenience is nice, and you don't get a lot of that of in the woods by yourself ^^' so i'd also like to live in a city.. ideally, i'd love to live with a number of close friends, or nearby them at least. so, i guess a dream home would be some combination of these two things?.. i guess,really, what i would love the most is to leave in a small community or town populated by friends that all know one another.. but that's not too separated from everything else to begin to be a hassle,heh.. which is kind of vague i suppose, but i'm more comfortable with that vague idea right now ^^'

..sorry again for my slowness >.<
No. 97398
File 142759229543.png - (323.01KB , 1900x1916 , hug - 1.png )
That's a very long class, I don't know how anyone would survive a month in there

Would be cool if... y'know, anyone would join in on that idea, because I'd think it's a fun way to live. c:

Those are nice. What if... you moved those two settings closer? Maybe an hour or half an hour away from each other? Still, would be quite convenient
No. 97402
File 142759440772.png - (184.56KB , 900x473 , group_hugs_by_joeyh3-d4rvn3h.png )

i think it would be great if we could make it work! which i know it can be done.. those places exist,but yeah.. would be nice c:

yeah, a blance of the two would be quite nice for sure ^^
No. 97404
File 142759459555.png - (227.17KB , 960x767 , 1424601730287.png )
blarghhh I should have replied to this earlier.

I want a home where I can be lost in trees in any direction I turn the second I'm outside and lose myself in forest. A house that isn't too far away from the city but at the same time far enough where I don't have to hear trains, planes and automobiles. lel get it? I actually did find a house that fit this description and everything about the house was everything I wanted in terms of what it looked like and location. What I also loved was that the house had the whole street to itself. Unfortunately the house was located in North America.. Australia also doesn't have forests like that of North America and Europe which really bums me out. I would love to show you a picture of it but it was recently sold and it's no longer listed on real estate sites
No. 97405
File 142759482570.jpg - (14.06KB , 600x600 , cute - 1.jpg )
Are you ded???

A roadtrip/mobile living quarters with a dear friend sounds very charming <3

It would be! It's kind of like where I live right now... not not too far away from services yet close enough for them, in the middle ^^

I guess, some places in Australia (NSW technically speaking) have that kind of place... that'd be cool, if I weren't such a wuss about being close to innawoods at dark :x
No. 97406
File 142759516089.png - (116.58KB , 828x750 , 0463.png )
oooh, yes! you have good taste indeed, a place like that would be the absolute best! ^^
but awww.. sounds like a fantastic house.. i'm sure you'll find something just as fitting for you someday ^^

maybe? ;-;

it does <3

mhm ^^
No. 97408
File 142759535853.png - (160.84KB , 813x982 , happy - 25.png )
Don't be ded, I cri if u ded ;-;

So... who's buying? :p

Yay, one day~ c:
No. 97409
File 142759549968.jpg - (129.33KB , 1024x685 , 38397490.jpg )
Yeah but does Australia have anything like pic related? I DONT THINK SO and it's not worth it until I live somewhere that has that environment ;_;

thanks.. hmmm maybe one day. But that only way to even make this feasible is to move to a different country which would be hard work
No. 97410
File 142759564735.png - (217.98KB , 728x1098 , what am i doing.png )
Go establish one in the Hunter
No. 97690
File 143147046793.jpg - (341.20KB , 1625x1028 , 132573813888.jpg )
kil thred

Found this image in my folders the other day, kinda relevant. Substitute Ponychan with anything that you see fit
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