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/chat/ - What do you drive, woonachan?
File 142360900029.jpg - (107.93KB , 660x330 , ford101-660x330.jpg )
97049 No. 97049 watch
>inb4 no-one drives

Just a nice practical Ford Focus here, 02 but well looked-after

Too lazy to find a pic so... lookalike
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No. 97050
File 142367726435.png - (55.61KB , 180x300 , char_rin.png )
I ride the bus
No. 97052
File 142369087978.png - (187.29KB , 900x1404 , gentleman_shuffler_by_m99moron-d4uwn8c.png )
'01 Mercury Grand Marquis. I got style.

I love the big bad 4.6L V8 with the power going to the rear wheels.

But it's also got the nice leather seats, and almost every feature (I so wish I had that feature though, the air suspension for an even smoother ride). I could drive for the longest time in it, it's very comfortable.

Just ordered speakers for it last night, as the driver door's speaker is blown out. That's going to be great for when I drive over to Pullman (Eastern Washington area) to visit my friends who are attending Washington State University.

After work I can take a picture of it.
No. 97054
File 142369551988.jpg - (564.02KB , 1440x1080 , Final-Fantasy-X-10-Wallpaper-set7_2-Moonflow-Path-.jpg )
I ride ze shoopuf! Good enough, so do I on Saturdays

Might have known you would have style. You sound like the well-to-do!

Blast some pony music out of it, you know you want to.
No. 97055
File 142371717577.jpg - (83.08KB , 1920x1080 , maxresdefault.jpg )
If I can go for 6 months without another seizure, I'll be able to.
No. 97058
File 142373503164.png - (181.21KB , 463x572 , 365 - WTk0xU1.png )
tfw just started learning to drive a month before I turn 21. I should have learned when I was 16
No. 97059
Best of luck with it!

I started learning at 20, so not far off that, frankly I couldn't have afforded to run a car at... it is/was 17 here... anyway. So there wouldn't have been much point!
No. 97061
File 142378225737.jpg - (15.30KB , 400x200 , 2001-pontiac-grand-prix-gt_100028855_m.jpg )
Awwww yeah
No. 97069
File 142387034243.jpg - (28.33KB , 480x360 , 11827815.jpg )
>Just a nice practical Ford Focus here, 02 but well looked-after
I drive a blue 04 Ford Focus.
No. 97072
Another one somewhat similar to the guy who landed a helicopter on the lawn at work, then a day or two later was in to show off his Mac Pro ^^ :p

That's what we like! Dashie Blue (or mine is, that looks 20% deeper) and down-to-earth!
No. 97079
File 142423153554.png - (206.33KB , 480x297 , car.png )
>Dashie Blue (or mine is, that looks 20% deeper) and down-to-earth!
Exactly. :)
No. 97099
I need that mod :P
No. 97192
File 142486014424.png - (171.49KB , 786x1016 , malevolent_spike_by_pony_vectors-d53wf7b.png )
I never did post a picture of my car..
After coming back from California, my dad and I installed the front pair of speakers, and they sound great! I'm thinking sometime this week we can maybe get the rear speakers installed, Sunday is a possibility..
No. 97195
Get it done. Get both done!
No. 97261
File 142543310045.jpg - (3.94MB , 4320x2432 , IMG_20150303_172353877_HDR.jpg )
Here's the picture of my car (finally). It's not particularly clean right now, my father is recommending I wash it to remove dirt to save weight and increase aerodynamic efficiency to get better fuel economy, especially on my trip to Pullman.

In the background is my father's 2003 Mercury Marauder (basically the higher performance version of my car).
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