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Lunachan has moved to http://getchan.net/luna/

/chat/ - Lunachan merger
File 142295413359.jpg - (603.45KB , 1197x726 , all aboard the bronychan motorboat.jpg )
96996 No. 96996 watch
Hello everyone! As you've noticed, Lunachan has been deader than the Town With No Name, and its original purpose of being a bunker for posters sick of Ponychan (and later, other chans) has kind of dissipated as the chans have spread out. That being said, there are talks of merging with a group of other chans merging together. Lunachan aside, for a long while, there was a lot of bickering and infighting, and since the bickering has pretty much died down, and since they were splinters already, they are going to be forming an "interchan" group, the USSC (Union of Soviet Socialist Channels, GETchan has a fetish for Communism)

That being said, there is discussion of Lunachan Joining the USSC, as /luna/. Since /luna/ (as far as I know at least) would be the only chan with ponies, /luna/ would basically be a cross between our /chat/ and /pony/. The USSC would have a global /site/ for issues in any of the subchans.

Thoughts? This isn't happening right this second, but I'll let everyone know when it's happening officially

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No. 97004
I don't see a better solution.
No. 97005
File 142300631241.png - (36.34KB , 300x100 , socialist luna banner.png )
No. 97006
File 142301732892.png - (69.90KB , 300x100 , motorboat banner.png )
No. 97007
File 142302435011.jpg - (22.39KB , 150x133 , shrug.jpg )
Not that I really have anything against it, but Lunachan isn't really involved in the socialism aspect
No. 97008
File 14230407062.png - (77.88KB , 300x100 , rin banner.png )
No. 97009
File 142304152974.jpg - (29.78KB , 720x634 , 208 - lXu1SJ4.jpg )
I say may as well. The site is pretty much dead and I don't see any real reason why to keep the site as it is
No. 97010
File 142308215564.png - (37.66KB , 200x217 , Fluttershy_Canterlot_Dress.png )
I haven't been here too much. (I've been spending most of my free time trying to accumulate minions on Facebook.)

Whatever you all want to do is fine with me. :)
No. 97011
File 142317636346.png - (270.80KB , 600x600 , PoorDear.png )
I didn't forget...you are probably right, though.
No. 97012
File 142318237820.png - (250.30KB , 800x600 , 3.png )
I know, I wasn't referring to you specifically
No. 97013
File 142319250253.png - (545.46KB , 798x696 , 353.png )
is it ok if i make a banner?
No. 97014
Go ahead, comr8.
No. 97015
File 142320127960.png - (349.76KB , 735x1276 , Comrade Pinkie Pie.png )
well i was gonna make a banner

but i decided to make this instead today

maybe tomorrow will

gotta think of something lunachan related
No. 97016
No. 97017
File 142321137589.jpg - (53.88KB , 800x322 , lunachan prevails.jpg )
And this!
No. 97018
File 142323840038.png - (44.17KB , 300x100 , lunachan prevails banner.png )
No. 97019
/r/ing Tiny Tim autoplay sticky for old times' sake
No. 97023
File 142325817043.png - (164.99KB , 755x1212 , luna awesome face.png )

No. 97024
File 142326205099.png - (500.37KB , 2560x1600 , Lunachanflag.png )
First order of business: You guys need to adopt a better, or at least cleaner, flag. Seriously, that purple star triggers my autism.
No. 97025
File 142326212432.png - (99.00KB , 2560x1600 , 139700766287.png )
Also, my suggestion.
No. 97026
Still here but still days pass with not thinking to look. The thing is, it's in a bit of a chicken and egg problem at the moment of "no posts, and therefore no reason to come and post"

Flutter thread fell over because for the most part it was carried by 2 of us, who got a bit tired of the influx of shitposters last year. I'm not sure what the other chans are like and if they're as "shitposty", which could make it worse. But then it could be argued that it's better than "noposty" maybe.

We also have a problem with spam - when I remember I put the mod hat on and clean up but admittedly remembering isn't so frequent when it's so quiet. We could really do with prevention, like CAPTCHAs or something. I know at least one who used to be very regular is too afraid to visit any more unless I log on and let them know it's safe first, since they saw some child erotica spam.

Not sure I like the idea of being just a pony section of a non-pony imageboard. I'd rather smaller pony related chans combine if anything like that happened.

Or, we have a concentrated posting and antispam drive and let everyone know and see if it can be revived.
No. 97027
It's understandable, I have Lunachan open in browser tabs, and especially when work is busy and I'm getting home late, I don't think to check (though I guess I could start checking at work during down time).

There have certainly been a bunch of "shitposters" and those are just annoying, and make you want to give up.

Remembering to moderate is definitely hard when it's quiet. The thing about those kinds of measures is that they can be frustrating, especially on mobile. If we could get the new reCAPTCHA that is just a checkbox, that would be very awesome.

Concentrated posting and antispam would be awesome. But you know, that might be tricky (mostly getting people posting again).
No. 97028
It'd have to be a sort of campaign, I think, for a posting drive to work.

I'm thinking that the CAPTCHA would only have to be done once per device/browser than it sets a cookie and doesn't need it again.
No. 97035
File 142352255728.png - (39.94KB , 350x820 , 137774276630.png )
I'd like Lunachan to stay its own independent site personally. That's just my opinion anyways.
No. 97042
File 142355736389.png - (1.14MB , 1485x1000 , 187951__safe_princess+luna_princess+celestia_snow_.png )
agree independent site is the best
No. 97062
File 142379374561.png - (557.64KB , 3000x3000 , 0472.png )
awww, i'd really like lunachan to stay what it is.. i'd love for it to pick back up to the way it used to be (though acknowledge i don't help much by always dropping by but never posting anymore..) it's been dead though for sure.. but i'd really like if there were a way we could keep it alive as it is? would be sad to see it become just a single board on another site... that wouldn't really be lunachan to me..
No. 97065
File 142385038614.png - (55.61KB , 180x300 , char_rin.png )
For those of you who are concerned and wanting to keep Lunachan independent, if you look at the poll results and your GETchan thread, it's sounding like we might stay independent
No. 97071
This, all of it


It still really lies in your hands, it is your site after all, and we are a bit crap at keeping it alive. Can't say it's somewhere that would attract me personally though
No. 97073
File 142399399190.png - (207.88KB , 763x1047 , zhklk4d-lpreisurc_yb_daeh_no_teksab_htiw_oolatoocs.png )
Aw. I don't know what the current state of the site is, but I imagine there's no use in keeping something alive if only for sentimental reasons... that would be sad, though.
No. 97074
File 142400157546.png - (129.59KB , 730x1094 , wonders - 5.png )
Majority of votes are for it to stay individual. I'd say keep it that way.

However, in the end it's up to you. Do what you feel is best for the chan. I'll still support the decision, despite lack of participation on my end.
No. 97076
Funny how everyone crawls out of the woodwork at a time like t this :p
(Just teasing of course)
But for those of you who this applies to, especially the ones who it really applies to (Questing, Sunset, Vines, Omm) how did you find out about this?

With the way the site is, having lost its original purpose (the pchan drama has died down anyway), maybe this was inevitable
Not necessarily the merger, but dying anyway

Hey, long time no see, eh?

That's probably what will happen, though considering the other sites purpose, they kind of at the very least put q link there anyway
No. 97077
File 142421204795.png - (128.90KB , 500x812 , scootaloo_heart_by_questing.png )
Oh, I didn't hear about it from anyone, if that's what you mean. I just checked in one day. I do that every now and then... I'm not sure why. Sentimental reasons, I guess.
No. 97078
File 142423115088.jpg - (331.86KB , 1600x1600 , 399 - QBnrWSf.jpg )
Where the hell have you been?
No. 97082
File 142424817423.png - (227.79KB , 351x474 , 140422591627.png )
One could ask the same of you
No. 97083
File 142424954897.png - (557.39KB , 837x954 , 174 - Ebq1l2U.png )
I've been here the entire time, mang. I've been posting as anonymous
No. 97084
File 142425014737.gif - (191.06KB , 300x300 , rinanim.gif )
Oh, my bad
No. 97085
File 142426016079.jpg - (55.41KB , 500x500 , dasrite.jpg )
No. 97086
File 142429037988.png - (95.29KB , 900x620 , sad_scootaloo_by_rainbowcrab-d4be5c2.png )
No. 97088
File 142429718589.jpg - (11.09KB , 225x225 , post-8810-0-86245300-1357155836.jpg )
I've missed you
No. 97089
File 142431446374.png - (164.51KB , 763x1047 , scootaloo_with_basket_on_head_by_crusierpl-d4klkhz.png )
And I'm a terrible human who's bad at everything to do with friendship.
No. 97090
File 14243154916.jpg - (43.89KB , 640x800 , 177 - wDuPM0g.jpg )
Man there's no need for you to do this right now and make yourself feel bad for what you did. While I am disappointed that you did just leave I am ecstatic that you are here right now. We can put this behind us if you really wanted to. You know I never gave up that one day I'll see you again, yeah there were times I was felt sad wondering where you ran off to but there were also times where I felt happiness of just thinking of the fun times we had together.
No. 97091
File 142431839656.png - (121.96KB , 870x1121 , scootaloo_vector_by_augustthehedgehog-d57vuoz.png )
... okay. I have no desire to derail this thread, so I'll save anything dramatic and emotional for another time and place. I'm sorry, though.
No. 97092
File 142431875381.jpg - (237.61KB , 700x526 , 004 - 8alLr4P.jpg )
>I have no desire to derail this thread
Ha, take a guess what we just did.

Thank you for the apology I really do appreciate it. To be honest I don't even know where to begin. I could just ask where you have been but it seems wrong to just get right into that. I'm just surprised that you're here? I don't really know how to put it
No. 97094
File 142433336175.png - (215.00KB , 900x759 , scootaloo_and_sweetie_belle_by_joemasterpencil-d4p.png )
Hmm... well perhaps we should find our own thread to trash with such things. Being in the spotlight makes me nervous.
No. 97095
Yes that would be a grand idea. Any idea where we can go?
No. 97096
File 142436424540.png - (166.08KB , 680x1176 , i_came_to_write_fanfics_by_tryhardbrony-d5mcz7s.png )
I'll leave that up to you. I'm going to be gone for about twelve hours today, and even longer tomorrow, so... yeah.
No. 97097
Welcome back old chap

Maybe, and MLP being a bandwagon is a bit "3 years ago" so the fandom's probably past peak pony popularity (but nowhere near dead yet, mind!) so things have settled down a bit. I still think it's a nice place to do a bit of "ponychan lite" though - the thing itself can be a bit full-on, and sometimes you want to make a couple of posts and come back later, as opposed to dumping 4 hours into a HAY thread.. so I do think it serves a purpose, when we remember to come here!
No. 97148
File 142474243010.png - (123.22KB , 915x874 , fluttershy__s_school_id_photo_by_shho13-d4fhf5b.png )
um, just saw it. i still stop here every few days,i am just...silent :x

i think we have more people than we think, lots of us just need to start participating again? ^^;
No. 97193
>lots of us just need to start participating again? ^^;

Dooo eet!
No. 97227
File 142515672585.png - (90.22KB , 948x838 , 132622665493.png )
will try ^^'
No. 97230
File 142517098010.png - (30.61KB , 600x600 , surprise - 2.png )
I'd be up for participation, when my time permits
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