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/chat/ - Can I stop being drunk now? ...
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Can I stop being drunk now?
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No. 96975
File 142223548846.png - (188.83KB , 900x1344 , spike_smile_by_bednarowski-d4tdget.png )
If you want to..
No. 96976
Well, my drunkenness is certainly over, but I'm still disorderly, and my room is a total mess.
Plus, there's all that work I've yet to do since I wasn't in a state to do it before.
I never want to drink like that again.
No. 96977
File 142223833062.png - (119.20KB , 900x658 , huh_what____by_axemgr-d4cenrs.png )
Well, at least you learned a valuable lesson to never drink like that again..
No. 96978
Dear princess celestia...
No. 96985
No. 96987
Now this is a level of drunkenness I can get behind.
No. 96988
bby pls don't get drunk again ;_;
No. 96989
Well as long as it isn't as heavy of drinking as last time. Remember, you deeply regretted that.
No. 96990
File 142289313987.png - (52.73KB , 254x254 , Laugh.png )
Can I keep being high now?
No. 96991
File 142289611841.png - (143.46KB , 352x636 , 219.png )
oh, now thats a feel i know
No. 96992
Well, I didn't have a hangover, and I had a ride home.
If that's not drinking responsibly, I don't know what is.
I don't know if I quite qqualified as drunk. How intoxicated do you need to be?
Yeah, it wasn't like that.
I don't see why not.
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