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/chat/ - What kind of music do you like, Lunachan? I ten...
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What kind of music do you like, Lunachan?

I tend to lean toward electronic music. Funk, eurodance, eurobeat, italo disco, vaporwave, maybe a little trance. I also enjoy some classic rock, dadrock, and psych rock. Ooh, and 80's pop, 80's pop is comfy. I'll listen to a fairly wide variety of music, depending on my mood.
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No. 96960
Power metal, DoomSword, some techno stuff, Southern/Country Rock, bluegrass, Irish folk.

I thought I liked happy hard core, then I listened to artists other than S3RL. I still like techno, but my taste has changed a bit.

I'm trying to get into blues, jazz, classical, and hip hop.
I like a few bits of classical, but I'm still more excited over metal. I'm partially trying to enjoy it because my dad says it's better than all other music, without comparison. I don't believe that, but I do think I haven't really been holding my music up to any real artistic standard.
No. 96962
File 142178846568.png - (975.88KB , 1280x833 , ThePower.png )
Classical is nice. I don't know if I'd call it better than all other music, though. From an objective and technical standpoint, it's often more complex and multilayered than a lot of modern music, but that doesn't necessarily make it better. And there are plenty of technically complex, multilayered pieces of modern music as well, that have the added bonus of lyrics.

What era have you looked into/enjoyed? Baroque, classical, romantic, contemporary?
No. 96963
I think I'm digging the romantic era most, maybe because that's what my dad likes to play.
I like Chopin's waltzes the most, though, and that's supposed to be inferior to Wagner's operas, but a lot of it just seems so dense.
I guess I should try to balance my effort to understand what's considered great art and just listening to what I enjoy.

I mean, my appreciation of visual art and literature are no different. I ddon't find some of Shakespeare's poems that interesting, and I llose art history by the 1800s.

Heaven and Hell is a cool album, though.
No. 96964
Talkingabout visual, art, though, iI'm totally on that baroque stuff. Memento Mori still life is the coolest.
No. 96965
File 142179786222.png - (169.96KB , 333x551 , Feast.png )
Chopin is nice. I played his Polonaise in A Major (Op. 40 No. 1) for my piano recital senior year. I like romantic era as well. Some classical era as well, especially Mozart's symphonies.


>I guess I should try to balance my effort to understand what's considered great art and just listening to what I enjoy.
Eh, I wouldn't place too much importance on the former. Great art is great because people enjoyed it. It's good to understand why and have broad horizons, but trying to be "cultured" for the sake of it doesn't really make much sense to me. Everyone has different tastes.

>Heaven and Hell
By Black Sabbath?

Dat baroque architecture tho
No. 96966
Hell yeah Black Sabbath

I think iI'll stick around long enough to at least understand what the critics say even if I give it up afterward.
I'll at least be able to say I put the effort in.
No. 96967
Another thing is, I don't think everything about art is subjective.
I mean, some things are just dependent on a person's personality and experiences, but there are still some things we all share in common, how we interpret certain sounds in music being one of them.
No. 96968
File 142194902777.png - (130.79KB , 294x294 , ipud.png )
Ska (though nowadays I usually just listen to Streetlight Manifesto, a God tier band with kickass songwriting and melodies. Seriously, GOAT), chiptunes, bitpop, 80s music, hippie rock, punk rock, alt rock, vaporwave, ambient music (the Myst and Quake soundtracks are perfect examples), a little bit of dadrock, since I was raised on it, and a little bit of romantic classical (Beethoven, Chopin, Wagner, I've always found traditional classical like Bach to be dull and lifeless, being too based on formulas with little emotion)
No. 96969
File 142199031116.png - (169.12KB , 884x921 , FillyLunaGames.png )

>traditional classical like Bach
That would be baroque, traditional classical would be Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, etc.

You are right, baroque tends to be fairly emotionless; it was a time when much music was being written for the harpsichord which didn't allow for much variation in dynamaics. It was just loud, and composers/performers were more about "hey, look what I can do" rather than "hey, listen to how this sounds and the emotions it provokes".
No. 96970
Nice GET.
No. 96971
File 142217915489.png - (55.61KB , 180x300 , char_rin.png )
You get the point though
No. 96979
Let's post recs for the rest of this thread.

"For Those Who Died With Sword In Hand" by DoomSword.
No. 96980
Yellow Magic Orchestra
No. 96981
File 142245188057.png - (436.84KB , 1074x830 , 1422417641237.png )
You know what's a great band? Steel Panther

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