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/chat/ - Well Lunachan sure has been boring lately. So what...
File 142075046610.jpg - (27.01KB , 500x650 , 4359266+_8c4b45460f502ae7c39dd423cc4435ab.jpg )
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Well Lunachan sure has been boring lately. So what have you all been up to?
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No. 96898
College things.
No. 96899
File 142076979690.png - (148.58KB , 464x352 , 130181494516.png )
No. 96900
File 142077529750.png - (116.58KB , 828x750 , 0463.png )
moving out, still looking for a job, and now i should be going back to school c:

despite all that things have been pretty uneventful for me i'd say <3
No. 96901
File 14208427585.png - (454.34KB , 722x668 , 426.png )
id say i cant make it fun

but i cant
No. 96902
File 142084644742.png - (1.25MB , 1000x1414 , 691746__safe_solo_queen+chrysalis_the+lion+king_ar.png )
Absolutely nothing, just the way I like it! Soon to be busy, but that's in a few days so whatevs.
No. 96903
File 142086455360.png - (575.21KB , 801x600 , why.png )
Nice. What are you studying?


Yeah, you mentioned that a little while ago. I wish I could say the same about moving out

Why not? You're like full of fun.

Oh? Busy with what?
No. 96904
Differential equations, math history, vector analysis, and electronics for scientific research.
No. 96905
File 142087454731.png - (131.14KB , 204x530 , 372.png )
i gots to think of something fun! :)
No. 96906
File 142087675832.png - (76.68KB , 676x720 , Sip.png )
Existing, playing Minecraft/arena shooters, trying to be on task and lrn2gamedev.
No. 96907
File 142087710483.png - (154.43KB , 750x688 , drive me closer - Mikie.png )
That sounds pretty difficult

well that shouldn't be difficult for you!

We need to try to get Xonotic running again. Maybe tomorrow evening.
No. 96908
Maybe in another university.
I'm not expecting too much.
No. 96909
My electronics textbook doesn't make sense.
I guess I'll have to give this chapter another couple reads.
No. 96910
File 14209139701.png - (50.22KB , 535x279 , 141307653035.png )
This smartphone augmented reality game right here

There are like half a dozen players in this little town, which is amazing for something this geeky. It was all one-sided so I sent a taunt to the opposition on Twitter (using the town as a hashtag) in the hopes someone might sign up on the other side and give us something to do.
People travelled 40 miles especially to kick our asses XD
No. 96911
File 14209149814.jpg - (8.90KB , 261x193 , 4399087+_4d397df266ddafb237b1b334b8a8b203.jpg )
Ah, alright

A guy at my college randomly told me about that, but it's way too taken over for a newbie like me to do much
No. 96912
You could always pick a side and then taunt the other on Twitter and see if it evens out a bit :P
No. 96913
File 142094348752.png - (122.07KB , 1000x1000 , 684303__safe_solo_smile_queen+chrysalis_artist-col.png )
Going back to uni to do more work, yaay! What about you?
No. 96914
File 142097377231.png - (160.33KB , 881x906 , sketched - 3.png )
My life is pretty uneventful, apart from taking time off during the festive season to spend time with friends/family.

Aside from that, been working (at a terrible workplace), had to go to hospital for health-related issues, and waiting for word on getting into the university course I applied for.

What has Zeke been up to?
No. 96915
File 142101107921.png - (45.31KB , 150x168 , too hard.png )
>have dream where someone posts porn in the middle of a thread
>"shitshitshit, how did that not get taken care of?!"
>wake up
>check reports list
>check every thread on the front page
phey, crisis averted.
No. 96916
File 142101133994.png - (109.89KB , 600x600 , 3a6debddc2d1ebeb6fad837a8b8eb517-d46e6wu.png )
ah i guess i did.. um,sorry
do you think there would ever be a chance you could maybe find a roomate that would help you out nearby enough for you to continue school perhaps?..may be a longshot but not impossible?..

sounds fun! i looked into that once and it is entirely dead here :p

hope you get into that course <3
No. 96917
File 142101554844.jpg - (157.37KB , 500x593 , 683618__safe_solo_queen+chrysalis_cutealis_artist-.jpg )
Oh, someone else plays this? Huzzah!
No. 96918
File 142104196919.png - (160.84KB , 813x982 , happy - 25.png )
That game used to be huge around here. I don't use it, but, good for those who do, heh. It looks fun.

But what if someone did

Same for you and your school stuff <3

Guess we're all going back to school, heh.
No. 96920
File 142107103338.gif - (9.96KB , 106x96 , 1420992173875.gif )
Me? I've done jack shit since June last year. Although this is the year to turn things around and finally be productive! For starters I'll finally start learning to drive a car.

Maaaan that game is loads of fun. I've had heaps of fun capturing portals only to have them taken back only minutes later. The idea that someone could be right beside me playing Ingress excites me
No. 96932
File 142134488090.png - (99.70KB , 252x276 , fluttershy-happy-3.png )
Oh wow, most people I've spoken to have never heard of it before, then 4 come along at once! Y'all are like buses :p

It's not as impenetrable for a newbie as it looks. When the blues invaded us the 4 of us who just got into it were all L1 and they planted L8 (max level) resonators everywhere. Between us we got the town back to fully green in about 3-4 days. Solo I reckon I could've done it in a week (but I couldn't solo if I tried, everyone keeps seeing it and joining in :p). I'm almost level 4 now, too, after a week at it.

Good for basic exercise.. it's got my daily average steps up from 4000 to 6000 (keep in mind before saying "lol is that all, I do 20k every morning" that I'm sat at a desk all day for my job and don't get much time on an evening) and got me several places I can't normally be bothered to walk to like a monument up a pretty steep hill :p

I did actually find someone playing Ingress right beside me. On my side. I was there hacking a portal by a church when someone else wandered up prodding at his phone in a similar fashion, then we just kind of looked at each other "are you...?" "yup!" - he turned out to be one of the guys I'd noticed on the chat.

One of my mates drove a fair distance to put a huge triangle up. It was taken down half a day later. Lesson learned, don't waste fuel playing this thing xD Tis a walking game!
No. 96982
Why the fuck is there still a snow script.
No. 96983
It's still winter.
No. 96984
No. 97036
File 142352307982.png - (581.49KB , 1280x714 , 141480537128.png )
Let's see...

>played and beat Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric
>New Years
>played more Sonic Boom... with patch
>caught flu
>not much else

Sums up my January... then Ponies were in a Super Bowl commercial. Haven't talk to anyone here in a while, though I talk to Cloud regularly and I did try to message Mikie Pie on Steam. I think I seen you a few times on HAY Zeke.
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