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Lunachan has moved to http://getchan.net/luna/

/chat/ - just a reminder that lunachan is still #based as e...
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96654 No. 96654 watch
just a reminder that lunachan is still #based as ever

still best chan out there
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No. 96657
File 141142774660.png - (39.94KB , 350x820 , 137774276630.png )
Thank you! Even though it's quiet, I like it this way.

Rainbow Rocks soon, bet you're excited Mikie! I've been hooked to the soundtrack myself. I'm probably going to wait until the DVD comes out, theater is far away yet again.
No. 96669
It'll be more #positive after the official switch to gochan
No. 96672
Just don't #dropit
No. 96676
File 141193095080.png - (234.65KB , 816x980 , fluttershy_by_tardisbrony-d6fgr3z.png )
MIKIE! Just happens one of the Rainbow Rocks thearters was one town away! A straight run down the main road too!

No. 96681
File 141202203279.png - (162.31KB , 412x467 , =).png )
i saw it

it was good!!!! i cant wait till outs on DVD so i can cap every part of my glorious pink waifu


i wont
No. 96682
File 141203044075.png - (127.22KB , 833x1458 , fluttershy___equestria_girl_by_negasun-d6d4zr3.png )
Awesome! I hope you did!

(Heads Up To Others: The following are actual EG2 spoilers and not a witty/humorous use of spoiler tags... read at your own risk)
There was more Pinkie being Pinkie than ever.... in both EG land (does the world even have a name yet?) and Equestria. Gotta love that whip cream filled fridge.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I had a good feeling you would. Did you like it more than the first? I know I did, and I love the first (planning to watch it sometime this week too).

Theater was fun, all the reactions others had.
No. 96683
File 141203490725.png - (74.31KB , 202x438 , HNNNNG.png )
way more than the first!!

this is the best one yet
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