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Lunachan has moved to http://getchan.net/luna/

/chat/ - Someone hit the nail on the head so hard the usual...
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Someone hit the nail on the head so hard the usual suspects are in full damage-control mode again, and this looks like something that deserves to be Streisand'd. The summary for those just tuning in: Black Butterfly, the admin of efchan, is so scummy she made up a fake loli persona ("Beat") just to try to paint Mercer (a /GET/ user she doesn't like) as a pedophile. Some of you may already know the rest: She not only baited the FUCK out of him, she maliciously leaked his IP, permabanned him from ef, and tried to get him perma'd on a lot of other imageboards too. She's a complete and total asshole, and so are her band of circlejerkers.


Copypaste of the post from the other thread (which is supposedly a repost of a post that was kneejerk deleted on the initial posting because it's true):

Has anyone else noticed that beat only appears and disappears at about the same times and days as bb?

You gotta be pretty low to make up a fake loli just to smear someone you don't like. Too bad such cheap tricks don't work on anthony or darling, huh? On the upside, anyone who played skullgirls with beat has the satisfaction they gamed with the elusive bb. Oh and it should be obvious the reason most of her projects are secret is because most of them don't exist. She just wants to look important while she plays video games.

The reaction proves it all true.
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much dumb.
No. 96504
This thread has absolutely nothing to do with Lunachan.
No. 96505
>thread didn't lock because forgot some stuff
damn you kusaba x, even Ponychan's kusaba is better than this.

Locked for real this time
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