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/chat/ - Are you a virgin? ...
File 140788177277.jpg - (104.24KB , 720x960 , http%3A%2F%2F31_media_tumblr_com%2F0fa6230a2a38200.jpg )
96449 No. 96449 watch
Are you a virgin?
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No. 96453
File 140788441323.png - (159.55KB , 268x363 , cnc-smile-1.png )
Nah it's a rubbish network, more of a T-Mobile / EE myself
No. 96454
Do ERPs count?
No. 96464
No. 96465
File 140789015680.gif - (391.96KB , 320x240 , 1372734329486.gif )
I'm well on the path to wizardhood. I have ascended above mere virginity.
No. 96467
>I'm the president of Sex
No. 96468
File 140789605834.jpg - (59.33KB , 446x438 , Command and Conquer.jpg )
Nah, I think he means the virgin who made this PC masterpiece! They also make an awesome racing game called Screamer.

It's not my company so I'm not virgin.
No. 96472
File 140793210575.png - (158.26KB , 900x808 , 1373460073153.png )
Yes I am, although if I really wanted to I could have sex with a friend of mine. I probably won't do that though since the idea of fucking a guy seems kinda weird to me.
No. 96480
Do I need some sort of license to say something isn't penetrative intercourse?
No. 96481
File 140795628644.png - (161.12KB , 348x344 , rar-bend-over.png )
Rly tho it depends how strict the definitions are. Or rather how straight they are

Enterprise Resource Planning? Heck, the way my boss reacts to that shit it's far better than sex.
No. 96482
File 14079564591.gif - (48.65KB , 280x353 , RichardBransonPickle.gif )
Same company, the guy who made Branson pickle :)
No. 96486
File 140795967281.png - (218.42KB , 685x479 , 15wf3.png )
I am.
No. 96487
Gonna need that license, son.
No. 96488
File 140797737054.jpg - (21.83KB , 200x147 , 915794_1325476911730_full.jpg )
>Are you a virgin?
I can be whatever people find most agreeable.
No. 96489
File 140798432030.jpg - (170.99KB , 606x810 , 1407816567479.jpg )
Sounds kinky.
No. 96491
File 140801442586.png - (36.97KB , 200x160 , angelic_fluttershy_by_wreky-d54ns0x.png )
Someday I'd like to learn how to be kinky...but that's another topic.

Lately I've been playing with the idea that when a truth is going to be mixed with or interpreted in the context of half-truths, there can be no functional truth. Everything I say will be a lie, essentially. And so I am free to use whatever ideas help me most.

For example, if someone wants to know if I'm a virgin to couple it with he idea that virgins are sexually or social deficient, then I'm not a virgin.

If someone wants to know to couple it with the idea that girls who aren't virgins are less pure (or more sluts), then I am.

And if a doctor needs to know for a medical reason or someone is doing a scientific study, I'll answer with that context in mind.

But in the social world, rather than fight prejudices, I'm going to try to...work with them... :)
No. 96492
That's the makings of a politician.
No. 96494
File 140804111363.gif - (870.20KB , 364x339 , 1407968893601.gif )
>Someday I'd like to learn how to be kinky...but that's another topic.
>A sultry Flower could be a reality
Nah, this is the topic I want to know about.
No. 96495
File 140807078713.jpg - (38.98KB , 620x387 , 10173573_1480850618799937_6605379364062951355_n.jpg )
They call me The Destroyer of Worlds.
No. 96518
File 140825391221.jpg - (13.30KB , 448x112 , images.jpg )
>That's the makings of a politician.
I do grant the more I get past the idea of humans as rational and objective, the more sense politics seems to make...
No. 96520
what do you think m8
No. 96522
File 140830307973.png - (87.52KB , 224x381 , sittin.png )
No. 96526
File 140837258697.png - (22.13KB , 200x146 , fluttershy_green_saddle_by_thatguy1945-d5nujvy.png )
>Nah, this is the topic I want to know about.
I downloaded Blender and I'm going through tutorials. Once I have enough skill to create an attractive virtual body, lots of people will think I'm kinky. :)

But for now, it's a work in progress.
No. 96548
File 140866881318.jpg - (9.93KB , 125x125 , 1407565504711.jpg )
A good Flower is a lusty Flower.
No. 99347
File 144371322647.jpg - (149.19KB , 790x590 , Emi is a shitposter.jpg )
See you in a month
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