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/chat/ - Yo! Kikuto makes his own dramatic thread, end quot...
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Yo! Kikuto makes his own dramatic thread, end quote! This thread's leitmotif will be what made you happy lately.

For me, it has been able to see lately many very important friends for me. That and time for my vacation is not so distant future anymore.

What do you guys have? : )
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No. 96345
Having actual friends in real life who message me while I'm on holiday, it's nice.
And I actually managed to learn some stuff in my free time
No. 96348
File 14068045356.png - (38.17KB , 600x600 , twi-booze.png )
*bronylike comments about friendship* :)
No. 96350
They're not "bronylike comments". Bronies didn't take over the whole friendship department.
I only made actual friends when I took a long break from the community. All the friends I made in the community are gone or I don't talk to them much because we have almost nothing in common.
No. 96351
File 14069016409.png - (88.75KB , 269x216 , Huh.png )
oh god it really seems to make pictures pixelated like porridge when you post thread via phone.

That sounds great : )

well booze makes things different alright
No. 96352
I'm assuming you're referring to an iPhone. From what I've heard, they do that.
No. 96353
File 140700544841.png - (1.64MB , 1024x768 , 139562442203.png )
I seem to be in a good position to actually work towards my goals now.

I've finished the summer semester very well and I've actually been able to study on my own.
I also got around to exercising today.

I wouldn't quite say I'm happy, though.

God, oh God, am I so alone.
No. 96355
File 140702162096.png - (249.47KB , 445x481 , cnc-tells.png )
Well I was pretty much making a satirical comment, which you are taking just a teeny bit seriously.

I'm glad you found better friends elsewhere though (unlike the various ones I know who have made lifelong friendships and even marriages through the community). Which begs the question, why are you here?

And it also makes different things alright :)
No. 96358
I'm thousands of miles away from my friends, I can't really do much with them via text, and I even I don't know why exactly I'm here I asked to be banned but I'm not and I think I keep lurking because I'm waiting for some old names to pop up.
No. 96365
File 140707335526.png - (285.72KB , 486x704 , twi-coffee.png )
I see. Old friends? But if they're not "actual friends" (because we're all fake yada yada, the usual "these people said they cared and posted hug pictures but couldn't fix my bipolar disorder so now I hate the entire Brony community and think they're all full of shit" routine) then why so keen for them to pop up?
No. 96368
File 140707668237.jpg - (11.93KB , 194x259 , flut socks.jpg )
Hi, Kikuto! What made me happy today? I have My Little Pony socks on! :)

What ideas do you have for making friends in real life?
No. 96369
I've been on holiday for over a month in another country, and they're all leaving for university soon after I get back.

Hey, I've never had any mental disorders m8, that shitty generalization better not be aimed towards me.
I don't know, I just miss the nostalgia feel.
I said "old names".

I can talk to any old poster for at least 10 or 15 minutes until our conversation dies for another few months or years. It's fun while it lasts.
No. 96370
I have friends right now.
Need plans for next school year.

I'll just hang around in the work room and help other people with the subjects I finished this year
No. 96371
File 140707977895.png - (60.51KB , 200x211 , de647b90ddb97fbe5352e7ef4d1ac11b.png )
It's good to hear you have friends. :)

But now I'm a bit confused about your addiction to lunachan... Do you know what motivates your addiction?
No. 96372
Loneliness makes me spend more time online.
That's all I know
No. 96376
How would I know, you're anonymous. Don't want to use a name, don't be surprised if people don't know you and therefore fall back on generalisations (There are a shedload of people with those issues on the pony chans and I've seen the attitude I mentioned too many times to count over on ponychan)

Have you considered using a name? It's very hard to make friends (or maintain an ongoing friendship) with someone who can't be identified
No. 96394
File 140717738427.png - (191.26KB , 500x269 , smile.png )
Indeed! Ah, good to know!

Oh, I see! Hopefully you are able to find company!

I kinda feel there is some kind of story behind this

Hi Flower! Simple things are the best things indeed : )
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