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No. 96304
JoJo is so damn ridiculous.
I don't know if it's trying to be or if they don't realize just how impossible the plot is.
No. 96305
>title is JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Pretty sure it's the former.
No. 96309
But they're taking things that can't be just explained with cuz magic and making them ridiculous.
The ending of the second arc was just too much.
A volcano erupted to hurl a chunk of rock fast enough to reach "escape velocity" then Kars ends up being the only part of that mess to actually go into outer space.
Jojo was able to stand on a chunk of rock going that fast. I don't think he'd even be able to breathe.
Then Kars ends up freezing over in outer space when it was daylight, so he would've been burned instead of frozen.
Then this rock Jojo's on falls back down to earth with minor damage done to him.
This isn't just an unlikely occurrence like getting a royal flush in poker. It shows impossible events that ignore extremely fundamental scientific principles several times.
It isn't just bizarre. It's way past bizarre.
No. 96323
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