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/chat/ - Back when I was around 12 years old I woke up one ...
File 140393262283.png - (136.28KB , 457x512 , jesus fuck.png )
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Back when I was around 12 years old I woke up one morning to find out that all the warts on my toes had dissapeared
It was the happiest day of my life
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No. 96140
No. 96141
That's the weirdest metaphor of disappearing users I've seen for some time
No. 96145
disappearing users?
No. 96146
Well, not so much disappearing, as lurking!
No. 96150
File 140412595874.jpg - (49.46KB , 533x594 , 140178147171.jpg )
No. 96151
I feel you, dawg.
I've had warts on my hands since I was in high school, and now that it looks like they might be gone for good, it's the best.
No. 96163
File 140422591627.png - (227.79KB , 351x474 , Screenshot - 05242014 - 01:09:10 AM.png )
>tfw never had warts
No. 96166
Look at this piece of manly perfection.
No. 96169
I had one on my ringfinger that shit wen away on its own
No. 99283
Quit being a cunt, pipes
No. 99302
File 144330170882.jpg - (149.19KB , 790x590 , Emi is a shitposter.jpg )
Necro posting is against the rules on most regular forums, and for good reason.
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