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/chat/ - So.. I saw the TV advert for Equestria Girls Rainb...
File 13982777656.jpg - (17.97KB , 368x400 , DrDoofenshmirtz2-1.jpg )
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So.. I saw the TV advert for Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks toys and now I want to cut out my eyes to avoid the possibly of watching it again..

But at the same time, I want to buy the Fluttershy so I can hot glue...

Im confus..
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No. 95712
>Hot glue
Hot glue what?
No. 95716
File 139831300194.png - (144.42KB , 300x479 , 177.png )
you dont want to know
No. 95717
File 139831319185.png - (41.43KB , 356x276 , 2.png )
No. 95718
File 139831328732.png - (203.28KB , 366x642 , 116.png )
ayyy, trust me. you dont
No. 95720
File 139831448292.png - (36.87KB , 354x251 , 3.png )
I got an idea of what it is by context.
No. 95721
File 139831459418.png - (200.17KB , 396x708 , 124.png )
pipes is such a gross friend :^)
No. 95725
File 139837734493.jpg - (64.49KB , 879x456 , Equestria-Girls-Prototypes.jpg )
Yeah, what's up with those Equestria Girls toys. They don't even look like girls, or ponies, they look like cats. I mean those ears.

Ok, I stole that from that Ashens guy on YouTube XD

Will be honest, merch-wise I have the Through The Mirror and Rainbow Rocks books. Through The Mirror wasn't too bad for a adaptation, I enjoyed reading it. Still have to read Rainbow Rocks.

Oh my gosh, I was just asking about you in the Rainbow Rocks thread. XD Haven't seen you on here or on Steam, so I was thinking about you buddy. ^^
No. 95735
File 139843730838.png - (86.04KB , 269x309 , 132.png )
awww haha

i decided to uninstall steam because i wasnt using it that much anymore

i am mostly on skype nowadays
No. 95736
File 139844187959.png - (80.25KB , 219x462 , 137961942206.png )
Gotcha, I don't think I added you to Skype.... anyway add snowfox024. I don't use Skype as much, but I do pop in once in awhile (usually set to invisible). ^^

Nice to see you though. :D
No. 95737
File 139844272394.jpg - (411.06KB , 724x1024 , Because Andrea Libman really is #based.jpg )
you too, buddy

request sent now

also, look at this amazing pic i found
No. 95738
File 139848032477.png - (156.33KB , 448x453 , Mother of me.png )
And added! Thanks! ^^

That pic...
No. 98692
why are you bumping all your threads, pips?
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