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/chat/ - I would snuggle a Luna
File 139797501868.jpg - (66.19KB , 774x1031 , lunahuman.jpg )
95669 No. 95669 watch
I would totally snuggle a Luna.
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No. 95670
File 139800256222.jpg - (483.72KB , 595x841 , 1397904180302.jpg )
I'm sure that's what you meant.
No. 95671
File 139801068694.jpg - (17.08KB , 480x480 , 132971395746.jpg )
Well, Luna is best pone after all.
No. 95672
No, that's exactly what I meant. I was in a very snuggly mood =)

Always am.
No. 95675
>snuggly mood
No. 95676
File 13980461827.png - (940.06KB , 900x732 , luna53.png )
The moon is a lonely place. Snuggles are always welcome.
No. 95680
No. 95692
File 139813391922.jpg - (68.02KB , 800x530 , Luna4.jpg )

Hugs acquired.
No. 95698
File 139814405160.png - (64.09KB , 894x894 , changeling1.png )
No. 95722
I require more snuggles!
No. 95724
File 139835443896.jpg - (85.01KB , 1053x660 , snug.jpg )
>snuggles to meet demand
No. 95726
..thanks ... I really needed that today...
*hugs more*
No. 95727
File 139839387760.png - (1.30MB , 1574x2560 , luna47.png )

Snuggles are always good!
No. 95728
File 139840262520.png - (267.31KB , 702x527 , snuggle.png )
Anything for Sergie!
*all of the hugs*
No. 95740
File 139848884963.png - (1.36MB , 850x1100 , pinkiepie9.png )

*hugs tight*
No. 95743
File 13985397887.png - (209.06KB , 600x700 , 133101497001.png )
But of course!
Anything for Sergie.
No. 95746
Your underwear is NOW DIAMONDS!
No. 95747
File 139870892031.jpg - (56.30KB , 458x480 , sug (23).jpg )
I'm pretty sure it's still the loosely tied fabric I remember it being!..
No. 95748
G-Geeze I was only kidding!
Please put on something a little more appropriate...

No. 95749
File 139874758558.png - (261.01KB , 496x475 , sug.png )
I guess not everybody enjoys a full moon.
No. 95750
w-well I just.. I..
uhm... I...

No. 95751
File 139879151985.png - (514.40KB , 894x894 , sug (4).png )
Perfectly understandable. Your princess knows that her beauty is hard to take in all at once.
No. 95754
No. 95755
File 139882635958.png - (121.27KB , 443x447 , insert hug here.png )
No. 95757
*brings to bed*
No. 95758
File 139883963353.png - (200.23KB , 500x376 , 1398804886830.png )
>Brings to bed
Oh baby.
No. 95761
File 139887821241.png - (231.70KB , 900x506 , sug (5).png )
But Serge-chan, I've been in bed the whole time!...
No. 95767
Good <3
*sleeps on*
No. 95769
File 139890383116.png - (336.05KB , 900x771 , 136747031998.png )
I doubt I'd be a comfortable resting object; I'm too full of bones, silly.
No. 95771
Innuendo much~?
No. 95772
File 139892327922.jpg - (130.55KB , 1280x937 , 138195123231.jpg )
Okay, maybe not full just yet.
How dare you accuse your princess of being so...so crude! I demand snuggles in reparations.
No. 95773
F-forgive me...

*Complies graciously*
No. 95774
File 139895890863.jpg - (89.48KB , 900x828 , 137647262549.jpg )
This is acceptable.
No. 95775
I'm 12 years old and what is this
No. 95776
File 139896493245.jpg - (122.26KB , 1280x800 , 1385418751867.jpg )
A snuggle-fest, of course! But it's way past your bed time, young one. Why do you remain awake?
No. 95777
Because not all of the world is in the same timezone.
When I do go to sleep late though, it's just because I hate the idea of ever getting up in the morning because I'm more motivated by fear of failure due to inaction than opportunity for success.

also internet addiction

Why are you still awake m8?
No. 95779
File 139897244095.png - (26.93KB , 151x110 , I say.png )
Luna is overrated
No. 95781
File 139897307581.png - (159.01KB , 652x600 , 139508386564.png )
Ah, gotcha zeroed. Not very convincing, but I digress.
You feel yourself unwilling to talk this through with those best able to help you for one reason or another.
Inaction is the only guaranteed method of failure, success is relative to you, and everything you think, feel, and see is but a projection of your mind onto some neutral thing.
You've had unrealistically high expectations thrust upon you be people you don't feel a strong connection with. You are alienated from your own dreams and feelings. Trapped between a wall of thoughts and an expanding pit of failure, perhaps. Waiting results in falling. Pushing back, however, buys you both time and distance. Just need to find the strength.
Remember: You're here forever comes to mind rather vividly. It's not true, just expected. Many great things are on the internet, after all. Moderation can only help.
Sleep is a waste of my time. I refuse to sacrifice half of my ever-decreasing, and already half-depleted, supply to being lifeless.

No. 95787
File 139897923239.jpg - (65.00KB , 453x478 , 1376218525327.jpg )
Good stuff.
No. 95788
Sorry for responding so late, it's been a long time since I was last in the mood for extreme hugbox escapism.
*Hugs back*

>Inaction is the only guaranteed method of failure, success is relative to you, and everything you think, feel, and see is but a projection of your mind onto some neutral thing.
>You've had unrealistically high expectations thrust upon you be people you don't feel a strong connection with. You are alienated from your own dreams and feelings. Trapped between a wall of thoughts and an expanding pit of failure, perhaps.
This is all true.

Thanks for the advice Lunanon.
I try to moderate, yes
and that's an interesting way of looking at sleep
No. 95789
goodnight m8
No. 95790
*snuggles all*
No. 95791
*snuggles all*
No. 95794
File 139899491483.gif - (951.83KB , 600x679 , 1385415369415.gif )
There was no time limit or expressed want for a response, so technically you're infinitely early and doing extra-credit work. Sometimes all that is needed is a little step back, some added perspective. Things are constantly changing, the hand of cards you've been dealt is no exception. You've been very well mannered and kind for the time that I knew you, and I feel that you're still similar to what I remember. I hope luck favors you in the long run.

Your princess enjoys this...and is sorry for somewhat derailing the thread.
No. 95796
MIne <3
No. 95799
>and I feel that you're still similar to what I remember.
Well that line just piqued my curiosity.
It's 1 AM and I have no idea what to to say
what's going on m8
why are you saying nice things to me
No. 95800
File 139907938339.png - (478.92KB , 900x900 , 1385405154380.png )
Yours <3

I say these things because I mean them, silly. It's nice to know that you're not taking them harshly.
No. 95802
The adorableness of this image...

too much!
No. 95803
File 13990949769.png - (818.18KB , 1341x1788 , 16346 - celestia human humanized incest luna lunes.png )
I know, right?
No. 95809
I give up!
No. 95814
Read me a story...?
No. 95815
File 139960928599.png - (604.75KB , 900x629 , 135785219270.png )
Of course! Any particular type of story in mind?
No. 95818
File 139961087010.jpg - (743.32KB , 802x1124 , ryuuko 74.jpg )
I would totally snuggle a Ryuuko.
No. 95819
File 139961193364.png - (564.18KB , 722x1107 , 135502899151.png )
I'm not sure she's the snuggling type, but I've not seen much Kill la Kill yet.
No. 95820
File 139961212721.jpg - (212.83KB , 1422x800 , ryuuko 218.jpg )
She'd think I'm a faggot. ;-;
No. 95821
File 139961261447.png - (179.37KB , 640x480 , 132623548110.png )
Perhaps, but I doubt the blame would lie on you for such a claim; she seems to think that of everyone, from what I've gathered so far.
You'd just need to prove yourself worthy of such closeness by doing something she could appreciate, e.g., violent acts.
No. 95822
File 13996132085.jpg - (99.82KB , 580x828 , ryuuko 233.jpg )
No, it's entirely my fault. She'd probs think I'm creepy for taking over 3000 screencaps of her too.
No. 95823
File 139961364563.jpg - (17.08KB , 480x480 , 132971395746.jpg )
My my... That is a rather large amount. Why do you have so many, if I may ask? You never know, maybe she'd find that flattering in a way.
No. 95824
>Mein will try to find his Ryuuko.
No. 95825
File 139961727341.png - (492.11KB , 707x1000 , ryuuko 235.png )
I wanted to have a fun avatarfag folder.

If only I was that outgoing. There are two types of people who actively seek out girlfriends: alphas and autists who don't know better. Sadly I'm just another faggot.
No. 95826
File 139961866494.gif - (2.63MB , 640x640 , 134497534008.gif )
Oh... I see.
No. 95827
nope... just any good one.
No. 95830
File 139969055172.png - (699.47KB , 1250x1100 , 1392924108298.png )
"Chance's Folly" - Elder Scrolls Series

By the time she was sixteen, Minevah Iolos had been an unwelcome guest in every shop and manor in Balmora. Sometimes, she would take everything of value within; other times, it was enough to experience the pure pleasure of finding a way past the locks and traps. In either situation, she would leave a pair of dice in a prominent location as her calling card to let the owners know who had burgled them. The mysterious ghost became known to the locals as Chance.
A typical conversation in Balmora at this time:
My dear, whatever happened to that marvelous necklace of yours?
My dear, it was taken by Chance.
The only time when Chance disliked her hobby was when she miscalculated, and she came upon an owner or a guard. So far, she had never been caught, or even seen, but dozens of times she had uncomfortably close encounters. There came a day when she felt it was time to expand her reach. She considered going to Vivec or Gnisis, but one night at the Eight Plates, she heard a tale of the Heran Ancestral Tomb, an ancient tomb filled with traps and possessing hundreds of years of the Heran family treasures.
The idea of breaking the spell of the Heran Tomb and gaining the fortune within appealed to Chance, but facing the guardians was outside of her experience. While she was considering her options, she saw Ulstyr Moresby sitting at a table nearby, by himself as usual. He was huge brute of a Breton who had a reputation as a gentle eccentric, a great warrior who had gone mad and paid more attention to the voices in his head than to the world around him.
If she must have a partner in this enterprise, Chance decided, this man would be perfect. He would not demand or understand the concept of getting an equal share of the booty. If worse came to worse, he would not be missed if the inhabitants of the Heran Tomb were too much for him. Or if Chance found his company tiresome and elected to leave him behind.
"Ulstyr, I don't think we've ever met, but my name is Minevah," she said, approaching the table. "I'm fancying a trip to the Heran Ancestral Tomb. If you think you could handle the monsters, I could take care of unlocking doors and popping traps. What do you think?"
The Breton took a moment to reply, as if considering the counsel of the voices in his head. Finally he nodded his head in the affirmative, mumbling, "Yes, yes, yes, prop a rock, hot steel. Chitin. Walls beyond doors. Fifty-three. Two months and back."
"Splendid," said Chance, not the least put off by his rambling. "We'll leave early tomorrow."
When Chance met Ulstyr the next morning, he was wearing chitin armor and had armed himself with an unusual blade that glowed faintly of enchantment. As they began their trek, she tried to engage him in conversation, but his responses were so nonsensical that she quickly abandoned the attempts. A sudden rainstorm swelled over the plain, dousing them, but as she was wearing no armor and Ulstyr was wearing slick chitin, their progress was not impeded.
Into the dark recesses of the Heran Tomb, they delved. Her instincts had been correct -- they made very good partners.
She recognized the ancient snap-wire traps, deadfalls, and brittle backs before they were triggered, and cracked all manners of lock: simple tumbler, combination, twisted hasp, double catch, varieties from antiquity with no modern names, rusted heaps that would have been dangerous to open even if one possessed the actual key.
Ulstyr for his part slew scores of bizarre fiends, the likes of which Chance, a city girl, had never seen before. His enchanted blade's spell of fire was particularly effective against the Frost Atronachs. He even saved her when she lost her footing and nearly plummeted into a shadowy crack in the floor.
"Not to hurt thyself," he said, his face showing genuine concern. "There are walls beyond doors and fifty-three. Drain ring. Two months and back. Prop a rock. Come, Mother Chance."
Chance had not been listening to much of Ulstyr's babbling, but when he said "Chance," she was startled. She had introduced herself to him as Minevah. Could it be that the peasants were right, and that when mad men spoke, they were talking to the daedra prince Sheogorath who gave them advice and information beyond their ken? Or was it rather, more sensibly, that Ulstyr was merely repeating what he heard tell of in Balmora where in recent years "Chance" had become synonymous with lockpicking?
As the two continued on, Chance thought of Ulstyr's mumblings. He had said "chitin" when they met as if it had just occurred to him, and the chitin armor that he wore had proven useful. Likewise, "hot steel." What could "walls beyond doors" mean? Or "two months and back"? What numbered "fifty-three"?
The notion that Ulstyr possessed secret knowledge about her and the tomb they were in began to unnerve Chance. She made up her mind then to abandon her companion once the treasure had been found. He had cut through the living and undead guardians of the dungeon: if she merely left by the path they had entered, she would be safe without a defender.
One phrase he said made perfect sense to her: "drain ring." At one of the manors in Balmora, she had picked up a ring purely because she thought it was pretty. It was not until later that she discovered that it could be used to sap other people's vitality. Could Ulstyr be aware of this? Would he be taken by surprise if she used it on him?
She formulated her plan on how best to desert the Breton as they continued down the hall. Abruptly the passage ended with a large metal door, secured by a golden lock. Using her pick, Chance snapped away the two tumblers and bolt, and swung the door open. The treasure of the Heran Tomb was within.
Chance quietly slipped her glove off her hand, exposing the ring as she stepped into the room. There were fifty-three bags of gold within. As she turned, the door closed between her and the Breton. On her side, it did not resemble a door anymore, but a wall. Walls beyond doors.
For many days, Chance screamed and screamed, as she tried to find a way out of the room. For some days after that, she listened dully to the laughter of Sheogorath within her own head. Two months later, when Ulstyr returned, she was dead. He used a rock to prop open the door and remove the gold.

I'd read it for you via Vocaroo, but I'm afraid my voice is quite hoarse from today. I did, however, find another who has already read it aloud if you so desire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGYH1hfT5xk
No. 95836
T-that was sads...
No. 95840
File 139975330553.png - (865.77KB , 701x900 , 136939135177.png )
This is why I ask for better guidance, silly. I could look for a more upbeat story if you'd like.
No. 95844
how about just more hugs? <3
No. 95846
File 139983188147.png - (488.82KB , 631x734 , hug (11).png )
Hugs are nice ♥
No. 95847
*hugs tight* I'm sleepy... dream with me?
No. 95852
File 139991980419.jpg - (84.49KB , 900x1350 , 1355639510231.jpg )
But of course, my sleepy friend.
No. 95858
File 13999466322.gif - (1.16MB , 260x173 , 1396605326405.gif )
>This whole thread
No. 95859
*hugs you too*
No. 95860
File 139995772372.png - (367.23KB , 1299x731 , 135507252517.png )
I often start spontaneous, single-player matches of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" too!
I lose quite often, though... Turns out that "Rock" doesn't win as often as you'd think. Scissors all the way.
No. 95861
File 139997569038.jpg - (59.80KB , 609x676 , 1399734529504.jpg )
>Scissors all the way
Very subtle. Now continue on with Serge, I was never here.
No. 95869
File 140001801834.png - (435.85KB , 1280x947 , 134031612530.png )
Oh no you don't; It's tree fiddy to watch.
No. 95870
File 140002087688.jpg - (423.69KB , 1170x850 , 1398369930581.jpg )
>tree fiddy
I don't have 50 acres.
No. 95872
File 140002463160.png - (3.20MB , 2200x2350 , 132630120520.png )
I could settle for 35, with the Anon-discount. Does that sound more in your range?
No. 95873
File 140002753257.png - (27.66KB , 176x239 , Celestia (24).png )
It's a hefty toll for a slow show, but fine.
No. 95874
File 140003691244.png - (673.25KB , 700x700 , 134047891499.png )
Slow, yet sweet. Like warm, sticky molasses.
No. 95883
Why watch when you can partake~
No. 95889
File 140015836423.png - (58.52KB , 400x298 , 1397575045900.png )
N...no thanks.
No. 95892
File 140017996815.png - (183.44KB , 900x810 , 133998420797.png )
No. 95894
Shit son how genuinely nice are you and why
No. 95895
File 140018501958.png - (354.88KB , 700x700 , 132630051284.png )
I'm not really all that nice, I just don't value myself over others very often.
No. 95896
How do you usually feel?
No. 95897
File 140018515511.png - (146.71KB , 575x622 , 139745720659.png )
What do you mean?
No. 95898
How would you r8 your emotional st8 m8
No. 95899
File 14001854522.jpg - (66.77KB , 740x1078 , 139745662684.jpg )
Just gr8, 8/8
No. 95900
Well that's nice to hear.
Wish I could be more like you m8
No. 95901
File 140018627650.png - (330.58KB , 900x857 , 133376685270.png )
It's not actually all that great, silly; I just wanted to keep up the 8-streak. Not to sound rude or anything, but I don't think that you know enough about me to make that judgement.
No. 95902
I wish the way I acted towards friends and family was more similar to the way you act here*

Is that okay?
No. 95903
File 140018694451.png - (249.03KB , 1500x1250 , 132621555082.png )
Ah, I see... Same here, mate.
No. 95904
I used to be really nice online but awful towards my family. Just kept staring at my computer screen and shouting at people who bothered me.

Made some friends now. I treat my family with a bit more respect. I removed the trip, I stopped posting on imageboards everyday and I spend more time offline.

And now I've stopped being nice online, somehow.
Don't even know if I'm capable of being nice towards everyone

Don't know why I'm talking about this stuff either.
No. 95905
File 140018847910.png - (283.92KB , 700x850 , 132629466752.png )
It's excellent to see that you've started living more of a physical life, rather than keeping with digital. People change their modes of thinking all the time, willingly/knowingly or not.
Niceness tends to come naturally to those untouched by corrupting evils, but must be trained and exercised in those who are not so fortunate. It takes a lot of time and a little effort, but I firmly believe that everyone (minus sociopaths and other such outliers) can have a general love take root in their hearts, given the right growing conditions.
Could be an outlet or something of the like. Could be searching for advice. Either way, talking about things tends to have good outcomes, be it directly or indirectly.
I'm very sick at the moment, however, so please forgive me if I am of little or no use.
No. 95906
Both of you are wonderful for who you are. Never forget that.
I try to be nice the best I can... it's hard, at times. But I know if it improves anyone's day just a little, it would be worth it...

I don't feel so well myself right now..
No. 95907
File 140020371385.png - (2.55MB , 2243x2813 , 135785343033.png )
I think you're pretty cool yourself, friend. And this is one of the reasons I personally like kindness, too.
I do hope that clears up soon... Illness can be an awful thing.
No. 95910
Eyy, thanks for the advice Lunanon
Sorry to hear that, hope you get well soon.

Same goes for you.

I'll just deflect that compliment, but thanks
No. 95912
Is there anybody out there
No. 95913
Nope. Only us crickets.
No. 95914
File 140028222431.png - (571.79KB , 3000x3925 , 135413960444.png )
I do what I can. Thank you, but I will be fine.

You can say goodbye, To all the things that you have ever known.
No. 95921
How do you get a good night's sleep when all you can do is think about how shitty a person you are?
No. 95923
I forgive myself, and attempt to focus on what good I might be able to do for the future, regardless of the past or present.
No. 95924
This >>95923
No. 95932
Thanks guys
No. 95935
Yep exactly...

One thing you might want to check is whether other people who you think might see you as a shitty person, actually do. People are often a lot more tolerant and forgiving of others than they are of themselves, and the view of everyone else may be that you're not shitty at all - even if they think something you did was.

But if you have been a shitty person (most of us have been at some point in our lives or at least done something bad), then you use that as a learning experience. Realising that you've been shitty, if that is the case, means that you're actually a decent person underneath, because you recognised it and want to improve. So give yourself a bit of forgiveness, and learn how to better put "being nice" into practice. It is, indeed, not always as easy as it should be, and we all still slip up sometimes.

(Failing that, to answer the question, copious amounts of alcohol.)
No. 99247
File 144245988773.png - (701.49KB , 1080x1080 , Coco 92.png )
Looks like this was a pretty sweet thread. You guys are cool dudes.
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