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/chat/ - hey lunachan, how're you? ...
File 138964400877.png - (446.16KB , 480x807 , eg pinkie15.png )
94346 No. 94346 watch
hey lunachan, how're you?
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No. 94347
File 138964500921.png - (234.39KB , 640x640 , 138297265855.png )
Going good, is home all day today so I played some Sonic, did some dishes, and waiting for League of Legends to finish downloading. I have no interest in playing with others and competing (not really competitive), but I do want to enjoy an MBOA with just bots. :P

More or less, I wanna play at my own pace and enjoy it, rather team up with someone who's like "WIN WIN WIN!, YOU'RE DOING THIS AND THAT WRONG, FUUUUUUUUUUUUU, I'M REPORTING YOU SO UR BANNED". XD I heard a lot about the playerbase of this game, I'd do Dota 2, but specs are too high for my laptop (requires 4GB RAM, I have 2GB).

Not much else has been going on. Maybe will watch some ponies later if things are settled down a bit. Not really going out until tomorrow anyway, thinking about whether to bring Sonic as I usually do or Cars to play since mom has an appointment and I need to wait.
No. 94348
File 138964531410.png - (142.03KB , 248x628 , 134.png )
nice! and same, that's why i never bother with those kind of games for that very reason. i see so many getting frustrated it just looses it's fun for the most part

i like simple 1 player kinda more tho. just works better for me
No. 94349
File 138964571461.png - (59.71KB , 692x527 , 137774332754.png )
Indeed, the only way I'll play with anyone online in it is if it's my RL friend I went to school with. Otherwise, just going to be bots with myself (if they have difficulty, put all the hard ones on my team and the other team to easy. XD).

Even if I play MW3 online, I usually like "I'm not gonna win this, I'll just have a good time". :3

Same here. I tend to like online multiplayer more with friends. Played my friend the other day in Doom online, and we see each other on a regular basis.

So how is Mikie doing?
No. 94350
File 138964749458.png - (911.72KB , 2667x4143 , my first ever attempt at making a vector.png )
im doing ok for the most part

a bit bored today

been busy lately

made my first vector yesterday... took me over 7 hours

it has lots of errors... but, i tried
No. 94351
File 138964779754.png - (39.94KB , 350x820 , 137774276630.png )
Good to hear it aside from being a bit bored. Know the feeling of being busy.

Ooh nice, I don't think that's bad for a first time. Pretty good and pretty cute! I've only drew ponies by hand before and not that often.
No. 94352
File 138964800598.png - (244.21KB , 603x576 , 7.png )
thanks =P

i WISH i could draw so badly.
No. 94353
File 138965490640.jpg - (148.17KB , 918x962 , arise+_7440654610de3071e1caf9db57572129.jpg )
Were you in the chickun /b/read last night? I think I saw you, but you were offline on skype...
No. 94354
File 13896565124.png - (212.00KB , 809x987 , a_little_love_for_fluttershy__by_oathkeeper21-d6ij.png )

I have a few up at... http://snowfox4.deviantart.com/

So I played LoL, just a bot game let's see...

>Chooses Exit Game
>Warned I may temporarly be banned from playing
>goes away to do something for mom real quick
>Idling, if you continue you will be banned

Is this made by ban hammer happy people? I'm not even playing with others either. Fun concept, but badly needs an offline single player mode badly. O_o

Also, the game was taking too long, 40 minutes into it and I just surrendered after. Literally impossible to play since I need to pause and do something when needed.

Back to Commander Keen, Portal, and Sonic, at least internet isn't required for those, and I can pause or save them. :P Heck, I wouldn't mind playing a Jimmy Neutron GBA game and having to write down a password at this point. XD

>Dat file size!
No. 94358
File 13896872121.jpg - (125.67KB , 768x804 , why.jpg )
No. 94364
File 138973215474.png - (203.28KB , 366x642 , 116.png )
naw that was prolly smokey

i was there the other night tho

youre art is adorable. if you ever get bored feel free to draw me something nice

i very much enjoy art made for me
No. 94365
File 138973692566.png - (161.46KB , 831x962 , 130672250348.png )
Thank you. ^^

Wouldn't be a problem. I do get busy, but if I'm bored or have the time, I do like to draw. :D
No. 94366
File 138973837436.png - (138.14KB , 267x615 , 140.png )
thank you!
No. 94367
File 138974164974.png - (89.17KB , 446x1021 , wat 9.png )
Idon't think so. I had Milky's /b/ name userscript and it didn't show up as Smokey. Maybe it was someone else. Also, how have they not been banned?
No. 94368
File 138974210182.png - (484.43KB , 738x631 , 96.png )
i been b& multiple times

i just sit them out because i dont bother to reset my IP
No. 94369
File 138974632929.jpg - (30.38KB , 365x405 , ^_^.jpg )
Welcome! I just don't do requests given how busy I get at times. Sometimes helping mom keeps me busy. She may be back at work, but she always needs help around the house and while out.

So when I have the free time and feel like drawing, I'll draw.
No. 94370
File 138974722477.png - (437.32KB , 655x628 , 98.png )
ill be looking forward for sure, snowy!
No. 94371
File 138974750128.png - (85.75KB , 917x618 , twi-sleep-book-3.png )
Tired! Should stop staying up so late. The folks have started going really early, maybe I should do the same.
Anyhoo, all good, how's you?
No. 94372
File 138974779019.png - (118.56KB , 324x285 , Flutteryay.png )
No. 94375
File 138974915398.png - (127.11KB , 217x541 , 105.png )
doing good and feeling alright

i myself need to get some sleep lol
No. 94377
File 138980595020.gif - (66.44KB , 500x281 , 1389066297356.gif )
Could be better.
No. 94385
File 13898424244.png - (66.43KB , 157x381 , 67.png )
that .gif makes me giggle for some reason

anyway, hope it gets better
No. 94389
File 138990574674.png - (232.65KB , 556x466 , what's that 5.png )
What's up?
No. 94390
File 138990830987.png - (472.24KB , 1280x720 , Smile.png )
I feel like watching a bunch of old (animated) movies and series
No. 94392
File 138992816933.png - (62.06KB , 448x421 , 1389038874210.png )
What? Oh... nothing. Just saying it could be better, I'm just fine it that's what your asking for.
After that, nothing else.
Just going through chans, and being only slightly busy.
No. 94396
File 138994210045.png - (15.47KB , 93x125 , look up.png )
I meant what's making it less than good? Anything we can do to help?
No. 94397
File 138994284372.gif - (68.50KB , 900x900 , 1389069607372.gif )
Nah, it's just a personal manner I can deal with just fine. It'll blow over. Thanks for your concern though.
No. 94426
File 139019445465.png - (79.68KB , 287x299 , 100.png )
anyone home?
No. 94427
File 139019466482.png - (458.22KB , 1640x1074 , Fluttershy_(Grand_Galloping_Gala).png )
Hi, Mikie Pie! How are you?
No. 94428
File 139019579867.png - (113.86KB , 276x512 , 89.png )
hey flower! ^_^

doing well, you? im gonna hanging out here more often

No. 94429
File 139019616353.png - (190.73KB , 952x840 , fluttershy__looking_particularly_shy__by_drfatalch.png )
>hey flower! ^_^

>doing well, you?
It's nice to hear you're doing well. I'm doing well -- I should be in bed, but I'm not really tired yet...

>im gonna hanging out here more often, you?
I'd like to, but school starts Tuesday so I will be rather busy. We'll see...

So what's on your mind tonight, Mikie?
No. 94430
File 139019642671.png - (282.94KB , 874x787 , 214.png )
sleep when ready i guess, heh

and not too much. just thinking about the past lately. but im ok
No. 94431
File 139019669169.png - (265.50KB , 913x876 , fluttershy___the_mane_dress_project_by_kibbiethegr.png )
>just thinking about the past lately. but im ok
I see...what comes to mind about the past?
No. 94432
File 139019716184.png - (233.01KB , 291x928 , 305.png )
i just feel that a lot has changed in life in the past couple of years for me. and happend so fast
No. 94433
File 139019763412.jpg - (7.62KB , 300x168 , Fluttershy_flower.jpg )
>i just feel that a lot has changed in life in the past couple of years for me. and happend so fast
I've changed a lot, too, and sometimes looking back it seems I've already lived several lives. :) But somehow, too, things have always been the same in many ways...

How do you feel about the recent changes in your life?
No. 94434
File 139019973663.png - (130.64KB , 900x442 , request__fluttershy_sleeping__by_pangbot-d4vdv8x.png )
Well, Mikie, I could probably stay up longer, but Skunkie and Fluttershy seem to be getting sleepy. Perhaps we can talk later.

Good night, Mikie Pie! :)
No. 94436
File 139020202222.png - (147.64KB , 294x601 , 127.png )
just a lot of stuff, heh

also, rest well
No. 94461
File 139027554098.jpg - (13.43KB , 316x273 , 131186872927.jpg )
I've been better
No. 94464
hope you feel better m8
No. 94465
feel better soon, hun.
No. 94469
File 139031958562.png - (66.43KB , 157x381 , 67.png )
awww, feel better

havent been too great myself tbh...

but trying to get better
No. 94472
File 139032767133.png - (44.68KB , 597x419 , caguaii.png )
I'm feeling tempted to start eating Halls cough drops like candy.
No. 94474
hope you feel better m8
No. 94487
ITT: Everyone needs to get better soon
No. 94489
File 139033750993.png - (196.88KB , 386x449 , Yui95.png )
My nose was just a little stuffy, that's all. But Halls are really damn good. I want to eat more. ;_;
No. 94512
File 139035706848.png - (366.95KB , 900x700 , 27.png )
You're a real goofball.
No. 94515
File 139036174356.jpg - (7.42KB , 300x168 , Fluttershy_soup.jpg )
>ITT: Everyone needs to get better soon
I'll just leave this here... :)

Get well soon, everypony! :)
No. 94516
File 139036309422.png - (333.08KB , 687x676 , Yui16.png )
I am not.
No. 94517
File 139036394057.png - (52.90KB , 758x447 , 16.png )
>Tomato soup
You trying to kill me?

Yes you are. You've always been.
No. 94518
File 139036463196.png - (159.97KB , 500x371 , 130403204378.png )
Shut up. You smell like things.
No. 94519
File 139036558270.png - (1.00MB , 1280x960 , Jesus that grin.png )
Well you're ugly.
No. 94520
File 139036689267.jpg - (159.47KB , 1920x1080 , SQUISHY.jpg )
Remove Leelee.
No. 94521
File 139036853467.png - (378.85KB , 327x495 , 10.png )
No. 94522
File 139037051090.png - (392.40KB , 696x681 , Yui6.png )
No. 94523
File 139037224213.png - (26.14KB , 450x141 , 24.png )
Remove Mein.
No. 94526
File 139038790631.png - (309.25KB , 576x658 , Yui18.png )
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