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Lunachan has moved to http://getchan.net/luna/

/chat/ - Greetings from /mlp/. Care to sync with us?
File 138292250336.png - (623.73KB , 800x800 , 0010-1382086935107.png )
92839 No. 92839 watch
Some of us at /mlp/ have started up a number of pony related file syncs including
General Pony, Music, we also have a porn sync if anypony is interested. We are now extending invitations to other pony chans.

So some info
>What is it?
A peer to peer based pony folders.
Like dynamic Torrents.
Music is currently 30+ gigs

>How do I get in?
1. Download here: http://labs.bittorrent.com/experiments/sync.html
2. Install and "Add a Sync Folder" in the client
3. Choose your folder and use a key from below. (Read only is kinda moderated, Free for all is chaos)
4. ???????

General Pony secret: AUFXHORSEFUCKERZK2D5V6YTAHZN662C2 Currently Free for all. Will be Changed later

Pon Music Secret: AL2RL23OEOOTBOWPAKFRR6TFHZ4YIORUU its the newest and currently a free for all. Will be changed later

Porn keys

>How do I contribute?
Due to the chaos and the nature of internet, they will all be made read only eventually. But you can contact us, we add stuff.

>How do I mail/contact?
Upload your stuff to some free hoster like mega.Post the link or send it per mail (seth dərpymail org).
Also please dont reveal your real email address, use dərpymail.org instead.
When creating a account you dont need a real confirmation mail, just use trashmail.

You can also join IRC #mlpsync on canternet to communicate.
If you don't know how to IRC, use the web interface canternet.org/chat

1. Sync your system clock
2. Check your firewall and router
3. Lower "folder_rescan_interval" (Preferences>Advanced Pref)
4. Do some reading: http://btsync.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/BitTorrentSyncUserGuide.pdf
5. Restart BitSync from time to time(every few hours).
6. Make sure you aren't using a External Harddrive, or else BT will say the HD is "Read only"

Current /mlp/ thread http://boards.4chan.org/mlp/res/14101573
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No. 92842
We need your content, so get on the ride!
No. 92844
out of curiosity, how do I know this is safe, that I'm not downloading something illegal, malware, etc? and does it sync the whole folder instantly? what if we want/need to budget our disk space?
No. 92848
There is not really any way to really verify the security of the sync until you have downloaded it, but I can also vouch for it and say that it has no viruses, illegal content, or malware.

The folder will sync as fast as your internet connection allows, or as fast as you set the up/down bandwidth limits.

Since it takes a really long time to sync, rapid disk space usage won't really be much of a concern. The porn sync has not really changed much in size recently.
No. 92849
An anon's word doesn't mean much on the internet. Excuse me if this is a dumb question, I just woke up a little while ago, but is there a way to encrypt the connection so that isn't as much of an issue?
So I take it it's a pretty large size?
No. 92854
File 138297497349.png - (189.54KB , 1366x768 , update.png )
encrypt the connection? nothing that I'm aware of. If you are worried about catching something just make sure your antivirus is up to date. the sync doesn't install anything and the sync program is from bit torrent
Its three different syncs. porn and general pony are over 10 gigs each and music is over 30 gigs.

that aside

Music is still syncing will be 30GB+ when finished
We need more general content. there is a place for everypony to share their pony folders. zip them up and drop them in.
No. 92855
File 13829819571.png - (101.47KB , 263x264 , Oh my__.png )
>10.5 GB of pronz
>10.5 GB of pronz
>10.5 GB of pronz
>10.5 GB of pronz
Oh no! One of my many, many weaknesses!
Fingers crossed that I don't get doxed.
No. 92860
Bittorrent sync already encrypts the data transferers. BitTorrent Sync was designed with privacy and security in mind. The system uses SRP for mutual authentication and for generating session keys that ensure Perfect Forward Secrecy. All traffic between devices is encrypted with AES-128 in counter mode, using a unique session key. Modification requests are all verified using Ed25519 signatures and only systems with full access keys can generate valid modification requests." -http://labs.bittorrent.com/experiments/sync/technology.html
No. 92866
File 138300030063.png - (206.29KB , 325x422 , aj-relax.png )
Thankyeh kindly for the invitation, I've never heard of this sync thing with bittorrent before, sounds interesting. It'll be like one huge mass of poni.

As zeke says, the main worry is if nasty stuff that could get people into trouble ends up on there (CP etc) but I suppose that goes for the whole internet really.

Sounds like I have a new possible use for my newly acquired 50/15 down/up internet connection.
No. 92867
File 138300068516.png - (198.29KB , 818x976 , twilight laugh2.png )
I'm not worried about myself, I'm very secure, I'm just worried about the safety of lunachan's users. I don't want myself or someone else to get in trouble for accidentally downloading child pornography for example.


alright. thanks for the info
No. 92878
Old /mlp/ thread is kill, new one:
No. 92880
Durr, I missed the bit where it says it's read-only and things added on request. Gives me a lot more confidence in it!
No. 92885
Then add your content now.
You know you want it.
Or just seeding porn is fine.
No. 92960
No. 92965
File 138344135646.png - (1.14MB , 1920x1080 , facebook.png )
So I've come to the realization that it would take way too long to do anything with this. I'm at Starbucks (my main source of internet while I'm at job corps), and it's taking forever just to load the steam workshop page
No. 92966
Old thread is ded, new one:
No. 92967
many pictures are quite small, when it runs in the background it should downlad a few atleast
No. 92968
File 138350420658.png - (210.79KB , 373x327 , 1378262992753.png )
>10 gigs of pony porn
No. 92969
File 13835081977.png - (137.64KB , 852x844 , jesus christ how horrifying.png )
I dunno, I still think it'd be slow as hell, but it's worth a try I guess
No. 92973
File 13835255962.png - (275.82KB , 1366x768 , update.png )
new thread and update to sync sizes
No. 92974
File 138355060176.gif - (137.56KB , 640x480 , 1365800516025.gif )
No. 93006
File 138395025032.png - (20.72KB , 531x187 , update.png )
sync update
Porn read only is holding steady at 11 gigs and is quickly becoming more organzied
Pony General is 70 gigs and climbing. mostly because it contains copies of all the episodes. still need more fan art and reaction images
Pony Music had finally breached 40 but my client is still syncing on that due to slow connection. Admittedly there are probably a lot of dups to be sorted out. If anyone wishes to start poking through it and pulling out repeats feel free
No. 93107
File 138466924834.png - (6.39KB , 719x185 , update.png )
we removed the episodes from the general sync. they were making it unbearably large and devouring peoples bandwith
No. 93108
File 138467475031.gif - (482.78KB , 500x274 , 1384387878249.gif )
I'm glad to hear you guys still update your threads even in slow chans.
You guys are alright.
No. 93113
we try
No. 93348
sync is not dead folks. just letting post premier hype die down
No. 93444
new /mlp/ thread
go give it a bump
No. 93483
File 138593565435.png - (281.20KB , 600x800 , 9972090098_0.png )
quick update.
some new content has been added to all syncs and the porn slowly becomes more and more organized.
for those who enjoy fanfiction a new folder has been added in the general sync, Fic. come and add some content.
we also have a brand new sync exclusively for MLP themed games of all types and it seems to be filling up fairly quickly for only existing for the past two hours or so. here is the games sync secret (Full Access)A4AVM3HJOGX4CBJOTG2524OONCQ5X7JFI
No. 93665
new /mlp/ thread
No. 93812
go here, the new new thread
No. 93932
No. 94241
Bump general is back:
No. 94242
No. 94261
File 138903795025.png - (318.97KB , 815x518 , 136166397339.png )
It just keeps growing, man.
No. 94300
So much horse, so little time.
No. 95436
File 139571236145.jpg - (7.78KB , 252x200 , luna31.jpg )
Interesting...I think this has potential.

Of course anything one get out of this would go into a quarantine file and scanned, but seems viable for pure data transfer.

What is the potential for a forum system using this tech, I wonder?
No. 95643
We are actively looking for volunteers to help sort through and organize the general sync.
The general sync has two over-folders: /mlp/survival and pone general.

The survival is to contain content relevant to chan culture primarily on /mlp/ but including all others as well. Such content would include reaction images, thread screen caps, etc, along with content related to the major /mlp/ general threads such as Anon in Equestria and MLPG

Pone general contains everything else that is not already covered by the other syncs. fan art, fan fics, pony wallpapers, IDW comics, archived pony tumblrs, and just about anything else you could think of. It is NOT to include copies of the episodes, adding those slows down the actual syncing process and kills bandwidth.

Any volunteers?
No. 96201
No. 96205
File 140534139974.gif - (39.53KB , 369x237 , typing.gif )
Necroposting is bad, mmkay?
No. 99253
File 144250718052.jpg - (149.19KB , 790x590 , Emi is a shitposter.jpg )
Necroposting isn't ok even on other, more active forums. Don't use excuses.

Those are called "warning bans". I'm not sure why I should have to explain that concept to you. Bumping year old threads isn't saving Lunachan, it's spamming.
You could always create new threads with similar subjects.
No. 99255
File 144252426621.png - (145.67KB , 900x900 , angry_spike_by_sirspikensons-d4zpdqa.png )
This right here is not saving. This is just spamming.

While I'm not a huge fan of the current discussions either, I'm not a fan of necro'ing threads either.

For all we know, this Sync folder has fallen out of the network because everybody who was in it stopped running BitTorrent Sync.
No. 99256
File 144253438552.gif - (511.28KB , 499x281 , A (60).gif )
Why are you always fishing for permabans, Pipes?
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