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/chat/ - The Great Return of Dashing
File 137694082629.png - (217.31KB , 896x892 , rainbow_dash___equestria_girls_by_pixelflow1-d6bcn.png )
91294 No. 91294 watch

It would seem that I have internet back! After two odd weeks of infrequent internet access, I return to you all once more.

Things are good but stressful here. I move to Montreal to start my MA on Thursday, so I'm in the process of last minute administrative panicking and attempting to pack all I think I will need for my time.
How's it going for all of you?
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No. 91304
File 137695316442.png - (212.87KB , 577x1384 , rainbow_dash__dance_club_dress__2___equestria_girl.png )
I absolutely loved it. It was quite good going into it with, well, low expectations. I thought, however, that it was just incredible. The production was fantastic, the songs were great, and all of it was just awesome in my view.

Oh no I found Sonic 06 hilarious. Granted, my friend and I were inspired by the Game Grumps to play it, and thus we kind of knew what to expect. I found that if I assumed that nothing in the game worked, I wouldn't be surprised - lo and behold, I was constantly surprised. :P
My favourite is probably Sonic Adventure 1 - I used to have that for Dreamcast, and I just invested hours into that game.

Awh that Spike is adorable! Dash is a great choice, of course, and I definitely endorse her.

I must say that I'm not even slightly surprised. Indeed I'm back now - at least for the next couple of days. What happens in terms of my internet access whilst I set myself up in Montreal could prove to be more than a little frustrating.
Yes it is pretty damn close! It's a little weird to think back to sorting all of this out months ago, and it's all going to start happening in less than 72 hours. Puts a bit into perspective, I guess.

Oh, so you have been busy! Reminds me of my youth. :P
I can admit that I haven't been quite that bad in a long time, but I've too been having a bunch of celebration drinks over the last couple of days and weeks. Reading all this now, however, makes me just wish we had had the chance for some epic drinking adventures.

Me? I've been doing lots of nothing. Panicking, drawing, and writing music. I've been trying to find a way to apply my knowledge of both pony drawing and human drawing to work out how to draw EQG-style characters. Very little success has come my way thus far.

Dashing is dashing.
Thank you!
How are you?

I'm sorry! You have me until Thursday at least - isn't that nice enough?

Yep yep! Loved EQG a ton - it feels as if it has got me loving the show and the style in a new and different way. Needless to be said, I found it to be a great surprise in terms of quality and fun.

Oh yes! You are off to BUCK this weekend, correct? Drink lots for me sir?
No. 91306
File 137695374544.png - (372.24KB , 986x811 , eqg_fluttershy_by_djseras-d6fzeha.png )
'course it is. Come and let us know how things are going when you're settled, k? ^^

Yep indeed! Fair to say I was sceptical to say the least when the news of it first leaked, and wondering how it could possibly be good. Them geniuses and DHX have done us proud again!

I am indeed, the whole hog too... summer sun, both con days, and afterparty. I shall :D

Bread time for me so I don't do the usual thing of ending up knackered by Friday.
No. 91308
File 137695721779.png - (693.32KB , 1139x1078 , um hello everypony.png )
Awesome, awesome! That's great! Yeah it seems those who had low expectations were surprised. I was positive the whole time expecting a decent movie, and I loved it to the point of tears.... oh and Spike.

>and in that other world, I'm a ferocious fire-breathing dragon!!!

Oh Spike and your exaggerations. XD

Hehe, that's like the most popular Game Grumps yet. Yeah, it's funny even with the bugs and glitches, they still managed to make it beatable. I remember some saying when I was on Sega forums the Xbox "Family Hits" versions had some of the bugs fixed, but I have yet to see proof or video of it to believe it.

The only "bad" Sonic I have, well bad port, is Sonic 1 on GBA. Slows down a lot, but I got a kick out of having portable Green Hill Zone back in 2007-2010 (I popped it into my GBA from time to time). Funny part, Sega Smash Pack on GBA was ported by THQ, and Sonic Spinball on it played fine aside from Toxic Cave's music looping on all levels.

>Sonic Adventure 1

YES! All my yes! I loved playing it on my...

>use to have that for Dreamcast

...Dreamcast! Most people I see online only played the GameCube remake. I love the remake for GameCube too, but I've played it sooooo much on Dreamcast. :D

Yup. :3 Indeed and thanks! One thing cool about Dash and the pegasus is how they control weather. I always been a bit of a weather geek. :D
No. 91310
File 137697394385.png - (187.91KB , 900x1007 , twilight_sparkle_vector_by_piranhaplant1-d4euua3.png )
Ha, well... again, apologies for that. You're not the only person I let down, it seems. Oh? Ah, try not to get too frustrated if things don't work out for your internet, that'll just give you some time to catch up on reading. We'll just see you when we see you, eh?
I know exactly what you mean, in a way. Time moves at such a glacial pace sometimes, right up until all of the pieces are in place and the finish line in within sight. Brace yourself, mate - blink too hard, and you may just miss your flight.

Ha, you're only a year older than me! Don't you go buying a cane and false teeth on me yet, Tich. :p
Well at least you're still getting out there. You're not missing much, though. That's essentially the only drinking adventure that I have, all the others were rather tame by comparison. Lots of drunken cuddling and hugs though, those seem to be prevalent themes. Oh to be young.

Ha, sounds exciting. Is that so? I couldn't help but notice that you've become quite attached to the show. I only watched it just last night myself, and I can certainly see where you're coming from. What're you working on now then, if I may inquire?
No. 91311
File 137698223128.png - (178.50KB , 500x500 , 135544828159.png )

No. 91314
File 137698754293.png - (29.22KB , 200x162 , Fluttershy_green_dress.png )
Good luck in Montreal, RainbowDashing! :)
No. 91522
File 137738159481.png - (215.38KB , 772x1034 , rainbow_dash__dance_club_dress____equestria_girl_b.png )
I come to you all live from Montreal, Canada! It's been a pretty stressful couple of days of administration and organisation. Managed to get my student ID, bank account, and apartment sorted. Spent today shopping for housing stuff. Got more stuff to get tomorrow, and then I can properly move in and live there for the next year.

I'm all settled now, for the most part. It's been a lot of waiting around and queuing. Queuing to get my student ID made, queuing to get my apartment key, and so on. I can't quite say that it's been a holiday, but it's not supposed to be. I've got my apartment now, but I'm chilling out in the hotel until I've bought all of the stuff for my place (which I should have done by tomorrow).

Yeah, I definitely liked it. I was one of the many that was apprehensive, but I think it's one of the best parts of the whole franchise reboot.

How's the con going? I've seen bits on Twitter and Facebook when I've had the chance, but I want to hear all about it!

That's excellent to hear! I was a little more cautious about it, but I think that they easily outdid themselves. Super excited for S4 now!

Yeah, their Sonic 06 playthrough got me into GG - I absolutely loved Jon, and their interplay was fantastic. I'm yet to form a good opinion on Danny, but I'm sure he is getting more popular now. I had so much fun playing Sonic 06 - trying to recreate and find bugs was half of the game to me!

Yes! Dreamcast was the best! The VMUs were the best - I always took mine out and played the Chao Adventure game.

You are quite forgiven. In honesty, I would have taken a reply to be quite the surprise, so you are all good.
Apparently I'm supposed to get free internet access in my room next week, so I imagine that I'll be nosing around here whilst working.
Anyway, I'm here now, and I'm quite enjoying it. After coming here recently, and my time in Vancouver, the whole system here feels pretty familiar. I don't look like quite the tourist anymore.

I'm hoping that, once I get a chance to meet some of the people in my apartment block, people will want to have a drink or two out in town. It would be a great opportunity to get to know some of the people in my block.
Yeah, but I'm still older than you, you rapscallian.

I seriously loved EQG. I can't quite put down what I liked about it, but I just found it really enjoyable, and very watchable. Right now, I'm not actually working on much, I'm afraid.

Thank you! I'm enjoying being here so far!
No. 91524
File 137738312757.png - (212.00KB , 809x987 , a_little_love_for_fluttershy__by_oathkeeper21-d6ij.png )
yay! He's live from Montreal, Canada! IT'S DASHING LIVE!!!! :D

Same here, looking forward to season 4. This was a surprisingly nice half-way point. This movie and the comics make great out of season fodder. :D

Awesome, hehe, finding glitches may be fun, but I thought they usually just happened in the game.

Speaking of "bad" Sonic games, I actually dug up my Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis cart and played it on my GBA. This game.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43Lr2jKe1Bg

Honestly, the whole time playing, all I ran into were slow downs here and there. Did enjoy playing it despite it not being perfect, I actually finished it from start to finish. The only bug (in that video) I run into regularly is the "R circle" one, other ones, I have to purposely look for them, which can be fun at times too.

Funny thinking about it, it's always cool to like the good games, and hate the bad, but yet enjoying a game that others find bad makes you kinda unique since it's not following the crowd. Just a thought.

>I always took mine out and played the Chao Adventure game.

So did I, that thing was everywhere with me just to play with my Chao. I went to sooooo many CR2032 batteries because of it. X3
No. 91525
File 137738365681.png - (267.46KB , 567x1409 , 137712784690.png )
For Dashing, here's a TL;DR review of the said game I played... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzqcEbNropI

It's hard to find a good review without rage, cussing, and etc. I'm not a big review person, but I do enjoy seeing CGR reviews even if I disagree with them.
No. 91543
Yaaay! Hehe queues queues and more queues, I know the feeling but I bet they weren't as fun as mine.
But woo, sounds like it's coming together nicely over there!

I was very sceptical myself, but yeah, looking at it now, if it was an episode it'd be in my top 5 I think ^^

The con was all kinds of awesome. Really glad I went. The atmosphere was so amazingly positive and energetic (speaking of positive, I don't recall anyone speaking a negative word the entire time, which is amazing). And of course I picked up that adorable build-a-bear Dashie, which I can heartily recommend!
I've put up a bit of a rundown textwall here (and this is just a small sample of my thoughts really :P)
No. 91544
Incidentally I was talking to a guy from Montreal at the con, and he even looked a bit like you xD Didn't get his name or anything though.
No. 91555
File 137769798738.png - (227.72KB , 596x1342 , rainbow_dash__equestria_girls_by_strumfreak-d65g1g.png )
All moved into my apartment now! I'm right in the centre of the city, so it's pretty busy around here. Unfortunately I didn't get an apartment on a high-enough floor of the complex to get a great view of the city, and I am stuck with looking at the back of one of the McGill offices. Still, I'm happy with my place - nice and big, with lots of storage.

Indeed I am! Still getting used to the timezone difference, but I'm getting better at it!

Yeah, that's a good way of thinking about. They left S3 in a good position to allow for the kind of story that was in EQG. We were all left on a bit of a cliffhanger with S3, and we wanted to see what the post-alicorn Twilight world would be like. I've still got to finish reading the comics! I have #9 yet to read, and most of the Mini-Series.

In Sonic 06? Yeah, most of the time the glitches find you. It's amazing how many serious glitches happen when you are just walking around or doing the things the game wants you to do. I mean, it's bad (but somewhat forgiveable) playtesting if there are some bugs that occur when you actively try and break the game, but these ones happen in a regular course of gameplay. Shocking playtesting, for sure. This says it all: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MWEHwvcnyM

Oh wow. That actually reminds me a lot of Sonic 06 in many ways. It's all of those terrain issues and so easily allowing you to get stuck or out in areas you shouldn't be able to go.

See, despite it all, I actually quite liked Sonic 06. It had a hilarious charm to it, I found, and it was definitely entertaining. My friends and I had good fun playing it (we played it Grumps-style - doing the single player campaign but taking it in turns to play). I wouldn't ever rate it as a serious game, but it was great fun to play.

I loved Chao Adventure so much. It was just really cute, and it was easier to carry around that an GBC or GBA. It was also a great feature to see the chao you had developed on the adventure then inside your Chao Garden on the game.

That was a great video, and explains a lot about what I thought of Sonic 06 - the random slow-downs, in particular.

Oh hardly! Mine was full of new undergrad students, all about 18 years old. :P
Yeah, it's going well enough. I've settled into my place now, and I'm just preparing myself for next week.

Yep yep! I think it's a great part of the franchise, and it's got me hyped for S4.

Sounds like you had an awesome time! I'm really annoyed that I missed out on that con. Do you think you'll go again next year? You must share your pictures with us!
No. 91556
Awesome! Sounds decent enough, can't win 'em all, decent place in general though by the sounds of it?

Should've seen the place I stayed in Manc, student halls of residence that are used as a hotel outside of term. It wasn't too far up from a cardboard box and had a lovely view of a multi storey car park xD (The breakfast buffet made up for it though)

Ha, well maybe some of those students were bronies :P
All kicks off next week then?

Yup! Can't wait for S4.

Shame the timing ended up how it did. It was amazing, any worries I had about the health of the fandom were completely obliterated with all the enthusiasm there.
Pretty sure I'll go again next year! I thought about it last year too, but wasn't even registered on UKoE so going there and knowing no-one didn't appeal. Bit different now after chatting over there for a bit. Also I wasn't sure if going to a con was a step too far down the rabbit hole, but really glad I decided to.

There's a picture set of SSC on my Facebook, still working through the rest!

Maybe you'll get to go to a con over there?
No. 91557
>going there and knowing no-one didn't appeal

Plus I had no idea of the true scale. Thinking the UK fanbase was really small, I just thought it'd be a couple of dozen bronies in a hotel conference room somewhere, and wondered why such a thing deserved what seemed like a ludicrous £55 price tag. Once you see the scale of it all, over 1000 attendees, a star from the show etc though... it makes sense :P
No. 91558
File 13777040888.png - (693.32KB , 1139x1078 , um hello everypony.png )
Good to hear.

Indeed, and with EQG she had her first task.... retrieve her stolen crown. When I watched with mom, mom basically summed up Celestia is mean because she knew what was going to happen. XD Do so, I thought issue 9 was pretty funny.

Oh wow, that's funny. I did watch a playthrough the other day of someone playing the PS3 version, and not too many glitches. Either the guy got a glitch free copy or knew how to play and avoid them in some freakish way... I bet it's the latter. XD I seen the video, but I did read some on its development...

>Yuji Naka left to make Prope, I remember this guy was a pefectionist from something I read a long time ago, surely he wouldn't made it buggy.
>Sonic Team was the first to get Wii dev kits, they wanted Sonic 06 to be on Wii, but after the different hardware, part of the team split to make Secret Rings
>team had a lot of pressure to have it out by Christmas
>bug reports were ignored to get it out the door.

http://www.giantbomb.com/sonic-the-hedgehog/3030-20584/#toc-0-14 (yeah, I saw the link on the description the other day).

Oh yeah, during my last playthrough on Sonic Genesis GBA, I didn't run into to much other than the slow downs, getting stuck in Scrap Brain (you can get out of it though) and the R switch.

Despite the problems, I like it since it for the longest time was my Sonic 1 fix on the go, then I kinda put it away feeling bad...

>since the negativity of the Sonic fandom, and having several lash out at me on Sega's forums for my "different" opinion, I just put it aside.
>Found it last year cleaning, and put it in a tin with other GBA carts.
>Popped it in last week, despite unpopular opinion, enjoyed it!

Feel dumb for doing that actually. Though I wasn't without portable Sonic 1, in 2010, my brother got me the DS collection.

SPOILER: Sonic 1 on GBA fixes the spike glitch and the Labyrinth Zone Act 2 crash. XD

It's good to see you got enjoyment that way. I always thought "as bad as this looks, there's gotta be someone who found ways to enjoy it". I actually started watching the Grumps' playthrough, great stuff. :D

Oh definitely, the VMU was much smaller than a cell phone at the time. Ah I remember Sonic Adventure 2's Chao Adventure wasn't copy protected, I have it on a 4x memory card and I could copy it to a VMU to play. :D

Yup, quite possibly it's the only review I've seen where the reviewer plays normally. When I see a review, I expect glitches with normal gameplay.
No. 91559
>Feel dumb for doing that actually

I mean dumb for putting it away, I'm glad I got to play with it again.
No. 91648
File 137799832587.png - (224.04KB , 828x965 , dashie___equestria_girl_by_negasun-d6d2b78.png )
Yeah, the place is lovely. Now that I'm a grad student, I'm really aware of how much this place is just crawling with undergrads. Again, seeing a bunch of 18-19 year olds buying pitchers of shitty bear made me realise how I'm definitely too old for that now. ^^;

Yeah, my apartment here is pretty cool. Far too big for just me, but that's better than it being too small. I'm getting used to it now, and I'm coming to like it now.

Ah that's cool. I'm glad you had an awesome time at BUCK. I'd love to go to a con, but there really isn't anything good around here. I mean, my closest will probably be Bronycon in a year. Unfortunately I won't be in the UK for next summer, as I'll be in Montreal researching for my thesis. UKoE is pretty good, but I find it's a little too oriented on meetups (which are good fun), but not enough on just having chats. We should really become HAY ambassadors to UKoE. :P

Yeah, that's what I mean. It's good to see EQG as a little sidetracked 'what happened after' thing, which adds to the whole story arc I think. It annoys me a little that it seems they can't decide whether EQG is going to be properly canon or not - it seems that they want to ignore many of the characters and elements of the movie, and make it a bit of a one-shot.

Sonic 06? No glitches? That's a surprise. I mean, GG played on PS3, and they glitched out all of the time. I played it on 360, and it seems that the same bugs were on there (and perhaps a few more).

See, all of that makes a lot of sense. You get the impression that, the way the bugs and graphics, that it's a rushed game. It doesn't act like it was made with half-arsed code. It just looks like they didn't have time to make it properly and test it accordingly. Hell, I swear the graphics that made retail must be placeholder ones, because they are just shocking for consoles of that level of graphical capacity.

I've never played the GBA port, but it looked good from the video and review you linked me. Wonder if there is something like that for a Mac emu.

Yes! I'm glad you are liking the GG playthrough - it's their dynamic and jokes that make it for me.

Yeah, the VMU was amazing. I never played it for SA2, because I didn't like that nearly enough as SA1. I remember playing that like all of the time when I was a kid.
No. 91650
File 137800171659.jpg - (44.38KB , 640x480 , HNI_0020.jpg )
Yeah, in fact, I do have a Sunset Shimmer figure... pic. I do remember reading she and Flash aren't going to be in season 4, shame since she learned in the end and she makes a nice pony.

Crazy stuff, the guy must know how to avoid them or something. This was what I saw... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAsHOa8hidg He even beats Silver without getting hit once O_O

Yup, let us not forget Sonic Team was working on Phantasy Star Universe as well (Shadow was made by Sonic Team's US division, therefore, they weren't involved).

If you play it, please do not get angry at me if you don't like it. A lot don't like it other than the slow downs it has (gets really bad near the conveyor belts on Scrap Brain and in Labyrinth Zone). I did run into a bug while playing normally the other night...

>Labyrinth Zone
>Robotnik part
>beat it
>fell back into the part I came out of
>couldn't get out because the screen "locked"

Technically speaking, because the game saw I beat the "Robotnik part", it's programmed to not scroll backwards (like after beating Robotnik in Sonic 1), therefore when I fell, I couldn't reach the platform to get out. Other than that blunder, it was mostly the slow downs. With the slow downs, I had my own fun "Grumps style"....

gotta go slow, gotta go slow, gotta go slower, slower, slower slower slower, moving at speed of snail, slowest hedgehog around, got ourselves a situation, stuck in an old location

I do enjoy the game, but it was something I did to make the slow downs a bit more fun and silly. :D

Oh yeah, I love so far, I'm up to part 25.

Chao was the reason to bring VMUs everywhere.

Speaking of Sonic and reviews, I had some thoughts today. I posted this in HAY, so I'll share them with you....

today I had some thoughts on video game reviewers. I hate mainstream gaming media (GameSpot, IGN, Joystiq, etc) reviews, but I'm starting to not like gamer reviews just as much....

>a reviewer purposely playing a game badly to make it look worse and form to popular opinion
>typical angry reviews (seriously, this was cool and funny for a month in 2007)
>reviews that play a game normally (I can accept these)
>reviewers who are bandwagon jumpers, meaning reviewing a bad and unpopular game just for the sake of bashing it and following the crowd (do we really need another opinion that says the game is "shit"?)
>comments, while not reviews, speak LOUD. So if someone has a different opinion than the "norm" they get a "YOU SUCK!" or "prove it's a good game" remark.

Stuff like this, gamer reviews seem to be getting stale to the point it's not even fun to watch them anymore. Like if I watch a Metroid Prime review, I know it's gonna get praise, or if I watch Sonic 06, I know it's gonna get bashed, so why even bother when you know the outcome?

I do enjoy Sonic 1 on GBA, even with its slow down and as bad slow down gets at times, but I know people don't like it and I'm fine with that. I'm a play before you judge kinda guy anyway.

Though if any of you decide to play the game, don't get mad at me because you hated it. I dun need people hating me. ;~; I didn't make you play it, but if you don't like the game, I'm cool with that. ^^

Just some thoughts that were on my mind.

No. 91652
>A lot don't like it other than the slow downs it has

A lot don't like it because of the slow downs it has.... derp!
No. 91674
File 137809295758.png - (125.63KB , 375x442 , 265.png )
where do you guys get these vectors at?

im trying to find EqG pinkie vectors. there's like... none
No. 91677
File 137811561384.png - (239.32KB , 900x1157 , the_balloon_thief_by_dm29-d6idphp.png )
Some I save from Ponychan, some I save from DeviantArt.

>Pinkie Pie Equestria Girls

Just put that in the search bar in DeviantArt and ant a bunch of them pop up, in addition to traditional/digital (full picutres, not only a vector) art.

I did find this one on someone's DA page. The guy makes pics with EQG characters and their ponies. :D The artist's name is dm29.
No. 91702
File 137817182750.png - (163.04KB , 647x1079 , equestria_girls___pinkie_pie_by_rariedash-d6662jv.png )
I have this one too, if you don't mind the shirt's heart pic missing and Pinkie's pony shadow in pink behind her.
No. 91707
File 137824765385.png - (203.57KB , 396x708 , 123.png )
i have these pics as well. i did that too. searched them on DA. not a whole lot appears

ah well, heh

thank you tho
No. 91709
File 137824819841.png - (436.86KB , 1054x1038 , 137146388617.png )
No. 96233
File 140583026086.png - (96.55KB , 363x440 , Sigh.png )
>tfw someone ghostbumped this thread and I thought we had actual activity and a bunch of regulars came back
i don't feel
No. 96237
You also post on MLPchan, right?
Might as well use a name if you're going to use a unique avatar
No. 96238
File 140586804644.png - (40.94KB , 228x228 , 2.png )
Poor baby. ANYWAYS, I what happened with Lunachan's traffic?

Names are for fags.
No. 96240
So are avatars
No. 96241
File 140587274840.jpg - (266.49KB , 777x932 , 1397547999558.jpg )
No. 96242
And anime too
Definitely anime
No. 96244
File 140587297532.png - (136.38KB , 500x531 , guitar.png )
Anonymity is for fags
No. 96245
You're pretty much anonymous, unless "Zeke Roa" is your real name
No. 96246
Why would I use my real name online?
No. 96248
Yeah there'd be no point, you shouldn't
Why would I use any name online?
No. 96249
File 140587978498.png - (463.77KB , 800x600 , what's that 3.png )
Well why would you have a name IRL?
No. 96250
Real life is so much more than a bunch of imageboards and online friends. You need a name to be addressed by in a group of people, you need an actual identity to make real friends, you need a name to fill out forms, a name on your passport so you can travel abroad, or a name to tell someone over the phone who they're talking to so maybe they can remember who you are along with your appearance and personality etc.

On any imageboard, you can be addressed by your post number and it'll be specific to you. Then you can have a chain of post links between two people in a conversation and they'll know they're still probably talking to the same people. Most of the time some guy says "Different anon here" if they're butting in when two people are having a conversation.
Or you can have temporary poster IDs that just show up in one thread, but they're not chosen by you.
Making friends online isn't as good as making friends in real life, it's not worth it, so you shouldn't really be going around with a name trying to socialize online.

You don't ever need a name to post on imageboards and when you post without one you can still be in a large group, say something and then be approached by someone who wanted to talk just to you. You don't go travelling online, and you don't make appointments with the doctor or dentist in an online community.
No. 96251
File 140590136279.jpg - (6.16KB , 200x140 , flutterbird_by_nos_talgia-d61q4eo_png.jpg )
>Making friends online isn't as good as making friends in real life, it's not worth it, so you shouldn't really be going around with a name trying to socialize online.
I've seen this argument before. I feel I don't completely understand the motivations, though. It seems you feel names are bad because with names people might make online friends. Tell me more about how you feel about online friendships...
No. 96254
File 140590484744.png - (119.26KB , 425x442 , CheckEm.png )
I do.
And why use a name? Anon avatarfagging is fun, and most people know who I am anyway.

>what happened with Lunachan's traffic?
Who knows? A lot probably went back to posting in HAY thread on Ponychan/gala/.
No. 96258
File 14059111002.jpg - (38.91KB , 487x614 , katawa_shoujo___rin_tezuka_by_diegofortes-d60omaz.jpg )
this >>96251
pretty much. There's nothing wrong with name posting, it generally means a community is likely to be more friendly or have more connections

Lunachan was Ponychan's unofficial slam jam bunker, and people got bored.
No. 96281
File 140593011515.png - (203.68KB , 557x595 , OkayIAm.png )
That's how it started. But we did have an actual community of regulars for quite some time, even in peacetime on the motherchan.
No. 96285
TL;DR: Within the 3 years I spent in this community I have not maintained a single friendship up till today or talked about or learned anything interesting or useful.

Every friend I made online disappeared completely from the community/stopped responding to me/were so desperately lonely they revealed their "love" for me and then always added a weird "I like you so much" vibe to our conversations, or our conversations gradually slowed down and eventually died. One of my friends who I liked I ended up not liking anymore because after making friends in real life I realized that 90% of our conversations were her talking about stuff that happened in her life, occasionally how much she hates her mother, occasionally how "amazing I am", or lots of random links (now lots of anime). When I made decent friends in real life I had something to compare my interactions online to, and it turns out all my interactions online were shit.
People talk about emotions online more. I talked about emotions online more, but I never actually dealt with them. It was a waste of time.
The only time talking about emotions online was useful was when something genuinely bad happened in real life and I needed a friend to talk to for some emotional support and they made me feel a bit better for just a while. The same happened to some of my friends and I tried to help them too and they appeared to be feeling better.
I went online a lot when I was a lonely social outcast with nobody to cry to. After I wasn't anymore, I didn't feel the need. And I don't really cry about the things that might have made me cry years ago anyway.
Horrible things don't happen in my life that often, because I have an average-ish life. Meanwhile all of the friends I've made online have problems with drugs, mental disorders or live in areas where they are constantly hated and shunned, and I could just fit in with them temporarily because I was also bullied a lot and had no friends and felt lonely, but my problems were more easily fixable I guess.
We just ran out of things to talk about when I stopped being emotional. We had nothing in common anymore. That one friend I mentioned at the start doesn't really message me anymore, but she still has many more friends online, including one close friend she's had for over 3 years, and I've never seen her problems as real problems so I don't check up on her.

There's one close friend I have left on Skype who I message every now and then to see if he's feeling okay, because he's a good guy and was the one dealing with drugs and has few friends. So I have like one close friend left who I still talk to online.

I might join some online communities about birdwatching and stargazing someday, maybe make some friends there.
But I've lost all the interest in emotional talk and MLP, so I doubt I'll have much to talk to people about in this community anymore.

Unless of course it's about myself, in which case you get all that text

Oh and I used to always like Fluttershy posters because they posted Fluttershy and I thought they'd be like Fluttershy. That was a very stupid thought, don't ever think like that.
No. 96286
File 14059586022.png - (30.11KB , 200x148 , fluttershy_bridal.png )
>were so desperately lonely they revealed their "love" for me
Yes, there are a lot of lonely people looking for a source of security.

>People talk about emotions online more.
I think that's a good observation. Online people write more like they are writing a diary entry -- it can be more self-indulgent and less censored.

>I never actually dealt with them.
Sometimes people get stuck, and so they seem to repeat the same things over and over again. I see that, too.

>The same happened to some of my friends and I tried to help them too and they appeared to be feeling better.

>I don't really cry about the things that might have made me cry years ago anyway.
You're becoming more experienced and secure... :)

>but my problems were more easily fixable I guess.
Glad to hear things got better. :)

>I've never seen her problems as real problems so I don't check up on her.
Lately I've been thinking about the idea of objective and subjective realities. I have friends, too, whose problems seem objectively less severe than my own, but they seem to effect them more profoundly. The mind is silly sometimes.

>So I have like one close friend left who I still talk to online.
I see. :)

>I might join some online communities about birdwatching and stargazing someday,
I think the internet is good for discussing topics -- it can be easier to get experts together online than in real life.

>But I've lost all the interest in emotional talk and MLP,
I see. It seems you've grown some. :)

>Oh and I used to always like Fluttershy posters because they posted Fluttershy and I thought they'd be like Fluttershy.
Sometimes it's more of a hope than a reality.

Plus Fluttershy seems to be an almost limitless source of empathy and compassion, but real people only have so much they can afford to give...
No. 96288
Thanks for actually reading through all that and addressing so many points.
I guess I have improved slightly in some ways over 3 years, but that's not really all that special since I'm just some kid growing up.

>Glad to hear things got better. :)
Thank you

>I have friends, too, whose problems seem objectively less severe than my own, but they seem to effect them more profoundly.
My friend always displayed her problems as annoyances though, and she had a lot of them. Small interactions with people who got on her nerves or something, or awkward stuff that happened. I don't really know how you can respond to things like that besides "Sorry to hear".

>I think the internet is good for discussing topics -- it can be easier to get experts together online than in real life.
Yeah, I'm thinking of just using the internet for things I can't easily do in real life, someday.

>Plus Fluttershy seems to be an almost limitless source of empathy and compassion, but real people only have so much they can afford to give...
That's what got me
No. 96289
File 140598337581.png - (22.00KB , 200x113 , Fluttershy_"It's_nice"_S1E14.png )
Your posts gave me a bit of an opportunity to reflect on my purposes here:

I have an interest in psychology, so when I come to people with emotional struggles, in some part I want to learn how that works, and I want to see how the person responds to attempts to intervene. (Although so far, I think I've learned more about what doesn't work than what does...)

And I think ponies are cute! :) I'm not all that good looking in real life (or at least sometimes I don't think I am), so the internet gives me a chance to escape that a bit... :)
No. 96298
File 14060637669.png - (54.95KB , 485x409 , 133693674811.png )
The internet is my haven.
No. 96313
File 140625474156.png - (67.10KB , 155x304 , what the shit.png )
>September 01, 2013 8:35 PM

No. 96314
No. 96315
No. 96317
Ayy lmao
No. 96357
File 140702213014.png - (74.10KB , 201x260 , bcs-derp-anyhoo.png )
>goes to reply cos it seems I never did
>Post made almost a year ago
Okay then XD
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