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/chat/ - Ever had one of those days where you go to bed lat...
File 13764834301.png - (186.24KB , 900x1022 , twilight_sparkle_by_sakatagintoki117-d5hmhjh.png )
91027 No. 91027 watch
Ever had one of those days where you go to bed late thinking you'll get a nice long rest to kick off the new day, only to discover to your surprise that you accidentally set your alarm for, oh, six hours earlier than you meant to? Yes, I'm having one of those days, it would seem.

Everyone's making threads lately, I almost feel left out. Unfortunately for y'all I kind of suck at coming up with topical threads, but I'm only kinda terrible at conversation, and the FS thread is currently saging like crazy, so... anyone want to kill some time, talking about about this and that and everything in between? What's on your minds today, /chat/?

I guess if I have to make it feel somewhat relevant I'll pose a question, uhh... tell me something interesting? Hard mode, tell it as a limerick or a haiku.
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No. 91028
File 137648534883.png - (194.64KB , 448x428 , 1375669822855.png )
>Ever had one of those days where you go to bed late thinking you'll get a nice long rest to kick off the new day, only to discover to your surprise that you accidentally set your alarm for, oh, six hours earlier than you meant to?
Yes I have done that one time. It truly is a terrible feeling. I can feel the pain and suffering your are going through right now

Yeah I'll talk to you, dearest Questy. You are quite the interesting character
No. 91029
File 137648632070.png - (208.62KB , 1117x716 , this_is_my_book__by_mastermcnugget-d4ntekt.png )
Not sure if sympathy or sarcasm, but I'm in a good mood today, so I'm going to pretend that it's the first one! ♥

And hiya Fiddles! Sorry for taking so long to respond, was having breakfast and I got distracted by the sunrise. One of the perks of an early day, eh? Ha, well I'm not sure if your accusations are founded, but I'll not belittle your company. Come, let us speak! What's on your mind tonight, my friend? What news from the world of Fidalgo?
No. 91030
File 137648678666.jpg - (102.34KB , 800x695 , 1360731349919.jpg )
Just by reading that post I can tell that you are in a great mood this morning. Have a heart ♥

Don't worry about it, a sunrise on a summer morning must look nice~
What is on my mind? Nothing too interesting except that I am happy since I get to talk to you again.
New news?? uhhh well my break is over and I have to go back to school again.
No. 91031
File 137648706455.png - (143.70KB , 869x920 , twilight_smailing_by_blondeauj-d4oxej6.png )
Aw, but I'm in a great mood every morning. I'm just never awake in the mornings, ha. But I shan't get carried away, so I ought to ask, how're things over there with my favourite Australian?

It does! I think a storm's coming in, as the sky was the most vivid shades of red, orange, yellow, and green today, with brushstrokes of pink thrown over it all. Red sunrises usually mean bad weather, but it's certainly pretty. ^^
D'aw, well it's good to see you again as well, mate. You should poke your head out of the shadows more often, the darkness doesn't suit you. Have another heart. ♥
Ha, what a coincidence, my break starts in about ten hours! Are you looking forward to being back at all? If you could sum up how you're feeling about it through interpretive dance, what sort of music would the dance be set to?
No. 91032
File 137648715937.png - (14.10KB , 80x125 , 137348278582s.png )
Wake up with soreness
Day seems cold, but not for long
The small pup brings warmth

Off the top of my head, not very interesting, and I may have exaggerated the poeticness of it, but there you go. And what of you, tell me something interesting in haiku form, if it would please thee?

And hi there, hope you're not tired of me yet. ^^

Also you
>tackle hugs!
Hi Fiddles! ^^
No. 91033
File 137648769257.png - (178.37KB , 771x641 , dce9a5bc42180ee58e83fce8284cf60a.png )
Things are fine! I'm just tired right now. How are things with my favourite Canadian?

Oh wow that must look amazing. Enjoy it as much as you can before the bad weather settles in
I've been here for the past few days but I've just been lurking around. Have two hearts ♥♥
Lucky you how long is your break? Yeah it's been fine and I feel it's certainly better than staying at home all day. uhhh, I can't really think of anything right now, I'm too tired and that would require me to think.
No. 91034
File 13764877666.png - (471.31KB , 748x674 , 1365110625172.png )
No. 91035
File 137648809986.png - (163.28KB , 872x916 , twilight_surprised_by_dropletx1-d49t08x.png )
Aw, I knew I could count on you to do a poem! Very beautiful, you have a talent for it. Small pup, though? Don't tell me you've smuggled your dog into work, that would be surprising even for you, ha.

Tch, what does exaggerating the poeticness even mean? What is poetry, if not the art of giving the mundane romantic form? I would say that there's no subject more suitable for poetic transformation than what is regular and normal. Me do one, though? ... A cruel trick. Let's see,

Eyes blurry, fatigued
Cruel folly brought me here
To be warmed by friends.

Don't judge too harshly now, I'm exhausted. This is the best you're getting, I hope it'll suffice. :p

Anyway, hello there! Tired of you? I could never imagine the day when that might be so. Have you tired of my company yet? Feel free to stick around and sample conversation with my party guests, just know that the host will be keeping an endearing eye on you, heh. ♥

Oh right, it must be very late over there, isn't it? Do you have class tomorrow, then? Perhaps you should sleep, mate. It's always great to see you, but I wouldn't want to cause you to sleep through your first day back.
I'm well though, thanks for asking! I'm at that wonderful place where I'm not tired enough to sleep but I'm so tired that everything feels magical, ha. Ist gut. ^^

Will do!
That's what I mean, you should spend less time lurking and more time mingling with friends! That's what we're here for, eh? And ha, have less than three hearts. <3
Not long at all, only about two weeks or so. I know I'm going to enjoy them, though. Ha, fair. Maybe it's time for bed, mate?
No. 91036
File 137648868897.jpg - (320.52KB , 2662x1400 , 132754103817.jpg )
fiiiiine I'll get some sleep. Goodnight Questy! I hope to see you soon.

Goodnight to you too, Johnny!
No. 91037
File 137648905071.png - (48.49KB , 523x543 , pocketsparkle_by_oceanbreezebrony-d46nobl.png )
Goodnight, Fid! Feel free to swing by anytime, you're always welcome. ^^
No. 91038
File 137648964358.png - (10.48KB , 125x125 , 136674378599s.png )

Very well though, get a good rest Fiddles! Hope to see you soon *hugs* ♥

Heh, if you say so, thank you. ^^
Hahaha, I wish I could! But I did not no, but there's nothing more comforting to a dim dark morning then feelings that warm bundle of fur rubbing against your feet. I was just telling my mom the other day how it's weird how whenever I see my dog it's like my mood just instantly sky rockets, she's so wonderful :3

Heh, true true true! I'll stick with it then! And perhaps do more normal life ones in the future should the opportunity arise!

Heh, as if that wasn't great, I rather liked it, very nicely done. ^^
Though, I hate to be that guy but, you're 1 syllable short. :p

Heh, excellent then! As I definitely have not tired of yours, that would be a very difficult thing to do. :3
I will most definitely look forward to it! May I ask how the leader is doing and if he is busy at all?
No. 91039
Halp how do I keep upz?

I've got nothing interesting. But I do suck at sleep just as much as ever :P

I did read that chronic tiredness can sometimes be caused by too much alcohol, so am cutting down during the week. Protip: Alcohol-free Kopparberg tastes just like the real thing!
No. 91044
File 137649099397.png - (182.56KB , 862x926 , sherlock_sparkle__swag__by_ahumeniy-d4vh67e.png )
Haha, well at least I guessed the creature correctly! In today's cryptic world, 'little pup' could mean anything. Especially when you're the one being cryptic! I think I can imagine what you mean though, I used to feel that way whenever I'd wake up and my cat would be there. The cat I have now though, well... I can think of a few faces that are more welcome than his, and not all of them are very welcome sights. :p
That is cute, though. You two make an excellent pair. :3

Should the opportunity arise, you say? Ha, well maybe we'll just have to make the opportunity arise, then! I've got a few hours, want to waste your time at work away composing poetry with me, my friend? :p

Ha, thank you. Am I a syllable short, though? Five seven five, that's how it goes, no? Maybe we just have different pronunciations of one of those words, as I swear I've counted it a half dozen times now and it seems to match yours in my eye. Curious.

Ha, I almost believe you... okay, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Pull up a chair then, make yourself comfortable! ^^
You may indeed! I'll tell you that he's doing very well, thank you for asking, Not busy in the slightest, just trying to take it easy and stay awake, doing some writing here and there. How about yourself? How fares your internet questing today?

By posting slowly and making people wait for you, of course! We can't all be speedy typers like John, take your time. Call it a lesson in patience and calmness.

There we go! Now turn that into a few rhyming stanzas and we'll be good, heh.

Tastes like the real thing? Pray tell, why would anyone drink alcohol for its taste? I've yet to find two kinds of alcohol that taste even remotely similar, so what exactly is this 'real thing' that you refer to, if I may inquire?
No. 91046
File 137649270486.png - (17.54KB , 125x115 , 136673906491s.png )
Hahaha, oh dear, that poor cat sounds like a bit of a scare. :p
Thank you :3

Haha, uh.....yeah sure why not, shall we begin talking in haikus? :p

We see them differently
I see 5 6 5

I certainly shall ^^
The chair on the left looks nice
May I have a drink?
Ah sounds nice as ever, don't think you'll be too tired by the time exam rolls around? ^^'
Johnny fares quite well!
He's had a nice normal day
He shall work today!
And on that note, you have any plans for the day? ^^

>We can't all be speedy typers like John, take your time.
Tsk, I'm not that fast of a typer!....I hope :p
No. 91047
File 137649346483.png - (191.77KB , 742x1077 , Flitter (55).png )
Ha, he's not soooo bad
He's just completely useless
At protecting me. :p

Challenge accepted!
Though I might be a bit slow
Hope you like waiting.

How can that be so?
Was it fol-ly, or cru-el?
Where do we differ?

A drink? Yes, you may!
Though all I have is water.
Pray, will that suffice?

Not at all! I'm fine.
I'll grab some coffee en route
Maybe nap later.

You, work? I'm surprised!
Does this mean you're not alone?
You boss is back, hmm?

Plans, no I have none.
Write, watch, chat, who knows. Today,
I follow the stream.

How about your day,
Something on your agenda
Aside from you work?

Haha, a strange hope.
Why is that, if I may ask?
It's a compliment. :p
No. 91048
File 13764934786.jpg - (3.06KB , 260x194 , 130476318092.jpg )
I always wake up early to server justice.
No. 91049
File 137649432037.png - (274.06KB , 926x863 , 134526581876.png )
Houseflies have short lives
They hum in the key of F
They never complain
No. 91050
File 137649506996.png - (497.90KB , 1600x1759 , 135526508140.png )
Snails can sleep 3 years
That's pretty damn awesome, bro
That are so slow though.

Bats always turn left
When they exit a cave place
I like bats a lot *nudge nudge*
No. 91051
File 137649691145.png - (261.84KB , 434x487 , Flitter (30).png )
Not all of us can be heroes, Batman. Crime never sleeps, but I would like to.

Interesting facts!
An animal fan, are you?
I didn't know those.
No. 91052
File 137649716479.png - (13.35KB , 91x125 , 136725022549s.png )
That little kitten
Unable to bring you warmth
Not a good mitten

Waiting's often fine
When it breeds a great result
Which this surely is

The word known as cruel
Is where our differences show
I see 1, you 2

Water is a drink
I only have at fancy
Restaurants, so yes

Glad to hear I am
You have things taken care of
I leave it to you

Ha, you shouldn't be
Balance is my middle name
Even when alone

Or the wind you mean
Or perhaps the great current
Many ways to fly

Agenda unchanged
Work, chat, play, listen, and fun
A flexible plan

It means I am gone
Past the point of no return
I am lost always

I laughed too much at this xD
No. 91053
File 137649732291.png - (194.16KB , 900x804 , 133927613814.png )
I didn't either!
Well, I guess you could say that.
I have many more.
No. 91054
File 137649833149.png - (431.54KB , 526x719 , Flitter (23).png )
Ha, I should hope not!
He's a lousy guardian
But a worse garment :p

Aw, I should hope so
I don't know about you, mate
But I'm having fun ^^

Is that so? How strange
I've never considered that
Our accents differ

Of course, so I've heard
And I would offer my friend
Nothing but the best

Thank you. On that note
My schedule, she is fixed!
But for how long, though?

Implying, you do
That there's no greater upset
To balance, than work

Or the road, perhaps
To tread down at one's leisure
One way, many means

Flexible, indeed!
Though it does beg one to ask
Details to share?

Truly poetic
Cryptic too, your signature
How do you figure?

Google, in this day and age
Makes fans of us all

Alas, I have naught
To exchange; but perhaps you
Care to share some more?
No. 91055
File 137649868029.png - (223.95KB , 1400x1400 , 134437911349.png )
No way; too wordy
You would be correct! It's great
I suppose it could

In you're own thread? Jeeze
You should step up your game, Quest
I'll concoct more now!
No. 91056
File 137649891670.png - (185.71KB , 900x909 , 135544812998.png )
Wait a second here...
Animal facts? Or others?
I think I got lost

Animals: easy
Others...not really so much
No. 91057
File 137649929078.png - (166.87KB , 899x888 , 133916223691.png )
Choose simple English
Watch articles shrink in size
Feel slightly dumb

Your tone, it suggests
That I would self-inflict this
Nay, I am immune

I am no martyr
This thread's cross is a burden
For my friends to bear

Oh, animal facts!
Or whichever works for you
I am not picky
No. 91058
File 137649979328.png - (526.20KB , 691x567 , 135247724061.png )
*shrug* [x5]
*shrug* [x7]
*shrug* [x5]

40k years there
Photons bounce in the sun: trapped
Eight minutes to Earth

Honey does not spoil
Lasts for a hella long time
I wouldn't eat it

Dead people can live
They get goosebumps when freezing
So creepy, but cool

That's a thing? Mein Gott o.o
Humiliation? No way
I can imagine

My tone is silent
I cannot speak. Muteness: on.
You win this round, bub.

You brazen bastard
Term of endearment, of course
But still...meanie pants...

Well this is awkward
I can fix it. No worries!
I'll do more next time
No. 91059
File 137650055858.png - (165.71KB , 758x1054 , twilight_sitting_by_sulyo-d5741gb.png )
Very neat factoids!
Though I have seen old honey
Bacteria, not sweet

What is death, I ask?
Your cells carry on, blissful
Unaware you've died

It is, handy thing!
Research quantum mechanics
Almost understand

Your quiet is loud
Silence speaks a booming tone
Words are not needed

I've said it before
I am more venom than saint
I am not sorry

Not at all awkward!
Perfectly suitable, aye
You are good at this ^^
No. 91060
File 137650255756.gif - (272.50KB , 202x237 , 134360785364.gif )
Thankies. They were pie.
Where did you see such a feat? :o
That's pretty icky...

Something not living
Philosophical question
Hmm... Interesting

I've never used it
I do that regularly~
I find it awesome!

Oxymorons, eh?
I can try my hand at them
Deafening silence

Pictures are enough
Can sometimes be confusing
But always worth it

I was not there then
You seem fine enough to me
Fine then, be that way :'c

Oh? That's a relief
Just give me a moment, please
More are on the way

I listen to rap
I get my share of practice
Bitch, I am flawless

No. 91061
File 137650301761.png - (15.73KB , 98x125 , 136673397947s.png )
And I am as well
I would cite the source here as
The fun of constraints

The accents you say?
How interesting that is
Meeting will be fun :p

If that is the goal
Then I must ask the degrees
Water is how cold?

Do not fret of minor things
Celebration time!

But this is all true
The hardest balance there is
Is our wants and needs

Many ways indeed
You are given many paths
Why not just fly off?

Details are many
Variables are greater
The key lies within

He who has mastered
Is he who has gone too far
He needs a cold drink

Ah ha, it is you!
So good to see you it is
How is your fourteen?
No. 91062
File 137650322165.gif - (499.13KB , 320x202 , 134141991900.gif )
If you are thirsty
Drink some water, please do this
Dehydration sucks

Best fact of the day
A bit obvious...whatevs
It's still a fact, man.

The pupil is cool
Expands 45%
Something pleasing, though

The tongue is germ free
Pink is good, white is less good
Thin film of germs there

A dalmatian born
Has no spots, those come later
That's pretty cool, right?

Stomach and cheeks unite
When you blush, they both turn red
Don't ask how I know

Hippos can be red
When upset, they secrete it
Red sweat means danger

Soccer players rule
Seven miles a game! Wow!
More than I can do

Blood squirts ~20 feet
Don't nick your arteries, kids
Very messy job

Oh dear, this is bad
A yellow stranger in socks...
What does he want now?

W-what do you want?
I have no money on me
I bruise easily! ;_;
No. 91063
File 137650332554.png - (179.98KB , 900x828 , 135604405389.png )
There once was a poster named Anonpony,
Who's name, admittedly, was a phony.
A question they had,
and boy, was he mad,
Let's get some Nantucket in here! NANTUCKET!
No. 91064
File 137650420692.png - (123.72KB , 709x1128 , fluttershy_vector___peeking_over_by_anxet-d5xdelt.png )
Money is nothing
There is but one thing I want
You, you, you, and you :3
No. 91065
File 137650469922.png - (283.02KB , 900x1033 , 135441817807.png )
But...it can buy stuff!
Oh, I'm sure that you can-...
Oh my...that's um...sweet...?

I'm not on clearance
It'll cost you a shiny dime
One that can't reflect..
No. 91066
File 137650505684.png - (226.94KB , 1024x923 , 136746876431.png )
I am sure*, sorry
My brain was on "auto-fix"
A minor typo

No. 91067
File 137650519513.png - (117.79KB , 600x552 , 136423244066.png )
Oh, and another
I think I dropped the ball now
It was a good run
No. 91068
File 137650553116.png - (14.10KB , 80x125 , 137348278582s.png )
Stuff brings but one thing
More stress then you could ask for
The ultimate trap

Sweet is but a side
Of the many that are me
You bring out my sweet :3

Oh my, now that is.....
A dime without reflection
Paradox we go!

No need to be sad
These are a tricky business
Even I make mistakes
No. 91069
File 137650567496.png - (240.69KB , 700x1136 , Confound that unruly cute bow.png )
Alack! I've got class
Cutting it short, gotta run
You boys play nicely~
No. 91070
File 137650610740.png - (211.75KB , 1017x786 , 135351625223.png )
I see how you think
The best way you can, I'm sure
I like your style *hug*

Sweet and creepy mix
Odd emotion come to life
Flattering and hawt

Paradox unearthed
It's time for the reckoning
On second thought...nah

But I'm always sad ;-;
I was doing so well, too
That made me giggle

Aflack! Be careful!
Don't trip over anything D:
I do as I please >.>

Have a nice time, Quest
I'm sure you'll make it in time
You'll be fine *super-hugz*
No. 91072
File 13765088712.png - (12.79KB , 125x118 , 136724924240s.png )
All righty, good luck!
Respond when you would like. And,
No promises made~ :3

Your style as well
One I most enjoy seeing
Hugs are made better *hugs* ♥

A mix like no else
Appealing like no other
Attractive and high~

A shock and awe time
Moment of hesitation
Saves the world from us

But you give me joy ;-;
Perfection's overrated
Friends are all you need :3

And I am so late
Apologies all around
My stomach growled loud
No. 91073
File 137651027174.png - (23.46KB , 168x196 , 1082.png )
I had a bad day at work
A dog client acted like a berk
Kicked me in the nuts
with no ifs or buts
Now with that said I go back to lurk.
No. 91074
File 137651047688.png - (94.47KB , 256x265 , RA158.png )
>go to bed really late, figuring you can sleep in 5 hours or so
>wake up at usual time without an alarm anyway
I hate my circadian rhythm.
No. 91075
File 137651114819.png - (140.62KB , 400x400 , 134206714609.png )
You're adorable
You silly little duckling
Hugs are always nice~

Oh dear, this is strange ^^;
Yet oh so interesting
I sense an omen

Like Jeopardy, right? :D
You have to pick correctly
Or you lose it all

I don't see how, really
But oh so fun to rub in :p
Friends are seldom found

Time stands still for none
We should all accept that fact
It is all O.K.

What are you up to?
Anything admirable?
I would love to know

Thank you! You've done it!
I will go grab the punnet
This calls for picnics.

>Using berk, not jerk
Interesting choice of words
Have fun with your lurk! ^^

Don't mess with the rhythm, bro
Only bad outcomes from such a mess
I truly am sorry, though

How did it get messed up, anyway?
No. 91076
File 137651351413.png - (11.99KB , 200x93 , 137624210556s.png )
A day with no shine
We will have to make some then
Up for a chat friend?

This is the problem
I have with all the weekends
Relax with the day

Only in your eyes!
Though you do have the best eyes :3
With you they're nicer~

Oh man, an O men?
It's time for our destines?
Have I gone too far?~

Games that are like those
Where one mistake costs it all
I fair badly in

Understandings bonds
To those who chase it? Oh yes! :p
Friends are no cake piece

Ah yes, constant time
Never stopping, always on
Infinite creature

I am not working
Yet at the place to do so
A rebel is me

And how fares my friend?
Has the day been good to you?
I am excited ^^
No. 91079
File 137651452893.png - (101.10KB , 281x210 , 778.png )

Though I have no time
I am inclined to accept.
So how are you, mate?

(The British language)
(Grates heavily on haiku)
(If colloquial ><)
No. 91081
File 137651539431.png - (123.72KB , 709x1128 , fluttershy_vector___peeking_over_by_anxet-d5xdelt.png )
I am doing well!
Today has been relaxing
Time spent here is good ^^

And how do you fare?
Will the language be okay?
Or has time just stopped?
No. 91082
File 137651576215.png - (96.92KB , 276x262 , cnc-tells-2.png )
Well this thread took off!

Calmness? How do I calm halp halp paniccccc!

There was a young man who drank beer
He had nothing to say around here
He posted a thread
It went to his head
And then he came over all queer

>I've yet to find two kinds of alcohol that taste even remotely similar
Precisely! That's the adventure of the many many real ales ("craft beers", I think you call 'em), however they typically need alcohol to taste right, in much the same way that a pizza needs cheese.
No. 91084
File 13765164816.png - (17.76KB , 136x112 , 1121.png )

Ah, t'is good to hear!
Though I must confess envy
Towards your day off!

It matters not though
For as long as one fare well
One can be content ^^


Personally I've
Encountered one of those days
That just so happens

To offer context
On life from a negative
Perspective, I fear.

Many silly dogs
All making their presence known
At work and as such

I am left tired
And not to sound ungrateful
Battered, and bruised.

Family, or lack thereof
Remains an issue.

Though despite the storm
I weather in the knowledge
That the shore exists.

And though I may float
For longer than I care to.
It remains worth it.

So instead I'll try
A positive note
Or two from this day

Summer rain, though bleak
Compared to glowing sunshine
Offers life, and peace.

I read of stories
Fictional as they may be
Of far distant lands

And though time is short
I'm the master of schedule
Lo, so here we are.

(This form of discourse)
(Unwieldly, would be succinct)
(But endure, I shall!)
No. 91087
File 137651675681.png - (144.13KB , 800x778 , 134413143452.png )
My my, how kind, sir!
You spoil me rotten, no?
Too frail for good hugs :c

I am afraid so
I doubt they collide, sorry
You have further yet

Me as well, friend-o
I like to have three chances
Else, what is the point?

Live and learn, I think
It's kind of how people learn
Experience, bruh

There has never been
A time when that has happened
Sad and harsh, but true

A river of life
Indifferent to the world
It flows many ways

*sigh* You lazy bones!
I'd scold you, but I do too
Working isn't fun

I hate visual novels
By hate I mean love

Nothing eventful
I didn't do shit today
Feelsgoodman, truly

Not quite yet silly!
That is for later *nudge nudge*
Limericks are great
No. 91088
File 137651716412.png - (82.63KB , 192x264 , 535.png )

I insist it's nought
My schooling may have faltered
But haiku form? Hah!

Such is the result
Of being born in England
Worse still, willingly!

So that I embrace
The rather odd lexicon
Of my ancestors!
No. 91089
File 137651777383.png - (430.50KB , 687x646 , 135247844691.png )
Haikus are easy
Limericks take too much time
I'm a busy bee

You controlled your birth? :o
They should write books about you!
"The planning baby"

You English are weird
Not that that's bad or nothin'
Just 2odd4me

I notice no lurk
You boldly lied to me, friend
You hurt my feelings
No. 91092
File 137651853020.png - (14.23KB , 97x87 , 925.png )

The haiku can flex
Lim'rick does not live up to
Less jovial speech!

A tale of intrigue
Plotting futures, events!
Yet still in nappies!

Oh it's quite alright
Some of us revel in it
The rest matter not :P

Much like my bowel
After a spicy curry
The truth is fluid!
No. 91093
File 137651946831.png - (289.85KB , 800x700 , 135423834952.png )
You are correct there
Three different lines
For three whole topics

Limericks? Heavy
Haikus? Much less so, in fact
Red watermelons

Nappies...OF POWER
A level 80 baby
A sight to behold

Hey, that's a bit cold
I'm not an Englishman, no

That's truly horrid
Bloody excrement, how droll
The truth smells awful

Uh, where do you work?
Change the subject, I beg you
Anything will do
No. 91095
File 137652069238.png - (12.41KB , 98x86 , 1127.png )

Oh I must agree
In sentiment to your own
Opinion, but yet

Pray, do tell me just
What is the significance
Of the melon, sir?

It topped mighty steed
Ridden to death and glory
But nerf it befoulst.

Well you don't live here
So you can't begrudge the chavs
That make up the dregs

Of our modern land
Fuelled off of cheap alcohol,
swearing, and violence!

The rest are fine though
And in the majority
Or at least we hope!

The truth stinks foul, true
But perhaps that offers why
We try to hide it

In reality
I did not lurk as promised
Merely returned!

But alas, I yield
A change of topic indeed
Is much in order!

I am a student
Though for the summer I work
In my Mum's Salon

It tailours to dogs
Who'm I wash, day in day out
So it's apt to say.

My existence is
A perpetually damp,
Somewhat fragrant one!

And as for you, friend?
Doest thou enjoy the trappings
Of gainful employ?
No. 91100
File 137652252643.png - (648.16KB , 1278x720 , 134439203243.png )
Melons are the key
To power thus far unknown

Children can't do that!
You have to be 18+
At least here you do

I don't even know
Your vernacular is strange
Chavs and dregs, say what?

Cheap fuel, eh? I see
I've never been, so Idunno
Wine and liquor here

Only some try that
Those who are afraid of it
Of it's true power

You were a liar
Hiding the truth, how funny
That you would say it

Ah, the wet dog scent
Marvelous, isn't it? Heh
At least you smell nice

Nothing of intrigue
I am externally dull,
A wisp barely known
No. 91139
File 137661414849.jpg - (60.98KB , 200x261 , fluttershy_japanese.jpg )
Haiku requested
night shift approaches

A brief reply
No. 91141
File 13766611053.png - (134.89KB , 900x516 , exhausted_twilight_by_rubez2525-d5gvnhn.png )
Anyone around?
Waking up early is nice...
But ughh, so boring. >.<
No. 91142
File 137667122025.png - (43.72KB , 163x131 , 431.png )

Yes, just got off work,
But food needs to be bought in
So I may be brief.
No. 91143

Three hours difference?
Confound this forusm time zones
Time to shop
No. 91144
File 137667210761.png - (189.75KB , 802x997 , sitting_twilight_sparkle_by_uxyd-d4y04e7.png )
Three hours is nothing!
When you're as bored as I am
Time has no meaning
No. 91145
File 137667482715.png - (78.33KB , 160x255 , 513.png )

Likewise, with no time
It loses a true meaning
Work is too busy

Even though it's done
And I should have time to rest.
My Mum, she rushes.
No. 91146
File 137667497434.png - (64.61KB , 155x195 , 658.png )

Holy fucking shit
Shopping took an entire hour?
You see what I mean?!!!
No. 91147
File 137667839985.png - (194.29KB , 1026x778 , twilight_sparkle_2_by_xpesifeindx-d54bm37.png )
Alack! Distracted!
Sincerest apologies
Are you still around?
No. 91148
File 137668045876.png - (28.67KB , 136x101 , 46.png )

Just got off dinner
so actually yes now.
Now to try to stay!!
No. 91149
File 137668111612.png - (166.87KB , 899x888 , 133916223691.png )
Then welcome! Please stay
I could use the company.
Pray tell, how art thou?
No. 91150
File 137668136817.png - (173.50KB , 352x284 , 20.png )

Oh but of course mate
Last day of the work for the week
So I am quite tired.

Dogs were fat and dumb
Nearly puked at work (don't ask)
Yet it's a living.

Feeling okay thanks
I have reasons to be down
But choose to ignore.

Such is life really!
School cannot come soon enough.
And how about you?
No. 91151
File 137668201055.png - (164.15KB , 1000x799 , twilight_contemplates_life_by_trildar-d45mmoa.png )
Ah yes, I forgot
Friday is naught but a day
When you are on break.

Though with that in mind
What are your plans for the weekend?
If any, that is.

Shan't ask, you don't tell
Besides, I read your account
Whilst lurking, ouch.

Oh, only okay?
A helpful trick, ignorance
But may I inquire?

The ZeAl I knew
Shook at the mere thought of class
How far you have come. :p

I myself am fine
If thoughtful; these are strange times
Not sure how to feel.

Cannot complain, though!
The weather's fair, weekend near
Not a day to brood.
No. 91152
File 137668278641.png - (78.86KB , 193x230 , 438.png )

That's certainly so.
Though today was hardly slow
Time flew by.. damply!

My plan's as follows
1. Rest. 2. Catch up on sleep
3. Insert Task here.

Seriously though
I'll probably play something
Maybe record it.

Although with that said
I have EU IV to play
Or figure out, heh.

Oh you read my moan?
Would that be for yesterday
Or for todays winge?


A simple answer
My antidepressants wane
And my fatigue, wax.

Family trouble
Continues to be as such
Though there is some hope.

Divorce has started
It only took six sodding
Months, not long at all!

Oh I assure you
My zeal for education
Is temporary

Though there is a chance
Slim as it may be, I know
For that to be false!

Strange times, in strange worlds
Understanding remains moot
Sally on, prosper.

Woah that was way too
Poetic for my style, huh?
Good to hear you're fine.

Though sometimes it's best
To not think on 'how' to feel
But to just do so.

Ah, the weather, hah.
Do not mention the weather
To an Englishman

This morn was drizzle
This afternoon was downpour
An evening found sunshine.

Of meteorological
Events to live in!
No. 91155
File 137668494072.png - (143.70KB , 869x920 , twilight_smailing_by_blondeauj-d4oxej6.png )
... Colour me impressed
Never before have I seen
A haiku textwall.

Ha, speak for yourself!
My day crawled, my one respite
A single slow friend.

To be a member
Of the working class, dreadful
Rest well, you poor boy.

Ah, for your channel?
I had meant to check that out
Empty promises. ^^'

Though I am nothing
If not inconsistent, true
Should not be surprised.

Ohh, fun! You got it?
Have you played it yet, that game?
It looks... new, complex.

Today's, I reckon
Something about something rank
I'd rather not quote.

That's unfortunate
To say the least; rest, perchance
Find more tomorrow?

Hmm, most distressing
A lengthy process, divorce?
That can't be much fun...

Perhaps not lasting
A happy change nonetheless
I'd call that progress.

Poetic indeed!
Though not truly unhelpful
Were meaning not lost.

Fine, a silly word
Many interpretations
One for each of us.

Sometimes feelings
Must become actions, my friend
To which thought is key.

And to you I say,
Never complain of rainfall
To a colonist!

History lesson
Do you know why BC is?
My homeland, that is.

Once upon a time
Retired British soldiers
Sought home far from home.

Here they found, damp, wet
Thrice the rain of their isles
Though with good farming.

Grey, moist, yet serene
Beautiful, familiar
Victoria, they said.

British weather's tame
Like a kitten, when compared
To Columbia.

... late, apologies
Got carried away, back now
Hope you're still awake.
No. 91156
File 13766850242.png - (168.10KB , 500x500 , 1051.png )
Energy fails me
And though a night is now born
I must rest, sorry.
No. 91157
File 137668523487.png - (193.73KB , 900x728 , adorkable_part_two_by_stormsclouds-d4nabcr.png )
Heh, that's fine, really
I was slow, sorry for that
Get some good rest, mate!
No. 91159
File 137668591072.png - (89.81KB , 219x301 , thadius.png )
Just like that, awake
Confound this darned computer
With it's strong allure.

Poem doth not bind me
To terms such as brevity
It ist not contained

Glad to be of use
Both to your day, and to mine
It's satisfying ^^

Worry not dear friend
The satisfaction comes from
Production, not views.

Of course, still loyal!
Still bad at it too, alas
Maybe I'll improve

There is potential
But a great many changes
It'll take a while!

Ah, in which case then
One can assure you, candy
MAkes a good blocker.

Aye, I'll sleep soon mate
And I still have five days left
Of medication

From love become pain
From intimimate trust, to hate
It's not been easy.

Though there exists light
An end to morbid affair
In that, there is hope!

Feelings and actions
Opposite ends of a scale
Inter-act with care.

There was a reason
Your ancestors left us mate
I'll go blame the rain :P

Oh, interesting
Something learned today it seems
In wake of its end.

In any case mate
I really must get to rest,
Peace, at ones behest ^^
No. 91171
File 137671398313.png - (141.68KB , 885x902 , twilight_sparkle_by_xn_dragon-d4k3u5d.png )
The poor sleep schedule saga continues! Without poetry, this time. Accidentally napped for a couple hours, and now it's my bed time and I'm wide awake. Will you keep me company, /chat/?
No. 91172
File 137671445284.png - (798.51KB , 657x801 , fluffy_luna_by_the__cloudsmasher-d5mmn0t.png )
Poor Questy, do you want me to sing to you in your time of dire need?
No. 91173
File 13767146189.png - (179.41KB , 831x962 , twilight_vector_number_677_921_by_maximillianveers.png )
Actually, I would! Sing me a lullaby, please please please? :3
No. 91174
File 137671484143.png - (290.81KB , 500x440 , 52908 - Ushanka artist SonicRainboom93 hat luna wo.png )
oh god I didn't actually think you would want me to sing to you. Which song in particular do you want me to sing?
No. 91175
File 137671508884.png - (129.79KB , 900x702 , chortle_at_the_kooky_by_shelltoontv-d468ps9.png )
Haha, well you don't have to if you really don't want to! But you asked if I wanted you to sing, and I can't lie to you, I think that would be lovely. Don't feel pressured, though! And umm... well I only know one or two lullabies, and they're both a bit long... you choose? :3
No. 91176
File 137671524675.jpg - (104.07KB , 1280x1280 , 132630401167.jpg )
I don't really sing but I guess I could give it a shot. Well I kinda only asked as a joke sort of thing but I'll do it if you want me to. Which songs were they?? I need to know!
No. 91177
File 137671550933.png - (165.71KB , 758x1054 , twilight_sitting_by_sulyo-d5741gb.png )
Ha, don't worry about it. I wouldn't expect you to either, my request was half in jest anyway. I'd never expect my friends to do anything for me that I wouldn't be willing to do for them... and if you ever demanded that I sing for you, I would likely just feign internet disconnection, heh. You're safe. ^^

I still expect a lullaby, though! You listen to a lot of music, I'm sure you have something lying around. As for me, umm, have a song!
No. 91178
File 137671631980.png - (178.37KB , 771x641 , 136021469007.png )
Fair enough! I will actually attempt to sing for you right now. Haha, I can't blame you for doing that singing just seems to put people off, it's like the one thing not many people will do for others.

And I'll get on singing a song for you which I have chosen myself.
No. 91179
File 137671665119.png - (143.70KB , 869x920 , twilight_smailing_by_blondeauj-d4oxej6.png )
Awwh, that would make my night if you did that. Heh, I know eh? It's the embarrassment factor, I think. People might hear my singing, the thought of which makes me about as anxious as if you had asked me to suddenly dance in a public place. I would sing for you though, but... well, you know how my voice is, and even if that weren't a problem I have no mic. Alas.

Awesome, I can't wait. :3
No. 91180
File 137671716835.png - (93.97KB , 900x506 , princess_luna__s_smile_by_junkiesnewb-d5obz7z.png )
Done! I hope you like it
No. 91181
File 137671780046.png - (191.94KB , 991x807 , curious_twilight_by_tamalesyatole-d5yxu9a.png )
Oh wow, that was... both chilling and beautiful, huh. I can still feel the hairs on the back of my neck standing up after listening to that. That's the best kind of feeling, though. Thank you so much for the song! I like your voice, it's very calming. ♥
No. 91182
File 137671813724.jpg - (48.42KB , 894x894 , 130479153013.jpg )
You really liked it? I didn't think it was that good! I'm not much of a singer.. soo yeah. I'm glad that you liked it. Thank you for the compliments
No. 91183
File 137671819827.png - (185.69KB , 1280x1118 , 132629859291.png )
I'll be back in a few minutes I have to eat lunch
No. 91184
File 137671830676.png - (197.19KB , 900x767 , twilight_sparkle_hair_curlers_by_sorata_daidouji-d.png )
Of course! You have a nice voice, and even if you didn't the sentiment is enough to earn my appreciation. Not many people would do that for their friend, you're one of a kind. ♥

Okay, have a good one! I'll be here if you come back. ^^
No. 91185
File 13767189706.jpg - (54.79KB , 900x506 , 132631620881.jpg )
That was a rather quick lunch.
I would be lying if I didn't say I was feeling super appreciated right now. You're making me smile like an idiot! You're too kind
No. 91186
File 137671933061.png - (102.12KB , 800x602 , twilight_sparkle_vector_01_by_aeroytechyon_x-d4f27.png )
Is there any other kind?
D'aw, well that's excellent, that was my intention. You deserve to feel appreciated, because you truly are. ♥
... Hope you don't mind cheesiness, I get really sappy when I'm tired. Umm, so! ... what's new over there? How're things, my friend?
No. 91187
File 137671985354.png - (138.32KB , 1600x698 , umm____by_stinkehund-d3jy20c.png )
well i can not poem
but would like to say hello
how are you today?
No. 91188
File 137671991649.jpg - (59.26KB , 900x964 , 1360725867325.jpg )
uhhh a slow lunch?
You're doing it again! Surely I don't deserve all of the appreciation. Have some hearts yourself you wonderful person ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
That makes two of us! I too, am incredibly tired. Wweeeeellllll yesterday I went to a party/movie night thing which was quite fun. The only thing I regret is making the decision not to sleep.
And how are things for you?

song time
No. 91189
File 137672053514.png - (246.34KB , 1280x1305 , twilight_sparkle_on_a_stroll_by_redpandawha-d523br.png )
Oh, there is no need!
We're speaking normally now,
Unless you'd prefer...?

I am quite well though!
Thoughtful, a little tired,
But quite well. And you?

Nonsense, such things don't exist. Slowness is for dinner, lunch is meant to be eaten on the run.
Haha, au contraire! I would argue the exact opposite, that I don't vocally appreciate you enough. There aren't many people that I consider to be true friends these days, especially online, but you're certainly one of them. That makes you special to me, and special people get loved. ♥
Aw, ha, perhaps you should sleep? That sounds fun, though! How was that? Any adventures to share before you head out, if you choose to? I'm going to one of those tomorrow myself, which will be... an adventure.
Things are good here, thanks! Had a nice thoughtful and quiet day, can't complain too much. Alles ist gut. ^^

Is best time. :3
Ha, that could almost be my theme song, if it were a little less poppy. I like it. Afraid I have no pop (that I feel comfortable with sharing >.<), but I was just listening to this, have a tune:
No. 91190
File 137672110333.png - (109.89KB , 600x600 , 3a6debddc2d1ebeb6fad837a8b8eb517-d46e6wu.png )
oh,okay i see
i guess i can stop that now
and say as much as i'd like without worrying about syllables or anything c:

oh yay! glad to hear you're well c: may i ask what you are thoughtful about? and i am tired too,and doing okay c:
No. 91191
File 137672165641.png - (924.85KB , 1280x1741 , 1375952898532.png )
I thought you were a slow eater!
And I'll say the same to you, you are a special person to me. It's always exciting talking to you and It can brighten my mood so much.
Noooo, not yet at least I'll go to bed in a few hours. Yeah it was rather fun but the best part was when I decided to take my pants off halfway during the night with no one objecting. A lot of my friends and a few other people were more curious as to why I shave my legs. The next 10 minutes were spent explaining why I shave and I tried to convince others to do it, although it does feel a little weird when 5 people touch your legs at the same time. Fun times~
Awesome! Are you looking forward to it?Expecting anything exciting to happen? I hope to hear many stories of this party next time we speak.

Haha, yeah it defenitely is a great song. Oh wow that was quite different. Do you like to listen to songs like those?
Have another
No. 91192
File 137672243577.png - (137.47KB , 870x919 , happy_filly_twilight_sparkle_by_dantondamnark-d4bw.png )
Unless you want to!
I dunno, I like the change
Constraints can be fun. :p

I suppose they do make conversation a little more tedious than it needs to be, though. Erm, anyway! Thank you! Oh you know, just life and friends and silly things like that, nothing really. Glad you're well, though! Have a good day, I hope? ^^

I am, but tsk, lunch isn't a real meal! ... Then again, my lunch tends to consist of me just raiding the pantry, so it's no wonder I treat it differently.
D'aw, c'mere you. *hugs* ♥
Ha, fair enough! Oh? The first party you tell me about you spend a large amount of time cuddling with someone, and now you're taking your pants off in front of strangers? Naughty naughty~ ha, but I can imagine that was pretty fun. Was it that big a deal, though? Maybe my friends are just weird, but when one of my friends started shaving his legs, no one said anything. Why, they might even know that I do, they're probably aware, but I've never had it commented on. Not sure which of us is luckier, ha.
I think I am! It'll be... interesting. My five best friends are going to be there, which is nice, as well as a childhood friend that was very dear to me once upon a time... but there'll also be my ex that I dated for two years, the one who assaulted me the last time I saw her. So uh, it'll be an adventure indeed!

Ha, as I've said before, I listen to everything. Instrument-less songs like that have a special place in my heart, though. Shanties, marching tunes, stuff like that. They're magical.
Oh, I'm really liking this! Saved it actually, thanks for that one, you have good taste.
No. 91193
File 137672271740.png - (116.58KB , 828x750 , 0463.png )
i guess it is fun
but i am also sleepy
so not sure i can

life and friends are silly things? ;~;
and i had a nice day yes c: you?
No. 91194
File 137672297785.png - (208.62KB , 1117x716 , this_is_my_book__by_mastermcnugget-d4ntekt.png )
Well, I'd argue that
Difficulty makes it fun
But to each his own.

Ha, they can be! Are they not? It's a sad and lost soul indeed that doesn't consider the important things to be silly, I would say. Must be sure to never take things too seriously, after all.
Excellent, I did as well. Sleep soon, perhaps?
No. 91195
File 137672338636.png - (169.52KB , 855x934 , __oh_you_shouldn__t_have___by_irishguy9001-d4933az.png )
pehraps but i am nearly braindead..sorry :c perhps later c:

that is true is suppose! ^^;
yay~ and i think i may very soon..^^'
No. 91196
File 137672364438.jpg - (70.48KB , 800x800 , 1373949704729.jpg )
Lunch is an important meal as much as Breakfast and Dinner! You cannot simply skip a meal. You need to eat a proper meal not just raid the pantry.
yay hugs *hugs* <3
ha, what can I say, I'ma real party animal. Only god know what will happen to the next party I will go to. It wasn't naughty at all! I asked if everyone was fine with it and I pretty much got acquainted with everyone so it was fine! Totally justified in my books. Well a lot of people were asking my and were generally curious about it. aww really? that sounds rather boring! I think it would be fun to talk to someone else about the art of shaving.
Awesome! You have every reason to be hyped for this party. I imagine you having a time of your life, I hope you have a great time

ohh right, okay. Maybe you'll like this group. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DE0UMnrQBD0
sure, there are instruments in the song but this is pretty much a vocal group
I remember you showing me a few songs by the Dreadnoughts
No. 91197
File 137672441147.png - (196.60KB , 838x954 , twilight_sparkle___happy__by_quanno3-d5agjcz.png )
Then sleep, silly! It's late, you sound exhausted. Get some rest, okay? ^^
*hugs again*

Ha, raiding isn't skipping! I just happen to prefer my sandwiches in the form of raw ingredients, nothing wrong with that.

Haha, so I see! I don't know what will happen next, but I look forward to hearing about your adventures. Ha, you're adorable. Well I'm glad that it turned out well, that sounds like it was a really fun day for you. Any other parties planned anytime soon that you know of? Heh, well you're right there, it is a bit boring, I wish my friends talked about things half as interesting as yours did. I'd love to have a friend like you up here, things would be so much more fun. :3
Haha, I didn't know that the girl being there was reason for hype, but thanks! I'll enjoy it, I'm sure. ^^

Oh nice, nice, a song from the fifties I'm guessing? Heh, kind of reminds me of... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLBWkM0jzK0
Not the same style, but I just can't hear a song from that era without thinking of Buddy Holly. That fella was the fifties, I swear.
They're a good band, I think! One of my favourites, apologies if I share them a bit too often.
No. 91198
File 137672486499.png - (101.28KB , 480x750 , 131880477220.png )
hmm..well..okay, this once i will ^^'
goodnight <3
No. 91199
File 137672498174.png - (186.88KB , 867x921 , twilight_sparkle___bathrobe_hop_by_extreme_sonic-d.png )
Thank you. Pleasant dreams! <3
No. 91200
File 137672512496.png - (103.67KB , 800x800 , 131277613047.png )
But wouldn't you prefer a nice hot lunch from time to time? There's nothing wrong with sandwiches but it would be nice for something different for a change

Ha, yeah me too.
>you're adorable
No I'm not. That is a lie!
It was a fun night and I hope for another party soonish~ I don't know when the next one will be. Maybe you should try to start these conversations with your friends and see where they go, who knows, maybe they could lead to interesting discussions which you may enjoy. Ha, I could say the same if you were down here! We would have so much fun together.
Why not? She just adds to the excitement and adventure of the party!

You just love Buddy Holly! But yeeah, he was the 1950's.
Have some Australian music
No. 91201
File 137672584586.png - (167.06KB , 874x914 , twilight_sparkle___filly_by_hawk9mm-d54fjcc.png )
Hot lunch? Mate, I am a master of the microwave, not an oveneer. If I wanted a hot lunch I'd just toast the bread before eating it. I dunno how to chef, you see.

It is not, and you've just proved it! You're the adorablest, and I'll hear nothing to the contrary!
I can imagine so. Well, keep an eye out for one! I never took you as much of a party person, I must admit, but they can be quite fun, eh? Haha, umm... well I have no interest in seeing very many of my friends without their pants on, so I'd rather not encourage that sort of behaviour if I can avoid it. But really, we do have some interesting discussions... I'm just usually drunk at the time so my memory's a bit hazy. >.>
Ha, well I commend you on your bright perspective, at least. Well said, good point. ^^

Indeed. Speaking of old days, now you've got me on a bit of a Bob Dylan tangent. Have you listened to much of his work? From an amateur historian's point of view, it's really quite interesting. Because, you know, nothing says music quality like historical analysis. :p
Well that was... silly. Am I free to imagine all Australians acting like the people in that video? I think I'd enjoy the thought, heh.
Have some Canadian music, then!
No. 91202
File 137672689931.png - (164.08KB , 921x867 , 132752990501.png )
I think it's time to learn how to cook. You could really use the skills.

But it is a lie, you are the most adorablest and that is final.
I'm not really much of a party person myself but these things just sort of happen. Well you can forget about the whole no-pants thing and simply enjoy the company of your good friends. How about you don't drink so much at this party? It's not like you have to drink or anything

I actually haven't listened to much Bob Dylan, unfortunately. Is he someone you enjoy listening to?
Indeed it was silly! Of course you can, that is how all Australians act all the time. It is the social norm
Is it ok if I imagine all Canadians to act like that??

No. 91203
File 137672765250.png - (189.75KB , 802x997 , sitting_twilight_sparkle_by_uxyd-d4y04e7.png )
Bah! Can't I just get someone else to cook for me? What good is life if it doesn't come with an NPC chef? ;-;

Nu-uh! Look at this face, look at it! Does that look like the face of adorableness to you? I think not!
Ha, fair enough. I can understand that though, I'm not much of a party person either, but moments like that make it all worthwhile. Drink... less? But when I don't drink, my friends are boring. When I do drink, I get hugs from everyone and wake up cuddling my friend. That... sounds pretty bad actually, now that I put it into words. Okay, maybe I'll hold off on it, but that still doesn't make my friends more engaging. What do?

Oh, from time to time. I mostly appreciate him for his historical influence and his uncanny ability to perfectly capture the mood of the social change of the sixties in his lyrics. Take this song, for instance. I don't know how much you know about the social changes of the sixties, but... bear in mind, this was released in '64:
Excellent! Good to know that I finally have a frame of reference for you and your people. Go right ahead, too! That's exactly what we're all like up here, carefree and fun-loving. That's us!

Oho, a song I both know and love! Haven't seen the video for it though, that was... unique, heh.
No. 91204
File 137672826487.png - (88.19KB , 600x491 , 132630213996.png )
No. 91205
File 137672839872.png - (156.75KB , 1024x1024 , twilight_memories_by_hankofficer-d58n4i6.png )
Haha awh, that got a laugh out of me. You poor boy, you should get some sleep! I was going to head out soon myself, actually. You must be exhausted! Sleep, mate, you've earned some rest. ♥
No. 91206
File 137672870917.png - (1.27MB , 5650x4730 , upset_princess_luna__2__by_90sigma-d56o9z9.png )
No. 91207
File 137672898692.png - (166.00KB , 964x829 , i__m_sorry__what__by_maximillianveers-d3i53vg.png )
Tsk, six thirty isn't that early! I had a nap around three myself, and I had more sleep before it than you've had. If you're too tired to function, you really should get some sleep, if only for a little while.

And umm, I'll probably stick around another half hour or so. Need to be up reasonably early tomorrow, but it's hard to sleep when I'm hungry, so I might choose to rectify that instead. You should sleep, friend. You sound even more exhausted in person, heh.
No. 91208
File 137672939040.png - (194.64KB , 448x428 , 1375669822855.png )
No. 91209
File 137672967118.png - (92.35KB , 386x386 , 132772568141.png )
forgive my intrusion and snooping about, but from one person who ought to be asleep to another... you should rest fidalgo,you sound absolutely exhausted
No. 91210
File 137672985432.png - (246.21KB , 1060x1756 , 132630928995.png )
No. 91211
File 137672988884.png - (157.77KB , 829x963 , twilight_sparkle__looking_particularily_pleased__b.png )
Mate, you sound so tired now that it almost seemed like you were going to fall asleep on me mid-message, were that possible. Sleeeeeeeeeeep! If you don't, I'll, uh... keep adding e's! Scary, I know. Besides, isn't it seven now? Or, well, in like... three minutes?

You! Go to bed, mister! I feel like the mother than nobody listens to. >.<
No. 91213
File 13767301825.png - (557.64KB , 3000x3000 , 0472.png )
hehe, okay i'll go to sleep soon then if you do alright?

i'm sorry ;n; i tried..but i'm restless.. and when i lie down restless i get so many ideas and stuff and it keeps me awake and then i go find things to think about and it's a vicious cycle ;~;
No. 91214
File 137673028458.png - (752.80KB , 771x1037 , 1362039131130.png )
No. 91215
File 13767305554.jpg - (106.01KB , 900x900 , 0521.jpg )
goodnight <3
No. 91216
File 137673063289.png - (106.06KB , 1131x707 , yawning_twilight_by_dentist73548-d3la1dc.png )
Ha, good boy. Sleep well, dear Fiddles. Have a lovely rest, and I'll see you around. ♥

No excuse! Maybe I should spite you both by just going to bed ahead of y'all, grumble grumble grumble.

... Though really, that's unfortunate. Keep trying, eh? It's late, you need your rest.

Buuut now I've gotta go, I'm exhausted. Good luck sleeping mate, and have a good night. ♥
No. 91217
File 13767308328.png - (93.73KB , 500x312 , 0482.png )
hehe, you are silly c:
i will try!
have a lovely rest and the sweetest of dreams~
goodnight ♥
No. 91232
File 13767898717.png - (44.86KB , 884x921 , 132623628452.png )
No. 91248
File 13768752992.png - (123.72KB , 709x1128 , fluttershy_vector___peeking_over_by_anxet-d5xdelt.png )
No. 91250
File 13768777988.png - (53.16KB , 429x410 , 133184330591.png )
>FS thread is currently saging like crazy

Oh my dear Dashie
The Flutterthread is back now
Ain't I a stinker?


>serious non-joking response

Things are good today
Awesome stuff happened today
Was in a good mood

No. 91251
File 137688142727.png - (134.21KB , 900x772 , twilight_wants_a_hug_by_ryanthebrony-d4i41w2.png )
No. 91252
File 137688203134.png - (118.16KB , 1024x604 , ohai__fluttershy_by_acer_rubrum-d5mua97.png )
No. 91253
File 137688231148.png - (166.87KB , 899x888 , 133916223691.png )
Hullo there! What's up?
No. 91254
File 13768824515.png - (116.58KB , 828x750 , 0463.png )
hello! ^^
not much at all i'm afraid ^^' how about for you? c:
No. 91255
File 137688264330.png - (165.71KB , 758x1054 , twilight_sitting_by_sulyo-d5741gb.png )
Ah, that's too bad. Well uh, how's it going, then?
Not a whole lot! Just woke up from a nap after a pretty swell weekend, right now just chatting a bit and finally watching Equestria Girls. How was your weekend, mate?
No. 91256
File 137688295294.png - (169.52KB , 855x934 , __oh_you_shouldn__t_have___by_irishguy9001-d4933az.png )
it's going alright aside from nothing to do ^^ i've been sort of thoughtful lately which is good i think..

oh wonderful! so you had a fun weekend? c: and how far into it are you? if just starting it wouldn't be too much to ask to synchtube it would it? ^^; and my weekend been okay albeit uneventful, i've noticed i've been more social lately sort of by accident? so mostly just taking some time for myself and examining why that is and if it's good and such ^^'
No. 91257
File 137688340276.png - (174.68KB , 850x941 , my_little_pony_vector___smiling_twilight_sparkle_b.png )
Well that's good. Thoughtful, though? May I inquire, or would you rather I left it alone?

Aye, I most certainly did. Made amends with an old best friend, strengthened some friendships here and there, opened up a bit... oh, and I guess the party itself was pretty nice, ha. Didn't even drink much at all, which I am sure you'll be almost pleased to hear, heh.
As for the show, uh, certainly! I've been chatting around so I'm actually only a minute into it right now Was that a Transformers reference right off the bat? I think I might like this..., so I could restart it. Though I have been trying to watch it at my own pace, and being able to pause it helps chatting... Have you not seen it, then?

Oh really now? How interesting. That's a good thing though, isn't it?
No. 91258
File 137688384525.png - (519.12KB , 2000x3386 , 0525.png )
hmm.. um well mostly i've just been sort of self examining and trying to figure out what i need to do next as i sort of don't have any real direction right now? and i feel like i should..so mostly that ^^'

oh,how splendid! i'd love to hear more about that,but it also sounds rather personal.. glad to hear it though c: and haha, yes i'm happy when you don't do tooo much :p
ah,okay ^^ and was it? i don't know if i caught that..hmm.. it would be fun,but if you'd like to go at your own pace that's fine too ^^'

mhm, in fact i'm even supposed to be playing d&d for my first time soon too.. so excited and nervous about that ^^' and i suppose it's good, not so sure if the reasons for it are the healthiest though.. ^^;
No. 91259
File 137688449745.png - (187.91KB , 900x1007 , twilight_sparkle_vector_by_piranhaplant1-d4euua3.png )
Ahh, the progressive kind of introspection, nice nice. Making any progress, if I may ask?

Ha, I don't know the meaning of the word. I don't really want to give a full account of the entire night though, lest I never get around to the human part of this infamous movie, so I'll just say that you're welcome to ask what you will. And ha, you'd be surprised! I actually had a chat with one of my friends, the host, about why I drink as much as I do, and I think that having less might become the norm soon. So rejoice, Tich, healthy progress was made.
Aye, it was: [spoilersdon'tcoverURLs]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H34zx5S91aA[/spoilersdon'tcoverURLs]. But oh uh, well... I don't know, I just don't want to abandon everyone else quite yet. You've seen it, though? Are you in the yea boat or the nay boat, if I may ask? Without going into detail, that is.

Oh, awesome! With whom? Which edition? Aw man, I hope you enjoy it. But oh? What reasons are these then, if I may inquire?
No. 91261
File 137688523885.png - (671.73KB , 4143x4551 , 077526652.png )
potentially? for one,i'm considering job corps again..maybe.. definitely going to bring it up with my counselour at least..

hehe,okay then um.. i will just ask then..do you think you will see the friend you've made amends with more? and if it's okay to ask, howso did you open up? and oh? hehe, i may just have to hold a little celebration over that then :p that's.. quite nice to hear honestly ^^'
oh,huh..no clue how i could have missed that ^^;
well okay that's fine. i can jump in at any point though if you decide you'd like that ^^'
and um..hmm.. well i'm sure you know how critical i can be.. so i'm in the.. "it's not too bad,but really doesn't stand up to the quality of the series and has some big faults" boat ^^;

um, with some of nytes friends. and we are doing 3.5 i think it is? i was so clueless making my character,hehe ^^' and um..would rather not sya here if that's alright..sorry..
No. 91262
File 137688597752.png - (157.77KB , 829x963 , twilight_sparkle__looking_particularily_pleased__b.png )
Oh, neat! Hopefully that goes well, discussing it I mean. Or maybe your counselor will be able to suggest something a little less strenuous, who knows. Either way, glad to hear it. ^^

Likely, one day in the future, but I have no plans to. We're both mutual friends of the fellow whose house I go to every weekend though, and she's dating the best friend I had before I met her, so I'll likely see her again one day. I'm just happy that there's no animosity between us, forgiving is a wonderful feeling. And oh uh, well just the drinking thing that I was talking about, really. We also talked about why I act the way that I do around them, and about how I've been trying to go from the ESTP leader type who cracks jokes at everyone's expense and thinks nothing of his friends that I have been to the affectionate INFP fellow that I feel is more genuine. That sort of opening up. Was good. ^^
All right! ^^
Ha, right, you are the critical one. It doesn't surprise me to hear that there would be some flaws, but nothing is ever flawless, and I think I'm going to enjoy it regardless. It's already better than I thought it would be, so... well, here's hoping that we don't disagree too much, ha.

Haha nice, 3.5 is a good system I hear, though D&D is notoriously confusing when it comes to character creation. Feats, feats, so many feats. I remember my first 4e character took my friend and I five hours to finish... anyway! What are you, if I may ask? It'll be online, then? And oh right, that's fine, don't mean to pry. ^^
No. 91263
File 137688678721.jpg - (539.76KB , 781x900 , 1337312621754.jpg )
that is what i am hoping..that bringing it up might lead to alternatives ^^'

ah,i see, i can imagine how relieving that must feel then c: good to know when you see eachother again you will be on good terms,right c: oh,okay,that is some really big progress! that's very good c: forgive me if i am prying at all..but how were they about what you had to say? sounds like they were supportive and understanding? c:

of course, i'm sure you'll like it ^^ and i doubt we will, i did enjoy enough of it that we'll probably like similar things ^^'

haha,oh wow..that's a long time i'm glad i was given a program to walk me through it and put it together for me then ^^; and um,oh i am a druid! and it will be online yes ^^' sorry..
No. 91264
File 137688731643.png - (175.90KB , 795x1006 , twilight_sparkle___i_think_she_likes_books_by_sant.png )
Heh, that doesn't surprise me. Well some direction is better than none, at any rate. When will you see them next?

Exactly. ^^
Oh, this isn't actually really new, I have moments like this with them most weekends... so I know that they're all very supportive. We just don't really like big, sudden changes, so most of the conversation focused on how I was trying to be gradual about it. Turns out my friends have similar complaints about the group's former apathy, so yeah, understanding indeed. ^^
Ha, that sounds promising. Well I'm really liking it so far, so here's hoping. ^^

Haha, well you were lucky. I'm used to Warhammer RP systems - my first WFRP character took about an hour to make, but now I can churn them out in ten minutes or less, and the character creation process is really fun. The game I currently play is even quicker; the average character's lifespan is about three sessions, so character creation takes about five minutes, sometimes even less. Oh yeah? Ah, not surprising. I've never played a druid before. Excited for the game? ^^
No. 91265
File 137688784150.png - (494.30KB , 1024x1070 , the_druid_by_kumkrum-d5e4ni6.png )
mhm ^^ and i should be seeing them tomorrow

oh,no didn't mean to imply it was, i know this is something you've talked about with them for a while,but that doesn't make it any less good and it is still progress each extra bit you talk about it right? c: that's good too that they see things the same way an all ^^

ah,really? it suprises me that you make them so fast! it's seemed to me like you seem to really put a lot into things and so take quite some time..? or is that mostly when you are making the game itself? and wow,five minutes is short.. why couldn't i play something like that ;n;
hehe, i'm too predictable aren't i? ^^; and yes.. i think i am.. nervousited :p
No. 91266
File 137688890777.png - (189.34KB , 865x923 , twilight_with_a_bookpack_by_dipi11-d4sj4ys.png )
Oh, that's good then. I hope it goes well! ^^

Very true, very true. I don't mean to belittle it at all, each of these weekends is a step in the right direction for my friends and I, I know. At first I was surprised by my friends' understanding, but now I just know that I'm very fortunate to have people like them. ^^

Ha, well I do put a lot of time and effort into making their personalities and the like, but the bare mechanics of the character are created so quickly. On top of that, sometimes entire personalities just leap off the page, depending on what you roll. Take my latest, for instance. When I rolled for his statistics, I got someone with ridiculously high strength, toughness, willpower, perception, and intelligence, but no agility, ballistic skill or fellowship (charisma) to speak of. For height/weight I got someone who was brutishly tall and wide, all muscle. For talents he got things like 'Cold Hearted', 'Jaded', and 'Nerves of Steel'. For career (class), he got medic. For name, my dice gave me 'Cutter'. For demeanour, I got 'Loose Cannon' - someone who doesn't abide by the rules. Alongside that, in this game we all play soldiers in what is essentially Nazi Germany in space... naturally, my first thought after rolling all of these things was something like TF2's Heavy mixed with the Medic, and that's what I play, with the Heavy's accent and all. He doesn't make for pleasant company, but when a grenade takes off your leg on the battlefield and you need patching up, this hulking brute of an insane savage is the only chance you've got... but it will not be a painless experience. He's the kind of guy who'll amputate your leg without hesitation out of mere suspicion of infection, but there's no denying that he's good at what he does. Five minutes. :p
Ha, perhaps, but that's not a problem! First characters should be predictable, they're the best for learning the games. When do you think you'll start, if I may ask? ^^
No. 91267
File 137688934675.png - (594.84KB , 581x830 , mlp__fluttershy_by_maaronn-d5c49w8.png )

yay c: you've got some very good friends i think ^^

o,i see.. and oh wow that's super cool! i see what you mean then by it sometimes coming out from what you roll..hmm.. that is really neat c: do you like playing that character?
that is what i figured,something to ease myself in rather than something radically different from myself ^^' and we were going ot tonight but things came up so um..probably next saturday?
No. 91268
File 137688974685.png - (208.62KB , 1117x716 , this_is_my_book__by_mastermcnugget-d4ntekt.png )
That I most certainly do. ^^

Ha, I know right? D&D doesn't really have any options for rolling superficial traits and what not, but Warhammer games are full of them. Roll for height, weight, eye colour, hair colour, skin colour, demeanour, home, history, family... it's nice. Aye, I really do! I haven't played him long, but he's been a fun one. I usually play characters with really high charisma who tend to be in leadership positions, so it's nice to change things up a bit. Being a loose cannon yet not being the sergeant makes for some fun roll playing experiences.
Right right, that's how it ought to be, I think. Enjoy him though, there's no character quite like your first. Oh? Aw, that's too bad, I hope it goes better next week! How many of you are there, if i may ask? Do you know them well?
No. 91269
File 137689012420.gif - (1.06MB , 550x450 , tumblr_mjz0quKyap1rqvvxno1_400.gif )

that's really nice and must help so much too, i know for my character i ended up going with one of the rollable backstories and personalities and stuff since i couldn't figure that out..so that sort of thing would be nice ^^'
ah, so it's a bit of a change from your usual type of character! fun c: and haha i can imagine you've gotten into a fair bit of trouble with him? :p
^^ i will try..though now i am nervous i should put more into them than i have ;n; and there are about five or six playing i think? and i've gotten to know them a little bit in the last few weeks,yes
No. 91270
File 137689063771.png - (123.10KB , 839x953 , vector_filly_twilight_sparkle_by_kyss_s_by_kysss90.png )
Ahh, I don't doubt it, D&D characters can be so difficult to create stories for. Though I don't think that you need to really make one every time. Take my first WFRP character for instance. Sure I rolled his aesthetics, but he had no backstory to speak of. He just sort of appeared one day. I let his personality develop over time as I played him, though, so that by the end of it I had a very distinct character. Maybe you could just do something like that, leave the backstory open to suggestion?
Ha, not yet, actually! None of us have come too close to dying yet (save for two of our NPC squad mates who died immediately), so the only times I've disobeyed the rules would be when I bartered off a bunch of smokes that we were given by mistake so I could get us better rations and alcohol. Soon, though...
Oh no no no, don't be! I find that many first players over think their characters, which is really not advised. Remember, the golden rule is to have fun, eh? Oh, that's a good number, and oh? Heh, so that's what you mean when you say you've been social, eh? Good boy, whether that's good or not by your books, I'd call that good news. ^^
No. 91271
File 137689194432.png - (109.89KB , 600x600 , 3a6debddc2d1ebeb6fad837a8b8eb517-d46e6wu.png )
sorry for late response.. got sidetracked :c

hmm..i suppose i could do that too! would be a fun way to play it right? c:
haha, i'm sure you'll get your chances :p
alright then i'll focus on just enjoying it ^^ and mhm that's what i mean ^^' hehe

so um.. sorry but mind if i go for now? my attention is not great tonight and i don't want to leave you waiting for a response while i've gotten distracted or something :c
No. 91272
File 137689218417.png - (164.15KB , 1000x799 , twilight_contemplates_life_by_trildar-d45mmoa.png )
Oh uh, well okay then! Though you weren't really making me wait at all, I've got other things going on too. Hope you have a pleasant night, mate. See you around, eh? ^^
No. 91273
File 137689235961.png - (139.22KB , 900x900 , 0556.png )
oh,okay..just didn't want to keep you waiting around since i am being slow is all.. ^^'
um,anything else you'd like to chat about maybe then? ^^;
No. 91274
File 137689256641.png - (106.06KB , 1131x707 , yawning_twilight_by_dentist73548-d3la1dc.png )
Oh no, that's fine, if you're busy I don't want to distract you. My chats are winding down, and my movie's pretty much over, so I'll be going to bed soon anyway. It's a good time to head out, really. ^^
No. 91275
File 137689266246.png - (90.22KB , 948x838 , 132622665493.png )
well okay, did you enjoy the movie? c:
and i hope you rest well when you do then <3
No. 91276
File 137689285524.png - (186.88KB , 867x921 , twilight_sparkle___bathrobe_hop_by_extreme_sonic-d.png )
I did, actually. T'was nice, funny, friendshippy, more or less what I was expecting it to be. ^^
And same with you. Goodnight, mate. ^^
No. 91277
File 137689301574.png - (101.28KB , 480x750 , 131880477220.png )
goodnight c:
No. 91285
File 137691847849.png - (133.66KB , 894x894 , 135023146249.png )
No. 95848
Hello BIG fan of rainbowdash and princess luna and applejack and daring doo ,sweetiebell,applebloom,scooaloo
No. 95850
Neat, nice meeting you. Hope you find some solidarity in Lunachan, comrade. As a couple few actually do.
No. 97101
File 142440857068.jpg - (59.34KB , 500x435 , Adolf_Tipler.jpg )
this was the only thread that was long enough to reach the bump limit first
No. 97102
File 142442490452.png - (121.96KB , 870x1121 , scootaloo_vector_by_augustthehedgehog-d57vuoz.png )
Well that is... one way of doing it, I guess! ... shame I didn't check the front page until it was time for bed, though.
No. 97103
File 14244273722.png - (805.19KB , 1270x1536 , 036 - hUVyrFw.png )
Now that's unfortunate it. Goodnight and I'll hope to see you later
No. 97104
File 142446744825.png - (128.90KB , 500x812 , scootaloo_heart_by_questing.png )
And now I'm back! ... just in time to disappear for another 24 hours or more. I'm so good at this~
No. 97109
File 142461592782.jpg - (298.49KB , 1126x1600 , 014 - HOmk13D.jpg )
No. 97110
File 142463367623.png - (155.16KB , 852x937 , This Chan is derpy and won't let me duplicate.png )
Okay, now I'm here to stay! I'm on spring break, so I shouldn't be disappearing thaaat much... in theory...
No. 97111
File 142464923218.png - (216.24KB , 529x545 , 044 - 4vhIYQQ.png )
Go Team
100% Approved
Spring break during winter is a thing?
No. 97112
File 142465434372.png - (133.74KB , 908x879 , scootaloo__idea_by_blowingbomb-d3gn9al.png )
In... Canada it is, I guess? Y'know, I've never thought to question it before. Hmm.

So... how's um... life?
No. 97113
File 142465471075.jpg - (29.99KB , 568x720 , 187 - R3GZA5v.jpg )
You think it would be called winter break or something.

My life is just wonderful and filled with excitement not really
I could give you a quick rundown on what has happened since you disappeared if you wish.

The magical question that I want answered from you would be much more thrilling to know.
No. 97114
File 142465707119.png - (167.96KB , 727x1099 , innocent_scootaloo_by_saveman71-d4unqxl.png )
Well... winter break is in December. It uh... begins in Fall, actually. The more you know?

Hmm... fair enough. I guess I do owe you a bit of an explanation... if you wish.
No. 97115
File 142465748253.png - (227.17KB , 960x767 , 1424601730287.png )
I would love an explanation.
No. 97116
File 14246587183.png - (207.88KB , 763x1047 , zhklk4d-lpreisurc_yb_daeh_no_teksab_htiw_oolatoocs.png )
All right, so...

It was... what, nearly a year ago now? Ten months or so at least, I don't really remember... we were chatting a fair bit back then, I believe. I started to feel really anxious and depressed all the time... I stopped posting on any websites, I stopped talking to people on Skype... over the course of about two months I gradually blocked everyone on Skype and Steam. My anxiety was at its worst, and so I cut out everybody. I don't even know what caused it, but I was barely able to leave the house at all...

I really wanted to stay in touch with people, but I... sucked at it. I tried to keep up with some, but... like, with you... I was tired all the time, I couldn't reply to messages, then I would feel bad for not replying, then I'd get scared, my anxiety would kick in... I recall you sent me a message toward the end... a really emotional one. I'll admit, I cried. And I wanted to respond, but... I couldn't. And then the opportunity passed. So, as I was feeling terrible about myself, I stopped using Skype altogether.

It's not much of an excuse, I know. But that's all I can say. I got anxious and depressed, and I cut contact with everybody. Still to this day I only keep in touch with two online friends: one because I moved in with him, and the other because he's a good friend of my roommate. And I was baaad at keeping in touch with them, even.

... But, after a year of not going to school, not working, and just generally feeling terrible, things are finally improving, so here I am. I'm back at school, I have a place of my own, I'm almost financially stable... it's nice.

... of course, now I have a million health problems that keep me occupied all the time, but I mean, progress is progress. >.>

... I'm sorry. >.<
No. 97117
File 142465966074.jpg - (331.86KB , 1600x1600 , 399 - QBnrWSf.jpg )
uhhhh I don't even know what to say. I knew you had anxiety problems but I had no idea it was that bad. Thank you for the explanation but I'm speechless right now, like holy shit
No. 97118
File 142465992454.png - (215.00KB , 900x759 , scootaloo_and_sweetie_belle_by_joemasterpencil-d4p.png )
Sorry about that. I imagine that's what a lot of people would say... I don't show it very well. Things are getting better, though! Slowly...
No. 97119
File 142466043929.png - (879.87KB , 1100x1100 , 249 - nNw3AO6.png )
I'm glad that things are getting better at least. Does this mean things can go back to the way they were or what? Because I would love it if that could happen.
Also what do you mean you have a million health problems? That sounds dreadful
No. 97120
File 142466218752.png - (225.90KB , 1178x678 , sweetie_belle_and_scootaloo_with_a_book_by_delecta.png )
I don't know, to be honest. I mean, yeah I'm feeling better (mentally), but I'm also a lot busier these days... but I mean... I could be around more often, I imagine?...

Oh, umm... about ten months ago I started having some gut problems, which have been getting worse and worse. I've visited a number of hospitals, lost count of how many things I've been tested for, but... no one has any idea what's wrong. All I know is that I have a constant dull pain and there's a lump on my side. I have a cancer screening appointment, though... in like... May... >.>
... so y'know, that's been fun too.
No. 97121
File 142466272479.png - (639.30KB , 1600x1657 , 297 - i0yADMs.png )
Now that is unfortunate I would love to talk to you more often. I don't want us to just fade away considering how long we've known each other

What the hell that sounds absolutely terrible. How on earth can no one know what it is if you have visited a million hospitals. God damn it must be pretty serious if you are getting a cancer screening. pls get better ;_;
No. 97122
File 142466315156.png - (117.07KB , 903x885 , vector_scootaloo_v2_by_kyss_s_by_kysss90-d5nj7vv.png )
Neither do I! You're a great guy Fiddles, and I have many fond memories of us. I'd love for that to continue again, if it could. I really would.

Ha, yeah... I know. It's a little frustrating. You'd be surprised by how many tests one can have for such specific symptoms, though. Plus, the cancer screening waitlist is like 6 months long here... but eh. I'm doing everything that I can, can't do anything else.
No. 97123
File 142466383027.jpg - (246.61KB , 1200x1523 , 383 - u9vOpZe.jpg )
When you put it like that it sounds like we're never going to speak again.

Man, the Canadian health care system doesn't sound the best if you have to wait 6 months for a screening.
No. 97124
File 142466454943.png - (134.93KB , 900x778 , you_make_scootaloo_sad_by_rainbowderp98-d5m4i3e.png )
... what, why ;-;

Well... we have an aging population, and this particular form of cancer isn't very common in younger people. So the waitlists are full of elderly folk. Besides, I'm very "low risk" for the disease, so I'm not a high priority...
No. 97125
File 142466487767.png - (2.11MB , 3000x3000 , 049 - 7t4dx4j.png )
It was the way you worded it which made me think that or it's just my terrible reading comprehension

ahh right that makes sense then but the 6 month waiting time still sucks. This is why you get private health care and you can zoom right past everyone and get treated straight away, woo~
No. 97126
File 142466518433.png - (155.16KB , 852x937 , This Chan is derpy and won't let me duplicate.png )
Noooo, I'm here, I'm not going anywhere, I promiiiiiseee ;~;

Actually, I called someone about private healthcare last week... still haven't got a call back. But I am looking into it. Granted, cancer screening is $1600 by itself... chemo and surgery would be ten times that at least.
No. 97127
File 142466528432.png - (1.08MB , 1000x1000 , 113 - U6nPBH2.png )
No. 97128
File 142466561111.png - (115.11KB , 1005x795 , scootaloo_by_shho13-d4h7p3o.png )
What a coincidence, I just had dinner. Have... fun?
No. 97129
File 142466607195.jpg - (1.53MB , 3308x2552 , 120 - j22q7aq.jpg )
No. 97130
File 142466757520.png - (149.30KB , 862x927 , 3.png )
Yaaay!~ <3

So... what's your life been like over the past year or so, if I may ask?
No. 97131
File 142466804941.jpg - (43.89KB , 640x800 , 177 - wDuPM0g.jpg )
WELL my life has been kinda meh
I failed my networking course last year so I'm going to do it again this year
I learned to play poker
I've only started learning how to drive a car
I almost got a boyfriend
I finally caved into peer pressure and tried weed for the first time
I've expanded my musical taste ever so slightly
I've gotten into medal collecting and a little bit of coin collecting
I tried learning German but I gave up after a month, I learned soooo much in that time
I almost got my friend into a car crash which was pretty much my fault
I have an idea to create a phone repairing business
I also have an idea that I might move to another country when I'm older
I built my first pc wooo~
There are probably others but I can't really think of anything right now
No. 97132
File 142466830258.png - (133.74KB , 908x879 , scootaloo__idea_by_blowingbomb-d3gn9al.png )
Oh wow, it's been quite a year! Lots of ups and downs I see. Good luck in class, my friend... I'm there too, I'm having to restart university this year, ugh >.>

... boyfriend, though? My my my. Moving countries, too? May I ask why? That's quite a lofty goal...

... cool life though, I like it. :3
No. 97133
File 142466893287.jpg - (65.86KB , 798x660 , 428 - fulwa0A.jpg )
If you're restarting the same course at least you'll breeze through it since you know what you're doing.

I dunno I think moving to a different country would be kinda cool. I don't know if I will really do it though. At first it was Quebec because Quebec City looks absolutely amazing, then I decided Switzerland because it's dead centre in Europe and it's just a beautiful country. I don't know if I will actually move though it's just one of the million ideas that I have.

Haha thanks.
No. 97134
File 142466929520.png - (140.27KB , 890x898 , 1.png )
True... though I had to completely restart an entire degree. Like, change schools and everything. It... kind of sucks.

Good choices! Well you know what I'd recommend, heh. Those are cool ideas, though. High recommend it, one day.

Speaking of moving to different countries... so... I live with Johnny now, if you haven't heard. So... that's new.
No. 97135
File 142466969528.png - (703.72KB , 551x523 , 353 - 7Yk2qT3.png )
ooohhhhhh that really sucks. TO start you entire degree again would feel like a complete time waste. What are you studying?

Uhhh no I didn't. The last time I spoke to Johnny he told me he was moving to Washington state. That's really cool though! It must be a blast I would imagine
No. 97136
File 142467038988.png - (166.08KB , 680x1176 , i_came_to_write_fanfics_by_tryhardbrony-d5mcz7s.png )
Well... I kind of botched university thanks to those anxiety problems I mentioned. My GPA was... unrecoverable, let's put it that way. But um, I'm still studying history. Still. Wee.

Yeahhhh... he's... inconsistent. But it's been... an adventure? Nothing perfect, but the company does help me to get out of bed each morning, I guess.
No. 97137
File 142467092927.jpg - (100.11KB , 637x900 , 387 - pr6W4Kd.jpg )
ahh that's right. Do you still have a love for ancient Rome like you used to? Oh and for brief moment last year I was obsessed with Roman history and I watched a few documentaries and read so much about Rome, it was super interesting.

mang we don't even talk to each other anymore. Another thing I need to ask you, ages ago before we stopped talking to each other I asked him to contact you for me. Did he ever do it? Yeah it definitely would be an adventure to actually end up living with someone you met online.

have a link
It's graffiti from pompeii before it was destroyed

No. 97138
File 14246712296.png - (142.96KB , 894x894 , scoota_jump_by_boneswolbach-d4qauqx.png )
Of course! I'm actually currently reading a book on Roman history in the fifth-sixth centuries. That's great, though! Any idea what sparked that interest? :3

So he just told me... you know, I'm not sure. There were a lot of people trying to contact me after I vanished... I think your message made it through, though. I can't fully remember, it was a long time ago...

Ha! I've seen some of those before, they're golden. #1 is my favourite.

Okay! Yes, your princess will remain here on the shore, patiently and faithfully awaiting your glorious return~
No. 97139
File 142467314922.png - (1.04MB , 1681x1774 , 280 - vzJPnvj.png )
hahaha how many books have you read about Rome? I don't know what it was but I was just intrigued by the Roman senate and road system

Oh it did? I didn't think Johnny would actually do it. I was hoping you would actually reply back.. oh well

It just goes to show how close we and the Romans truly are~

No. 97140
File 142467612162.png - (181.34KB , 743x1074 , my_little_trouble_maker_by_shelltoontv-d3d5u7q.png )
Umm... a lot. I have about seven or eight books on Roman/Greek history sitting right here with me... yeah, they were cool. I don't know if my love for them is as intense as it once was, but they're still fascinating and such.

... sorry. I really wanted to... ;-;

Hahaha, oh that it does. Oh well.

Woo! Welcome back! I hope your conquests were great and plentiful. :3

........ sorry that took so long too, the site crashed >.<
No. 97141
File 142467695763.jpg - (83.26KB , 900x797 , 179 - aLF0YxB.jpg )
Oh wow that is a lot. I'm assuming you also watch some documentaries on the side?

It's all in the past quuessttt

Yes it was a mighty adventure and the rewards were grand
No. 97142
File 142467851065.png - (137.70KB , 894x894 , scootaloo_doubtful_by_otfor2-d5ns1bi.png )
Ahh... I do not, actually. I've seen most of the good ones... plus, documentaries tend to focus on the basics, and I believe I'm a step or two beyond those by now. Why, would you recommend any?

If you insist. ;-;

No. 97143
File 142467913760.png - (694.49KB , 704x1000 , 321 - K19wHjy.png )
Yeah that's true, documentaries aren't the best for information unless it's a documentary series which some are good. Nahhhh I don't know any good ones many good ones

anyways lets have some music to liven up the plaace.

No. 97144
File 142468016597.png - (158.99KB , 726x1099 , scootaloo_____by_b_neko-d4tai0i.png )
Mhm... well, that's fair. You remind me that there were a few series that I wanted to check out, though... maybe I'll do that someday soon.

Aw... this is nice. ♥

... but it's really late, and I have to be up early tomorrow in case the hospital phones... mind if I head off to bed? <3
No. 97145
File 142468029363.png - (842.53KB , 1280x960 , 020 - tKmNvlY.png )
You go and get some rest. It was nice to finally talk to you again after so long. I hope to see you soon
No. 97146
File 142468107295.png - (128.90KB , 500x812 , scootaloo_heart_by_questing.png )
Same! I would love to chat again tomorrow, if you're around. But um... up to you. Goodnight ♥
No. 97147
File 142473907798.jpg - (298.49KB , 1126x1600 , 014 - HOmk13D.jpg )
No. 97149
File 142475001355.png - (97.59KB , 1024x768 , scootaloo_by_mylittlepinkiedash-d4posiz.png )
... you wake up early these days, huh.
No. 97150
File 142475077168.png - (65.84KB , 307x395 , 139634674210.png )
You're telling me 11.30am is early? I can only wonder what your sleeping pattern must be like
No. 97151
File 142475130593.png - (1.56MB , 8642x10072 , scaredy_scoot_by_deadparrot22-d5pgfd4.png )
... I could've sworn Australia was eight hours behind me, huh... I'm out of touch. Though true, we tend to never wake before noon unless we have to...
No. 97152
File 142475175383.png - (131.10KB , 800x733 , 139635277365.png )
Hahaha nope it's 3.20pm right now so I have no idea how far away in time and space we are. Never waking up unless you have to sounds wonderful nothing is better than just lounging about in your bed being absolutely lazy

How are you Quest!
No. 97153
File 142475187540.png - (140.40KB , 900x851 , play_it_again_scoots_by_shelltoontv-d4db05n.png )
So you're... five hours behind me. Or 19 hours ahead, depending on how you choose to look at it. Interesting...

I'm good, though! Rescheduled my cancer screening appointment today through a private clinic, now it's at the beginning of April rather than halfway through May. So that's nice. How're things with you? <3
No. 97154
File 142475256814.png - (203.90KB , 1121x1184 , 139643851412.png )
I'm certain it's 19 hours ahead. Greetings from the future!

That's great to hear! Although you still have to wait for 5 weeks or so. Since you have rescheduled with a private clinic why is the wait still so long? Can't you be seen immediately since it's private and not public?

I am absolutely good today a book that I ordered online finally arrived in the mail today so that's exciting
No. 97155
File 142475341617.png - (153.90KB , 681x1173 , scootaloo__yeah__sure____by_tamalesyatole-d5buyym.png )
Whatever you say, time-traveler.

You'd think so, but... even then, the wait lists are long. Canada's population is too old. They said that I might even be in as early as late March though, so... it could be worse...

Oh nice! What book? :3
No. 97156
File 142475412047.png - (433.94KB , 563x900 , 165 - AVTGzFw.png )
Are you doubting me, peasant?

I just can't wrap my head around the fact that you have to wait so long even with private care. If I had private care here in Australia I would be seen immediately

A biography of Theodore Roosevelt titled 'Theodore Roosevelt: A Strenuous Life' Lately I've been obsessed with this man and how much he accomplished so I just had to get this book
No. 97157
File 142475441790.png - (181.34KB , 743x1074 , my_little_trouble_maker_by_shelltoontv-d3d5u7q.png )
B-but just y-yesterday I was a princess! ;~;

Well maybe I ought to fly down to Australia, then. It's not really that insane, though. I mean, the recommended wait is 27 or so weeks, so this is actually kind of reasonable... ish.

Well then! I wasn't expecting that, I must admit. So... what's he done? I can't say I know much about the guy, popular details aside.
No. 97158
File 142475548469.png - (0.98MB , 840x645 , 166 - BLMgigy.png )
Does questy still want to be a princess? awwww how cute~

Yes I agree you should come to Australia pls do it. The fact the recommended time is 27 weeks just sounds absurd How do people deal with waiting that long is beyond me.

It's crazy what he did in his life
-At the age of 22 he wrote his first book which classified him as a historian
-At the same age he would also become a politician
-He was also a father of six children
-Continued to write over 40 books in his life time
-Spoke 5 languages
-He would swim in rivers during the middle of winter
-Invited world class boxing and Sumo champions to fight him in the White House
-Loved hiking, tennis, rowing, polo, and horseback riding
-practiced Jujutsu
-Volunteered to go to war against Spain where he achieved that rank of Colonel
-Transformed 1/5th of the United States into national parks
-Survived a assassination attempt where he was shot but he continued to give his speech before he sought medical attention
-Went on a safari expedition where he shot and captured over 11,000 animals and insects
-Teddy Bears are named after him
-Primarily responsible for the construction of the Panama canal
-First American to receive the Nobel peace prize

There's probably a bunch more stuff that he did but I can't think of anything else
No. 97159
File 142475675789.png - (155.16KB , 852x937 , This Chan is derpy and won't let me duplicate.png )
... always ;-;

Haha, would if I could... though I don't think that they would like me as a patient. Don't think healthcare works that way. Though it's not soooo bad... I've already been waiting four months, what's another five weeks?

Oh wow... he sounds like a slightly less autocratic Putin, heh. I recall reading a few of those before, very interesting... people got so much done before the invention of the internet, eh? :p
No. 97160
File 142475731294.jpg - (560.25KB , 2500x1822 , 153 - 1b3qx5h.jpg )
awwwwww how sweet, you can be a very special princess. I want to be a princess too

With an attitude like that you will never make it! You need to believe, quest, beleiiivvee and anything is possible~

Haha yeah you can definitely see the similarities between the two. I know! I blame the internet for everything I haven't done
No. 97161
File 142475761892.png - (233.85KB , 900x902 , scoot_as_flower_fillie_by_saveman71-d4wmiui.png )
aww, yay! We can be princesses together, just like old times~ ♥

I dooooooo! I'll be fine, really... I don't mind the wait. I mean, finding out that I only have to wait five weeks made my day today... it's all okay.

Ha, same. Now I just wonder how much of Teddy's life was embellished to present a strong, masculine image for their glorious leader... hmm...
No. 97162
File 142475825729.png - (126.47KB , 715x645 , 392 - 8lD6Fc3.png )
Oh my god yes that is perfect! my life is now complete. Now we can do cute princess things together~

Ok if you say so. I do hope everything goes well for you when the day comes. I don't want you to come back saying you have something super duper terrible because if you do that would be super duper super sad ;_;

It's a mystery~ :O

Ok quest now I have a dilemma. Do I eat ice cream with sprinkles and chocolate bits or not? I am very tempted to but I don't know if I should
No. 97163
File 142475883699.png - (286.36KB , 1000x778 , let_me_tell_you_about_rainbow_dash____by_deadparro.png )
Woo! ... princess things, such as...?~

Aww... but... if I do have something super duper terrible, maybe I could go visit Australia, as sort of a "last chance" kind of thing? :3

Oh myyy...

Umm... if chocolate and sprinkles are an option, always go for that one! No regrets, just sweetness. :3
No. 97164
File 142475980483.jpg - (3.39MB , 4128x2322 , 20150224_173449.jpg )
ummm I'm not so sure, does it include cute things? because if it does we should do that.

Yes you should! But of course that should only be a last resort option but you should also visit Australia for the sake of it because fun

No. 97165
File 142476003749.png - (117.07KB , 903x885 , vector_scootaloo_v2_by_kyss_s_by_kysss90-d5nj7vv.png )
I... imagine so! ... though what sorts of cute things? Don't we do cute things all the time anyway? ;-;

True... and I would love to, one day. But fleeing to Australia on a whim isn't something that an unemployed student living on their own can do very easily. Unless I'm dying, in which case, well, no use in saving money, eh?

... I am so jealous right now you have no idea ;-;
No. 97166
File 142476055399.jpg - (2.09MB , 4128x2322 , 20150224_174412[1].jpg )
Well I don't really know! I figured you would know all about cute things since you are the epitome of cuteness

Yeah I understand. You can't just visit if you have no money. But I don't want you to be dying because thats no fun and it will be sad ;_;

awwww do you not have any ice cream yourself? I'm having a great time eating it. It's so gooooood~
No. 97167
File 142476092758.jpg - (1.89MB , 4128x2322 , 20140629_205316.jpg )
oohhhh look what I found on my phone. Now that was some really good ice cream
No. 97168
File 142476121048.png - (141.54KB , 799x999 , scootaloo_braking_by_stabzor-d4kt9ut.png )
D'awwwwww... am not! You've always been the cute one. I dunno... maybe we could... dance and sing? ... is that cute?

Aww, well... I'll try. I'm just saying, if the worst should come to pass, I guess there's some sort of silver lining...

... why are you doing this to me, what evils did I do to deserve this torment ;~;
No. 97169
File 142476185418.png - (250.00KB , 700x700 , 139643458689.png )
You are though! It is a conflict which has no end because you will not accept the truth. hmmm i dunno maybe we should get dresses.

Yeah true but still ;_;

The real question is, what haven't you done to not deserve this torment
No. 97170
File 142476222231.png - (155.16KB , 852x937 , This Chan is derpy and won't let me duplicate.png )
Nuuuuuu... because your truth is a lie! Though dresses sound perfect... cute socks too? And everything else of that nature? :3

... I'm doing what I can *salutes* ;-;

... not... bought... ice cream? ;-;
No. 97171
File 142476282459.png - (301.32KB , 803x527 , 183 - Ob8UYbt.png )
Quuuessst you must learn to accept things even though you disagree with them. You may not like the truth but one day you will accept it. oh yes the socks are the most important part of it, that is a definite must. See? You know what we need for the cuteness so how are you not perfect to be the cutest??

That is the correct answer. Now go and buy some! Nothing is better than eating ice cream on a cold winter night
No. 97172
File 142476348958.png - (1.56MB , 8642x10072 , scaredy_scoot_by_deadparrot22-d5pgfd4.png )
Never! I will fight it until the very end, mark my words! Besides, you're the one who mentioned dresses, which are just as important... you're cute toooo ;~;

Actually, it hasn't been a cold winter at all up here... it hasn't really dropped below ten degrees since December. Besides, I'm poor ;-;
No. 97173
File 142476437454.jpg - (158.08KB , 800x1066 , 347 - wPWS2hx.jpg )
But why try and resist it Quest? Cant' you see it is fruitless to fight? No matter what you say I will not budge on my position. But you expanded on the idea by suggesting socks!

But 10 degress is cold! aww you can't even afford ice cream? Ice cream isn't that expensive
No. 97174
File 142476472197.png - (82.35KB , 449x622 , sweetie_and_scoots_bows_by_rainbowderp98-d79u7im.png )
...... okay, fine, you win. I'm the cutest princess around. You are also very very cute, though. You can be deputy princess. How does that sound?

Oh, I know... okay, we're not poor. But neither Johnny nor I have jobs at the moment, so we have no income, so... I'm hesitant about spending money, you see. Maybe one day, though...
No. 97175
File 142476513612.jpg - (77.57KB , 723x960 , 157 - LrbRj0S.jpg )
Screen capping for future reference
But what does a deputy princess meean?? It doesn't sound very special compared to princess

ahhh right. It's okay Questy, one day you will have enough money to afford ice cream and you will achieve the glory that it comes with and when you do, you will join the gods
No. 97176
File 142476601447.png - (153.90KB , 681x1173 , scootaloo__yeah__sure____by_tamalesyatole-d5buyym.png )
Haha... damn. Well congratulations, oh great deputy princess. Or if that name isn't good enough, how about... co-princess? You can be the Luna to my Celestia :3

Yesss... one day. Also cheese. Man, I miss cheese... and meat that isn't chicken... food is great, being poor is not ;-;
No. 97177
File 142476640676.png - (322.39KB , 331x490 , 351 - Ga88ydb.png )
YES. When you put it like that it makes perfect sense! I 100% approve

Oh wow are you in that bad of a position? it must suck to not even eat some of your favorite foods.
No. 97178
File 142476672122.png - (139.29KB , 932x856 , 2.png )
Huzzah! Now we are all set to go forth and be cute together! ♥

Hey man, have you seen cheese?! It's like liquid gold! Only... solid. Meat too. We're basically living at the bottom of the social ladder while we have no income... plus, bear in mind that my home city has the highest cost of living in all of North America, beating out New York, Hollywood, Washington DC, etc... >.>
No. 97179
File 142476730821.jpg - (650.73KB , 1920x1080 , 20150224_193548[1].jpg )
Yes! Our adventure is only beginning Quest.

Haha maybe I should send you a big box of cheese. If you have no income how on earth are you two supporting yourselves? Also how is Vancouver the most expensive city in North America? That is something I never understood, I would have thought it would be New York City or San Francisco or something
No. 97180
File 142476750880.png - (149.30KB , 862x927 , 3.png )
Yaaaay~ <3

... Why are you so cruel ;~;

Oh, um... we have a lot of money saved up. Enough to last over a year without income, actually. And... I'm not sure. Some combination of it being Canada and a great environmental city and a coastal city and yet close to the border and... lots of good things. It deserves it, I'd say. But it is a pain.
No. 97181
Haha i just had to take the opportunity I'm sorry ;_;

Ok that is interesting that you have a lot of money saved up. Are you suuurreee? I mean when is another opportunity going to arise where someone is giving you a box of cheese? Probably never. How about getting a job?? What are you two going to do when the money is gone? Those are weird reasons that I would not have imagined as to why Vancouver is so expensive
No. 97182
File 142476823159.png - (140.27KB , 890x898 , 1.png )
A cruel, cruel opportunity it was ;-;

Haha, well... y'know, I almost want to take you up on your offer, but... would cheese even still be good after travelling the entire length of the Pacific?
Don't worry about money, though! We'll be fine. We're job hunting soon, this week even. Alles ist gut. As for Vancouver, well... it's also relatively isolated, so that might play a part too. I dunno. It's a rich city, surprisingly enough.
No. 97183
File 142476875046.jpg - (1.51MB , 2480x3507 , 033 - 7DRRHR2.jpg )
I think you mean a perfect one

Now that is something I didn't think of. Can't you just buy cheese online and just ship it to yours? That would be a better option
Ok good that is what I want to hear you need to get a steady income of money some way or another. Vancouver is isolated?? That doesn't seem right compared to living in Australia where everything is a million years away
No. 97184
File 142476909660.png - (222.61KB , 713x1119 , scootaloo_brought_you_the_paper_by_captrainbows-d4.png )
... ;-;

That... would probably be even more expensive, honestly. And yeah... I guess? Vancouver is isolated compared to many of the other cities, here. We're on the edge of civilization. I mean, the next nearest major Canadian city is 1500 kilometers away... it's a pain. High tariffs and such.
No. 97185
File 142477003367.jpg - (1.38MB , 2448x3264 , 320 - CnNyMDh.jpg )
Do not doubt me, Quest, I will find a way to make this affordable. Ok that is something I didn't really think about when it comes to import tariffs and stuff. I just figured, hey Seattle is super close so Vancouver isn't really isolated

I think it's music time
No. 97186
File 142477016782.png - (1.02MB , 1550x1000 , 012 - 5XNBeVQ.png )
Question time! Does it snow in Vancouver?
No. 97187
File 142477044071.png - (142.55KB , 916x873 , scootabounce_by_daringdashie-d4yuy4s.png )
Well... I wish you luck with that! Yeah, it's... yeah. I don't know the specific details, though. Seattle is really close, and we do have the free trade agreement... I'm not sure why things are so expensive here, to be honest. Something to look into sometime.

Woo, your music is cool~ <3

... I'd share some, but my headphones are broken and my roommate is trying to sleep. :x

Sometimes... for like a week per year. This year didn't see any snow, though... why?
No. 97188
File 142477099491.jpg - (185.62KB , 828x964 , 401 - qCsCGy2.jpg )
poor you and the struggles you must go through for being a Canadian

Canada: The land where everything is expensive

thaaanks. Yeah that's ok considering it is almost 2am

Why aren't you in bed? It is late after all

only a week? I thought it would snow a lot more considering the geographic location of Vancouver. No real reason I'm just asking is all

And now I must disappear for 10 minutes or so for a shower
No. 97189
File 142477126692.png - (128.90KB , 500x812 , scootaloo_heart_by_questing.png )
Yes yes, I'm a very tragic princess. ;-;

You know it!


... because chatting with is fun~ I'm beginning to ask myself the same thing. ;-;

You'd think, but... it being on the ocean and such, the climate is warm here. Snow rare. Very nice.

Okay! I'm... actually going to head out to bed now, I think. Its been a long day... I'll see ya around though, maybe? <3
No. 97190
File 142477215960.jpg - (58.32KB , 900x506 , 424 - PEhAqrI.jpg )
It was great talking to you again.
Maybe? Of course we will! Hopefully tomorrow. Have a good rest
No. 97196
File 142500207652.jpg - (298.49KB , 1126x1600 , 014 - HOmk13D.jpg )
No. 97198
File 142501438086.png - (189.71KB , 1509x1509 , 46532bce_scootaloo_idea.png )

No. 97199
File 142501712351.jpg - (298.49KB , 1126x1600 , 014 - HOmk13D.jpg )
No. 97200
File 142501776917.png - (149.30KB , 862x927 , 3.png )
Hiya! ♥ I was wondering where you were... how're you on this fine evening?
No. 97201
File 142501839417.jpg - (73.84KB , 700x530 , 1424837715856.jpg )
Sorry that I disappeared I spend the last 2 days doing social things.

How am I? I am a bit frustrated since I've been trying to get a PlayStation 2 emulator to work which I'm having all sorts of trouble having. I also tried a PS1 emulator but that was also meh. Then I tried a NES emulator on my PSP but I found out the analog stick is busted so that also isn't fun.
I just want to play video games.. Why must it be so hard. It's like I'm not allowed to have fun.

How are you on this glorious and wonderful day which god has graced us upon?
No. 97202
File 142501908676.png - (181.34KB , 743x1074 , my_little_trouble_maker_by_shelltoontv-d3d5u7q.png )
S... social things?! But but but... that's scary. What kind of social things, if I may ask?

... Ouch, that's rough. ;-;
I've had similar experiences with Gamecube emulators... what are you trying to play? Sorry I can't offer any suggestions, I'm useless when it comes to technology. :x

But umm, I'm good, all things considered! I've done nothing of value all day~
No. 97203
File 142501959765.png - (227.17KB , 960x767 , 1424601730287.png )
Haha yeah social things can get scary but if I'm just with my friends then it's all good. On Wednesday I had a friend over to just chill and later that night I went to meet up with more friends to play poker which was super fun. On Thursday I had my same friend come over and we again just played video games, listened to music and did whatever. So nothing too amazing but I enjoyed it.

Yeah I've discovered emulators can be really difficult to set up and even the best ones aren't even perfect from recent consoles. If it's a SNES emulator then that's easy. At this rate I'll be happy to play anything. Hahaha it's ok I'll try and figure it out.

That sounds like classic Quest which I've known to love
No. 97204
File 14250208672.png - (133.74KB , 908x879 , scootaloo__idea_by_blowingbomb-d3gn9al.png )
Oh fun! Those are the best sorts of nights, I would say. Poker nights especially! My friends have those every now and then, and they're always great fun. Hope you enjoyed it all :3

Yeah... I usually don't try to emulate anything above the N64 era, myself. The emulators are unreliable, and my computer can't even handle it anyway. Well umm... good luck! <3

Daw... I must have such a lazy reputation ;-;
No. 97205
File 142502179469.png - (65.84KB , 307x395 , 139634674210.png )
Yeah they are definitely a blast especially since we play with real money so we all bring our A game to the table. Although we usually do end up yelling at each other half the time..

That probably the worst part of it. I do have the money to buy a playstation but I would also have to buy the games online so waiting for the games would take a million years. I also don't want to buy it because money. On the other hand I have to play with an unreliable emulator. Why must things be so difficult, Quest? Why can't is all be easy and fun.

Hahah you do! Considering how bad your sleeping patterns usually are! Besides, being lazy is kinda awesome
No. 97206
File 142502448875.png - (140.27KB , 890x898 , 1.png )
Oh wow... that's intense. I find that money just complicates things, so my friends and I just use poker chips. But then we all get drunk and the game ends when we all pass out. It's pretty cool.

Aw... that's unfortunate. Well... maybe you could find a different game to play? Or is that out of the question? Um... to ebay, or something similar?

Haha, shush! My sleep schedule is... not as bad as it used to be! ... ugh, you're so right ;-;
No. 97207
It doesn't complicate things! If anything it makes it more fun and competitive. Hahaha that sounds equally as fun

This calls for some music


Hahaha you keep saying that but it never changes! That is something I want to see changed from you
No. 97208
File 14250735075.png - (129.39KB , 1036x772 , tired_scoot_by_thatsgrotesque-d5noj8e.png )
... I fell asleep ;-;
No. 97209
File 142507860784.png - (703.72KB , 551x523 , 353 - 7Yk2qT3.png )
Hahaha, oh quest~
If you were so tired why did you stay up? Sleep is important for you queeessssstt
No. 97210
File 142507878477.png - (135.46KB , 905x882 , scootaloo_loves_life_by_orschmann-d497ujk.png )
Because some things are more important than sleep, silly.
No. 97211
File 142507888479.png - (96.94KB , 900x649 , thbpbphpbhbpth_by_chromadancer-d461i4j.png )
Also, Lunachan X stopped working. And I woke up with a rash on my eye. Today sucks ;~;
No. 97212
File 142508112053.jpg - (8.80KB , 242x208 , 305 - 0DECx99.jpg )
While that is true sleep is still important. Nothing is worse than getting only a few hours of sleep and feeling tired for the rest of the day.

Oh poor you isn't life just hard? How on earth do you wake up with a rash on your eye? That just sounds weird
No. 97213
File 14250815615.png - (149.30KB , 862x927 , 3.png )
Perhaaaps... but I feel tired all day every day anyway. It's one of the symptoms of this whole "dying" thing I've got going on lately. Besides, late nights is where true living happens~

It iiis... I dunno, it just happened. Now it itches. Ugh, my body is falling apart, I want a refund ;-;
No. 97214
File 142508260277.png - (181.21KB , 463x572 , 365 - WTk0xU1.png )
But that sounds absolutely terrible in every way. How on earth do you deal with it? But the night time is also when the scary things happen because its dark and dark things are scary.

ohh that would be cool to get a new body. You should become a skin crawler

I hope you enjoy 20 second long videos
No. 97215
File 142508299739.png - (129.70KB , 894x894 , scootaloo_by_thenaro-d4d4dih.png )
Well I don't really have a choice, so... I just do what I can? Which means pushing myself to stay up late in denial of my tiredness, silly. The night's not scary, though! It's beautiful. The night has stars, and stars are the best :3

I... that sounds scary ;-;

....... what the golly gosh did I just watch ;-;
No. 97216
File 14250836098.jpg - (29.78KB , 720x634 , 208 - lXu1SJ4.jpg )
But that sounds hard and confusing and stressful and difficult. Yeah that's true! The stars and the moon can look amazing at night but it can also be scary, like hearing weird noises in the trees or bushes. Or maybe I'm just paranoid

It does sound scary but you'll be able to transform into any life form you want! At least that's how it works I think... But it sounds cool so you should totally become one

You just watched wonders of the internet. Wasn't it amazing?
No. 97217
File 142508400974.png - (174.21KB , 900x1403 , scootaloo_in_perplexity_by_felix_kot-d495nvf.png )
I never promised to not be stressed and confused! It is what it is. That's true, though... especially where I live now, I must say. I moved out of my safe, crime-free family suburb into the big city, and now going outside at night will likely end in being stabbed. It sucks. ;-;

But but but... it sounds painful. Any... life... though? ... If you could be any lifeform, what would you be? :3

.... it was... an experience? ;-;
No. 97218
File 142508489277.png - (1.67MB , 2022x2000 , 161 - 2PAHz2b.png )
But cities are ew. There are a million people everywhere and there is no nature! You can't see the stars because of the light pollution and everything looks the same everywhere and of course there is the crime like being stabbed as you said. Truly they are hell on earth

It only sounds painful because you think its painful. Oh man that's a hard one, what if I choose to be a god or a diety? Does that count? If that doesn't count I would love to be a cat, to sleep 12 hours a day and just lounge around sounds awesome. I would also like to be a wolf because wolves are super cute. What about you?

But was it an experience of a life time? I think so
No. 97219
File 142508540993.png - (151.05KB , 873x916 , ewwwww_by_kishmond-d3gveye.png )
I knowwwww. I actually agree with you 100% there. But alas, I wanted somewhere that would be convenient for Johnny and I to go to school... and we're a half hour walk from our campus. So that's... nice? But believe me, I'm getting out of here as soon as I can.

Nice nice! I... don't think that becoming a god is really an option, I'm afraid. But wolves are cool. I saw one just the other day, actually. As for me... a fox, maybe? They're cute too. Or... a bird of sorts?

It was... unique. ;-;
No. 97220
File 142508634428.jpg - (158.08KB , 800x1066 , 347 - wPWS2hx.jpg )
Finally! someone who agrees with me. It's so hard to explain why I don't like cities to all the people, they all think I'm crazy and think I want to live in the Australian outback which also sucks
That's true on how convenient cities are. Lucky you that you are within walking distance to your campus. Great! That is what I want to hear from you, you should eventually live in a little cabin somewhere in the middle of the forest.

Oh that's really cool! Where did you see it? Foxes are pretty cool as well. A bird would be awesome, being able to fly sounds like the best thing ever.

How about a red panda? They are the cutest things ever

So it does sound like you enjoyed it
No. 97221
File 142508688255.png - (167.96KB , 727x1099 , innocent_scootaloo_by_saveman71-d4unqxl.png )
I... think I would take my chances in the city before trying the Australian outback, myself. I mean, sure the city might stab you, and there are no stars, but... I'd take that over a thousand varieties of poisonous death, myself.
That's the plan! I live in a very natural area, so it's entirely possible. I wouldn't be very wealthy of course, but... it would be nice. ♥

Um, when Johnny and I were visiting some friends of mine, in another part of the city. It was just in the street. Was kind of cool. You have good taste in animals, friend.

D'awww, that was cute. Can't say no to that. :3

... ;-;
No. 97222
File 142508786343.png - (612.44KB , 900x665 , 240 - 9CNlxle.png )
Hahaha oh my god where did you get this idea where everything in Australia will kill you? I think you are being a bit over dramatic.

Yeah you should definitely go for it if you can! It would be really nice I would imagine, to not hear cars or helicopters or see the city lights in the night sky. Would this be something you would seriously consider?

Wait.. a wolf was just walking in the middle of the streets of the city? That's crazy and awesome at the same time.

I know right they are just the most super cutest things ever
No. 97223
File 142508828967.png - (140.40KB , 900x851 , play_it_again_scoots_by_shelltoontv-d4db05n.png )
What can I say, Australia's reputation precedes it. It's nothing more than a million kinds of poisonous animals waiting to kill anyone who wanders into the desert... right? :p

Mhm! It's something that i've been seriously considering for nearly my entire life, actually. A definite future goal of mine. Something small and simple, y'know?

Haha, welcome to my city. It's not uncommon, either. I think we have bears wander into the city about twice a month when it's not winter...

They are, I want one ;-;
No. 97224
File 142508876429.png - (449.33KB , 645x1181 , 068 - j1Ab4kK.png )
WHERE THOUGH. I have never ever seen or heard anything like this. In the desert? No one lives in the desert the majority of the population lives by the coast. Sure you could probably get bit by something in the desert but who would want to go there in the first place? It's hot!

Oh that is actually really cool. That does sound like a pretty simple life to live in a little cottage in the forest~ It does sound nice..

If anything Canada sounds worse than Australia if there are wild animals wondering about in the cities! Especially if they're wolves or bears

Me too let's go to a zoo and steal one
No. 97225
File 142508912078.png - (202.18KB , 753x1061 , talent_show_scootaloo_vector_by_mohecchi-d4hf2s7.png )
Haha, fair enough! I guessed as much. Still, your wilderness is scary. And your spiders are scarier than mine, so... nuah.

It sounds perfect to me <3

Ha, I guess so. But they're pretty harmless, and bears spook easily. So it's still pretty safe.

We shouuulddd...

... but I have to go do homework now ;-;
See you later, perchance?
No. 97226
File 142508929499.png - (481.53KB , 1280x1162 , 425 - YTdLD0E.png )
Alright see you later! Have fun doing homework~
No. 97229
File 142516639762.png - (97.59KB , 1024x768 , scootaloo_by_mylittlepinkiedash-d4posiz.png )
No. 97231
File 142517522771.jpg - (298.49KB , 1126x1600 , 014 - HOmk13D.jpg )
No. 97232
File 14251800161.png - (149.30KB , 862x927 , 3.png )
Ayyyyyyyy~ ♥
No. 97233
File 142518126883.png - (1.04MB , 1681x1774 , 280 - vzJPnvj.png )
Yesssssss you're finally catching on
No. 97234
File 142518226270.png - (139.29KB , 932x856 , 2.png )
... What's so special about ayyy?
No. 97235
File 142518244340.png - (369.20KB , 725x795 , 259 - 9TxDUKZ.png )
Only when I take over the world will you truly understand the significance
No. 97236
File 142518334634.png - (149.30KB , 862x927 , 3.png )
Okay sensei. I'll trust you.
So... what's new in the life of Fiddles today?
No. 97237
File 142518377815.jpg - (8.80KB , 242x208 , 305 - 0DECx99.jpg )
And never doubt him.
ehh not much really, I did go for a walk earlier which was nice. I also went driving today which was fun. My grandfather keeps insisting that I drive on the main roads but I don't feel as if I'm ready and it scares me. I also also start class tomorrow but I don't want to gooooooo I just want to stay at home and be lazy

What have you been up to?
No. 97238
File 142518438278.png - (219.69KB , 1280x1139 , quizzical_scootaloo_by_moongazeponies-d3e5zo6.png )
Cool, cool... y'know, I'm like, 22 now, and I still don't even have my first license. Wee. What class is it tomorrow? New semester, or?

I... have done almost nothing all day. I'm on break, and I'm soooo borrreeeddd ;~;
No. 97239
File 142518504055.png - (432.05KB , 900x900 , 180 - qoSFDoX.png )
Haha have you considered ever getting you license? It can be quite handy to have. Oh I'm going to restart my entire course I was doing last year because I screwed up baaadly.

I know exactly how that feeels after doing nothing for so long. Have no fear Quest, I am here to provide entertainment for you when you need it
No. 97240
File 142518534933.png - (128.90KB , 500x812 , scootaloo_heart_by_questing.png )
Nah... transit's pretty good here, I don't really need a vehicle. Plus, many of my friends can drive. Besides, cars are expensive! Ah, right, I remember that... what's the course on, if I may ask? :x

Wooo... you're good entertainment <3
No. 97241
File 142518586229.png - (2.43MB , 1600x1800 , 150 - 2DN4rfg.png )
I used to think like that as well but I decided to get it as it is just a major convenience and a great skill to have. Public transport can be good as well but it can be also frustrating being in a bus, train or tram with a million other people.
The course is network engineering so I'll be studying a lot about computers and stuff. fun~

awwwww thanks! now I feel special. ♥
No. 97242
File 142518676158.png - (117.07KB , 903x885 , vector_scootaloo_v2_by_kyss_s_by_kysss90-d5nj7vv.png )
I can imagine... but still, owning a car here is about the equivalent of renting an apartment. Which is more than most people my age can afford. It's one or the other...
Oh... fun. Do you... have any interest in that, or...?

D'aw, good! 'Cause you are special ♥
No. 97243
File 142518787362.jpg - (29.78KB , 720x634 , 208 - lXu1SJ4.jpg )
But if the car has been previously owned it should cost way less than half the original cost depending on the car.
Yeah I enjoy stuff like that it also pays well if you have enough experience in the work force which is awesome.

thanks again. You are pretty awesome yourself pls remember that

No. 97244
File 14251887916.png - (121.96KB , 870x1121 , scootaloo_vector_by_augustthehedgehog-d57vuoz.png )
Oh, I wasn't even including the car's cost. It's the insurance that'll kill ya here. It's expensive. So expensive.
Oh nice! That's the perfect combination, then. Well um... good luck! I'm sure you'll do great this time around <3

Aww... thank you... I'm trying to remember that...

Not bad, not bad... I counter with... this!
No. 97245
File 14251896904.png - (527.47KB , 661x770 , 426 - q9vGjyi.png )
Oh yeah there's always the registration and insurance that I always forget when it comes to buying a car..
Hahaha yeah I'll have to do good and I can't screw around since I've wasted enough time doing that. Same with you and your studies pls do well in them

It shouldn't be that hard to remember! Maybe you should take a screen cap of what I told you, print it and then stick it up on your wall so you'll never ever ever forget.. ever

now this was different? I oddly enjoyed that song. I remember you linking me band that played similar music to this and I really enjoyed listening to them but I forgot what it was.

No. 97246
File 142519064127.png - (167.96KB , 727x1099 , innocent_scootaloo_by_saveman71-d4unqxl.png )
Yeah... they can be quite something. I know many friends with vehicles. I know many friends with apartments. I don't know anyone with both. It's a shame, really.
Yeah... same. Thanks, mate. I'm sure we'll do wonderfully. ♥

Ha, maybe... I don't know. It's just not a good night for feeling awesome, I guess. But... you're a good friend, thank you.

Haha, I know... I don't listen to very much music these days, actually. And most of what I listen to is upbeat. I think you're thinking of the Dreadnoughts, maybe?

Very nice too! Mellow... I like it.
No. 97247
File 142519149456.jpg - (241.61KB , 900x1250 , 054 - INfbwRd.jpg )
Why must everything be so hard and expensive and difficult? It's like life is not allowed to be easy which is really rude.
But we have to! It is time we moved on with our studies and achieve what we want to do in our lives~

Is everything ok? It doesn't sound like you're in the best mood. You're an great friend too, Quest, and I really mean it when I say it

Oh why's that? listening to music is soooo much fun! And yes that is the band I was thinking about! oh my god these guys are so much better last time I heard them

What do you feel towards sky diving? Would you ever do it if you had the chance?
No. 97248
File 142519186628.png - (141.54KB , 799x999 , scootaloo_braking_by_stabzor-d4kt9ut.png )
Because if life was easy, then it wouldn't be valuable and fun, silly~
But... what if I've already achieved what I want? I have good friends, a comfortable life, countless happy memories... what more do I need?

Yeah, yeah I'm fine. Just got into an argument with a friend tonight, but it looks like it's almost over. I'm not sure I can be called a great friend though, great friends don't disappear for a year with no warning... :p

Haha, yeah... I can imagine. I dunno, though. I just haven't found many new bands in a while. Most of what I've been listening to is upbeat rock and folk stuff, and terrible pop music. It's great.

Yesssssss! I've always wanted to go skydiving, actually. There's a place where one can go in my hometown, but I never got the chance. How about you?
No. 97250
File 142519286730.png - (694.49KB , 704x1000 , 321 - K19wHjy.png )
But what about us lazy people? It's hard to cope when you have responsibilities and such.

Getting into arguments with friends is the worst.
Yeah that's true but after talking to you for just a few days it kinda feels like you haven't been gone for that long. Or maybe I'm just happy to talk to you again

Nice! You should definitely go whenever you get the chance to. I've always wanted to go sky diving as well but it just costs so much money for one jump. What I really want to do is learn how to sky dive myself so I can do it whenever I want and not have an instructor or anything strapped on your back.
No. 97251
>terrible pop music
eeewwwwwwww pop music is the worst! I'm absoltuely sick of listening to tyler swift on the radio or any other song that plays a million times
No. 97252
File 142519318029.png - (155.16KB , 852x937 , This Chan is derpy and won't let me duplicate.png )
Then... all the more reason to learn to be content with what we have in life?

It is... >.<
Aww... yeah, I feel the same, I think. Thanks, though... you're way too forgiving, heh. I hate to get all sentimental and stuff, but um, I really appreciate it ♥

Yesss, same here. Which is unfortunate, because that requires going a lot... but yeah, it could be fun. One of those "one day" things, eh?

Haha, I know, I know. But you see, I don't listen to the radio. Ever. So it's not totally overplayed. Which is lovely.
No. 97253
File 142519423376.jpg - (100.11KB , 637x900 , 387 - pr6W4Kd.jpg )
Yeah that's truee

thaaaaanks. I dunno maybe because there really isn't a point at being upset about things for too long. Right back at you ♥

Yeah definitely It is something I really want to do.

Consider yourself lucky as you didn't have to hear the same 10 songs being played for the past 2 months.

Anyway I got to get going since my grandfather needs help outside. It was great seeing you again! byyyyeeeeeee
No. 97254
File 142519437656.png - (128.90KB , 500x812 , scootaloo_heart_by_questing.png )
All right, have fun! Was nice talking to you... you're very wise, Fiddles. I'm glad I mustered up the courage to come back. See youuu~ ♥
No. 97267
File 142569118142.jpg - (298.49KB , 1126x1600 , 014 - HOmk13D.jpg )
No. 97272
File 142583772545.png - (149.30KB , 862x927 , 3.png )
ayyyyyyyy ♥
No. 97274
File 142585669954.jpg - (1.51MB , 2480x3507 , 033 - 7DRRHR2.jpg )
No. 97275
File 142585704980.png - (82.35KB , 449x622 , sweetie_and_scoots_bows_by_rainbowderp98-d79u7im.png )
Oh hey, Fiddles lives! It's a miracle!
No. 97276
File 142585787790.png - (216.24KB , 529x545 , 044 - 4vhIYQQ.png )
mang, it ain't no miracle that I'm alive. I can be alive whenever I want to be
No. 97277
File 142585811289.png - (219.69KB , 1280x1139 , quizzical_scootaloo_by_moongazeponies-d3e5zo6.png )
Ooh, how magical. I'll rephrase: long time no see, friend. Been well?
No. 97278
File 142585829619.jpg - (1.53MB , 3308x2552 , 120 - j22q7aq.jpg )
Yeah everything is good over here, I started class again last week which was the cause of my disappearance. Waking up at 6.30 in the morning is no fun task and I feel absolutely drained at the end of the day.. which is no fun at all.
What's been happening with you?
No. 97279
File 142585858158.png - (215.00KB , 900x759 , scootaloo_and_sweetie_belle_by_joemasterpencil-d4p.png )
Aww, that's rough. Full day classes, I take it? Ugh, well... got any days off, or is it all week?
Things have been fine here! Had a small party this weekend, and then next weekend is a friend's birthday, and there'll be two huge parties back-to-back... so that's going to be something.

Buuuut I gotta disappear for an hour or two for an adventure, be back laterrrrrrr~
No. 97280
File 142585927736.jpg - (58.43KB , 600x652 , 232 - jYYOnqv.jpg )
I only have two full days classes but waking up early in the morning is still no fun task. Aaaaaaaand the only day I get off is Friday which is better than nothing at least.
Oh that sounds fun! Are you going to go all out and the best time of your life? I am expecting that you will be. I'm talking all out like not remembering what happened during the night and waking up on a roof naked without any idea how you got there.

See you sooooooooooooooon
No. 97281
File 142586586774.png - (345.44KB , 1600x1639 , scootastic_facebook_by_fsleg-d4sauks.png )
Back! ... and I just walked 24 blocks, I am so tired ;-;

Aww, that's terrible. Waking up early is the worrrrsssst. I'm so glad I only have to be up early on one day... Fridays are great days to have off, though!
Haha, well... those days are a liiiittle behind me, I'm afraid. That was last year and the year before, when I was drunk more often than naught. This year's theme is bonding with friends, embracing adulthood, and finding out which friends like me enough to go out for breakfast at a real restaurant with me. We're growing up, I guess.
No. 97282
File 142586843553.jpg - (184.82KB , 1200x900 , 1424602127927.jpg )
As am I! I just came back from a walk and I'm pretty tired as well. I don't know how long 24 blocks is but it sounds looong and tiring. Poor Quesst

awwww that's a shame but I can see why you would want to ease up on the partying. But growing up is scary ;_;

I hate to cut things short but family did just arrive and I have to go and eat lunch and socialize. I don't know if you'll still be here for a few hours or not, but If I don't see you again I should be here in 3 days or so
No. 97283
File 142586862190.png - (117.07KB , 903x885 , vector_scootaloo_v2_by_kyss_s_by_kysss90-d5nj7vv.png )
Awww, okie dokie. Have fun! That gives me a chance to watch a movie or something. I miiight still be here... but um, see you when I do! ♥
No. 97284
File 142587223938.png - (1.29MB , 1481x1320 , 035 - V2YdQRl.png )

pls still be here
No. 97285
File 142587625467.png - (147.37KB , 866x922 , scootaloo___oh_you_by_cptofthefriendship-d4enyl3.png )
I am... sort of... still here?
No. 97286
File 142587792832.png - (181.21KB , 463x572 , 365 - WTk0xU1.png )
pls dont leave
No. 97287
File 142587833560.png - (128.90KB , 500x812 , scootaloo_heart_by_questing.png )
Aw... ♥
... I'm probably going to be slow, though ;-;
No. 97288
File 142587842169.png - (181.21KB , 463x572 , 365 - WTk0xU1.png )
No. 97289
File 142587937277.png - (140.46KB , 900x895 , scootaloo_umm_what__by_rainbowcrab-d4bgg02.png )
you okay?
No. 97293
File 142620536954.jpg - (298.49KB , 1126x1600 , 014 - HOmk13D.jpg )
No. 97300
File 142645311628.png - (155.16KB , 852x937 , This Chan is derpy and won't let me duplicate.png )
No. 97306
File 142650767491.jpg - (298.49KB , 1126x1600 , 014 - HOmk13D.jpg )
No. 97307
File 14265343239.png - (181.34KB , 743x1074 , my_little_trouble_maker_by_shelltoontv-d3d5u7q.png )
No. 97315
File 142673585765.jpg - (298.49KB , 1126x1600 , 014 - HOmk13D.jpg )
pls be here
No. 97316
File 142674146256.png - (140.27KB , 890x898 , 1.png )
ayyy! ♥
No. 97317
File 142674461018.png - (2.43MB , 1600x1800 , 150 - 2DN4rfg.png )
Yes you're here! Now the fun can begin
No. 97318
File 142674575316.png - (207.88KB , 763x1047 , zhklk4d-lpreisurc_yb_daeh_no_teksab_htiw_oolatoocs.png )
... but I'm just about to go to bed.
why are you so elusive. ;-;
No. 97320
File 142674710457.png - (181.21KB , 463x572 , 365 - WTk0xU1.png )
I try not to...
No. 97321
File 142674778753.png - (128.90KB , 500x812 , scootaloo_heart_by_questing.png )
Is okie. I'm pretty inconsistent too, after all. And I'm going to be pretty busy these next few days... well um, I just hope you've been well, friend. Wherever you've been. ♥
No. 97324
File 14268975759.jpg - (298.49KB , 1126x1600 , 014 - HOmk13D.jpg )
No. 97325
File 142691135071.png - (138.51KB , 1023x781 , scootaloo_in_a_wig__color_corrected__by_sircinnamo.png )
No. 97329
File 142733398623.png - (181.21KB , 463x572 , 365 - WTk0xU1.png )
Quuuessst I'm sorry that I haven't been here as often as I would like to be. Since starting tafe I've got classes 5 days a week which really sucks, that and spending time with friends leaves me very little room to be here. I'm here now though! pls be here
No. 97330
File 142733510079.png - (164.70KB , 922x866 , rainbow_dash_by_jinky3-d4kqane.png )
It's okay! I understand completely. I mean, I disappeared for a year... how could I possibly hold anything against you, friend?
No. 97331
File 142733597691.png - (129.66KB , 575x612 , 053 - u09rVbx.png )
Hahaha that's true, but I still feel bad for just disappearing even it's just for a few days
No. 97332
File 142733651391.png - (156.56KB , 752x1063 , deal_with_it___rainbow_dash_by_drakefire3k-d4qryuh.png )
Well technically it was almost twenty days... but that's still nothing compared to what I've put you through. So really, all is forgiven. ♥

... I have good news, though!
No. 97333
File 142733670893.jpg - (83.26KB , 900x797 , 179 - aLF0YxB.jpg )

Oh? And what good news is this? pls tell
No. 97334
File 142733724742.png - (156.10KB , 900x831 , 135158289699.png )
Oh, well um... just... I had my cancer screening surgery today! ... Which was horribly unpleasant, I must say. IVs are the worst thing ever. But! I'm... not dying, apparently! Woo~
No. 97335
File 142733749136.jpg - (298.49KB , 1126x1600 , 014 - HOmk13D.jpg )
ayyyyyy That is awesome! Like really really awesome. It must be relieving to know that you're not going to die. What was so unpleasant about the whole thing?

Happy not dying day, Quest

This calls for a celebration which means mussiiiiccc
No. 97336
File 142733810092.png - (176.41KB , 716x1116 , 131025710560.png )
Same! Ah man, I think this is the most stress-free I've been in over six months. It's so lovelyyy~ <3

As for it being unpleasant... everything was. The prep was terrible, I wasn't allowed to eat for 36 hours, I had to wear an IV (where they stick a needle into your hand and leave it there, pumping fluids into you), which almost made me throw up, and then they knocked me out and stuck a camera in me for ninety minutes, so when I woke I was sore everywhere... oh, and the drugs almost made me throw up again. Everything's still a little woozy, truth be told...

... but it's over now :3
Music sounds perfect~ <3

No. 97337
File 142733884421.png - (433.94KB , 563x900 , 165 - AVTGzFw.png )
Yeah it definitely must be a huge relief. So do you feel all refreshed knowing that nothing is wrong with you? Are you ready to climb a mountain or go for a 20k run? I say do it and conquer the world knowing that you are in perfect health.

Oh god that must have been hell, just reading that made me feel incredibly uncomfortable. The not eating for 36 hours part just sounds like the worst of it all. I can't even fathom on how one would feel going through that..
Since you aren't dying anymore did the doctors ever find out what the problem was?

Yeah now we can just chill and listen to some groovy musics.
hmmm that song was interesting? I couldn't really get into it.

So what else has been going on with you?
No. 97338
File 14273396203.png - (173.26KB , 900x1013 , 13286336275.png )
Well... I can't really say that nothing is wrong with me, because something definitely is. I've been exhibiting all but two of the major symptoms of colon cancer for about a year now, and they're getting worse... all today did was clarify that I don't have colon cancer. So now the question is, well... what is it? No one knows.
... I'll go conquer the world once the drugs wear off.

Yeah, it was rough... oh, and lots of TMI stuff that wouldn't be fun to talk about. Can't say I recommend it, but at least it's over now.
No idea what's wrong though... I have a really intense diet I have to stick to, though. So maybe I'll learn from that? Who knows...

Hmm, chill and groovy... well that certainly describes your music. I don't know if i have anything like that though, all I've been listening to lately is pop, metal, and folk rock... hmm... this, maybe?


Umm... not a whole lot. Got 100% on a recent history term paper, that was cool. Uh... the semester's almost over... been visiting friends... I dunno. Mostly just waiting for today. How about you?
No. 97339
File 142734115859.jpg - (108.05KB , 800x1000 , 241 - LXVg1YW.jpg )
But was that not also why you went to get a screening? To find out what was wrong, not find out if you may or may not have something wrong?
Great, I expect a full report once your done

ugh, I just hate hospital and medical stuff in general. Any talk of it makes me feel incredibly uneasy and hospitals are generally depressing places I reckon.
Following a diet doesn't fun at all in the slightest.

Oh yeah I remember these guys, they're ok.
Metal you say? hmmm have you heard of these guys? They're hilarious

I'm proud of you on getting 100% on that paper, you get two thumbs up from me. what was it on exactly? Knowing that the big day is finally done do you have plans to do anything or are you just going to take it easy.
Other than tafe nothing much, last weekended I pretty much just got high and played poker with friends to celebrate my 21st birthday woo~

No. 97340
File 142734183913.png - (134.01KB , 786x1016 , 135939235273.png )
Truuue... but they didn't find anything. So... maybe there are different problems with me? I dunno... I'm trying not to think about it, I've had enough of worrying. :p

Yeah, same... yet I've visited a half dozen hospitals in the last six months. I am sooo looking forward to not having to do that again, lemme tell ya.
Oh, it isn't. No chocolate or ice cream, even. It's terrible. ;-;

Hmm, can't say I've heard of them... that was... quite something. They look like a fun bunch.

Thanks! Um, it was on the War of 1812, between Britain (Canada) and the US. We kicked ass and burned down the White House, and then there was a white peace. Woo. Yep! Just going to rest now, and see what happens~
... your life is beginning to sound a lot like mine, I did that twice last month alone. :p
... Have fun? :3

No. 97341
File 14273428636.png - (1.39MB , 2500x2500 , 019 - R2QCOfa.png )
haha alright that's fair.

oh god I couldn't live in a situation like that, how long is the diet? Have no fear I will eat twice as much ice cream just for you.

Haha yeah they're a parody of metal and their songs are really funny

Oh ok. I've definitely heard about the war of 1812 but I don't know nothing about it. What I don't understand is how the war ended in a white peace after the British march to the US capital and burn down the capital.
Haha getting high is just so much fun also a very easy way to just relax and calm down

Oh god that music video was just weird. I thought the figure was just a mannequin but it was actually a person


Question time! I don't know if I have ever asked you this but who is your favourite roman emperor and why? I'm just curious
No. 97342
File 142734287053.png - (805.19KB , 1270x1536 , 036 - hUVyrFw.png )
haha alright that's fair.

oh god I couldn't live in a situation like that, how long is the diet? Have no fear I will eat twice as much ice cream just for you.

Haha yeah they're a parody of metal and their songs are really funny

Oh ok. I've definitely heard about the war of 1812 but I don't know nothing about it. What I don't understand is how the war ended in a white peace after the British march to the US capital and burn down the capital.
Haha getting high is just so much fun also a very easy way to just relax and calm down

Oh god that music video was just weird. I thought the figure was just a mannequin but it was actually a person


Question time! I don't know if I have ever asked you this but who is your favourite roman emperor and why? I'm just curious
No. 97343
File 142734296673.png - (540.80KB , 826x826 , 372 - pyBKiKr.png )
No. 97344
File 142734365947.png - (134.03KB , 900x696 , sitting_rainbow_by_birthofthepheonix-d4z5yof.png )
Only six weeks, luckily. Still... the other day Johnny and I bought ourselves our favourite ice creams, one for each of us, and I was saving mine 'till after the operation... and now I have to watch Johnny eat it for me. ;-;

I can see that. Not a bad genre... I'm sure I could find some songs like that, but alas, I mostly listen to music when very drunk...

Ah, well... Britain was busy being at war with Napoleon, so America attacked. America kicked ass for two years, burned down Canada's capital, everything was lost. But then Napoleon was dealt with, and in 1814 Britain reversed the war, burned Washington, and... yeah. Britain didn't want anything from the war, and America just wanted to make it out of the war in one piece. It was a pretty standard grand strategy game scenario, really. :p
Ha, yeah, it can be... I dunno, I personally prefer being drunk. But they both have their merits. Speaking of...


Yeah... that song actually has a pretty sad meaning behind it. Something about absent fathers. It's kinda cool, I guess.

Oh hey, I remember this song! You shared it before, and I liked it enough to save it. Not bad at all.

Hmmmm... Augustus aside, probably... Hadrian? I mean, dat beard yo. Plus his policies were incredibly progressive for the time, he had a famous peasant boy lover from Greece (something everyone deserves to have), he Romanized Spain, expanded the frontier with Hadrian's Wall... he was the glory of Rome without all the senseless carnage. Maybe him?
No. 97345
File 14273437444.png - (139.73KB , 848x943 , rd___but_why__by_thelawn-d4rrx59.png )
It's 'cuz the internet hates our love and wants to do everything to hinder it ;-;
No. 97346
File 142734538948.png - (141.82KB , 500x559 , 252 - j9bDD7Z.png )
Only six weeks? But that is sooooo long how will you even survive? At least when you're done with your diet you get to eat your ice cream and Johnny watches in jealousy

But music is fun all the time though! not just when you're drunk.

Right, so that sounds like an incredibly pointless war. But why white peace? If the British had the upper hand could they have at least not demanded reparations of some sort? After one if their colonies had been invaded you think Britain would have wanted something more than just burning down a capital of nation.
nahhh this is the correct song you want

Oh... that is really depressing..

I don't remember showing you that song but it has to be one of my favourites

ok cool. I've heard of him before and he sounds interesting. I think from memory that after Hadrian the Roman Empire started to decay as more Roman emperors focused more on conquest and expanding the empire as opposed to Hardian who wanted to maintain what Rome already had and built defense structures along the borders and more roads.

It's all true! Even now I'm having internet troubles. It's like we are not allowed to talk to each other because the internet hates us
No. 97347
File 142734606981.png - (125.15KB , 900x788 , 132885483924.png )
Believe me, it's not the worst diet length I've had so far. I'll find a way to make up for it, I'm sure of it.

Truuue, but usually when I'm not drunk I'm playing video games, in which case music isn't really optimal. So music tends to be a thing for friends, and thus drinking. For me, anyway.

I believe it's because Britain was broke from the war with Napoleon... plus, by the end of 1814, Napoleon was being a little shit again. They didn't really have time to focus on the US. Besides, Britain really, really didn't care about Canada back then. They barely even kept soldiers here at all... we had worse soldiers than Australia, man.
Nah... not a bad song, but Wiz Khalifa's voice is so much calmer, I find. In my opinion, anyway:

That's me, always tragic. :p

I can see why. :3

True! He was one of the last of the Five Good Emperors, after which everything collapsed. Though ironically, it was policies of stagnation like his - the lack of conquest - that ultimately destroyed the empire... Rome depended on constant expansion, so when the empire stopped acquiring new land, it became frail and its people restless. Kind of cool, I think. :3

Awwww... it's true. If only we could eliminate the internet aspect of things, everything would be so much better ;-;
No. 97348
And by making up for it you mean completely pigging out, right? Because I expect nothing less from you

I guess that fits but it also depends on what type of games you're playing. You really do like grand strategy games, a genre where music is probably the least significant portion of the game. I don't know about you but I usually listen to music when I play games like EU4.

If Britain were broke from the wars fighting Napoleon you would think that this would give the British a large incentive to demand SOMETHING from the Americans. That is something I didn't know about at all, maybe it because the British wanted to establish control of the entire island? I'm not sure.
I just can't get into his voice at all.

Really? I thought it was because Rome expanded to quickly and largely that they couldn't control everything they owned effectively.

yeah if that were possible it would be cool. That's why teleportation needs to be invented.
No. 97349
File 142734758427.jpg - (184.82KB , 1200x900 , 1424602127927.jpg )
blegh i forgot my reaction image
No. 97350
File 142734909943.png - (158.53KB , 961x831 , 131275045867.png )
Oh definitely. I'm still allowed to eat frozen yogurt, so maybe I'll just consume that in large quantities...

True... I don't know, though. I mean, I might have over a thousand hours in several GSGs, but I kind of... like the ambient music? Besides, i don't have any playlists, and youtube playlists are weird. But I guess it's something I could do.

True, but that would've required more of a commitment from the British... they weren't winning every battle, after all. Like the Battle of New Orleans, for instance, where 7 Americans died, and there were 2000 British casualties. They didn't really want to push further, I think. But yeah, Britain had basically given up North America by that point. It was kind of tragic.
That's fair. What about this guy's voice?

Well... it was both, actually. As well as a whole bunch of other factors. But the Roman economy was based on constant land expansion, with soldiers being given land on the frontiers as a form of payment. When the frontiers stopped moving, more money had to be introduced into the system, which caused inflation, and the shift from professional soldiers loyal to the state to paid mercenaries weakened the loyalties of the army. It's not good to have armies consisting entirely of guys who fight for the strongest power, because then when 'barbarians' did start breaking through Rome's outer shell, the armies swapped sides pretty quickly.

True... one day. Or maybe one of us just needs to be rich, or something. though teleportation sounds cooler.
No. 97351
File 142735041425.jpg - (43.89KB , 640x800 , 177 - wDuPM0g.jpg )
Hahaha nice yogurt is ok but it can never beat ice cream.

The problem I have is that the music isn't very memorable or catchy in any sense and most of the time it just gets annoying.

hmmmm that's true when you put it like that. I guess after colonizing Australia, New Zealand, and taking Dutch Cape Colony the British were interested in new exploits in lands which were new to them. poor canada left in the dust ;_;
That was actually much better and easier to listen to.

So you're telling me that Rome was doomed from the beginning? That's depressing. Although Rome couldn't just continue to expand into forever. It seems like they were screwed whatever action they took

Yeah teleportation sounds hell of a lot better than flying which takes forever
No. 97352
File 142735170382.png - (166.49KB , 818x976 , hovering_rainbow_dash_by_crusierpl-d4si3sx.png )
Perhaaaaps, but what about Greek yogurt? It's basically ice cream, and it's totally on my list of things I can still eat!

Fair enough. I reckon that's the point, they don't want their music to distract the player, buuut that's fair, can't say I blame you.

Pretty much, yeah. Canada's history is one of neglect. I mean, when the British beat the French and conquered New France (Canada) in the Seven Years War, France wanted to give Canada away, but Britain didn't want it. That's Canada for you. :p
Woo! A great genre at that! I had no idea you played console games. Or do ya just like the music?

Pretty much! It's the great tragedy of Roman history: Rome was doomed from the moment it expanded past the Italian peninsula. But it laid the foundation of every single European political entity that would follow, so... maybe it never truly died? Oooo~

True. But in teleportation your body would be ripped into its individual atoms and molecules, then reassembled... that sounds rather painful to me. And who's to say that it's your consciousness that comes out the other side?
No. 97353
File 142735274018.jpg - (8.80KB , 242x208 , 305 - 0DECx99.jpg )
hmmm I dunno I haven't tried Greek yogurt. If you can eat then I say go for it all the way.

That's not necessarily true music in a game is supposed to help put the player into the atmosphere of the game. A game that has good music in which it fits can make the games so much more enjoyable rather than distract the player.

Wait... if Britain didn't want New France then why did they take it in the first place? It seems like they helped their enemy if anything.
You didn't know I played console games? I always have until recently. I have always loved the music for mario games THEY'RE SO GOOOD. I can't say the same for TLoZ games since I haven't really played any of the games. Should I feel ashamed for that?
This is a rocking song I'm loving it
Here's a short one which I've always loved

ooohhhhhh now you're getting real deeep in the topic. Maybe it's not the illumanti or the NWO that's secretly controlling the world.. maybe, just maybe, it's been Rome all along :O

I would take teleportation over a 16 plane ride any day.
No. 97354
File 142735413683.png - (129.92KB , 900x630 , 134683243616.png )
It's good! It's like ice cream, but a bit less... creamy. I don't know how to describe it. Should check it out sometime!

True enough! I can see where you're coming from. Fortunately it's really easy to mute... or, hell, just throw your own music files into the mix, no one will mind. :p

Because it was war! Also, the British colonies wanted to expand into French lands because they were overpopulated. But Britain herself didn't want the place, it was a dump. Also, it was full of French people. Ew.
I did not! I don't think we've ever talked about it. That's really awesome though! The Mario games are spectacular, I've played like... most of them. Zelda was my first console franchise, though... so yes, feel ashamed.
Not bad! Catchy, I like it. How's this?

Ooooo, it might be... them pesky Romans. I mean, Rome is the seat of the Catholic church, a very Roman invention, which did dominate much of the western world for much of its history... hmmmmm...

... That is a good point.
No. 97355
File 142735497485.jpg - (247.61KB , 1920x1080 , 123 - kl1BeXJ.jpg )
Yeah I should try it out when I have the chance.

haha that's true, I guess whatever floats your boat.

You're making this sound so very confusing. Are you telling me that Britain didn't want land which wasn't valuable from a country which was filled with people that the British didn't' like? This isn't making any sense at all. If the French didn't want it then why would the British take it? The only reason I can think of was to restrict French expansion into North America.

Well we can talk about it now! Hell I even got 3 SNES(?) and one of them came with the Super Mario All Stars box which I still have. Yeah I've played most of the mario games except for the newer ones since I don't have a WiiU. Haha soorrrrryyyy for never playing the Zelda games before.
That was pretty good and quite catchy.
Here you go


No. 97356
File 14273556118.png - (332.85KB , 3000x1738 , rainbow_dash_demands_snuggles_by_kalleflaxx-d4n6iv.png )
... Words words words ;-;

I wish I could stick around longer, but I'm starting to feel kind of really nauseous from my procedure earlier, so I think I need to go lay down. >.<
We can discuss video games another time, though! Was great chatting, mate. See you around, good luck out there~ ♥
No. 97357
File 14273558298.png - (126.47KB , 715x645 , 392 - 8lD6Fc3.png )
Ok you get some good rest now! It was nice talking to you again. See you soooon
No. 97364
File 14275088318.png - (212.69KB , 365x404 , 139643918455.png )
Having internet problems is worse than hell
No. 97366
File 142751422748.png - (253.09KB , 1682x1740 , 25452.png )
You don't know hell until you've spent an evening walking through four grocery stores looking at all the pastries, pasta, fruit, spices, meat, and ice cream that you'll never eat again ;-;
No. 97367
File 142751545127.png - (391.50KB , 815x775 , 405 - ZnNjeEM.png )
Why must we live in the most difficult times in our lives
No. 97368
File 142751563610.png - (170.83KB , 894x894 , 131092044710.png )
Because we are being forged in the fiery crucibles of youth, and we will emerge stronger than ever~
No. 97369
File 142751597892.jpg - (253.08KB , 1280x1057 , 1424837204060.jpg )
but... that's not fun. can't I just lie down on a bed and sleep? that's fun
No. 97370
File 142751731163.png - (149.76KB , 1191x670 , 131261744625.png )
But that means surrendering! And we must never surrender, under any circumstances! We must fight for our lives! ... and such.
No. 97371
File 142751756856.png - (0.96MB , 1000x1000 , 411 - wrByyUr.png )
I'm not surrendering! I'm just choosing a different lifestyle is all. You can do all the fighting all you want I'm going to be over here chilling
No. 97372
File 142751825946.png - (163.88KB , 1600x744 , 131041953226.png )
... but I just got in from a huge walk, and then made dinner, and then did chores... I'm too tired to fight. Maybe tomorrow.
No. 97373
File 142751830693.png - (203.90KB , 1121x1184 , 139643851412.png )
Haha alright, sleeep wellll~
No. 97376
File 142755308083.jpg - (298.49KB , 1126x1600 , 014 - HOmk13D.jpg )
I don't know why I'm posting now since I'm going to bed
No. 97377
File 142757910182.png - (102.12KB , 800x602 , twilight_sparkle_vector_01_by_aeroytechyon_x-d4f27.png )
Silly. Sleep well~
No. 97378
File 14275852845.png - (204.44KB , 500x484 , 011 - n8GN08L.png )
No. 97379
File 142758612455.png - (166.87KB , 899x888 , 133916223691.png )
That was fast! Well... welcome to the land of the living, friend. Sleep well?
No. 97380
File 142758631556.png - (141.82KB , 500x559 , 252 - j9bDD7Z.png )
Yes! Although I didn't get much sleep because staying up late is fun.
No. 97381
File 142758639562.png - (153.06KB , 894x894 , wtfilly___twilight_sparkle__by_aeroytechyon_x-d4gt.png )
I hear ya there. Have fun, at least?
No. 97382
File 142758651886.jpg - (77.57KB , 723x960 , 157 - LrbRj0S.jpg )
No. 97383
File 142758661213.png - (179.41KB , 831x962 , twilight_vector_number_677_921_by_maximillianveers.png )
With hookers and blackjack?
No. 97384
File 142758681131.png - (65.84KB , 307x395 , 139634674210.png )
No. 97385
File 142758757148.png - (183.23KB , 900x888 , pinata_twilight_sparkle_by_uxyd-d57goam.png )
Hot damn, sounds like one hell of a night. Zero-hooker parties are the best... I think? I wouldn't know, actually.
No. 97386
File 142758771414.jpg - (442.73KB , 2160x1872 , 345 - N0V5zWy.jpg )
me neither ;_;
anyway what's up quueesssttt
No. 97387
File 142758828427.png - (222.42KB , 848x942 , sherlock_sparkle_blowing_pipe_by_ahumeniy-d4vjnd7.png )
Aw. Normally I'd say something along the lines of "well, only one way to find out!" ... but I have little interest in hooker parties, truth be told. Maybe in the next life.
Not much is up, thoughhhh... just doing some CK2 modding stuff. Yourself?
No. 97389
File 142758853694.jpg - (79.56KB , 700x700 , 1424600081967.jpg )
I'm going to have to agree with you on that. I wouldn't want to be near a hooker in the first place, they're just so... ew
Oh that's cool. You mod CK2? I suck so much at that game I don't even know what I'm doing.
ehhhh not much I'm playing around with my new wireless headphones I got for my birthday which are super duper really cool awesome like
No. 97390
File 142758889120.png - (208.62KB , 1117x716 , this_is_my_book__by_mastermcnugget-d4ntekt.png )
Mhm. I mean, I'm sure the girls (and boys?) are lovely people. But y'know. Yeah.
I do! I also mod Vicky 2 and EU4 from time to time. I... have a stupid amount of time playing these games... >.> <.< >.>;;
Oh nice! ... wait, it was your birthday recently?
No. 97391
File 142758955119.jpg - (237.61KB , 700x526 , 004 - 8alLr4P.jpg )
I think you mean ew. God knows what these people have done with others...
Hahaha oh wow that is impressive. Well I can't blame you since these are pretty good games. How long have you been modding for?
yep! It was my birthday 3 days ago and I turned 21.. I don't want to grow up ;_;
No. 97392
File 142759043391.png - (189.34KB , 865x923 , twilight_with_a_bookpack_by_dipi11-d4sj4ys.png )
... Okay, you have a point.
They areee... they're everything I've ever wanted from video games~ I've been modding for, what... just over a year now? I... don't publish anything, it's all for my own use, but... still! :p
Oh! Well then, um... happy birthday! I hear ya there, I just turned 22 three months ago. It sucks, believe me. Have a nice birthday, though?
No. 97393
File 142759094719.png - (694.49KB , 704x1000 , 321 - K19wHjy.png )
The same with me! I absolutely love these games but there are so few of them which is really unfortunate. Grand strategy is really niche market which kinda sucks. What mods have you made?
haha thanks. Why do we have to grow up, can't we just stay young forever? That would be awesome. Yep! It was really low key just the way I like it~ as opposed to everyone else I know who is turning 21
No. 97396
File 142759166071.png - (142.71KB , 900x936 , adorable_fluttershy_vector_by_turtlelover73-d4c9lw.png )
Happy belated Birthday! ^^

..sorry, will drift back into the shadows now, but hope it was a good one <3
No. 97397
File 142759166275.png - (181.77KB , 771x1037 , proud_twilight_by_3luk-d57m2dk.png )
Truuue, but they cover a long enough time span for me to enjoy 'em. Though I mean, I've got... 1823 hours in CK2, and 1131 hours in EU4... >.>
Most of the mods I make are to deal with little personal gripes about historical plausibility. For example, I made a mod for CK2 a year ago that changed the way the HRE was created, making it a titular title granted by the Pope, long before Paradox patched that into the game. I also made a mod that got rid of elective gavelkind succession and instead made it so that pagans can't create kingdoms, so their realms are always split upon their deaths - at least up until a certain level of infrastructure. Stuff like that.
It would be... but maybe we wouldn't cherish it as much if it never ends? Aging adds more value to youth, and such. Or something. That's the best kind of birthday, though~ I mean, I marked my 22nd birthday by visiting the doctor, so... :p
No. 97399
File 14275924881.jpg - (178.36KB , 584x593 , 107 - 3bgRr5R.jpg )
Hahahaa thank you. I wasn't expecting this at all but it was a nice surprise.

Haha oh wow that is... a lot. I've only got roughly 400~ hours in Vicky 2. You must really enjoy these games. While these games do span hundreds of years a new game every now and then would be nice. For example I'm still a bit frustrated over the cancellation of East Vs West.
ahh alright so you make just little tweaks to the games and not full blown mods which absolutely how you play the game, that's still cool. Did you teach yourself on how to mod?? I've only got a little modding experience in Vicky2.
Yeah I see what you mean, looking back on our youth does show us how valuable our time really is. That is possibly the worst way to spend a birthday.. Did you at least ask for a lollipop from the doctor?
No. 97400
File 142759292985.png - (142.00KB , 932x857 , ___the_hell___by_jlryan-d52jql1.png )

Well... to be fair, I only have 128 hours in Vicky... yeah. That's true, though. I'm rather excited for the release of HoI4, it looks like it's going to be amazing... I can't say I've heard of East vs West, though. Whazzat?
Pretty much! Except... right now, I'm working on a full conversion mod I started thinking about a year ago, and only now do I feel comfortable enough in my ability to actually make it work. I taught myself everything I know about coding and modding, yeah. It's really easy, actually. And frustrating as hell.
Haha, unfortunately I don't think that I'm young enough for that... though I did get lots of cookies and juice after my recent operation, does that count?
No. 97401
File 142759400729.png - (1.06MB , 1600x1777 , 103 - dRJyWxY.png )
You've only got 128 hours in Vicky? You're saying that is if it's nothing! 128 hours is still heaaaaaps. I don't know if I'm excited about HoI4 mainly because it's ANOTHER HoI game. Something new and fresh would be exciting not another squeal..
East Vs West was going to be a grand strategy set in the Cold War from 1947-1991. It was going to be a hybrid of Victoria 2 and Hearts of Iron 3 taking mechanics from both games into one. I was so excited for a grand strategy set in the cold war since it hasn't been done yet but it was cancelled in March 2013. There is a demo you can download but it's incredibly unstable
Oh that's really cool! I hope you pull this off, will you publish this one if everything goes well? That's the beauty of Paradox games, they're super easy to mod and code~
Haha yeah that counts cookies and juice is just as good
No. 97403
File 142759455674.png - (164.15KB , 1000x799 , twilight_contemplates_life_by_trildar-d45mmoa.png )
Well... comparatively speaking, it's not. I spend a lot of time playing video games though, 128 hours is nothing for me. That's fair, too. Though I mean, I've never played an HoI game before, so it's new to me?
Oh... wow, that would've been really awesome, actually. And so easy to do... though I can't imagine it'd have very much replayability, given the whole, y'know... two superpowers thing. But that's fair.
Mmm... I might. Maybe once I actually have something tangible I might post it on the forums and see if I can get some help with the more tedious stuff, but who knows. I have no long term plans, I'm just enjoying it one step at a time~
No. 97407
File 142759519152.png - (449.33KB , 645x1181 , 068 - j1Ab4kK.png )
Comparatively speaking it's not, but sinking 128 hours into any game is still a lot of time.
I think it would have been awesome! but we'll never see the finished result ;_;
Nice that's what I like to hear, maybe if you even get big you can even get other people to help you on mods! Although that sounds ambitious and lots of work to put in..
No. 97411
File 142759575935.png - (191.04KB , 952x840 , twilight_loves_books_by_anitech-d4ivbr1.png )
What can I say, I've got no life. :p
Aww... well, maybe one day someone'll pick it up? I mean, Paradox is growing incredibly fast, maybe they'll try to expand eventually?
Maybe... I'd rather not get too ambitious, though. All I know is that by the end of today I'd like to finish this island I'm working on. That's as far as my ambition goes. :p
Aw. My cat used to do that all the time, he'd sit on my keyboard... call it dumb and push it? ;-;
No. 97412
File 142759632565.jpg - (1.24MB , 4128x2322 , 20150329_132619[1].jpg )
Hahaa yeah who needs one anyway? It's more fun staying inside.
I don't see that ever ever happening but if it did one day I'll be so happy. A man can dream~
I've got it. You should make your own game and then sell it to Paradox and make a million dollars off of it and be super rich! What can possibly go wrong?
I swear cats were made to be as inconvenient as possible, they just know what they're doing but they don't care
No. 97413
File 142759749747.png - (197.19KB , 900x767 , twilight_sparkle_hair_curlers_by_sorata_daidouji-d.png )
Now there's something I can definitely agree with ♥
You never know! ... or maybe someone else will appear on the scene, and the grand strategy monopoly will be broken?
Y'know, that's not actually all that bad of an idea. Many of the key people at Paradox began their careers as modders in the community, and have no formal education. So... it's possible? ... but unlikely. :p
Yep, that's cats for ya. Gotta give 'em credit for thinking for themselves, though.
No. 97414
File 142759802355.png - (455.53KB , 900x990 , 1424830049143.png )
I'm also cool with that happening it sucks that Paradox does have a monopoly on Grand Strategy and they continue to hold on to that title primarly because no one makes these games
I say go for it! Start publishing mods on the Paradox forums until you start to get noticed by developers. I say it's definitely worth a shot, what have you got to lose?
haha yeah but you just can't hate them, they're just too adorable
No. 97415
File 142759863356.png - (176.34KB , 900x836 , a_little_birdy_told_me____by_fureox-d58i4gd.png )
Aye, it's unfortunate. Though I do like Paradox, so... I'm not complaining all that much. Then again, my favourite eras are the ones their games cover, so I may be a little biased.
Hmm... I could, but then I would have to move to Sweden... and then we'd be even farther apart ;~;
True that. Plus they kill spiders, which is, like, the best thing ever.
No. 97416
File 142759906727.png - (639.30KB , 1600x1657 , 297 - i0yADMs.png )
I like Paradox as well but more options would be nice. Also their DLC policy is ridiculous beyond belief.
oh yeah... that would be much worse. Couldn't you just sell your mod or something? Actually thinking of that I don't think it won't work.
whaaaat I've never seen my cat kill spiders before! I'm the one who always has to do it. How come I don't have a cat like that ;_;
No. 97417
File 142759973578.png - (376.90KB , 415x480 , 352 - nmiMLrf.png )
No. 97418
File 142760031753.png - (221.74KB , 1280x892 , twilight_reading___season_2_poster_by_takua770-d5a.png )
I suppose so... though I don't really mind, personally. At least Paradox actually keeps up with its games and supports them for more than a year. Being able to look forward to new content continuously even years after a game's launch is probably why I've kept up with CK2 and EU4 for so long...
Yeah... no, alas, that doesn't really work. But it's fine! I'm not looking for money, I'm just looking to make something that I'll enjoy.
Yeahhh, some cats are useless... I know my old cat was. But they hunt in secret and such. Imagine how many spiders you'd see if your cat didn't eat some in private...

... why are you fooling around with that nonsense ;-;
No. 97419
File 14276007532.jpg - (304.22KB , 1440x1440 , 331 - SYquJOU.jpg )
That's true. Modding paradox games is so easy which also helps games last so much longer due to the community. There's no way any of these games would last as long without a strong modding community.
Haha that's alright, I'm always thinking of money making ideas. But what if you made money while making mods? That would be cool
The mental image of a cat eating a spider is kinda disturbing..

No. 97420
File 142760116323.png - (143.70KB , 869x920 , twilight_smailing_by_blondeauj-d4oxej6.png )
True that! And each new expansion/DLC gives us more to work with, new mechanics, new ideas, and so forth. Plus Paradox now has a special mod support position within their company, so they're paying people to make coding specifically for modders. It's pretty cool.
Ahh, that's fair. Whereas I'm never thinking about money at all. It's either my greatest strength or my greatest flaw. That would be cool, but i'd prefer not to turn my hobbies into obligations, y'know?
... Fair! Let's not talk about spiders then ;-;

... but why, what'd I do ;~;
No. 97421
File 142760209125.jpg - (1.68MB , 4128x2322 , 20150329_145541[1].jpg )
oh damn I didn't know about that mod position thing, that sounds awesome!
I think about money quite a bit actually I worry about how much money I have and how much I should save, what ideas will make me a million dollars, so on and so forth. I think it kinda motivates me since I now want to start a phone repair business for example. hmmm I guess it can be both a good thing and a bad thing you don't want to revolve your entire life around money but at the same time when it comes to saving and spending money that's when you should be taking it more seriously
Yeah I know what you mean, people just don't want to drain their hobbies and eventually resent it.

haha woops I misread your post. I was working on it because of tafe but I've had enough and I'll do it later

max comfy right now
No. 97422
File 142760285311.png - (175.90KB , 795x1006 , twilight_sparkle___i_think_she_likes_books_by_sant.png )
Yeah, they're pretty great~
Huh... that's probably for the best, to be honest. Worrying doesn't sound fun, but perhaps I am a bit too carefree... I've never had money, you see. So I'm pretty used to scraping by with the bare minimum. Plus, I spend waaay too much time living in the present, rather than worrying about the future... savings? Never heard of them. :p
Pretty much.

Ah... yeah, breaks always sound good to me. :3

Oh my, that's a nice setup. Meanwhile I'm sitting over here with only one computer and a million tabs and programs open on it. :p
... that food I can't eat though ;-;
No. 97424
File 142760370371.png - (267.23KB , 500x500 , 456 - x707kix.png )
Yeah that is something you definitely don't want to do. Just 'living in the present' will screw you over so bad in the future. You may not have much money now but you should save as much as you can. I can't stress this enough you should start saving now. Also try have multiple sources of income, if possible try and find odd jobs. I worked three shifts as a poll clerk last year and I got $515 from it. You may not want to do it but it'll help you so much.

haha thanks. I can't help but think that is making your computer very very slow right now. I'm kinda the same though I can't help but have a lot of tabs open.
oh poor quest don't you worry your diet will be over in good time and you'll finally eat like a king
No. 97425
File 142760476762.png - (166.05KB , 899x888 , twilight_and_her_cider_by_somepony-d4ny4zw.png )
Ehh... I know, I know. But for now, I'm content. I like my stress-free life. I know I have to start working soon, but I'm enjoying my leisure time as much as I can before that happens. Besides, even if I did have an income, I live a very low-maintenance lifestyle. So... I'm not overly worried.

Oh, my computer is fine! It can handle quite a lot at once, actually. It's kind of awesome, despite being three years old. Though it's not that much, lesse... eight tabs, three paint programs, two photoshop programs, two word documents, skype, a file explorer, and steam? That's not too much, actually. But then, I did just close a dozen tabs.
I know, I know... unless it's those foods that are hurting me, in which case I'll never see them again ;-;
No. 97426
File 142760581259.png - (250.00KB , 700x700 , 139643458689.png )
And what will you do if you are in a situation where you do need money but you don't have it? You know you shouldn't wait until something goes wrong to do something. Just think how stressful you'll be in that situation. It's good you have a minimalist lifestyle since that will also save a lot of monies.

That's impressive! hmmm you seem kinda busy with those paint and photoshop programs. Do you mind if I ask what it is you are doing?
Now that would REALLY be hell, not to be able to eat your favourite foods ever again...
No. 97427
File 142760666572.png - (432.61KB , 555x497 , umwhat.png )
Well... as it stands, I'm in a pretty good place right now, actually. I mean, I just had a $1500 operation, but I was fine. Hence why I'm going to be getting a job soon, though... don't worry about it, I'm fiiine~

Sure! I'm... removing Great Britain!
... I'm trying to replace it with something else, but first I had to see if CK2 would still launch without any counties in GB, without modifying any history files. It... appears to have worked?
I know... like hotsauce, I can't have hotsauce! or garlic bread ;~;
No. 97428
File 142760718591.png - (481.53KB , 1280x1162 , 425 - YTdLD0E.png )
Ok I'll relaaxxxxx. Are you going to be looking for a specific job or are you ok with anything? What would you like to do?

Hahaha that's kinda funny. You would think that by simply removing the country the game would crash since certain events and decisions can't fire up. I think it may crash sooner or later. What exactly are you trying to replace it with?
maaaaaaaannn that sucks so much garlic bread is the best
No. 97429
File 142760800528.png - (1.66MB , 1366x768 , umwhat2.png )
Woo! I'm not sure, I mean... I have no work experience, right? So probably something minimum wage. Not very exciting, but I gotta start somewhere...

You'd think, but CK2 is very much based on "if it isn't there, events won't fire to begin with". Though I do wonder what happened to the people who held those titles that no longer exist... anyway, I'm trying to replace it with this! ... I still haven't modded the terrain files, so it's kind of in the ocean, but you get the idea.
The mod I'm working on is a full conversion mod based on the Warhammer Fantasy universe, so... still got a long way to go. But this was a good start ♥
It issss ;-;
No. 97430
File 142760885584.jpg - (65.86KB , 798x660 , 428 - fulwa0A.jpg )
Yeah that's true it's better than nothing.

I guess you'll have to cross that bridge when you get there. Hopefully it will run fine with no crashes or anything since that will be a bummer to fix. Is creating terrain hard? Like don't you have to create ID's for it?
That is actually pretty damn awesome. But this will take aaaages to go through but if you do it right it will be quite popular if you do decide to publish it.
No. 97431
File 142760942072.png - (219.23KB , 718x1112 , twilight_sparkle_and_her_book_by_pklovestormomega-.png )
Yeah... fingers crossed. I mean, worst case scenario I just delete the history/character files, or rewrite them. Oh, it's not hard at all, actually! I just have to edit a paint file in photoshop. It's going to require being a bit artistic, but it should be fun. :3
Truuue, but I mean... this was the mod idea that got me into modding to begin with. Plus, it hasn't been done with this game yet, or in this way. I need a hobby, so... why not, eh?

Buuuut alas, making that island was actually all I had planned to do for today. I'm gonna go relax by practicing speed running Banjo Kazooie now, haven't done that in months, so... see you around, have a good niiight~
No. 97432
File 142760950758.png - (203.90KB , 1121x1184 , 139643851412.png )
Today was a good day

See you later Quest!
No. 97433
File 14277607791.jpg - (64.78KB , 640x441 , 1424835642087.jpg )
looks like I slept in through class.. oops
No. 97434
File 14278518067.png - (106.06KB , 1131x707 , yawning_twilight_by_dentist73548-d3la1dc.png )
Story of my life.
No. 97435
File 142802898679.jpg - (298.49KB , 1126x1600 , 014 - HOmk13D.jpg )
No. 97436
File 142802948491.png - (154.24KB , 894x894 , twismug_by_ambits-d55fjs0.png )
No. 97437
File 142803286642.png - (575.99KB , 1073x1209 , 051 - VFQt9QP.png )
was up mang
No. 97438
File 142803771872.png - (211.35KB , 1280x1021 , twilight_the_marshmallow_by_darcowalways-d497qe9.png )
Tired. Sore. Hungry. Been working on that modding project of mine for so long today that I haven't really eaten... and now it's 10pm ;-;
What's up with you?
No. 97439
File 142803906619.jpg - (516.33KB , 1600x1600 , 409 - 8fpKQlx.jpg )
awwwww poor questy. If you're so tired why not just eat something and go to bed?
I'm also tired, hungry, and sore. I'm working around the house moving cables around hoping to get wired internet. So I can't really talk right now since I have to go inside the roof now...
No. 97440
File 142804015650.png - (65.84KB , 307x395 , 139634674210.png )
Oh thank god I can rest but I don't know for how long
No. 97441
File 142804043563.png - (166.87KB , 899x888 , 133916223691.png )
Because my sleep schedule is shiiit~

That sounds really rough, though... um, any luck yet?
No. 97442
File 142804058544.jpg - (253.08KB , 1280x1057 , 1424837204060.jpg )
That's no excuse to reesssssttttt. How's progress coming along?

Not yet I still got to do a bit of work and that may take an hour or two.
I just want to lay down and rest and eat fooood
No. 97443
File 142804089061.png - (142.00KB , 932x857 , ___the_hell___by_jlryan-d52jql1.png )
Nuuu... besides, I have goals I have to meet for my project. I've been setting daily goals for myself so that I keep working on it no matter what, so... progress is coming along really, really well. I've drawn every single de jure kingdom, and I've filled in the counties for... nine of them. I have three more to do before I sleep.

Aww... well, hopefully the time passes quickly. An hour or two isn't thaaat much, you can do it!
No. 97444
File 142804133976.png - (227.17KB , 960x767 , 1424601730287.png )
Hmmmm I guess you can stay up if you're almost done. Filling in 3 counties can't take that long? You're lucky that you have little to do tonight or I would have forced you to go to bed.

But it has absolutely draiiined me to the point where I can just lay down and fall asleep instantly. Hard work isn't fuun
No. 97445
File 142804164969.png - (189.34KB , 865x923 , twilight_with_a_bookpack_by_dipi11-d4sj4ys.png )
Three kingdoms, not counties! I've painted roughly a hundred counties today already. Plus I had to read an entire book to see that I got the right important cities and such... it's been a really long day~

Aww... can you sleep afterward? ;-;
No. 97446
File 142804213563.png - (694.49KB , 704x1000 , 321 - K19wHjy.png )
oh woops my bad. Jeeeeeeeezzzzzz that would be like a million times bigger. I'm going to guess that these three kingdoms will take ages to complete. Why read a book? Can't you go on wikis or something to find this information? There must be fan made maps which you can use as a template. Yeah it definitely sounds like a long day.

Yeah I'll be taking it easy once I'm done with work
No. 97447
File 142804279246.png - (189.36KB , 846x944 , twilight_looking_back_by_myardius-d57fwlq.png )
Oh, there are maps! But they only show the kingdoms, not the provinces. So I need to figure out which are the most important cities/fortresses, which means reading a sourcebook. It's pretty fun, I must admit.

Woo! But does that mean I won't see you? ;-;
No. 97448
File 142804311395.png - (527.47KB , 661x770 , 426 - q9vGjyi.png )
ahh right, it seems you got your work cut out for you. Yeah reading into the lore of some fictional universes can be loads of fun

Now we can sing, and dance, and laugh, and play, and sing.
No. 97449
File 142804363566.png - (179.41KB , 831x962 , twilight_vector_number_677_921_by_maximillianveers.png )
It is! Though it'll be less fun later on... unfortunately, there are only three countries in this fictional universe that have much in the way of canon descriptions... it'll be tough... ;-;

... oh? So... you're done now? Woohoo! :D
Dancing and singing doesn't sound like resting ;-;
No. 97450
File 142804406984.png - (595.18KB , 1280x823 , 250 - 4LNYVRb.png )
So you're saying there isn't much information on the other kingdoms? Maaaaan that's going to be hard to get hard. What do you plan on doing when you reach that point

Yeah I should go and lay down for a bit but talking to you is more fuuuuun
No. 97451
File 14280447114.png - (162.14KB , 1114x718 , twilight_wonders____by_trildar-d4azooy.png )
Hmm... I guess I'll just have to improvise based on what little information I have. So long as I can make something that is playable and fun, that's all that matters, right?

Aww... but sleep is important! And you've had a long day. ;-;
No. 97452
File 142804524235.jpg - (579.78KB , 2000x2324 , 098 - a8KaNwQ.jpg )
While creating something and having it playable is important, the setting is also crucial. The people who are going to be playing this mod will be Warhammer fans and will expect a Warhammer universe that is accurate as possible. Not knowing some province names can upset a few people. I guess you can always patch after asking for province names? But of course if you don't decide to publish it and just keep it for yourself then it doesn't really matter.

nahhhh I won't be going to bed the sun is still up! You on the other hand...
No. 97453
File 142804545376.png - (186.88KB , 867x921 , twilight_sparkle___bathrobe_hop_by_extreme_sonic-d.png )
That's true... though I should clarify: I'm not exactly going into this blind or anything. I've been playing tabletop roleplaying games in the Warhammer Fantasy universe for about six years, I've been GMing in the setting for five years, I've read all the books... if anyone knows more about this setting than I do, it's the people who write it. Believe me, I've got this.

But that's terrible! You should sleep early, at the very least. Me, on the other hand... give it another hour... or two... >.>
No. 97454
File 142804592464.jpg - (65.86KB , 798x660 , 428 - fulwa0A.jpg )
Ok Quest you obviously do know your stuff and I BELIEVE IN YOU. Pls send me a link of the mod when you're done so I can try it out.

But I just got tired from working, not from having a bad sleep schedule. Haha going to bed at 12ish~ isn't sooooo bad but it also depends on what time you have to get up
No. 97455
File 142804676461.png - (246.34KB , 1280x1305 , twilight_sparkle_on_a_stroll_by_redpandawha-d523br.png )
Aw, thanks! Yeah... don't get your hopes up, a full conversion mod takes a verrry long time... I won't be finishing anytime soon. But I'll keep at it.

Ahh, fair enough. So what's the plan for the night, then?
No. 97456
File 142804695468.png - (733.70KB , 600x769 , 455 - dFW9KJK.png )
awww I was hoping it would be done kinda soon. How long are we talking until it's done?

Not much really I'll just be browsing the internet and all this talk about CK2 (sort of?) makes me want to play it although I suck at it
No. 97457
File 142804939891.png - (174.68KB , 850x941 , my_little_pony_vector___smiling_twilight_sparkle_b.png )
Not quite... it's going to be a lot of work. I have to draw the counties (roughly 1450 in total), then I have to draw the topography and terrain maps, add water and rivers, then I have to completely redo the events and decisions files, I'll have to create new traits, draw new character portraits, add hundreds of triggers, add a few new mechanics, create an entire world of characters, flesh out each county individually (in terms of wealth/holdings, which'll be 1-7 per county), create new cultures, create new religions, create mechanics for the new religions... and a lot more. I'm only looking as far as tonight. Tonight I'll finish the counties of "the Empire". Tomorrow I'll probably do the counties of the four Dwarf kingdoms. After that... we'll see when it happens.

Oh my. It's pretty fun, though! I find it's more fun to lose than to win that one, heh. Though... ironically, I think I prefer EU4... :p
No. 97458
File 142805044532.png - (449.33KB , 645x1181 , 068 - j1Ab4kK.png )
Bloody hell that is a whole lot of work. I didn't really think of how much work was required on these mods. You must have a lot of motivation to complete this whole thing, like jesus christ you're doing this by yourself which is even more impressive if you actually complete it. You better not give up on this at all

But It's not that fun if you don't know what you're doing ;_;
No. 97459
File 142805093056.png - (124.02KB , 600x817 , twilight_s_by_mihaaaa-d3jp0d0.png )
Ha, yeah it's quite something. I've been modding for nearly two years, and this is easily the most ambitious project I've ever undertaken. I've learned a lot about proper goal-setting from it, though. As in... if i look at this project as this huge daunting mountain, well... motivation fails me. But if i just set these little goals for myself - one kingdom one day, two another, maybe some scripting if I'm bored - then it's a lot easier to keep at it. I haven't been this consistently motivated about something in yearrrs~

Aww... true... well, if it makes you feel any better, I have 1850 hours in CK2 and I'm still learning things, so... :p
No. 97460
File 142805241868.jpg - (43.89KB , 640x800 , 177 - wDuPM0g.jpg )
Oh that's cool. And who ever said that you can't learn anything from video games?

Damn really? after so many hours you think you would have mastered pretty much everything in the game.

Is it bed time for you? It must be getting laaate
No. 97461
File 142805338728.png - (334.86KB , 1366x768 , screencap.png )
Well I mean, if it wasn't for video games I wouldn't have a stupidly good knowledge of geography, so... yeah? :p

Oh, I've mastered most things, but I still get surprised from time to time. Still not totally sure how combat works, exactly. Never been very good with a Muslim faction. Never even played a republic (intentionally). So... y'know. :p

Almosssst, I've finished drawing counties and now I'm just testing them out in game ;~;
... they're so pretty though ;-;
No. 97462
File 14280538149.png - (2.11MB , 3000x3000 , 049 - 7t4dx4j.png )
Hahaa is that where you learned geography from? I got mine from looking at world maps and such

When it comes to combat I believe it is simply who ever has a bigger army wins. Paradox tried to create a deep combat system, however the end result was something that was not intended i think..

That looks complicated.. What exactly am I looking at?

Also a screenshot of your computer is just so exciting to me I don't know why. Can I take a look at your coding, pls?

Is that Sim City 2013? If so that is a big no no.
No. 97463
File 142805563630.png - (191.04KB , 952x840 , twilight_loves_books_by_anitech-d4ivbr1.png )
Well I mean, I learned the countries and general geography from maps, yes. But grand strategy games got me into the more detailed geography - knowing the provinces of every country of Europe, for instance. Stuff like that isn't so easy with just maps.

True that. Though I've had a few occasions in CK2 where I've held out... I think for my mod I'll be putting more focus on the war leader's martial skill, though...

... give me ten minutes and I'll have a prettier version ;-;

Coding? I haven't got any right now, actually. So far this thing is 100% non-coding. Unless you're talking about something else?

It might be. It was a free gift from my brother who worked on it. I only have it saved to the taskbar because it's the only non-Steam game I own.
No. 97464
File 142805649071.png - (369.20KB , 725x795 , 259 - 9TxDUKZ.png )
It's kinda interesting how much you learn from grand strategy games

Yeah that is true on a few occasions but the majority of the time it it simply who has the bigger army, wins

ok cool I will be eagerly waiting

actually don't worry about it.

ohhhh ok that's fine then I thought you went ahead and bought the game
No. 97465
File 142805657221.png - (637.43KB , 813x720 , reallybadscreencap.png )
There. This is essentially what I spent the whole day drawing. The Empire, as it's so originally called. A confederation of 12 kingdoms. 181 counties. And twelve hours in photoshop.
No. 97466
File 142805680783.png - (139.22KB , 1048x762 , books__books_everywhere_by_nickman983-d4lslln.png )
Indeed it is. Though I hope I haven't bored you with my passionate rambling >.> <.< >.<

True enough.

Ah, no. I try not to support EA Games for their shitty business practices. But my brother's a game designer and he worked for them and he gets me free stuff, so... eh?
No. 97467
jesus christ, that took 12 hours?! that's incredible.. You get my approval rating of 7 thumbs up

I can't help it but this map looks like South America

Noooo you're not boring me it's just that I'm starting to get reaaaal tired.

Oh thank god you are aware of the evil of EA. Oh that's cool if you get stuff for free especially if it's EA games.

No. 97468
File 142805808880.png - (143.70KB , 869x920 , twilight_smailing_by_blondeauj-d4oxej6.png )
Woohoo! Sweet, sweet validation~ <3

... I was getting a pretty strong Africa vibe from it, myself. I'll... add more later.

Oh dear, if you're getting tired, then I must be up waaay past my bedtime... >.<

Yep! Though now he's only working on mobile games, so bleh.

Aw... because sleep? ;-;
No. 97469
File 142805861685.jpg - (83.26KB , 900x797 , 179 - aLF0YxB.jpg )
Really? I can't really see it

haha yeah sleep for you is important! Didn't you say you were going to go to bed like 2 hours ago or something? It's waaaay past your bedtime, mister.

That's not so bad. If he creates his own game and publishes it he could make a million dollars!

I kept getting error messages for some reason.
No. 97470
File 142805975147.png - (172.85KB , 900x600 , dat_twilight_sparkle_by_brianc1006-d4intfx.png )
That's okay. I'm tired and blind, I see the unseen.

... shhhhhhhhhh ;-;
I'll go... soon? ... when are you sleeping?

Truuue... actually, he was just offered a job by Apple to make a mobile game that would launch with their new watch thingie. But I don't know if he'll go through with it.

Hmm. Well this site always has been a bit on the unstable side...
No. 97471
File 14280603228.jpg - (198.78KB , 500x563 , 356 - St8wIZr.jpg )
I'll go to bed when you go to bed. How does that sound?

Wow that's sounds pretty cool. If I were in that position I would take the offer immediately. It'll also look good on his resume if he does do it

yeah that's trueeee
No. 97472
File 142806081227.png - (97.36KB , 1000x539 , twilight_sparkle_demands_snuggles_by_kalleflaxx-d4.png )
True. But he's silly, so who knows what'll happen.

Fiiiiiine, I'll sleep now then. Have a good night Fiddles, see youuuu~
No. 97473
File 142806090219.jpg - (64.78KB , 640x441 , 1424835642087.jpg )
See you later, Queesttyyy. Sleep well~
No. 97486
File 142813000795.jpg - (298.49KB , 1126x1600 , 014 - HOmk13D.jpg )
No. 97506
File 14284480807.jpg - (79.56KB , 700x700 , 1424600081967.jpg )
I don't know why but here's a song that reminds me of you.

No. 97507
File 142847230954.png - (123.10KB , 839x953 , vector_filly_twilight_sparkle_by_kyss_s_by_kysss90.png )
I love Sigur Ros ;~;
No. 97508
File 142847285873.jpg - (1.13MB , 3069x4311 , 102 - DcC6AFY.jpg )
They are pretty great
No. 97509
File 142847313055.png - (79.19KB , 600x600 , wat__by_mamandil-d5n1woa.png )
Oh hey, you're still around! That's... surprising.
No. 97510
File 142847340313.png - (703.72KB , 551x523 , 353 - 7Yk2qT3.png )
Haha, nah I posted that just before I left for tafe and I came back home recently to find that you replied to it. Woo~
No. 97511
File 14284738138.png - (162.14KB , 1114x718 , twilight_wonders____by_trildar-d4azooy.png )
And I had just replied to it, too... that timing was amazing, then. Umm... tafe?
No. 97512
File 142847403958.jpg - (227.43KB , 719x1111 , 290 - c6VfIhD.jpg )
Maybe the timing was too perfect.. WAS THE ILLUMINATE INVOLVED?

Vocational education. We call it tafe in the wonderful upside down land of Australia
No. 97513
File 14284747298.png - (157.77KB , 829x963 , twilight_sparkle__looking_particularily_pleased__b.png )
Oh, probably. They're involved in everything. Can't go five minutes without seeing some sort of sinister triangle. But if it led to something good, is it really such a bad thing?

Ahh, I see! Well then, how'd that go? Happy to be home, friend?
No. 97514
File 142847551157.png - (282.97KB , 406x535 , 454 - HQ4rPKB.png )
Well that would mean that we aren't in control of our lives completely! To know that some organization knows what we are doing on a day-to-day basis is super scary. I wouldn't want anyone, especially the Illuminati to know my secrets.

Yeah it was alright, it feels like a waste of time when I have to travel 1 hour to get there for a 2 hour class, then take another hour to get home.
No. 97515
File 142847572941.png - (174.68KB , 850x941 , my_little_pony_vector___smiling_twilight_sparkle_b.png )
Not... anyone? Not even me? ;-;

Ouch, that's rough. How much longer do you have to do that? Umm... time to party now that you're free?
No. 97516