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/chat/ - Ever had one of those days where you go to bed lat...
File 13764834301.png - (186.24KB , 900x1022 , twilight_sparkle_by_sakatagintoki117-d5hmhjh.png )
91027 No. 91027 watch
Ever had one of those days where you go to bed late thinking you'll get a nice long rest to kick off the new day, only to discover to your surprise that you accidentally set your alarm for, oh, six hours earlier than you meant to? Yes, I'm having one of those days, it would seem.

Everyone's making threads lately, I almost feel left out. Unfortunately for y'all I kind of suck at coming up with topical threads, but I'm only kinda terrible at conversation, and the FS thread is currently saging like crazy, so... anyone want to kill some time, talking about about this and that and everything in between? What's on your minds today, /chat/?

I guess if I have to make it feel somewhat relevant I'll pose a question, uhh... tell me something interesting? Hard mode, tell it as a limerick or a haiku.
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No. 98610
File 143427029190.png - (188.14KB , 1042x766 , fluttershy____flutterbox_by_waranto-d4jfp4j.png )
No. 98611
File 143427060343.png - (173.07KB , 748x1067 , spike_03_by_zutheskunk-d5cfpgu.png )
oh hello thread!

So, quick question, why are we still in this thread when it's so old? In just two months, this thread will be two years old.. Not to mention that there's about 1425 posts in this thread..
No. 98612
File 143427137386.png - (130.19KB , 900x634 , the_fast_and_the_fluttershy_by_sansbox-d3ggst3.png )
I believe it's meant to be a sort of safe thread to go to, knowing a lot less people will be watching and posting, so that it's sort of like a safe little home to hide in if you don't want to go out in the big scary world with a lot more eyes and judgmental people.
So I guess you could say.......this thread is to lunachan, what lunachan is to ponychan...........
No. 98613
File 143427141825.png - (363.99KB , 800x800 , 857600__safe_fluttershy_spike_cute_simple+backgrou.png )
Also hi Spike!!!!!!!
No. 98614

No. 98615
File 143427222224.png - (147.65KB , 716x1117 , philosophispike_vector_by_otfor2-d545opj.png )
I mean not that many people go on Lunachan really..

No. 98616
File 143427326972.png - (174.58KB , 900x664 , bridal_fluttershy_by_mowza2k2-d4rml8u.png )
.....I see....but if that's the case then um, yes of course, as I said in an earlier post, I try!

True enough, it might work better for us to move to the front page. Still, I think some people prefer having threads with only a small few joining instead of a larger number at any time, which can make things feel overwhelming. And I guess this also feels less topical? More a thread to chat rather than having to think of a topic? I dunno, but I can see the appeal of this place, as someone who only posts here. Do you not like it?
No. 98617
File 143427371588.png - (98.28KB , 900x880 , wonders.png )
what's up?

you try good
No. 98618
File 143427429077.png - (208.08KB , 768x1024 , 133589986645.png )
You think? I think I'm all right.
Did you try?
And hi Omm!!!!! ♥
No. 98619
File 143427452515.png - (33.63KB , 336x431 , hi there - 1.png )
all the time

hi johnny
No. 98620
File 143427517213.png - (171.49KB , 786x1016 , malevolent_spike_by_pony_vectors-d53wf7b.png )
I wouldn't say I dislike it, but I do like front page things. Like the old fluttershenanigans threads, those were some of my favorite threads here.

Not much. Unfortunately I have work tomorrow (well by the calendar, today).
Today (by the calendar, yesterday) I had to try to help film my sister's dance recital, but there was a debacle with a missing SD card..
I went to pick up one, ended up getting an SDXC card totally forgetting that the camera we were using did not support such fanciness, only SDHC.
So that was not the best, but at least today's horse episode (100th episode that is!) was good, and we went to The Old Spaghetti Factory for my mother's birthday dinner.
No. 98621
File 143427540620.png - (222.64KB , 739x1081 , 136065454474.png )
All the time? Was that to my first question or my second? The mysteries continue!!!!!!! It's like we're in a Scooby DOo episode!

Hi Omm! How are you doing on this fine night? Or er......is it day there? I forget

Oh were they? Right, I vaguely recall those, not sure if I posted in those very much, ironically enough. But I think I remember you popping in them from time to time, like you're doing with this one now?

>but at least today's horse episode (100th episode that is!) was good
Yessss! I loved that episode, cool you liked it as well Spike! have a favorite moment?
No. 98622
work sucks, rest sounds good though, awesome stuff

tis a mystery, i am a mystery

evening, and i'm doing uh.. not too sure really. yourself?
No. 98623
File 14342777001.png - (228.00KB , 3419x1587 , filly_fluttershy_by_silentmatten-d4sc3x6.png )
YOu are, a great one that I must try to unravel! Quick, time for important questions, what is your favorite color?

Aw, bleh day overall eh? I'm doing well, little tired, but juts relaxing. Have to be up in like 4 hours, so I really should be sleeping, but I kind of don't want to, so.......
No. 98624
my favourite colour is colour...!

eh, i guess so. played games with friends because they wanted to, suggested a game to play but no one wanted to, so just kinda felt alone from that

that's good to hear, at least. maybe you should get at least some sleep
No. 98625
File 143427956969.png - (145.27KB , 900x770 , fluttershy_wingless___adorable_by_lilcinnamon-d4ad.png )
.......the mystery's never end, that's deep *writes down in journal* I see you spelled color with a u too....what does it mean......

Awwww, that's unfortunate of them, did they at least consider it? Maybe you could play a game with them tomorrow?

I should.....I think I"ll actually go in a few posts, heads up.
No. 98626
it means i'm an alien?

did, but just ended up playing something else. eh, hopefully tomorrow... still though, stings
No. 98628
File 143428134951.png - (361.34KB , 900x767 , 133860642999.png )
..........this changes everything

Aw......darn, sorry to hear that Omm "hugs"
Maybe some relaxing or doing other things to get your mind distracted could help?
No. 98629
it's confirmed, i'm actually an alien

i guess so, yeah. still, would like to play a game with anyone at this point
No. 98630
File 143428236367.png - (156.94KB , 935x855 , fluttershy_by_joltage-d4d9j36.png )
So they were real all along!

Aw.....well, i hope you can find someone. Until then um.......don't give up?

I gotta head to sleep anyways, night omm, take care!
No. 98631
aliens are real in our society

i'll try, come tomorrow hopefully

night johnny, sleep well
No. 98632
File 14343153252.png - (176.52KB , 900x1073 , bearded_spike_is_best_spike__obviously__by_axemgr-.png )
Oh I had to get to bed unfortunately, sorry for disappearing.

It's hard to pick a favorite moment. There were just so many excellent parts.
No. 98633
File 143451660430.jpg - (298.49KB , 1126x1600 , 014 - HOmk13D.jpg )
No. 98658
File 143565928483.png - (178.99KB , 835x956 , don__t_look_down_fluttershy_by_fabulouspony-d3z8ko.png )
No. 98659
File 143570272172.jpg - (106.31KB , 600x632 , the_rosy_maple_moth_by_shade_shypervert-d6brs4p.jpg )
No. 98660
File 143572727971.png - (511.49KB , 5223x2000 , fluttershy_by_makintosh91-d4sadig.png )
scary ;-;
No. 98661
File 143573524254.jpg - (473.60KB , 1280x1078 , IC_Macroglossum_stellatarum1_NR.jpg )
No it's nottttt
No. 98662
File 143574142711.png - (163.88KB , 726x1101 , y_you_re_breaking_up_with_me___by_farenazar-d5kggr.png )
No it's not, it's terrifying, fear ;---;
No. 98663
File 143574213966.jpg - (53.15KB , 500x401 , tumblr_inline_np8p5fhpUy1smy7s0_540.jpg )
Um... y so scared though? ;-;
No. 98664
File 143574363878.png - (138.32KB , 1600x698 , umm____by_stinkehund-d3jy20c.png )
Because.......bugs scare me and they look weird in a way I cannot comprehend thus fear ;-;
No. 98665
File 143574576759.png - (171.72KB , 500x421 , 8ba.png )

It looked like a hummingbird

I'm sorry ;_;
No. 98666
File 14357468996.png - (281.80KB , 949x842 , cute__little_gladiatorshy_by_dharthez-d5ktndk.png )
It does! Which is cool, and I do like that, just....yeah...

And awwww, no no it's fine! They're nice in their own way.......might not be a way I'm good at seeing in but, I can see it a little I think ^^

How're you too? Cute kitty :3
No. 98667
File 143574707314.jpg - (102.45KB , 1920x1080 , 1435732141397.jpg )

I just don't want to scare you is allll

Is it cat or ball? I'm alright, how is you?
No. 98668
File 143574782028.png - (200.63KB , 885x902 , private_pansy_by_nickman983-d4l0p9j.png )
I'm sorry! It'll be ok, we can make it up! ;-;

Awww, well you're fine! I'm good, no more scars......I hope....

Wh-Wh.....it's a cat right!? I mean, it's just at an angle where you can't see its back right!? Would a ball have eyes that cute?......

Also Kirino!!!!! Have you seen the anime she's from? I love that anime! :3
No. 98669
File 143574788858.png - (198.14KB , 919x870 , flutter_shy_by_iamadinosaurrarrr-d5vsxbl.png )
Oh I forgot to answer how I am too. I am good, but real tired. I see sleep entering my body soon sadly.....
No. 98670
File 143574797228.png - (347.17KB , 1024x576 , tumblr_nop7udHTVN1u7ijv7o1_1280.png )
We shall <3

We just don't know~

Oreimo is good anime, seen it ages ago, hehe

That's good, maybe you should get some sleep!
No. 98671
File 14357485408.png - (179.82KB , 922x866 , fluttershy____with_armor_by_waranto-d4jdiy5.png )

Nuuu, a mystery that will go unsolved for all of time!? This kitty ball thing will keep me up at night!

Oh awesome! That's great, I looooove that anime. Wrote a nice long essay about it that I never got to finish editing and posting online, but ah it's a lovely one. Really thought provoking, for me at least, and I just loved the characters. What did you like about it?

Maybeeeee......but it's been so long since we had a nice 1 on 1 chat ;-;
No. 98672
File 143575055815.png - (459.76KB , 3000x1512 , tired_fluttershy___vector_by_regolithx-d4txele.png )
tootired to conitnue, im out. Bye omm, take care!!!! <3
No. 98674
File 143576060422.png - (96.58KB , 478x566 , 1434718474123.png )
Don't let it keep you up all night!

Ah, I see, haha! Um, there were a few things I liked about it, writing, for one :p but the relationship between the characters is what set it in stone for me , for the most part ^^

I know it's been a while, but I'm available any time for a chat. Can come up to me whenever and we can talk about things, and such!

Also sorry, ran off to see the new Mad Max film with friends ;_; but hope you have a good night. Talk soon! <3
No. 98675
File 143576397686.png - (224.86KB , 219x262 , 139808891635.png )
No. 98706
File 143642083568.jpg - (341.48KB , 1051x992 , 1434744744638.jpg )
No. 98795
File 143791569821.png - (26.81KB , 800x800 , lurk.png )
No. 98865
File 143867112841.png - (92.95KB , 792x871 , staring_fluttershy_by_daviez20-d4effj8.png )

No. 98866
File 143867305944.png - (177.26KB , 792x535 , 1437200700835.png )
No. 99175
File 144164220264.png - (350.51KB , 1600x2053 , 137737589985.png )
maybe i'll get a reply. who knows?
No. 99348
File 144371872676.png - (212.69KB , 365x404 , 139643918455.png )
so last night i had a dream. it was kinda weird but i also fell in love with it. the first half of it is kinda irrelevant but it did involve a drag race which finished in a small town where the local people were celebrating. pretty much everyone was wearing 18th century clothing for the celebration, everyone was so happy .At this point i start running and the follow the road. I don't know how long i was running for but i soon realized that i was surrounded by a forest with trees on either side of the road. the road suddenly took a large dip and i was running downhill, at the same time the road was up hill and i had to run up which was incredibly tiring. when i got to the top of the hill where the road finally leveled, i saw the most incredible thing. I saw two stallions (from the mlp universe obviously) sitting on a fence that was beside the road. they both had dark coats but i dont remember much else on how they looked. anyway they were sitting on the wooden fence looking up to the night time sky. the one on the left was pronouncing his love by moving the clouds to the shape of two stallions being pulled together into a kiss. In between the shape of the clouds the purple moon shone bright to illuminate the sky. the two ponies did not say anything, no laughing, they did not look at each other, but at that point they both fell in love with each other without a word being said. there was absolute silence except for the gentle sounds of nature that could be heard. what i felt was incredible but i don;t know how to explain it. these two were in love and incredibly happy and i was just standing here on the side.. they were so connected with each other and it;s something that i always wanted, was it jealousy? i don't know but i dont think it was that. would someone ever move the clouds for me? i dont think so.. that might be why i felt the way i did bcause ill never have someone who can show me how much they cared. what i saw was something that is very hard to describe but it makes you feel a million things. i did kinda ruin the moment as i tackled the magical pony to the ground and warned him that he was in great danger for exposing how powerful he really is. i did want to remain friends with him as we both knew each other, although we didn't know much about each other. i feared most that he would one day forgot who i was and this terrified me.

i dont know what else to write as i really did want to write much more than this. can you believe that this took over an hour to write? ive been thinking of this dream all day and it has made me feel happy but with a bit of sadness at the same time. its like reaching the gates of paradise and feeling the presence of it but not being allowed in, at the same time you see all these people walk in with no trouble at all, and wonder why you can't have or feel what they get

i dont know why i wrote this. i guess i just wanted it written down somewhere to expresss how this dream made me feel. i dont remember my dreams too often and rarely any of them make me feel the way this one did. it made me wish that it was reality instead of fantasy. it had that sort of affect on me.

this dream has made me really thoughtful today as it pretty much occupied my thoughts and made me think of things that i dont typically think of. will i find love one day? i dunno, i mean it could happen if i really wanted. is it something as magical as i felt in my dream? the dream made me want to dance with someone in a house during the middle of the night, or go to a park at 2 in the morning.

whether you shrug this off or thought this was the dumbest shit you've ever read then that's fine. im happy enough to know that someone else did read it. this is a side of me that is rarely shown and would never consider talking about this stuff with anyone i know.

i think thats all i have to say for now. i might add on to this later on if i continue feeling the way i do.. its currently 2.59 in the morning and i think its time for bed


i swear im not gay
No. 99373
File 144388766326.jpg - (79.86KB , 900x1135 , 990639__safe_solo_vinyl+scratch_dj+pon-dash-3_port.jpg )
so here i am once again with more to add? i dont think i really have much to say, i just feel like writing something.. while i do feel better than yesterday the thought of this dream still lingered in my thoughts for the day. i didnt think a dream could have this much affect on one person.. it's just the thought of it that puts me in a trance, to fall in love with someone without saying a word, that two people are sharing the exact same feelings without even looking at each other. to know that they have each other nothing else really matters as they are the only ones left in the world. i mean, will someone ever move the clouds for you? will someone ever show you how much they cared about you without saying a word? can you fall in love with someone without looking at them? to feel such emotions would be an incredible experience. but why do i have these strong feelings? is it because that feel when no gf? nahhh that cant be it, i dont cry myself to sleep or anything about being single or ever complain about it or anything.. this doesnt count does it? probably not.

i get the same sort of feelings when i watch this, i always got those feelings

this is song that has really helped write all of this even though if doesn't seem to fit the mood at all. i cant really explain why.. it just kinda does especially at around the 4 minute mark

is there anything more to say? i cant say for certain. i think i may be done but i may come back to talk about whatever whenever that may be. goodnight for now and ill see you soon
No. 99496
File 144509096542.jpg - (516.33KB , 1600x1600 , 409 - 8fpKQlx.jpg )
Quest, I don't know where you went and how long you will be gone for but i just feel like writing something as you have been on my mind lately. i just want to let you know how much i cherish our friendship, even though i haven't spoken to you months... why you left i cannot say, though if i were to guess it would be because of another anxiety attack. I could be right or i could be wrong i don't know. but whatever it is i hope you have the courage to come back. Reading our old conversations can make me feel so happy from the fun that we had with each others company but at the same time make me really sad knowing that you're not here. to be honest, i do fear that you won't come back and the thought of that terrifies me.. what a shitty way to break our friendship. I do hope you come back soon because i dont know how much longer this site will be here. i enjoy every moment i get when i talk to you, you're so easy and fun to have a blast with. you're without a doubt one of the most interesting people i have ever met. i would be shattered if you left without saying goodbye if it has come to this. i miss you dude.. i really do.

apologies if this is hard to read. my writing skills are terrible

i kinda thought i had more to say than this but i guess its harder to express myself? im not sure how to really explain it.
i hope to see you again soon..
No. 99514
File 144549728229.png - (128.90KB , 500x812 , scootaloo_heart_by_questing.png )
Dearest Fiddles,

I don't know if this post will make it through before the site is closed, or if you'll even see it before the site is taken down indefinitely. I was just made aware of your posts by a friend an hour ago or so. I am sorry I didn't see them earlier.

You're right in guessing that my absence has to do with anxiety, though mostly not directed at you. A couple months ago I got a message from a friend of a friend saying that our friend was feeling suicidal. He asked me to help. I said that I would. But then... I felt anxious, and it was midterm time, so I was busy all the time, and... then a week had passed. I'm sure he is okay, but... I was way too late, and there's no way I can be happy with myself for how I acted. So I panicked, and I haven't been back since.

I'm terrible, I know.

Add to that all of my usual anxieties about abandoning you (again) and my other friends here (also again), and... yeah, I've just tried to avoid the site altogether. It's not good, I know. I know that I should've said something, I should've sent someone a message. But I suck at everything. >.<

These days I'm only active on like... the Paradox forums, Tumblr, and that's about it. I am not very good at all of this internet stuff, apparently. I'm sorry. I really wish that I could be a better friend for you... ugh. >.<

My life's busier now than ever before, so I can't make any promises about when or where I might resurface. But I do want you to know that I haven't moved on or forgotten about you, for what it's worth. I'm not a very good friend, but I do care... for what it's worth.

I don't know if that means anything, or if it ought to mean anything, but there it is.

I hope we can speak again sometime soon, friend.
No. 99516
File 144550653294.png - (199.29KB , 869x919 , 137722340769.png )
Holy shit you're actually here and in time just before the site bites the dust. Maybe yuo will see this message soon? I don't think so but who knows~

I want to let you know that I'm not mad at you for leaving the way you do. I'm not going to interrogate you or make you feel like shit. (unless i already do that.. sorry if i do) all i ask is that you simply leave me a message stating you need time for yourself.

I am happy that you saw my message and you're here. i feel so much more at ease after reading everything you've said.

If you want to talk again i'm totally up for it, but im not sure where we will talk. if you want to talk on skype or steam or some other website i'm totally cool with it. I do hope when we talk again it will be soon, and i hope you find the strength that you need to come back. I would hate to lose you after knowing you for so long.
I'm happy that you say that you haven't moved on or forgotten about me, to be honest i thought about you most days wondering when you would come back and thinking of our past conversations.

I don't know what else to say really. umm.. yay?

uhh until we meet again? i certainly hope so
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