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Lunachan has moved to http://getchan.net/luna/

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What this place needs is a chat thread again!

Shall we?

And remember: your past is not today!
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I've heard good things about Python.
No. 98793
I would say that's accurate. It's not my all time favorite language, but it's pretty nice.
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File 143833134564.png - (218.71KB , 442x548 , Screenshot from 2015-07-29 02:53:59.png )

File 143832152623.png - (268.94KB , 459x498 , evening dinner.png )
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File 143832222236.png - (233.60KB , 450x450 , tfw.png )

File 143828877282.jpg - (169.43KB , 779x635 , 1438041532455.jpg )
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I forgot this place existed.

How are you all doing?
No. 98842
Up and down, in and out, but we're still here. How have you been?

File 143801653883.png - (198.29KB , 940x849 , auction_pony__earth____closed__by_xwhitedreamsx-d7.png )
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Oc thread
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File 143815562352.png - (80.94KB , 509x569 , ScottishYard.png )
Yoooo what's up Kamie?

File 139314805947.jpg - (50.49KB , 704x396 , 405622_1269641603683_full.jpg )
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>tfw you realise perhaps the reason everyone hates you isnt because they're edgy internet tough guys, but because your a pretty pony
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No. 95078
File 13932983349.jpg - (229.77KB , 1009x632 , luna57.jpg )

You keep apple pie. Moon pie is mine!
No. 98746
File 143690488925.png - (351.31KB , 604x697 , 380.png )
i think thats pretty evident lol
No. 98823
Is this like a Spirit Shine summoning post?

File 143647619776.png - (55.68KB , 200x146 , Fluttershy Flower.png )
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I used to think perhaps friendship was magic. I used to so admire Fluttershy for her kindness.

I've grown older. I think most of us are aware time kills, and in my case simplicity has died over the years.

Age is a difficult concept for me -- I want to neither approach it as an absolute predictor (all children are immature) nor ignore correlations.

So let me ask, what does growing older mean to you, Lunachan? What does age predict and what does it not predict?
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No. 98756
File 143717268942.png - (249.04KB , 900x1070 , tumblr_m7wbbtJK671qc5ffho1_1280-2.png )
Doesn't seem like too much fun for ya

Well, it's true that sometimes you have to be "cruel to be kind" if you reasonably know better. I guess it's not an absolute..

True, I think that's reasonable unless there's a really high likelihood of it dying in some horrible way if rescued but even then life tends to favour "trying"

Aww they sound like very nice people! I think that only reiterates that life is about trying... especially in the wild, survival rates can be slim but the survivors are the ones that try.
I should think so on the annoyance at the squirrels just being euthanised the moment they're brought in. Either care about them or don't, what's the point in existing just to kill things.

'murica :/

I've never heard of Judith Butler. Don't know what to make of that!

So far so good on avoiding becoming Cranky. I suppose like most things in life it depends what happens - I'm fortunate enough to be surrounded by good people
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No. 98763
File 143739123638.jpg - (29.75KB , 400x600 , 2013-02-18_8-08-03--76_110_106_126--_DollDivine_Pi.jpg )

>I haven't lost my spirit

>ability to dream and being able to take risks at times. I think those are one of important aspects of being young.

Dreaming is thinking of things that aren't real. Yes, the young dream. And the young have nightmares...

>In fact, I want to be coolest adult Earth has ever faced! : )

>Both of them are only matter of subjective perspective.
Do you think good and bad are completely subjective?

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No. 98779
Yeah, I do find it subjective. It's true there are matters generally considered good or bad. In the end, I think most crucial thing is to determine yourself what is important.

File 143617090392.png - (145.67KB , 900x900 , angry_spike_by_sirspikensons-d4zpdqa.png )
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The fact of the matter is I just need to axe off dead boards here. We really only are on /chat/. I've killed /fan/, going to kill /pony/, /media/.

Sorry guys, but after twice boards we don't pay attention to getting spammed with stuff, I'm tired of it.
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No. 98760
But that's absolutely fabulous idea! I'm totally all for it!
No. 98762
File 143733203952.png - (156.34KB , 334x374 , 1403442130490.png )
I am as well
No. 98764
File 143741492340.gif - (347.01KB , 488x737 , wiggle woggle.gif )
Disregard that, I meant to have them put a link on their top bar, like with /leftypol/. We'll still keep lunachan.net, this server, and everything on it, we'll just be considered /lunachan/ as well

File 13982777656.jpg - (17.97KB , 368x400 , DrDoofenshmirtz2-1.jpg )
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So.. I saw the TV advert for Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks toys and now I want to cut out my eyes to avoid the possibly of watching it again..

But at the same time, I want to buy the Fluttershy so I can hot glue...

Im confus..
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No. 95737
File 139844272394.jpg - (411.06KB , 724x1024 , Because Andrea Libman really is #based.jpg )
you too, buddy

request sent now

also, look at this amazing pic i found
No. 95738
File 139848032477.png - (156.33KB , 448x453 , Mother of me.png )
And added! Thanks! ^^

That pic...
No. 98692
why are you bumping all your threads, pips?

File 143396808926.gif - (44.04KB , 390x259 , come on stay with me!.gif )
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No. 98644
I said thank you :v
But why would you post such things...
No. 98704
It'll be on the internet achive
No. 98705

File 140022211873.jpg - (29.17KB , 409x479 , 409px-D1_Etna_07_Bust.jpg )
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No. 95909
Horse syrup?
No. 95911
No. 95929
Haha, Syrup... I remember that thread...

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