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Lunachan has moved to http://getchan.net/luna/

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I'm already seeing less and less of Deleelee.
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Some of us at /mlp/ have started up a number of pony related file syncs including
General Pony, Music, we also have a porn sync if anypony is interested. We are now extending invitations to other pony chans.

So some info
>What is it?
A peer to peer based pony folders.
Like dynamic Torrents.
Music is currently 30+ gigs

>How do I get in?
1. Download here: http://labs.bittorrent.com/experiments/sync.html
2. Install and "Add a Sync Folder" in the client
3. Choose your folder and use a key from below. (Read only is kinda moderated, Free for all is chaos)
4. ???????
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File 144250718052.jpg - (149.19KB , 790x590 , Emi is a shitposter.jpg )
Necroposting isn't ok even on other, more active forums. Don't use excuses.

Those are called "warning bans". I'm not sure why I should have to explain that concept to you. Bumping year old threads isn't saving Lunachan, it's spamming.
You could always create new threads with similar subjects.
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File 144252426621.png - (145.67KB , 900x900 , angry_spike_by_sirspikensons-d4zpdqa.png )
This right here is not saving. This is just spamming.

While I'm not a huge fan of the current discussions either, I'm not a fan of necro'ing threads either.

For all we know, this Sync folder has fallen out of the network because everybody who was in it stopped running BitTorrent Sync.
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File 144253438552.gif - (511.28KB , 499x281 , A (60).gif )
Why are you always fishing for permabans, Pipes?

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That's why I asked.
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File 14037781502.png - (688.54KB , 720x720 , 140296231698.png )
well then with lunachan being as dead as it is now maybe he's seen this post, I'm sure he would love it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9B6adXz6GbA&app=desktop
>Party hard!
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Andrew W.K. sold shirts with OP's image printed on them.

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I love cute things. Do you love cute things, /chat/?
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Zeke's a god.
Why can't I?
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Well, I can't stop you from trying; I just don't think it's feasible.

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I would totally snuggle a Luna.
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Thanks guys
No. 95935
Yep exactly...

One thing you might want to check is whether other people who you think might see you as a shitty person, actually do. People are often a lot more tolerant and forgiving of others than they are of themselves, and the view of everyone else may be that you're not shitty at all - even if they think something you did was.

But if you have been a shitty person (most of us have been at some point in our lives or at least done something bad), then you use that as a learning experience. Realising that you've been shitty, if that is the case, means that you're actually a decent person underneath, because you recognised it and want to improve. So give yourself a bit of forgiveness, and learn how to better put "being nice" into practice. It is, indeed, not always as easy as it should be, and we all still slip up sometimes.

(Failing that, to answer the question, copious amounts of alcohol.)
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File 144245988773.png - (701.49KB , 1080x1080 , Coco 92.png )
Looks like this was a pretty sweet thread. You guys are cool dudes.

File 140062326894.png - (29.22KB , 200x162 , Fluttershy_green_dress.png )
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Hi, Lunachan! I have a question for you -- how much tollerance do you have for logical disorder in your cognitive shema?

I have been diagnosed with autism, and I've been trying to grow in my understanding of how my mind is different than that of those without autism. I think the primary difference is that I have a high sensitivity to disorder in my cognitive models for the world. I feel others are much less effected by this problem and as a result they have a higher tollerance for disordered thought patterns.

How do you respond to cognitive disorder, lunachan?
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File 140084397240.png - (164.97KB , 942x848 , rarity_happily_resting_by_codemanj94-d4xcjyr.png )
I have no idea what you just asked.

Do you want to know how much disorder I can stand kinda?
No. 95967
Well, nice find :P

Ah I see. I get that all the time, thinking about it.
Can't say it bothers me too much - if something can't be properly proven (like the lawyer thing can't be, but the Earth not being flat can be) then to be honest I'll tend to gravitate towards what feels good for my personality and who I want to be and what I want to believe, balanced out by the other side if need be.

For example the lawyers. In day to day life I'd usually want to get to know a lawyer before judging him to be a bad person - but if I'm looking for a lawyer for myself then I'd put on a more cynical "hat" and assume that most of them are out to rip me off.

There's general open-mindedness too like not necessarily believing both things to be absolutes, but accepting both as possibilities (I'm not religious and never would be as, with the greatest respect to my good friend, to me it's restrictive. It's deciding "this thing is true and this thing is not". But it works both ways - I can't and won't outright deny the existence of a god either)
No. 95974
>I have no idea what you just asked.
Oh, it's OK. I'm not sure what I'm asking either.

Yes, you're right. In the end, knowing stuff and thinking is complicated. Sometimes I just wish the world were simpler. :/

File 140057873412.png - (239.19KB , 646x635 , HappyFilly2.png )
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When people are children, they can't stand or understand the adult world, yet they want to be a part of it. They're indignant about being controlled by our parents, and insist that when they are adults, they will do things "right" and treat children differently. This idea that they are right and "the system" is wrong carries into and is intensified to edgy extents by adolescence.

But somewhere along the line, after they pass the age of legal adulthood, they start to settle down. They tend to be less fearful of "the system"--after all, the system keeps them alive, so they have to be a part of it. Their parents were right all along to say "you'll understand when you'll older"; nothing brings understanding of adulthood like experiencing it firsthand.

And people forget the beliefs and ideals they clung to when in their youth. They may remember or have forgotten the childhood vows they made to never succumb and conform to the adult world, but either way, they'll conform, and become what they once hated.

Why does this happen? Why does every generation go through the cycle of edgy to prudish? Why are childhood and adulthood like night and day?
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File 140091333213.jpg - (121.87KB , 800x724 , Balloon.jpg )
>When you write to people on this site, are you not using your power to communicate with others?
That's different. I'm not imposing my will on anyone by writing to people on this site, nor are they imposing their will on me.

>Congradulations, sweetie!

>What have you learned about adulthood?
Well, I'm starting to realize that doing work doesn't suck as much as I used to think it did. I'm starting to understand how my parents became the people they are, and how experiences like living alone in an unfamiliar place for the first time can shape people. And the full meaning of actions being permanent and immutuable, but nothing ever lasting forever. And that life gets easier to handle as you get used to it.
No. 95965
File 140093279527.png - (48.54KB , 200x216 , Fluttershy_bunny.png )
>That's different. I'm not imposing my will on anyone by writing to people on this site, nor are they imposing their will on me.

I know you may not agree with me, but I feel it's just a matter of degree. Social power involves the ability to grant or take away something that someone else finds valuable. I find conversation valuable, for example, and you have had the power to grant or take that away from me. I don't know how well you know me, but if you were familar with how I responded you could cause me to respond in a particular way.

But in online social interaction, you're right that you could seldom really impose your will in any meaningful way. If you tried to push for more power than another wanted to give you, they'd probably just stop listening and that would be the end of it.

>Well, I'm starting to realize that doing work doesn't suck as much as I used to think it did.
I agree. Work has seldom been something I disliked in my life.

>I'm starting to understand how my parents became the people they are, and how experiences like living alone in an unfamiliar place for the first time can shape people.
I'm sure you're learning a lot of new things. :)

>And the full meaning of actions being permanent and immutuable, but nothing ever lasting forever.
Yes, I think that's mostly true. :)
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No. 95966
>The problem is, most parents don't seem to do that, at least not all the time. My parents tried to sometimes, but for the most part, it usually came down to "because I'm the parent", and it seems like a pretty universal thing from what I've seen of other families. A lot of people just don't bother because they assume their kids wouldn't understand or care anyway.

Yeah, that's unfortunate. I think possibly with everyone having such busy, fast paced lives, kids often get the "fast food" not just literally but in terms of responses to perfectly good questions. Because the parent is in a hurry to do something or go somewhere and doesn't feel like explaining.

>Why does everybody think kids are dumber than they really are? And why do they think that it's necessary or beneficial to withhold so much information from them? Kids can't know what sex is or what curse words are, because these things are "adult"?

It is rather bizarre. I don't know if there's scientific basis behind it, but I tend to think for most of us adults the brain dumbs down more and more from the moment we quit school, so kids are really the most intelligent.
It'd be preferable for kids to know about sex imo, so they know a little more about what predators would get up to and we could avoid the silly vague "did he touch you in a private place" stuff and communicate the issue clearly. Though we did get a sex ed lesson at around age 10, so I suppose that's fairly progressive - it might depend on country etc.

>Isn't the very fact that it's as abusable as it is something very wrong with the system, though?
Any system is abusable, don't you think? Is there such a thing as a completely fair system that no one will ever abuse in some way for their own benefit?

>Why does being born into a society
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File 144159068151.gif - (489.75KB , 400x300 , Gitta.gif )
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No. 99166
It's okay.
No. 99171
It's really good.
No. 99233
File 144231046812.png - (139.90KB , 500x281 , Ritsu_y_Yui.png )
Do it. It's great.

File 144187044996.gif - (171.03KB , 400x225 , 1441683534969.gif )
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File 144199548171.png - (218.42KB , 685x479 , 15wf3.png )
No. 99208
File 14420170365.png - (379.19KB , 500x700 , Okuu (765).png )
No. 99214
i could be spirit's corpse for you ;-;

File 144107035984.jpg - (52.95KB , 677x406 , Screenshot_1.jpg )
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Press F to pay your respects
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No. 99189
really, my name and trip wasn't there? Worst.
No. 99190
By me and Mein only.
No. 99217
File 144212155211.gif - (932.18KB , 480x270 , the salute!.gif )
Get well soon you filthy, lovable commies

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