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>tfw no gf
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>But this isn't a one-size-fits-all shoe.
What is see as unhealthy is co-dependency and abuse. I know some relationships involve these aspects. My suspicion is that perhaps even most do. But of course I'm not in a position to say all do.
No. 96579
How is all codependency unhealthy?
From an anthropological standpoint, all of human nature is built on codependency with the other members of your tribe.
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File 14093485517.png - (25.12KB , 200x141 , RainbowHugsFluttershy.png )
>How is all codependency unhealthy?
>From an anthropological standpoint, all of human nature is built on codependency with the other members of your tribe.

Dependency is very human.


Let me tell you about Skunkie. Skunkie is my stuffed animal friend. He's always there for me, always ready to cuddle when I need him. I am dependent on Skunkie. As a result, Skunkie can not have much of an independent identity. Skunkie can not change or grow. If Skunkie, say, liked ice hockey, he might not be available to me when watching a game, or practicing, or whatever. With actual people, dependency can prevent a person from having a independent identity which can prevent growth.

Now, all humans have some dependencies. A baby is dependent on her mother (or father, etc.). A mother's identity therefore is in some part dependent on her relationship to the baby, and what she can be in addition to mother is limited by the infant's dependency. Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily. Dependency is bad when it inhibits growth -- if a person is happy as a mother or father, it's fine. Also, an infant needs to be dependent, and it is through the dependency that the baby grows.

Now back to relationships. Does the co-dependency of relationships prevent people from growing? In some cases I think it does. But like the infant, is some dependency necessary? Can relationships sometimes promote growth? I don't know.

All I really know is that when I see people in a relationship, I have...mixed feelings. I have trouble being fully happy for those people. The feeling is subjective -- something inside of me, and I don't completely understand the cause.
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File 140734687936.png - (436.86KB , 1054x1038 , 137146388617.png )
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It's been awhile since everyone's favorite snowy pony* has entered the realm that is Lunachan.

Going good with me aside from eye surgery mom had, but she's recovering ok so far. Other things been doing chores, distractions, and games. That's enough about me for now, How's the chan from the moon doing?

*everyone's favorite snowy pony is not a biased response. *whistles* :P
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No. 96451
Hello, sorry to hear.
No. 96498
File 140812989721.jpg - (36.06KB , 600x450 , 8383463_m.jpg )
yo everyone's favorite Snowy-pony!

I just got in holiday myself. It's few weeks before school begin again, so I use time to make it count!
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File 140918634778.png - (381.14KB , 976x1920 , 136924969525.png )
Then I fell out because of that reality show.... life. :P

It's everyone's favorite goat or Pokemon, Kikuto!

Sounds nice (even if I'm late. XD), sounds good, hope you did make good use of that time.

File 140894474687.png - (99.00KB , 2560x1600 , 140781980050.png )
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As we've done with /ref/, MLPchan, and Ponychan, your friends over at GETchan have written you an anthem. The only difference is that we had to go through three different people to get a satisfactory recording. There's also a proposed flag in the video. I hope you like it!


File 140838567747.jpg - (45.86KB , 448x486 , eehj8lw2fcao.jpg )
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File 140848997075.png - (55.61KB , 180x300 , char_rin.png )
_.E.E (soon)._
No. 96534
I don't get it.
No. 96544
Not in (irrelevant)
Employment (I am)
Education (I'll be going back to school in a month)
or Training

File 140819104183.jpg - (151.88KB , 500x667 , birthday game.jpg )
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data for the data gods
(I'll get this shitty thread off your frontpage when I have enough birth dates)
No. 96509
What are you doing with all this data?
No. 96510
Celebrating birthdays on the right date, at the right time, and on the right board.
No. 96516
>started a business with pinkie pie
Kill me.

File 140793139261.png - (161.19KB , 622x720 , 1389925282781.png )
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I love you, Lunachan ❤
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File 14080082168.png - (45.92KB , 800x994 , 139923519992.png )
Lunachan is love, Lunachan is life.
No. 96496
File 14081288857.png - (47.05KB , 400x400 , 7050219_m.png )
Thank you, I love myself too.
love you too anon
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File 140818921036.png - (224.86KB , 219x262 , ♫Adorable Filly♫.png )
Let's get married. You guys do support polygamy, don't you?

File 140816796074.png - (50.70KB , 340x272 , Sleaze.png )
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Someone hit the nail on the head so hard the usual suspects are in full damage-control mode again, and this looks like something that deserves to be Streisand'd. The summary for those just tuning in: Black Butterfly, the admin of efchan, is so scummy she made up a fake loli persona ("Beat") just to try to paint Mercer (a /GET/ user she doesn't like) as a pedophile. Some of you may already know the rest: She not only baited the FUCK out of him, she maliciously leaked his IP, permabanned him from ef, and tried to get him perma'd on a lot of other imageboards too. She's a complete and total asshole, and so are her band of circlejerkers.


Copypaste of the post from the other thread (which is supposedly a repost of a post that was kneejerk deleted on the initial posting because it's true):

Has anyone else noticed that beat only appears and disappears at about the same times and days as bb?

You gotta be pretty low to make up a fake loli just to smear someone you don't like. Too bad such cheap tricks don't work on anthony or darling, huh? On the upside, anyone who played skullgirls with beat has the satisfaction they gamed with the elusive bb. Oh and it should be obvious the reason most of her projects are secret is because most of them don't exist. She just wants to look important while she plays video games.

The reaction proves it all true.
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No. 96503
much dumb.
No. 96504
This thread has absolutely nothing to do with Lunachan.
No. 96505
>thread didn't lock because forgot some stuff
damn you kusaba x, even Ponychan's kusaba is better than this.

Locked for real this time

File 138694395655.png - (118.90KB , 284x431 , asdasdsdaff.png )
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ITT: post random funny pics. i wanna laugh today :P

so yeah, that'd be nice lol
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File 140793493433.gif - (2.63MB , 289x155 , crows.gif )
No. 96484
File 140795706793.jpg - (56.25KB , 550x431 , SL2JsOn.jpg )
No. 96497
File 140812941610.png - (1.81MB , 1344x1694 , pizza.png )

File 140780060692.gif - (344.88KB , 640x360 , ab-chase-tail.gif )
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Just sayin'
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File 14078873484.jpg - (13.27KB , 480x360 , bubblecry.jpg )
I'm about to cry
No. 96463
File 140788746896.png - (23.03KB , 505x772 , apple_bloom_puffed_by_powerpuffgirl89-d50hslg.png )
There's only one solution!
No. 96466
File 140789031964.png - (67.05KB , 500x500 , motherofgod.png )

File 140786209684.jpg - (912.60KB , 2305x3269 , b67078_4449453.jpg )
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File 140787864977.gif - (2.69MB , 320x240 , Nintendo gives advice to Konami for E3.gif )
Just 2 days before my birthday.
And today my friend had a stroke and I'll be visiting him this evening.

The shit that's happening, man.
No. 96448
File 140787869345.png - (399.36KB , 679x698 , pinkie-sad-snow.png )
Sad times. So many of us have been shocked by this more than we are with most celebrities :(

And of course it highlights the seriousness of depression that it takes someone of that age, outwardly smiling with a loving family and making everyone laugh. Terrible illness, it really is.

(If there's to be a small plus point, perhaps it is a prominent enough case to raise a little bit of awareness - though from what I saw of the BBC earlier they were trying to spin it as an anti drugs thing and almost implying it as the root cause)

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