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New gochan update/interest blog: here!

File 142739417963.jpg - (61.89KB , 596x628 , 136484603737.jpg )
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No. 97374
File 142752657297.jpg - (103.50KB , 1024x768 , 47890_screenshots_2015-03-23_00002.jpg )
I'm working on one of my own. Doktor Evilbastard. Messing with the character designer, I maxed out his forehead size, and changed some other things, so he looks like he's always angry, even when he's happy. I'm trying to get him to work on his science and charisma skills, but instead that idiot insists on cooking.

>move into new house
>go downstairs and goof off on the computer
No. 97375
File 142752689837.png - (85.55KB , 612x674 , 365_day_195_spike_by_korikian-d3rtkjc.png )
This is all quite hilarious
No. 97423
I did a thread on Ponychan's /oat/ about Doktor Evilbastard, but it had been a while since I had played the sims. It probably 404'd by now, so I might just recreate it here.

File 142531443730.png - (2.13MB , 1200x953 , cabin.png )
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what is your dream home lunachan? i've made this thread before,but it was long enough ago it's worth revisiting c:

our homes are in some way the central hub of our lives,and personally i feel our decision of where and how to live can impact out lives just as strongly as things we go to school for or what career we chooser any of those major decisions.homes are important places, and they're different for everyone. maybe your home isn't even one specific place! it's incredible what we can consider our true homes, i feel c:

so, tell me about your dream home in as much detail as you can! make a story or visualization of it even if you prefer! where is it? what's it look like? how's the weather? imagine a single moment there and write about it,make it seem real. c:

or just say it if you'd not prefer to dive that deep, but i do think it's an encouraging exercise to try on your own sometime <3
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No. 97408
File 142759535853.png - (160.84KB , 813x982 , happy - 25.png )
Don't be ded, I cri if u ded ;-;

So... who's buying? :p

Yay, one day~ c:
No. 97409
File 142759549968.jpg - (129.33KB , 1024x685 , 38397490.jpg )
Yeah but does Australia have anything like pic related? I DONT THINK SO and it's not worth it until I live somewhere that has that environment ;_;

thanks.. hmmm maybe one day. But that only way to even make this feasible is to move to a different country which would be hard work
No. 97410
File 142759564735.png - (217.98KB , 728x1098 , what am i doing.png )
Go establish one in the Hunter

File 142622525435.gif - (307.18KB , 400x350 , DancingLuna.gif )
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Cheers, comrades.
No. 97296
File 142623000449.png - (665.49KB , 735x1242 , comrade pinkie hat change.png )
No. 97328
File 142696086983.png - (117.68KB , 820x593 , The Show.png )

File 142632231632.png - (285.22KB , 533x533 , typing.png )
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hi lunachan. letting you know you are based af.
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No. 97319
File 142674587139.png - (119.19KB , 820x593 , apply liberally.png )
Nah, it'll definitely be a while.
No. 97322
File 142675547980.png - (211.13KB , 900x1286 , helloooo_rarity____by_knight725-d418yed.png )
So tomorrow I get to go to the Living Computer Museum on a field trip (at work, how fancy!): http://livingcomputermuseum.com/
And then afterwards we're going to a good barbecue place that's just across the street!
I'm also looking into some security stuff for a different product from what I normally work on.

Also, I watched Schindler's List last night. That was pretty good, if a bit depressing.
No. 97327
File 142696072374.png - (63.34KB , 536x522 , on the phone.png )
I have telnet accounts on the mainframes they have public access to. Eventually I do want to go visit the museum at some point though.
And yeah, Schindler's List is a great movie, but not one to watch if you're depressed.

File 142613433526.gif - (961.66KB , 255x160 , 1413161744318.gif )
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No. 97297
File 142630833236.png - (24.27KB , 200x183 , fluttershy_vector_by_landboom-d5bg81c.png )
I'm not on this level, I'm afraid...
No. 97323
I want the shock art to leave.
No. 97326
File 142696054498.png - (101.92KB , 820x593 , chalk.png )
Are you sure it's shock art? She sounds fairly "serious".

File 142343805321.jpg - (17.48KB , 200x296 , Fluttershy_with_animal_friends.jpg )
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So what do you think about the value of life, Lunachan? The value of humans -- the young, the unborn, violent criminals, elderly, and those who want to not be alive. What about animals, plants, and bacteria? What about computer systems -- could they ever be considered valuable as life?

When is it OK to kill? When is it not? How do you make sense of it all?
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No. 97260
File 14253747684.png - (189.08KB , 1024x1365 , pinkamena_by_n0m1-d5y1a8e.png )
Oh wow... That was... Something must have gotten in my eye.
I'm glad you posted this, and I'm glad I read it.
No. 97268
File 14256982804.jpg - (203.76KB , 900x836 , fluttershy-hug-pinkie-doll.jpg )
Ah... I stand corrected! (As does Star Trek, I think!)

I'm glad it served a purpose. I liked it as her world view is similar to mine
No. 97290
If someone commits to voluntary euthanasia from reasons like a terminal disease.

File 142360900029.jpg - (107.93KB , 660x330 , ford101-660x330.jpg )
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>inb4 no-one drives

Just a nice practical Ford Focus here, 02 but well looked-after

Too lazy to find a pic so... lookalike
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No. 97192
File 142486014424.png - (171.49KB , 786x1016 , malevolent_spike_by_pony_vectors-d53wf7b.png )
I never did post a picture of my car..
After coming back from California, my dad and I installed the front pair of speakers, and they sound great! I'm thinking sometime this week we can maybe get the rear speakers installed, Sunday is a possibility..
No. 97195
Get it done. Get both done!
No. 97261
File 142543310045.jpg - (3.94MB , 4320x2432 , IMG_20150303_172353877_HDR.jpg )
Here's the picture of my car (finally). It's not particularly clean right now, my father is recommending I wash it to remove dirt to save weight and increase aerodynamic efficiency to get better fuel economy, especially on my trip to Pullman.

In the background is my father's 2003 Mercury Marauder (basically the higher performance version of my car).

File 142295413359.jpg - (603.45KB , 1197x726 , all aboard the bronychan motorboat.jpg )
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Hello everyone! As you've noticed, Lunachan has been deader than the Town With No Name, and its original purpose of being a bunker for posters sick of Ponychan (and later, other chans) has kind of dissipated as the chans have spread out. That being said, there are talks of merging with a group of other chans merging together. Lunachan aside, for a long while, there was a lot of bickering and infighting, and since the bickering has pretty much died down, and since they were splinters already, they are going to be forming an "interchan" group, the USSC (Union of Soviet Socialist Channels, GETchan has a fetish for Communism)

That being said, there is discussion of Lunachan Joining the USSC, as /luna/. Since /luna/ (as far as I know at least) would be the only chan with ponies, /luna/ would basically be a cross between our /chat/ and /pony/. The USSC would have a global /site/ for issues in any of the subchans.

Thoughts? This isn't happening right this second, but I'll let everyone know when it's happening officially

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No. 97193
>lots of us just need to start participating again? ^^;

Dooo eet!
No. 97227
File 142515672585.png - (90.22KB , 948x838 , 132622665493.png )
will try ^^'
No. 97230
File 142517098010.png - (30.61KB , 600x600 , surprise - 2.png )
I'd be up for participation, when my time permits

File 13764834301.png - (186.24KB , 900x1022 , twilight_sparkle_by_sakatagintoki117-d5hmhjh.png )
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Ever had one of those days where you go to bed late thinking you'll get a nice long rest to kick off the new day, only to discover to your surprise that you accidentally set your alarm for, oh, six hours earlier than you meant to? Yes, I'm having one of those days, it would seem.

Everyone's making threads lately, I almost feel left out. Unfortunately for y'all I kind of suck at coming up with topical threads, but I'm only kinda terrible at conversation, and the FS thread is currently saging like crazy, so... anyone want to kill some time, talking about about this and that and everything in between? What's on your minds today, /chat/?

I guess if I have to make it feel somewhat relevant I'll pose a question, uhh... tell me something interesting? Hard mode, tell it as a limerick or a haiku.
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No. 97430
File 142760885584.jpg - (65.86KB , 798x660 , 428 - fulwa0A.jpg )
Yeah that's true it's better than nothing.

I guess you'll have to cross that bridge when you get there. Hopefully it will run fine with no crashes or anything since that will be a bummer to fix. Is creating terrain hard? Like don't you have to create ID's for it?
That is actually pretty damn awesome. But this will take aaaages to go through but if you do it right it will be quite popular if you do decide to publish it.
No. 97431
File 142760942072.png - (219.23KB , 718x1112 , twilight_sparkle_and_her_book_by_pklovestormomega-.png )
Yeah... fingers crossed. I mean, worst case scenario I just delete the history/character files, or rewrite them. Oh, it's not hard at all, actually! I just have to edit a paint file in photoshop. It's going to require being a bit artistic, but it should be fun. :3
Truuue, but I mean... this was the mod idea that got me into modding to begin with. Plus, it hasn't been done with this game yet, or in this way. I need a hobby, so... why not, eh?

Buuuut alas, making that island was actually all I had planned to do for today. I'm gonna go relax by practicing speed running Banjo Kazooie now, haven't done that in months, so... see you around, have a good niiight~
No. 97432
File 142760950758.png - (203.90KB , 1121x1184 , 139643851412.png )
Today was a good day

See you later Quest!

File 142352079959.jpg - (52.71KB , 500x333 , cats-ice-cream.jpg )
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Poni or non poni
Just make it be cute pls!
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No. 97106
File 142449245611.png - (601.50KB , 1276x643 , 1421864761287.png )
No. 97107
File 142449495320.png - (172.87KB , 924x1016 , 752782__safe_pinkie+pie_clothes_cute_costume_hoodi.png )
No. 97108
File 142455482436.png - (265.36KB , 640x491 , rd-filly-cute-plushies-sleep.png )
D'awww :3
Though they do look a bit of a handful..

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