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File 140600803047.jpg - (23.78KB , 500x636 , 428732_311377128915319_162258317160535_829290_1141.jpg )
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I should have posted this a week or two ago, but ah well.

As some of you know, I have epilepsy, a condition that causes me to have seizures sometimes. My medication keeps it under control for the most part, but that isn't an absolute guarantee. On the 7th, I had a seizure cluster (meaning that I had several seizures, one after the other) while sitting at my laptop in the morning, eating some breakfast. I spilled my food on my laptop and slammed it against the ground. I was taken to the ER and spent the night in the ICU

Anyway, my laptop still booted after a couple tries, but only about a third of the keys worked. The CD drive was very flaky, and another USB port stopped working. One of them hadn't worked for some time.
My battery was also severely damaged, and even at a full charge, would only last two minutes before tanking. So I bought a new laptop, a Macbook Pro (hurr durr, OS X sux exDD), and got rid of my old one.

I've had that laptop since 2010, but even then, it was pretty very low end. it was a craptop, but it was my lappytop. I had taken it to college, spent hours and hours with it in dorm at job corps and at town runs. Almost every modification to the shitstain that is Kusaba X was done on it, and 99.5% of gochan's code was put together on it.
Yeah yeah, I'm rambling, but I have a tendency to do that sometimes

tl;dr; RIP in piece, lappytop ;_;
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No. 96299
Piece of crud was worth the memories.

File 140590149924.jpg - (110.38KB , 300x300 , fluttershy-and-rainbow-dash-in-the-city_fb_2058809.jpg )
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Hi, Lunachan! I see the site has been moving even slower than normal. Perhaps I can help get a conversation going.

Question: what do you think is the biggest problem in the world today?
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No. 96308
Thanks :)
No. 96310
File 14062246432.png - (74.38KB , 444x380 , 1403230523871.png )
Epik post yourself, bruh.
No. 96311
The problems are largely the same, just with a new generation of perpetrators.
Environmental destruction, warfare, racism, sexism, and other forms of prejudice, ignorance, underhanded political meddling–none of this is new.
What correctional measures can we take? I don't know.

File 140573467492.jpg - (2.22MB , 1754x1240 , jojo jojo_no_kimyou_na_bouken-kuujou_joutarou-star.jpg )
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No. 96304
JoJo is so damn ridiculous.
I don't know if it's trying to be or if they don't realize just how impossible the plot is.
No. 96305
>title is JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Pretty sure it's the former.
No. 96309
But they're taking things that can't be just explained with cuz magic and making them ridiculous.
The ending of the second arc was just too much.
A volcano erupted to hurl a chunk of rock fast enough to reach "escape velocity" then Kars ends up being the only part of that mess to actually go into outer space.
Jojo was able to stand on a chunk of rock going that fast. I don't think he'd even be able to breathe.
Then Kars ends up freezing over in outer space when it was daylight, so he would've been burned instead of frozen.
Then this rock Jojo's on falls back down to earth with minor damage done to him.
This isn't just an unlikely occurrence like getting a royal flush in poker. It shows impossible events that ignore extremely fundamental scientific principles several times.
It isn't just bizarre. It's way past bizarre.

File 137694082629.png - (217.31KB , 896x892 , rainbow_dash___equestria_girls_by_pixelflow1-d6bcn.png )
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It would seem that I have internet back! After two odd weeks of infrequent internet access, I return to you all once more.

Things are good but stressful here. I move to Montreal to start my MA on Thursday, so I'm in the process of last minute administrative panicking and attempting to pack all I think I will need for my time.
How's it going for all of you?
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No. 96288
Thanks for actually reading through all that and addressing so many points.
I guess I have improved slightly in some ways over 3 years, but that's not really all that special since I'm just some kid growing up.

>Glad to hear things got better. :)
Thank you

>I have friends, too, whose problems seem objectively less severe than my own, but they seem to effect them more profoundly.
My friend always displayed her problems as annoyances though, and she had a lot of them. Small interactions with people who got on her nerves or something, or awkward stuff that happened. I don't really know how you can respond to things like that besides "Sorry to hear".

>I think the internet is good for discussing topics -- it can be easier to get experts together online than in real life.
Yeah, I'm thinking of just using the internet for things I can't easily do in real life, someday.

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No. 96289
File 140598337581.png - (22.00KB , 200x113 , Fluttershy_"It's_nice"_S1E14.png )
Your posts gave me a bit of an opportunity to reflect on my purposes here:

I have an interest in psychology, so when I come to people with emotional struggles, in some part I want to learn how that works, and I want to see how the person responds to attempts to intervene. (Although so far, I think I've learned more about what doesn't work than what does...)

And I think ponies are cute! :) I'm not all that good looking in real life (or at least sometimes I don't think I am), so the internet gives me a chance to escape that a bit... :)
No. 96298
File 14060637669.png - (54.95KB , 485x409 , 133693674811.png )
The internet is my haven.

File 140592005542.png - (33.63KB , 336x431 , hi there - 1.png )
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Oh... I found myself here again!

I've been lurking for a while, might as well say hi now...!

Some people here might know me, some might not, so... hi (again)! The name's Omm.

How has everyone been doing lately?
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No. 96278
Oh, I see. And a lot of people tend to forget, it wouldn't have been too surprising.
No. 96280
File 14059297627.jpg - (64.89KB , 677x471 , 20140720 Trout Brook Nature Sanctuary - Flying Squ.jpg )
>I am alright, thank you for asking.

>Flying squirrels are quite adorable and interesting creatures, I'd say, heh.
If you'll permit me to exit the cartoon world for a bit, here he is! He didn't care for being weighed and measured during the day, though... :/
No. 96284
Heh... well, I haven't forgotten. Memory goes a fair bit.


D'aww, adorable!

>He didn't care for being weighed and measured during the day, though
Is that a good or bad thing?

File 140590327823.png - (63.22KB , 186x254 , band show.png )
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sticky this thread
No. 96256
File 140591091647.png - (227.79KB , 351x474 , 140422591627.png )
Who do you think you are? Dan?
No. 96273
File 14059277138.png - (303.02KB , 786x469 , look at this wicked spoon!.png )
nah, then id say im better than him.

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this website is now brazilian property
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No. 96236
File 140585309382.jpg - (2.19MB , 3000x4000 , AK 47.jpg )
Molon labe, motherfucker.
No. 96239
No. 96243
File 140587292255.png - (207.72KB , 549x526 , 1395776814675.png )
Nice try, you'll have to pry it from my cold dead hands

File 138964400877.png - (446.16KB , 480x807 , eg pinkie15.png )
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hey lunachan, how're you?
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No. 94522
File 139037051090.png - (392.40KB , 696x681 , Yui6.png )
No. 94523
File 139037224213.png - (26.14KB , 450x141 , 24.png )
Remove Mein.
No. 94526
File 139038790631.png - (309.25KB , 576x658 , Yui18.png )

File 140556154331.jpg - (63.60KB , 472x472 , 1390099895245.jpg )
96215 No. 96215 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
This is the official chickun thread! If there is another thread, redirect them here.

Everypony equal, everypony loved, you don't have to be autistic to be a chickun, it's just for shitposting!

Shitposting, spamming, love and tolerance are the most important things a chickun can have, let's spread some spam and arise some chickuns!.
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No. 96219
No. 96220
What're you doin' in mah swamp?
No. 96222
File 140565162216.png - (225.58KB , 379x525 , Gets Card.png )
Check these fuckin' trips.

File 140435710438.jpg - (228.62KB , 1024x945 , 1388643313218.jpg )
96167 No. 96167 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Posting so Lunachan doesn't go a day without a post.
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No. 96199
File 140517748291.png - (528.50KB , 1319x819 , rara vector.png )
No. 96214
No. 96221
File 140565127516.png - (306.49KB , 725x1000 , rarity_by_darkwolfalika-d5k7wbk.png )
I love how the driving force of "Sweetie Belle Tolls" was how perfect Rarity is being problematic for Sweetie Belle.

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