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File 140858335891.jpg - (94.99KB , 720x540 , image.jpg )
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get me off the ride
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No. 96585
he ded
No. 96586
How he die?
No. 96590
jus werks

File 140861992877.png - (312.58KB , 900x1232 , 132153525685.png )
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This thread deserves to arched.
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No. 96587
File 140927423311.jpg - (75.83KB , 653x641 , 140639896317.jpg )
I feel guilty right now for no apparent reason.
No. 96588
File 140927426556.gif - (2.05MB , 300x169 , 139550303006.gif )
Check these dubs.
No. 96589
File 140927522310.png - (117.12KB , 900x771 , 138353287589.png )
Nice dubs

File 140734687936.png - (436.86KB , 1054x1038 , 137146388617.png )
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It's been awhile since everyone's favorite snowy pony* has entered the realm that is Lunachan.

Going good with me aside from eye surgery mom had, but she's recovering ok so far. Other things been doing chores, distractions, and games. That's enough about me for now, How's the chan from the moon doing?

*everyone's favorite snowy pony is not a biased response. *whistles* :P
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No. 96451
Hello, sorry to hear.
No. 96498
File 140812989721.jpg - (36.06KB , 600x450 , 8383463_m.jpg )
yo everyone's favorite Snowy-pony!

I just got in holiday myself. It's few weeks before school begin again, so I use time to make it count!
No. 96580
File 140918634778.png - (381.14KB , 976x1920 , 136924969525.png )
Then I fell out because of that reality show.... life. :P

It's everyone's favorite goat or Pokemon, Kikuto!

Sounds nice (even if I'm late. XD), sounds good, hope you did make good use of that time.

File 140874630818.jpg - (67.28KB , 500x456 , 1379347772752.jpg )
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>tfw no gf
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No. 96577
Hmm - I heard some advice from an MLP writer on "writers block" (a term he doesn't like) that is so applicable to so many situations. He said something like "Don't spend your energy asking yourself why you're struggling to write, as it'll feed into itself and make it worse. Spend your energy on writing."

I was going to try and apply it to shyness, but maybe it also goes for being single / trying to rectify that.

I'm content enough alone generally. Recently I've felt a bit emotionally lonely, but a few times I've started something online and couldn't really cope with having someone else to worry about on that level. I'm very much a free spirit. Trying to do things online may have been an issue, though.
No. 96578
>But this isn't a one-size-fits-all shoe.
What is see as unhealthy is co-dependency and abuse. I know some relationships involve these aspects. My suspicion is that perhaps even most do. But of course I'm not in a position to say all do.
No. 96579
How is all codependency unhealthy?
From an anthropological standpoint, all of human nature is built on codependency with the other members of your tribe.

File 140837910234.png - (299.28KB , 804x695 , fluttershy_meets_interweb_trolls_by_negasonic2277-.png )
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They say, "don't feed the trolls. They're just looking for attention."

...do you ever wonder if, maybe, we're all trolls...
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No. 96559
It's something they just start to like through gradual exposure.
They say something small, see people react, and are amused, then they say something more outrageous, people get even more upset, and they like it more than they did the last time.
It's not good, but it is understandable.
No. 96563
Shiiiet, nigga, dat's deep shit yo.
No. 96574
File 140898436111.png - (21.69KB , 200x104 , Fluttershy_clones_S02E26.png )
>they say something more outrageous, people get even more upset, and they like it more than they did the last time.
>It's not good, but it is understandable.
So thrill seeking, I guess. Like driving too fast.

I guess I haven't met very many trolls. But the few I have sometimes seem more tortured souls than people out for an exciting joyride. I suppose...it's some of both, though...

File 140894474687.png - (99.00KB , 2560x1600 , 140781980050.png )
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As we've done with /ref/, MLPchan, and Ponychan, your friends over at GETchan have written you an anthem. The only difference is that we had to go through three different people to get a satisfactory recording. There's also a proposed flag in the video. I hope you like it!


File 140788177277.jpg - (104.24KB , 720x960 , http%3A%2F%2F31_media_tumblr_com%2F0fa6230a2a38200.jpg )
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Are you a virgin?
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No. 96522
File 140830307973.png - (87.52KB , 224x381 , sittin.png )
No. 96526
File 140837258697.png - (22.13KB , 200x146 , fluttershy_green_saddle_by_thatguy1945-d5nujvy.png )
>Nah, this is the topic I want to know about.
I downloaded Blender and I'm going through tutorials. Once I have enough skill to create an attractive virtual body, lots of people will think I'm kinky. :)

But for now, it's a work in progress.
No. 96548
File 140866881318.jpg - (9.93KB , 125x125 , 1407565504711.jpg )
A good Flower is a lusty Flower.

File 140838567747.jpg - (45.86KB , 448x486 , eehj8lw2fcao.jpg )
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No. 96533
File 140848997075.png - (55.61KB , 180x300 , char_rin.png )
_.E.E (soon)._
No. 96534
I don't get it.
No. 96544
Not in (irrelevant)
Employment (I am)
Education (I'll be going back to school in a month)
or Training

File 140822695246.jpg - (51.74KB , 468x326 , the_somme.jpg )
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Don't mind me, just taking a tour of the chans hit with the autism anon posting conspiracy theories.

So, how are you guys on this corner of the internet? We never really talk.
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No. 96525
Fair enough. Dude had more autism than tumblr
No. 96527
Well ain't that some shit.
No. 96532
Such is life in the zone.

File 140814581515.png - (1.64KB , 52x67 , 140797865177[1].png )
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It's true! Why do people always laugh at me when I tell them? Stop laughing, dammit! I'm serious. Deadly serious. It was a tabby named Whiskers. I named it that because it had whiskers. Stephen Hawking ran over my cat.
Yes, the guy you're thinking of is the very same guy that I'm talking about. This isn't all that complicated. The genius guy. Yes, that's the one. I'm still shocked myself. Surprised even. My cat, needless to say, was flabbergasted at the time. Stephen Hawking ran over my cat.
My neighbour saw it. Ask him! He's in the house that's beside my house. No, the other one. He knows. Swear to God. Just ask him and he'll tell you what he saw. Stephen Hawking ran over my cat.
Stephen Hawking: Theoretical physicist, author and runner-over of cats.
What? My neighbour denies that he saw anything? Are you sure? Damnit, Stephen Friggin' Hawking must've got to him. It did happen, I tell ya'. Did! I don't care that my neighbour denies everything. Stephen Hawking ran over my cat.
Yes, we're talking about the same guy. Genius. Wrote a book on something. Something smart. Big head. Sits in a chair all the damn time. Yes, a chair with wheels, damnit. What other kind of chair could possibly run over an entire cat? Stephen Hawking ran over my cat.
He didn't have to circle around to do it again. That's just evil. Whiskers never had a chance. Plus there's no way I'll be able to get the tire marks off the chesterfield. Stephen Hawking ran over my cat.
Stephen Hawking: Author, runner-over of cats and leaver of obscene messages on answering machines.
This is what I get for having a phone. I'm afraid to go near it, now that it's been infected by his disgusting message. Stephen Hawking left an obscene message on my answering machine.
He did! Why would I make something like that up? I have proof. C'mon, I'll show you. I haven't erased it yet. Stephen Hawking left an obscene message on my answering machine.
Hi, I'm not home right now, but if you leave your name and the time you called after the beep I'll be sure to get back to you real soon.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 96507
File 140818947136.png - (164.92KB , 732x796 , ♫Dreams I'll never see♫.png )
No. 96517
File 140825308162.png - (32.46KB , 200x173 , Fluttershy_concerned.png )
Steven Hawkings doesn't sound very nice. I'm sorry about Whiskers and your photograph. :(

But I think it is neat that you still use vintage electronics for phone communication, even if you worry Dr. Hawkings may have left you a distressing message on your answering device...
No. 96523
File 14083031173.png - (87.37KB , 176x447 , awww yis.png )

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