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File 139822535936.png - (268.50KB , 1024x1768 , rainbow_dash___i_see_you__by_ficisism-d5tvi94.png )
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Hello all! Long time no see! How's it going for you all?
I'm sorry for disappearing for so long. Life got pretty busy, and work pretty much took up all of my free time. Hopefully I'll be able to find some time to engage with all of you again. I hope everything has been going well in here!

So what's been going on with you all? What has happened with your 2014 thus far? What interesting things have you been up to? Has there been anything recently for which you are particularly proud?
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No. 95707
File 139823487478.jpg - (38.19KB , 507x718 , 1373287888181.jpg )
Drank myself to a coma months ago. Hangover was hell.
No. 95709
File 139825025595.png - (22.13KB , 200x146 , fluttershy_green_saddle_by_thatguy1945-d5nujvy.png )
Hi, Dashing. I work at The Home Depot and started school to study child psychology. Other than that I take ballet lessons and post on Facebook and here sometimes. That pretty much has been my life this year.

How about you?
No. 95723
Welcome back!

I've been consumed with setting up and (hopefully) properly securing a Linux server. It's running a couple of sites and a mail server. It'll be upgraded to 2GB RAM shortly so I'll be able to do Minecraft servers and all sorts. It's been rather educational.

How's it going there?

File 139797501868.jpg - (66.19KB , 774x1031 , lunahuman.jpg )
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I would totally snuggle a Luna.
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No. 95692
File 139813391922.jpg - (68.02KB , 800x530 , Luna4.jpg )

Hugs acquired.
No. 95698
File 139814405160.png - (64.09KB , 894x894 , changeling1.png )
No. 95722
I require more snuggles!

File 13982777656.jpg - (17.97KB , 368x400 , DrDoofenshmirtz2-1.jpg )
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So.. I saw the TV advert for Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks toys and now I want to cut out my eyes to avoid the possibly of watching it again..

But at the same time, I want to buy the Fluttershy so I can hot glue...

Im confus..
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No. 95718
File 139831328732.png - (203.28KB , 366x642 , 116.png )
ayyy, trust me. you dont
No. 95720
File 139831448292.png - (36.87KB , 354x251 , 3.png )
I got an idea of what it is by context.
No. 95721
File 139831459418.png - (200.17KB , 396x708 , 124.png )
pipes is such a gross friend :^)

File 139091867926.jpg - (91.99KB , 500x525 , tumblr_mywwy7Ojvu1qimfofo1_500.jpg )
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Time to give the shenanigans thread a total makeover with rainbows, awesome rainbows with the power of rainbow thread. Even Dashie will see this is 20 percent cooler! Who knows, maybe I hold to key to some rainbow power for our pony friends.

Have some lighthearted chat with some mozzarella sticks to nom on. Enjoy, while I go back and work with Rarity on her new fashion designs!

Old rainbow-less thread >>93856
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No. 95685
File 139807940732.png - (23.47KB , 200x171 , fluttershy_badass_by_darkfire036-d4ybakj.png )
Very true. Rebellion takes courage, energy, and understanding. Not everyone has such luxuries...
No. 95691
File 139813326884.png - (306.45KB , 1600x1377 , luna24.png )

Indeed. Hence why you get more introspection in sufficiently advanced civilizations. A nice luxury in itself, though it brings to mind those who never have the chance for it.
No. 95710
File 139825070440.png - (112.80KB , 200x323 , fluttershy_by_mewpan-d4zlgv0.png )
>Hence why you get more introspection in sufficiently advanced civilizations.
Sometimes. And sometimes everyone is just too busy to care. I think that with more education quality of introspection increases, though. :)

>brings to mind those who never have the chance for it.
Certainly. Or...what qualities groups or generations more attunted to the diversity of human nature might see us hiding...

Do you think there are things that are good to hide, Hai?

File 139808891635.png - (224.86KB , 219x262 , ♫Adorable Filly♫.png )
95686 No. 95686 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
What's a more likely scenario: The Chinese invading or a zombie apocalypse?
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No. 95690
Well, let us look at this through Occam's Razor: The event with the fewest possible necessary assumptions is more likely to happen.

For the Invasion of the Chinese Army-

The United States would have to be of better use taken over than as it be
-(This would imply a collapse in the US economy, the most provocative event in that it would prevent economic profit for China)
There would have to be no other potential trading partner to take the place of the US
-(Unlikely, given the world market. China is too strong an economic ally)
China would have to be able to consider themselves at greater military strength than the US
-(May be, both militaries are high-strength, so in the eyes of bureaucracy that may be possible)
China would have to
China would have to consider the negative consequences for such a war acceptable
-(Probably the least likely. Diplomatic consequences would be relatively severe, world military imbalance would create a dangerous situation, and China would likely take a significant amount of damage given industry/population density)

For the Zombie Apocalypse-
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No. 95702
File 139816638773.png - (32.46KB , 200x173 , Fluttershy_concerned.png )
>Well, let us look at this through Occam's Razor: The event with the fewest possible necessary assumptions is more likely to happen.
That's an interesting way of looking at the problem. I never would have though to look at it that way.

So zombies it is. :P
No. 95703
File 13982187738.gif - (50.30KB , 360x360 , luna30.gif )

Indeed, it's commonly used in logic. It's not any form of certainty though, just a rough way to compare probability. It does not mean either will happen, as there are undoubtedly many scenarios which are more dangerous and more likely.

That being said, one must account for Finagle's law, often miss-attributed as Murphy's law: What can go wrong will probably go wrong. A hyperbole, but makes a good point about not taking any probability as a certainty!

File 139805022626.png - (139.46KB , 507x454 , 135556438710.png )
95678 No. 95678 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Come in here, dear boy, have a cigar
You're gonna go far
You're gonna fly high
You're never gonna die
You're gonna make it if you try
They're gonna love you
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No. 95683
File 139806624866.png - (27.81KB , 200x174 , fluttershy_and_angel_flying_by_mewtwo_ex-d5piqz3.png )
Hi, Starshine! :)
No. 95699
File 139814490132.png - (101.28KB , 480x750 , 131880477220.png )
No. 95700
*whips out dick*

File 139741388832.jpg - (13.76KB , 331x311 , 138646594505.jpg )
95614 No. 95614 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
This thread is offical/unoffical by Snowy, so therefore he covers both bases.

ITT Snowy posts cute and you d'aww! Or you can post cute and he d'awws back.

Can be pony, or can be anything, rule is IT HAS TO BE CUTE!!!!

First up
>Dashie luvs u!
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No. 95695
File 139813453784.gif - (296.42KB , 420x360 , luna58.gif )
Yay for mooncute!
No. 95696
File 139813531554.png - (456.89KB , 800x700 , 89470-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-cute-luna.png )
No. 95697
File 139813555039.png - (251.57KB , 900x775 , luna46.png )

...you win and this has been added to my luna folder as luna59.png


File 13967462267.png - (48.54KB , 200x216 , Fluttershy_bunny.png )
95524 No. 95524 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hi, Lunachan! How are you today?

How have you been? Have you learned anything new in the past few days or weeks? Did you make any new friends (animal, pony, or human)? Have you seen or done anything exciting? Or is there something you want to talk about?

And even if not, I hope you all have a wounderful day! :)

It's almost spring in my part of the world. Spring and fall are probably my favorite seasons. :) Followed by Winter...
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No. 95661
File 139787502313.png - (190.94KB , 900x852 , luna35.png )
My my, that is a strong question...I suppose the definition would likely be something along the lines of 'actions which cause destruction or harm'. Though I'm only really intrigued by the human sort of violence. Animal violence just seems...crass.
I must say, you certainly don't have the same response most others do to my more morbid ramblings. I find it refreshing.
I suppose I enjoy violence due to at times being dissatisfied with the way our human race been built. Seems that as I find out more about our species, the more I find that we are rather ruthless. Efficient, perhaps, but ruthless.
No. 95667
Have you seen that viral meatvideo thing yet?
there's some cruelty for you
No. 95682
File 139806618024.png - (39.69KB , 200x176 , Fluttershy_spider.png )
>'actions which cause destruction or harm'.
I see. That makes sense. :)

>Though I'm only really intrigued by the human sort of violence. Animal violence just seems...crass.
What's the difference between human violence and animal violence?

>I must say, you certainly don't have the same response most others do to my more morbid ramblings. I find it refreshing.
Well, I'm studying child development. Many children behave agressively or violently when unhappy.

>dissatisfied with the way our human race been built.
Human nature has an element of conflict. Is that what you mean?

>Efficient, perhaps, but ruthless.
Is ruthless behavior effective? Does it give people what they want? And if so, why are you dissapointed by it?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 13980366881.gif - (29.17KB , 400x300 , StarvinMarvininSpace03.gif )
95673 No. 95673 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
No. 95674
Das racis
No. 95677
File 139804633152.jpg - (268.46KB , 2000x1924 , Luna9.jpg )
I'm not quite sure who you are or how seriously you take yourself.
Hello, regardless!

No. 95653 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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No. 95657
No. 95658
Rock n' Roll?
No. 95659
File 139785293075.jpg - (42.35KB , 518x650 , PIZZA!.jpg )

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