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MySQL server connectivity loss broke shit for like 2 hours. Sorry.
New gochan update/interest blog: here!

File 142531443730.png - (2.13MB , 1200x953 , cabin.png )
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what is your dream home lunachan? i've made this thread before,but it was long enough ago it's worth revisiting c:

our homes are in some way the central hub of our lives,and personally i feel our decision of where and how to live can impact out lives just as strongly as things we go to school for or what career we chooser any of those major decisions.homes are important places, and they're different for everyone. maybe your home isn't even one specific place! it's incredible what we can consider our true homes, i feel c:

so, tell me about your dream home in as much detail as you can! make a story or visualization of it even if you prefer! where is it? what's it look like? how's the weather? imagine a single moment there and write about it,make it seem real. c:

or just say it if you'd not prefer to dive that deep, but i do think it's an encouraging exercise to try on your own sometime <3
No. 97257
File 142531452516.jpg - (1.53MB , 2123x1200 , 0546.jpg )
i have two i am split between myself, but i have to run to class now, so i'll share them when i get back <3 oops ^^'

can't wait to hear all of yours though~
No. 97258
File 142535591615.png - (138.95KB , 801x997 , joy - 1.png )
I've had a lot of thoughts about this.

I'd cheat by saying I'd live in the type of home and locale in OP's picture, but not really!

For one, the best thought I have of my ideal home would be.... a house, on a secluded street near the edge of some body of water, which overlooks said body of water, a maze residential streets and establishments, maybe has a clear view of the distant city, and some bushland. It's close to public transport, close enough to the city, and may be comfortable for a slow drive around the streets if it's so desired.

Realistically it would be that way. My other thought would be in a isolated area, maybe the same locale, or in a mountain setting.

If I were to be more ambitious with thoughts, I've always wondered what it would be like to travel in one of those mobile homes, like the ones that are towed like a trailer behind your own car. They seem really cool for living by yourself, or sharing with a friend.

Another ambitious thought that I've had... I'd modify a bus, maybe a coach, to be a living quarters, myself or shared. Although it sounds more of a purely roadtrip thing, but... heh, it may work.

What are yours? c:
No. 97259
File 142535613675.png - (129.75KB , 1000x1098 , happy - 4.png )
Also this song is very relevant to the matter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoRkntoHkIE

File 142343805321.jpg - (17.48KB , 200x296 , Fluttershy_with_animal_friends.jpg )
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So what do you think about the value of life, Lunachan? The value of humans -- the young, the unborn, violent criminals, elderly, and those who want to not be alive. What about animals, plants, and bacteria? What about computer systems -- could they ever be considered valuable as life?

When is it OK to kill? When is it not? How do you make sense of it all?
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No. 97197
File 142500534946.png - (87.84KB , 740x238 , nihilism.png )
I think that depends on your definition of "life".
Plants, animals (not including humans), even fungal species and eukaryotic organisms. All of those are living things.

But it sounds like you're referring to the life of a sapient creature. From an evolutionary perspective, you could argue that our minds and our sapience is nothing more than the complex "upgrades" from non-sapient creatures. Like a dog. It has senses an can think for itself. But can it understand rationality, or reason on a basic level? As far as we can tell, it can't, so it isn't sapient.

Back to the complexity, it would seem that all of our senses and our nervous system are just electrical and chemical signals flowing through our nerves. Back to dogs, their nervous system works in the same way. But through our evolution, our nervous system has changed so much that we can reason, and have rationality, in a sense. Because of that, from the beginning of mankind, we didn't understand how this worked, so we just assumed that we were special, that we were completely separate from the other animals.

But are we? If all of this is true or at least close even a little, it would seem the soul doesn't exist. So what is the value of life then? Or how about the meaning or purpose of life? I don't think life has any inherent meaning or purpose. We ourselves define the two, simply because we can.

I've suffered from depression before, but after losing my faith in God, I didn't really feel this way, after coming to grips with it, because of the above. It doesn't matter. There is no meaning of life, except what we design for ourselves.

Of course, I could just be spouting bullshit and talking out my ass.
No. 97228
File 142516571041.png - (682.59KB , 700x5858 , life and donuts (why theres no purpose other than .png )
I think you may mean sentient
>There is no meaning of life
I hold the same view actually, and don't see it as a bad thing
No. 97249
File 142519264448.jpg - (235.67KB , 800x600 , rin-rain.jpg )
As I understand it, there's a difference between sentient and sapient. "Sentience" simply means that a creature has consciousness. Sapience is the ability to have reason

File 142295413359.jpg - (603.45KB , 1197x726 , all aboard the bronychan motorboat.jpg )
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Hello everyone! As you've noticed, Lunachan has been deader than the Town With No Name, and its original purpose of being a bunker for posters sick of Ponychan (and later, other chans) has kind of dissipated as the chans have spread out. That being said, there are talks of merging with a group of other chans merging together. Lunachan aside, for a long while, there was a lot of bickering and infighting, and since the bickering has pretty much died down, and since they were splinters already, they are going to be forming an "interchan" group, the USSC (Union of Soviet Socialist Channels, GETchan has a fetish for Communism)

That being said, there is discussion of Lunachan Joining the USSC, as /luna/. Since /luna/ (as far as I know at least) would be the only chan with ponies, /luna/ would basically be a cross between our /chat/ and /pony/. The USSC would have a global /site/ for issues in any of the subchans.

Thoughts? This isn't happening right this second, but I'll let everyone know when it's happening officially

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No. 97193
>lots of us just need to start participating again? ^^;

Dooo eet!
No. 97227
File 142515672585.png - (90.22KB , 948x838 , 132622665493.png )
will try ^^'
No. 97230
File 142517098010.png - (30.61KB , 600x600 , surprise - 2.png )
I'd be up for participation, when my time permits

File 142360900029.jpg - (107.93KB , 660x330 , ford101-660x330.jpg )
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>inb4 no-one drives

Just a nice practical Ford Focus here, 02 but well looked-after

Too lazy to find a pic so... lookalike
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No. 97099
I need that mod :P
No. 97192
File 142486014424.png - (171.49KB , 786x1016 , malevolent_spike_by_pony_vectors-d53wf7b.png )
I never did post a picture of my car..
After coming back from California, my dad and I installed the front pair of speakers, and they sound great! I'm thinking sometime this week we can maybe get the rear speakers installed, Sunday is a possibility..
No. 97195
Get it done. Get both done!

File 13764834301.png - (186.24KB , 900x1022 , twilight_sparkle_by_sakatagintoki117-d5hmhjh.png )
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Ever had one of those days where you go to bed late thinking you'll get a nice long rest to kick off the new day, only to discover to your surprise that you accidentally set your alarm for, oh, six hours earlier than you meant to? Yes, I'm having one of those days, it would seem.

Everyone's making threads lately, I almost feel left out. Unfortunately for y'all I kind of suck at coming up with topical threads, but I'm only kinda terrible at conversation, and the FS thread is currently saging like crazy, so... anyone want to kill some time, talking about about this and that and everything in between? What's on your minds today, /chat/?

I guess if I have to make it feel somewhat relevant I'll pose a question, uhh... tell me something interesting? Hard mode, tell it as a limerick or a haiku.
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No. 97252
File 142519318029.png - (155.16KB , 852x937 , This Chan is derpy and won't let me duplicate.png )
Then... all the more reason to learn to be content with what we have in life?

It is... >.<
Aww... yeah, I feel the same, I think. Thanks, though... you're way too forgiving, heh. I hate to get all sentimental and stuff, but um, I really appreciate it ♥

Yesss, same here. Which is unfortunate, because that requires going a lot... but yeah, it could be fun. One of those "one day" things, eh?

Haha, I know, I know. But you see, I don't listen to the radio. Ever. So it's not totally overplayed. Which is lovely.
No. 97253
File 142519423376.jpg - (100.11KB , 637x900 , 387 - pr6W4Kd.jpg )
Yeah that's truee

thaaaaanks. I dunno maybe because there really isn't a point at being upset about things for too long. Right back at you ♥

Yeah definitely It is something I really want to do.

Consider yourself lucky as you didn't have to hear the same 10 songs being played for the past 2 months.

Anyway I got to get going since my grandfather needs help outside. It was great seeing you again! byyyyeeeeeee
No. 97254
File 142519437656.png - (128.90KB , 500x812 , scootaloo_heart_by_questing.png )
All right, have fun! Was nice talking to you... you're very wise, Fiddles. I'm glad I mustered up the courage to come back. See youuu~ ♥

File 142352079959.jpg - (52.71KB , 500x333 , cats-ice-cream.jpg )
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Poni or non poni
Just make it be cute pls!
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No. 97106
File 142449245611.png - (601.50KB , 1276x643 , 1421864761287.png )
No. 97107
File 142449495320.png - (172.87KB , 924x1016 , 752782__safe_pinkie+pie_clothes_cute_costume_hoodi.png )
No. 97108
File 142455482436.png - (265.36KB , 640x491 , rd-filly-cute-plushies-sleep.png )
D'awww :3
Though they do look a bit of a handful..

File 142354644894.png - (311.44KB , 407x526 , internal partying.png )
97040 No. 97040 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
ITT: we party like we never partied before!!!!
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No. 97081
File 142423694418.png - (32.42KB , 200x232 , Fluttershy_^^.png )
Hi, Mikie Pie! :) How are you?

>like we never partied before
Oh, if there's a pony who can do that, it's probably me.
No. 97087
>Mike was born the year the Berlin Wall fell
What did you do??
No. 97093
File 142432732666.png - (263.86KB , 655x583 , 178.png )
doing great! how're you flower?

and thats the spirit!

i kicked down the wall like the kool aid man


File 142075046610.jpg - (27.01KB , 500x650 , 4359266+_8c4b45460f502ae7c39dd423cc4435ab.jpg )
96897 No. 96897 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Well Lunachan sure has been boring lately. So what have you all been up to?
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No. 96983
It's still winter.
No. 96984
No. 97036
File 142352307982.png - (581.49KB , 1280x714 , 141480537128.png )
Let's see...

>played and beat Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric
>New Years
>played more Sonic Boom... with patch
>caught flu
>not much else

Sums up my January... then Ponies were in a Super Bowl commercial. Haven't talk to anyone here in a while, though I talk to Cloud regularly and I did try to message Mikie Pie on Steam. I think I seen you a few times on HAY Zeke.

File 142272782425.jpg - (43.46KB , 411x411 , kxixdh41jw1s.jpg )
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Making thread to liven up the joint.
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No. 96994
File 142294896615.png - (124.35KB , 900x900 , baby_spike_by_my_little_throwaway-d4qwtbn.png )
maybe Lunachan will live.
No. 96995
File 142295063727.jpg - (22.75KB , 303x366 , your soul is mine.jpg )
Like a phoenix in a sense
No. 97032
File 142352050055.gif - (87.81KB , 200x256 , spinning-derpy.gif )
Spin, Dərpy, Spin!

File 142221202422.jpg - (74.95KB , 1024x634 , 142204963060.jpg )
96974 No. 96974 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Can I stop being drunk now?
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No. 96990
File 142289313987.png - (52.73KB , 254x254 , Laugh.png )
Can I keep being high now?
No. 96991
File 142289611841.png - (143.46KB , 352x636 , 219.png )
oh, now thats a feel i know
No. 96992
Well, I didn't have a hangover, and I had a ride home.
If that's not drinking responsibly, I don't know what is.
I don't know if I quite qqualified as drunk. How intoxicated do you need to be?
Yeah, it wasn't like that.
I don't see why not.

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