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Boards, and board specific rules#

Last updated: Sat, March 17, 2012 1:28 AM

Here is a list of boards, and their guidelines for posting.

Site related:
/site/ is for Lunachan general. Post questions about the site, problems with the site (i.e. complaints, errors, etc)
/arch/ is the Archives. If a staff member deems a thread worthy of being archived to be loved and cherished (or forgotten, but we hope not) , we will move it there. If you think a thread needs to be archived, report the OP, with a message like "please archive". If a significant amount of users agree, or the staff agree, it will be arch'd. New threads cannot be made there, but you can reply to threads there.

Pony related:
/pony/ can be thought of as a cross between Ponychan's /pony/ and /oat/ (or it's old /pony/, though I wasn't there at the time), and /merch/. Both serious (or not so serious) discussion of episodes, and random pony related silliness are allowed there. Make sure you spoiler anything related to a new episode until 48 hours after it has been first aired.

/chat/ is for any non pony related threads, both serious and non serious. I don't think I need to elaborate, because that's the most popular board.
/media/ is for discussion of any and all media, whether it be games, movies, television shows, music, etc.

The Arts:
/fan/ is for all fanmade content. Keep the NSFW stuff to a minimum. I'm looking at you Arctic.
I am not going to strictly enforce this, but I would like to keep it as a general rule. If things get way out of hand, I will step up enforcement.